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Does anyone think that there is a problem with partitioning below? I did not do it myself and I can see that partitions 0 and 4 are identical. I have trouble understanding why it appears twice and what it means to have 3 main partitions. My hard drive is a 500GB hard drive. Partition as shown in diskpart.

freelancer.com – If I score a lower score when I replay an aptitude test on fiverr.com, does that show up on my profile?

On fiverr.com (at least for sellers), there is a "Pass a test" option on my profile that allows me to pass aptitude tests for different skills. The test results are displayed on my profile.

I am allowed to retake the test once after 24 hours, then again after 3 months, to try to get a higher score.

However, if my score is lower, will it be displayed on my profile?

dnd 5th – Why do some classes acquire additional features when they increase their fitness score, but not others?

Some classes, when they reach a level that gives an increase in the aptitude score, do not generally gain other class-specific benefits when they reach that level. (Examples: Barbarian, Fighter, Robber.)

Others, especially the casting classes, will get additional class features (such as additional spell locations or chi) along with increasing the ability score. (Examples: Cleric, Monk, Sorcerer.)

Why do some classes have additional advantages over other classes? Is it balanced in another way?

I thought that some classes might have counterbalanced the larger dice (so they gain more life when they level), but Cleric, Monk, and Snape all have d8s.

How to give a score between 100 a predicted value and a value on the ground?

I have a truth value on the ground (which can be any number greater than 0) X and an output trying to predict that number says there. How can I calculate a score that will tell me what is the distance between y and x? This must be between 0 and 100.

How to improve the quality score PPC?

I want to improve my CPP skills. Please share your strategies.

5th dnd – The passive wisdom score (perception) of my character in D & D Beyond seems too high

Passive control is a special type of capacity control that does not involve any rolls. Such a check may represent the average result of a repeated task, such as repeated search for secret doors, or may be used when the GM wants to determine if the characters are doing anything without throwing dice, such as noticing a hidden monster. .

Here's how to determine the total of a character for a passive check:

10 + all modifiers that normally apply to check

If the character has an advantage on the check, add 5. By disadvantage, subtract 5. The game refers to a total of passive checks as Goal.

5th dnd – How does the use of passive group intimidation score to determine the attitude of NPCs / weak monsters does it work?

I do not think that such control is strictly necessary to be honest with you. If the DM feels that your party looks intimidating, it will simply ask NPCs to respond accordingly.

The purpose of passive controls is to allow characters (and NPCs!) To bounce off a large number of disputed disk controllers and controls in the vicinity without having to constantly ask players to throw a d20. Passive perception works well because many threats (stealthy enemies, traps, pickpockets in a busy street) have DEPs against which your perception automatically checks (from where the passive part) and works very well for perception .

It does not work so well for bullying however …

Bullying is different because, unless, as a deputy minister, you meet each of the NPCs in a very busy market, the CDs or backups determine whether they are intimidated or not (which would be ridiculous and unnecessary! You can Well, just say if they are intimidated or not without worrying about checks at all.

Another thing I do not like about this idea is that it takes away control from the players. If a player wants to be intimidating, it's his prerogative. By using passive intimidation, you make them ALWAYS intimidating, even if they are Actually want to try not to be.

How to improve the quality score of my PPC ad?

Please share your ideas

dnd 5th – Can you simply subtract the challenge score from friendly NPCs?

You would not want to subtract the CR rating from the enemy – this remains static. What has changed, is the part that fights this CR.

You can use this question to help roughly determine the level of the creature you add, and then use that extra creature and level for your dating calculations.

The DMG discusses this in Chapter 3 under Creating Combat Meetings, or you can use online tools like the Kobold Fight Club or the Dhmholley Calculator.

What these tools show:

Originally, the encounter score would have been Deadly by a good amount.

By adding the Martial Adept (approximate level 10) to the party, he modifies the note for Difficult (although at the upper limit for that.)

how to check the spam score? – SEO help (general discussion)

Leave the Mail Tester tab open. …
In the editor, click Preview.
Click Send test email.
Paste the e-mail address that you copied from mail-tester.com into the field.
Click Send Test.
Open your current tab mail-tester.com.
Then click on your score.
Your results are now ready to be viewed.