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applescript – My Apple Script Editor code doesn’t work gives “Syntax Error Expected end of line but found identifier.”

The problem is the version of Evernote I tried is not AppleScript scriptable.

When trying to add Evernote to the Library in Script Editor, in order to review its AppleScript dictionary, it errs with: Add Item Unable to add the item because it is not scriptable.

Additionally, when running the following command in Script Editor:

tell application "System Events" to ¬
    get has scripting terminology of application process "Evernote"

Its result is: false

Apparently at one time Evernote was AppleScript scriptable, however, in macOS Catalina, testing with Evernote from https://evernote.com/download/ and checking Evernote > About Evernote it shows:

10.11.5-mac-ddl-public (2530)
Editor: v121.2.15734
Service: v1.32.4
© 2019 – 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved

Looking for the typical AppleScript dictionary in /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/Resources/ there is no Evernote.sdef files as would be expected if it was fully AppleScript scriptable.

If you do have a version of Evernote that is AppleScript scriptable then try the following, which I cannot test under the circumstances:

Change note1 to note in:

set myNote to create note1 with text myTitle title myTitle notebook "Imported Notes" tags ("imported_from_notes")

You might also want to put in some parentheses. e.g.

set myNote to (create note with text myTitle title myTitle notebook "Imported Notes" tags ("imported_from_notes"))

Unfortunately without a version of Evernote that is AppleScript scriptable, I cannot offer more.

WoWonder Combined Chat Timeline And News Feed Application For WoWonder PHP script

WoWonder Combined is a social timeline with chat application for WoWonder PHP Social Network, with WoWonder Timeline users can Post & Interact with users feeds and like and comment and more , now using the application is easier, and more fun !

WoWonder Combined Version is easy, secured, and it will be regularly updated.


WoWonder PHP 3.0.2 or…


Need help java script related

I want to do timeout in One web online course with inject java script anyone please expert in this help me my insta id ameermona dm me please

linux – Bash script to copy files and then move them to trash (non-destructive)

I am trying to write a script to copy files with cp or, preferably, rsync and then move the source files to the trash. I do not want to use mv because in case of an error, I want to be able to recover the source files.

This script works. It hard codes the destination folder.

for i in "$@"; do
    cp -a -R "$i" '/home/userxyz/Downloads/folder1'
    gio trash "$i"

However, this script that uses a variable for the destination folder does not work.

read -p "Enter destination folder: " destination

for i in "$@"; do
    cp -a -R "$i" "$destination"
    gio trash "$i"

Error when I enter ‘/home/userxyz/Downloads/folder1’ as destination:

cp: cannot create regular file "'/home/userxyz/Downloads/folder1'": No such file or directory

Similarly, this works:

for i in "$@"; do
    rsync "$i" '/home/userxyz/Downloads/folder1'
    gio trash "$i"

But this does not work:

read -p "Enter destination folder: " destination

for i in "$@"; do
    rsync "$i" "$destination"
    gio trash "$i"


rsync: change_dir#3 "/home/userxyz//'/home/userxyz/Downloads" failed: No such file or directory (2)
rsync error: errors selecting input/output files, dirs (code 3) at main.c(720) (Receiver=3.1.3)

I have confirmed that ‘/home/userxyz/Downloads/folder1’ exists. What am I doing wrong?

wp enqueue script – Blank screen when editing a post. post.php response does not include editor.js in the HTML

we have a site that used to work and now gives us a blank screen when trying to edit any post. E.g., https://example.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=43&action=edit. On debugging we found that the post.php response does not contain any directives to download scripts for the editor. E.g.: these directives which are there in another environment (QA) are not there in prod because of which we are just seeing a blank screen:

<script src='https://example.com/wp-admin/js/editor.js?ver=5.6' id='editor-js'></script>
<script src='https://example.com/wp-includes/js/dist/block-editor.js?ver=5f6a75cdc59f1a900e9d4bcfb43bddba' id='wp-block-editor-js'></script>

we verified that if we stick a error_log in wp-includes/class.wp-dependencies.php 106/451

public function do_items( $handles = false, $group = false ) {
                 * If nothing is passed, print the queue. If a string is passed,
                 * print that item. If an array is passed, print those items.
                $handles = false === $handles ? $this->queue : (array) $handles;
                $this->all_deps( $handles );
                error_log("DEBUG: " . json_encode($handles));

we see:

