Windows Server 2012 R2 – The Perl script runs in a command prompt but hangs under Apache / CGI

I have a Perl script that does calculations. When I run it through a command prompt, this is done in 0.53 seconds. But when I run the same script on Apache / CGI, it hangs. There is probably a problem of parameters. Maybe there is not enough memory, although I do not see any limit in httpd.conf.

Operating System: Windows Server 2012, Apache 2.4. I have been watching the newspapers, but there is no mistake. The script runs correctly on Apache if the number of calculations is small. How can I debug, what to look for?

Lighthouse give browser errors with the Google Ads script

I test my website with Lighthouse, report to say,

Browser errors were recorded on the console
js / adsbygoogle.js ( Description N

How I understand my problem comes from my Google Ads script inside of divhow to have it,

As a solution, I am preparing this, but I do not know how to implement it …

Please someone can help me and with simple words explain how to solve these problems .. very thank you!

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The Python script with crontab is not running

I want to automate the execution of a program that I have done, for this I found the tool crontab. For this, I run it as sudo

sudo contrab -e

Once here, I tell him that I want my script to be run every day at 1:30 pm, for that I set this date and this time as well as the path of my script.

13 30 * * * /home/pi/Project/

As this document specifies. But it does not matter, it does absolutely nothing, can someone help me?

I imagine that it is a road problem, that there is something that I do not tell you, it is perhaps one of the imports What am I doing, os,time,ivport, but I can not find the reason for the error.

Looking for a script like

Hi all!
I need something good like this:
Or exactly this one, can anyone help me?

Powershell script to update the list column from another column

Any help is greatly appreciated. Here is the scenario:

I have a PowerShell script that I use in another message on stackexchange.

I have two fields in one list, the script copies the value of one field into another and works fine, but I would like to add conditional logic in the script.

TestPublishedDate is updated by testupdatedate field however, I would like for TestPublishedDate only to be updated if it is empty.

Here is the script I use:

#Add SharePoint PowerShell Snapin which adds SharePoint specific cmdlets
Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -EA SilentlyContinue

#Variables that we are going to use for list editing
$listName = "Approvals"

#Get the SPWeb object and save it to a variable
$web = Get-SPWeb http://discoverydev09/

#Get the SPList object to retrieve the "Demo List"
$list = $web.Lists($listName)

#Get all items in this list and save them to a variable
$items = $list.items

#Go through all items
foreach($item in $items)
    $user = $item("testupdatedate")
    #Change the value of the "Title" column
    $item("TestPublishedDate") = $user

    #Update the item


I'm sure it's something simple, the list will have to be displayed daily on a list of more than 5,000 items. If there are any tips to make this script simpler, feel free to let me know!

Or even if PnP could be used to make this easier?

Thank you

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Quit bitcoind gracefully in a bash script

I write a bash script for some Bitcoin / Lightning experiments. I want to begin bitcoind in the background (and also LN instances, but they are not central to this question). I want the script to stop bitcoind gracefully and go out on Ctrl+C. This is my attempt to implement this:


echo "Starting bitcoind in the background..."
bitcoind &
sleep 5
echo "bitcoind started."

cleanup() {
    echo 'cleaning up'
    pkill $BITCOIND_PID

trap "cleanup" INT

# Run the script until we stop it

This script produces the following output:

bitcoind started.
2019-09-17T14:12:20Z Adding fixed seed nodes as DNS doesn't seem to be available.
^C2019-09-17T14:14:07Z tor: Thread interrupt
cleaning up
2019-09-17T14:14:07Z opencon thread exit
2019-09-17T14:14:07Z torcontrol thread exit
2019-09-17T14:14:07Z addcon thread exit
2019-09-17T14:14:07Z Shutdown: In progress...
2019-09-17T14:14:07Z net thread exit
sergei:~$ 2019-09-17T14:14:07Z msghand thread exit
2019-09-17T14:14:07Z scheduler thread interrupt
2019-09-17T14:14:07Z Dumped mempool: 2e-06s to copy, 0.004053s to dump
2019-09-17T14:14:07Z (default wallet) Releasing wallet
2019-09-17T14:14:07Z Shutdown: done

Then I have to press Ctrl+C again to leave the script.

How can I stop the script bitcoind first and then exit automatically?

Related: How to use Ctrl + C to kill all the background processes started in a Bash script?, Best way to kill the processes created by the bash script?

bash – Mac OS captures the output of the shell script that launches the application

I have a .Net Core application that I run on a Mac.

I'm currently using a shell script to run the executable file that works well, but I wonder where the script's output is sent?

Ideally, I would like to capture this output in a file for troubleshooting purposes.

Clarification on the P2SH script, how is Bitcoin Core running?

This question is a continuation of my post from yesterday.

Today, I have a question about the execution of P2SH so, an example of the script should be this

OP_0   OP_2   

or if it is used, the key should be P2SH is this (I think in this script, something on the left can convert the hash160 inside the key P2SH, is not it ?)

OP_0   OP_2   

Now, if I understand correctly, the simulation of the execution is divided into two phases

  1. The hash scriptSig is equal to hash in the scirptPubKey


  1. the sing script will execute such as the multi-signature script


My questions are:

  • With the P2SH key, the run is the same? if now, what else shape the P2SH with the key P2SH?

Also, I've read this post but I do not think contains this answer.

if my script example is wrong, I'm sorry to give me a correction