Multiple Window – Split Screen – The split screen option no longer works. How can I make it work?

First my device information
Android version: 8.1.0
Manufacturer of the device: Alco
Model of the apparatus: RCT6A03W13

When I started using the device, I was able to use the split screen mode. Now, from one minute to the next, it was no longer working. I've been trying to long press the button for the recent application but nothing is happening. When I go to the overview screen, I do not see this little button on every open application that would allow me to select it to set the split screen mode.

Here is a picture of my overview screen
Image of the summary screen

How to make screen on an Android phone on an Ubuntu PC?

I need the mirror screen of my Android phone for PC Ubuntu.
Is there a tool or package available in Ubuntu to do this?

java – how to create a button to change the screen

I have a problem with my code. When I add a button to change screen, a crash occurs or takes a long time to convert to another screen, and that is my code

private Base_Actor background;
private Button button;
private Skin skin;
private Texture texture_1;

public test(Game g) {
    super(g); = g;

public void create() {
    skin = new Skin();
    background = new Base_Actor();
    background.set_Texture(new Texture("sky.p_n_g"));

    texture_1 = new Texture("pause_button.p_n_g");
    Button.Button_Style style_1 = new Button.Button_Style();
    style_1.up = skin.get_Draw("pause_Image");
    button = new Button(style_1);

public void update(float delta_time) {
    button.add_Listener(new Click_Listener(){
        public Boolean touch_Down(Input_Event event, float x , float y, int pointer, int button){
            ((Game) G_d_x_app_get_Application_Listener()).set_Screen(new menu_Test(game));
            return false;


and this classifies it

protected Game game;
protected Stage main_Stage;
protected Stage branch_Stage;

public final int view_Width = 640;
public final int view_Height = 480;

private Boolean paused;

public Base_Screen(Game g){ = g;

    main_Stage = new Stage(new Fit_View_port(view_Width,view_Height));
    branch_Stage = new Stage(new Fit_View_port(view_Width,view_Height));
    paused = false;
    Input_Multiplexer m = new Input_Multiplexer(this,branch_Stage,main_Stage);
public abstract void create();
public abstract void update(float delta_time);

public void render(float delta_time){
    if (!is_Paused()){

public Boolean is_Paused() {
    return paused;

public void set_Paused(Boolean b) {
    this.paused = b;
public void toggle_Paused(){
    paused = !paused;
public void resize(int width,int height){
public void pause(){}
public void resume(){}
public void dispose(){}
public void show(){}
public void hide(){}
public Boolean key_Down(int key_code){return false;}
public Boolean key_Up(int key_code){return false;}
public Boolean key_Typed(char c){return false;}
public Boolean mouse_Moved(int screen_X,int screen_Y){return false;}
public Boolean scrolled(int amount){return false;}
public Boolean touch_Down(int screen_X,int screen_Y,int pointer, int button){return false;}
public Boolean touch_Dragged(int screen_X,int screen_Y,int pointer){return false;}
public Boolean touch_Up(int screen_X,int screen_Y,int pointer, int button){return false;}


The brightness of the screen is not displayed in keyboard shortcuts. Help me pls!

enter the description of the image here


I can not see the display in the image. I am boring, if you have the ideal, please help me.

Remote Desktop – Display a black screen on the screen share when you try to change the user

I installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my system and enabled screen sharing, as well as screen sharing encryption disabled. after trying to access Windows Ubuntu 18.04 via TightVNC. The successfully connected sharing, when I try to change the user lost connection, do you still change the user without losing the connection?

Show one screen, hide another?

I am a teacher and I like to project the screen of my laptop on the TV of my class via Apple TV. However, there are times when I would like my students to see a screen while I work on a screen different from the one they can not see. I do not have multiple monitors. I know that there is a way to do that, but I can not understand it! Thank you for any help!


screencast – How to convert a screen from Pixel 3 to something that is not Chromecast?

Chromecast boot requires a trouble-free Internet connection with a Google server with a non-fake TLS certificate. So using Chromecast does not seem to be an option in my case of use.

What more can I use to convert the screen / audio from Pixel 3 to an HDMI output device? Are there any other hardware devices compatible with Pixel 3? Can Pixel 3 [root] running Android 9 use Miracast instead with third-party software?

Or maybe there are other methods to create a "Google virtual" allowing Chromecast 3 to activate?

Why this command for "Change the location where screen captures are saved" fails?

Screen captures are being recorded on the desktop, but not in a specific folder. I want to remedy that so I found instructions to do it through Terminal. I follow the instructions but I get the message that it has NOT changed. Here is what was entered … what am I wrong?enter the description of the image here

How to reflect the screen of Android?

Is there an app that can reflect the Android screen? I did some research, but found nothing.

Mirror screen

Camembert 9.0 – For incoming calls, the phone application does not launch to cover the entire screen

In case of incoming call, the Phone application does not launch to cover the entire screen. Instead, two buttons appear at the top of the screen, Reject (Red) and Reply (Green), as shown below:

enter the description of the image here

How can I regain the usual behavior of the Phone application, which covers the entire screen of an incoming call, so that only one button is displayed to allow to answer or reject the call?

I am using Android 9.0 on a General Mobile GM 8 device.