Change File Name Automation in Google App Script

I am working on a script in App Script that will change the file name of all the files in a certain folder based on their creation date using this format yyyy_MM_dd_filename. I was able to create the script and it is working when I run it however everytime I run it again it appends another date on the file name which makes it duplicated.

What I wanted to happen is that when I run the script with a new file it will not change the file name of those who have already the date format that I created but instead just changed those that was just saved and newly uploaded in Google Drive.

This is my code:

function changeName() {
      var folder_access = DriveApp.getFolderById("1qSQ-K2R97PIfDHztmU0iwM0y_GxPk2zG");
      var folder_files = folder_access.getFiles();
      var file_name =;
      var filename_format = Utilities.formatDate(new Date(file_name.getDateCreated()), "GMT", "yyyy_MM_dd");

redirects – Single Sign-On Script Prevents Google Ads Campaign from working

Since the recent policy change in Google Ads, we can not use our webpages anymore that have redirects in advertising.

Because of our authentication system which performs multiple redirects before showing the page , Google refuses the url.

Is there a way to make this work?

❓ASK – Where can I get Evolution PTC Script add ons at a good price? | NewProxyLists

Yes, and that is an illegal script. There is no reseller rights for Evolutionscript.
Nulled means it warez, and I don’t think that’s a proper BMF topic.

This is wsimo’s website he mentioned:

Put that into Evolutionscript’s license checker:

What does it say?

Illegal. o_O

There are plenty of cheap scripts out there without having to steal one.

google apps script – Created an OnFormSubmit trigger but still getting error

I’m trying to create a script that will populate a Google Sheet template based on a Google Form–basically, following this verbatim . My code looks like this:

function onFormSubmit(e) {
  //open the template document by ID
  //you can find the ID in the link of the document
  var templateDoc = DriveApp.getFileById('spreadsheetID');
  //create a copy of the template, we don't wanna mess up the template doc
  var newTempFile = templateDoc.makeCopy();
  //open the new template document for editing
  var openDoc = DocumentApp.openById(newTempFile.getId());
  var body = openDoc.getBody();
  //get the responses triggered by On Form Submit
  var items = e.response.getItemResponses();
  //find the text in the template doc and replace it with the Form response
  //items(0).getResponse() is the first response in the Form
  body.replaceText('{Var1}', items(1).getResponse());  
  body.replaceText('{Var2}', items(2).getResponse());
  body.replaceText('{Var3}', items(3).getResponse());
  body.replaceText('{Var4}', items(4).getResponse());
  body.replaceText('{Var5}', items(5).getResponse());

  //Save and Close the open document and set the name
  newTempFile.setName(items(0).getResponse() + '-' + items(1).getResponse()) }

However, I’m getting the following error:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'getItemResponses' of undefined
    at onFormSubmit(Code:13:26)

This is the exact same error someone in the comments of the tutorial got, and the author said that the error was a result of running the script from the Script Editor–however, I have enabled the on Form Submit trigger and am successfully getting a copy of my template, just without any of the variables filled in. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

script – scrap SharePoint folders?

I have an old SharePoint (not SharePoint Online) with multiple parent folders by US States and child folders with different Years. Each year has folders by Orders. I want to go check in each Order folder if it has a document named ‘Order History’. Is there a way to bring result in an excel file with Year and Order number if it has the required document present?

In short, Instead of going into each order folder manually want a way to automatically pull data in rows like SQL does. Is it possible? Where does SharePoint stores all these documents data in the back end?

sql injection – i have been hacked from someone register with script

i have problem some one remove user access from database on server any time i add this user to database on go daddy server he removes it , i tried to change database name and make new user also removed after less than day ,i need to know that file and face this case .
help please,

development – Bitcoin library vs script to develop application

I’m curious about the development of application of Identity management in Blockchain platform, but I’m a bit confused about the technologies to use.

In short words, when is more convenient to develop an application coding in script and when is it better to use a high-level library like BitcoinJ or a service as API?

I’m a Java developer and I’m more confortable using a Java Library like bitcoinJ, but I don’t understand if, in this way, I can lose something in performance or expressivity or “semantic power” in regard to most raw-level scripting system of Bitcoin (that is a kind of assembler).

Thanks you in advance

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Por favor, alguem poderia ler essa instrução de script em função?

Veja a função abaixo;

**function soma2(a, b, c) {
    a = a !== undefined ? a : 1
    b = 1 in arguments ? b : 1
    c = isNaN(c) ? 1 : c
    return a + b + c

8 – Execute command line script in module file

I am using Drupal 8.9.5 and I need to compile a SCSS file using Gulp command in our module file.
If I execute the command from the command prompt, it works without any issues, but when I tried from the module, it didn’t work. I have tried with shell_exec() and exec().

The theme path is C:wamp64wwwdrupal895themescustomtheme. Inside that directory, I have the node_modules directory, the package.json and gulpfile.js files. I am trying to use the following code.

echo shell_exec('gulp');

Can anybody help me?