– SDTT does not show that the first & # 39; hotel & # 39; in @graph

I have created Hotel schema, but want to include 3 as a list. The individual hotel scheme works but uses @graphic and trying to include a list does not do it.

I can not see what's wrong. The test tool only shows the first Hotel and not the second.

Which version of Jsonld SDTT uses

The Google Structure Data Test Tool (SDTT) invalidates the JSON-LD file, where jsonlint and jsonplayground for version 1.1 are validated below.

"@the context": {
"@vocab": "",
"ex": "",
"first name": {
"@id": "ex: name",
"@container": "@language"
"@version": 1.1
"@graphic": [
      "@type": "Organization",
      "@id": "",
      "name": {
        "en": "Yastika Eclectic Software",
        "hi": "यस्तिका एक्लेक्टिक सॉफ्टवेयर"

Does SDTT use JSON-LD 1.0 and do not consider the "@ version": 1.1 in context?

html – Why is the SDTT telling me that the image field is missing?

The error reported by the SDTT is only used to get the result rich in Google articles. If you do not want to get a rich result, you can ignore the error.

To get the rich result in Google articles, the value for picture must be either a URL or a ImageObject.

So, you can either withdraw the FOAF Picture type, so that you only provide a URL value:


Or you can provide a ImageObject + FOAF Picture Article:


(You can ignore the fact that Google's SDTT does not know about FOAF. Picture type; the tool usually only knows, but it's fine to use other vocabularies.)

seo – Google SDTT does not accept SVG format as image in "Article"

Currently, I am creating an exam website on which the items reviewed have their main logo / image as SVG subject.

Unfortunately, Google's structured data test tool does not allow SVG to use images in the article.
Oddly Google Is accepts SVG as a logo for an organization.

Whatever the case may be, is there any way around this problem for:

  1. Use SVG as an image for the article type?
  2. Will this error really cause SEO problems or fragments?
  3. Can I set a JPG / PNG version of the SVG file while preventing it from loading? (First of all, I do not see any appropriate place to load this image again and second, it would increase the loading time / the use of the data (and thus, would also have a negative impact on SEO without no real use for the user)