(16-Apr-2021 21:42:07 UTC) DEBUG: ("admin-bar","media-views","imgareaselect","buttons","editor-buttons","wp-edit-post","wp-format-library","twentytwenty-block-editor-styles","wp-block-directory","colors","wp-auth-check","wp-block-library","acf-global","acf-input","select2","acf-datepicker","acf-timepicker","wp-color-picker","acf-input-repeater")
(16-Apr-2021 21:42:07 UTC) DEBUG: ("common","admin-bar","heartbeat","wp-edit-post","wp-format-library","media-editor","media-audiovideo","mce-view","image-edit","editor","quicktags","wplink","jquery-ui-autocomplete","media-upload","twentytwenty-block-editor-script","wp-block-styles","wp-block-directory","utils","svg-painter","wp-auth-check","acf-input","select2","jquery-ui-datepicker","acf-timepicker","wp-color-picker","acf-input-repeater")
(16-Apr-2021 21:42:07 UTC) DEBUG: ("editor-buttons")
(16-Apr-2021 21:42:07 UTC) DEBUG: ("admin-bar","media-views","imgareaselect","buttons","editor-buttons","wp-edit-post","wp-format-library","twentytwenty-block-editor-styles","wp-block-directory","colors","wp-auth-check","wp-block-library","acf-global","acf-input","select2","acf-datepicker","acf-timepicker","wp-color-picker","acf-input-repeater","thickbox")
(16-Apr-2021 21:42:07 UTC) DEBUG: ("common","admin-bar","heartbeat","wp-edit-post","wp-format-library","media-editor","media-audiovideo","mce-view","image-edit","editor","quicktags","wplink","jquery-ui-autocomplete","media-upload","twentytwenty-block-editor-script","wp-block-styles","wp-block-directory","utils","svg-painter","wp-auth-check","acf-input","select2","jquery-ui-datepicker","acf-timepicker","wp-color-picker","acf-input-repeater","thickbox","wp-embed")

we are at our wits end why post.php response does not include scripts for the editor. There is nothing we have done to the site. It just stopped working. We have tried restarting everything to flush out any caches and there is no error in the logs. Can anybody help?

magento2 – Magento 2 – Create simple hello world script with UiComponent

I try to create my own Component and reuse it.
So I created these files:

Component File:


function($, Component) {
  "use strict";

    return Component.extend({
        initialize: function () {
            return this._super();
        test: function()



var config = {
    paths: {
        inputNumber: 'js/elements/custom/input_number'


I copied the file from vendor into my theme so that I can make changes. Now I try to use my component and call my test method:

), function (Component, customerData, $, ko, _, inputNumber) {
    'use strict';



But now I get this in the console (ERROR) Failed to load the "Magento_Checkout/js/view/minicart" component.

How to code mining script using PHP?

I cannot understand how to do mining using code. Is it possible to use someone’s API to connect to a pool and to simplify calculations for the script?

I’m asking for any help with this question.

unity – How can I reference for a two cameras on prefab through script?

I have this script for controlling the cameras :

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class CamerasViewSwitch : MonoBehaviour
    public List<Camera> cameras = new List<Camera>();
    public string currentViewMode;

    // Start is called before the first frame update
    void Start()
        if (cameras(0).enabled)
            currentViewMode = "Third Person";
            currentViewMode = "First View";

    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
        if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.V))
            cameras(0).enabled = !cameras(0).enabled;
            cameras(1).enabled = !cameras(1).enabled;

            if (cameras(0).enabled)
                currentViewMode = "Third Person";
                currentViewMode = "First View";

In the Assets, I have a prefab with two children’s cameras that I want to use in this script.

In this screenshot to show what I mean, I dragged the prefab name Platform to the hierarchy to show where the cameras are. The script is on the object name Cameras Switch.

How do I get these two cameras from the prefab and using them in the script?


I’m using the Platform prefab with this script but the problem is when I’m starting the game the CamerasViewSwitch script is missing the two cameras I’m not to get/find them.

Platform usage

How to use ‘($var)’ as argument in shell script

I am trying to pass an argument to a cmdline tool, which looks like the following:

./tool --device '(xyz-123)'

where ‘()’ is required by the tool, and xyz-123 is stored in a variable $var where I get from another function.

If I hardcode ‘(xyz-123)’, the tool works fine, but when I do ./tool --device '($var)', it throws an error:

  File "<string>", line 1
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

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