How Has Hummingbird Changed The Landscape Of Search?

How has Hummingbird changed the landscape of search?

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sharepoint online – How can I search for sites within my hub using PnP Modern Search?

We have about 20 departments with about 100 sites (average) connected to each department. So, that is a total of some 2.000 sites. Per department I have a hub site and like to use PnP Modern Search to list my sites connected to the hub. I use three web parts: a search result web part, a search box to search (optional) for site title, and a filter web part to filter the sites from the result set. The filter uses several properties from the site property bag. The hub represents all sites of some department.
At this moment I use this in the Query Template

SiteTitle:{searchTerms} AND contentclass:STS_site

Now I get all sites. Of course, trimmed-search makes sure I see only the sites I can access, so I do not see all 2.000 sites. But I want to see only my sites of my department.

What do I need to add to the query to be able to filter for sites connected to this hub?

The alternative is to add a site property to group the sites that belong to a department, but that is a lot of maintenance effort when a department changes the name or when any other organisation change takes place. Just working with the hub-structure seems the best way.

google search console – How to Edit or Remove robots.txt on a WordPress powered website

If this is fresh install of WordPress it could because you have set the privacy settings to stop search engines from crawling the site.

(and there will be no physical robots.txt on the server, as wordpress creates it on the fly)

Go to your settings in wordpress and see if this box is ticked:

enter image description here

If so, uncheck it and then the robots.txt should change to

User-agent: *

If you still have issues and the robots.txt is still set to block crawlers, then explore the other option as outlined by Facet.

algorithm – JavaScript Symbol Table implementation using Binary Search

I’m currently going over Robert Sedgewick’s Algorithms book. I implemented a Symbol Table using two parallel arrays one for keys and one for values. The keys array is ordered and the Symbol Table uses binary search to find the position of the elements in the array.

In the practice section, the implementation of the delete and floor method were left as exercises. Here are the directions for delete and floor:

enter image description here
enter image description here

I would like to see if there is any feedback in the implementation of those elements. Specially floor.

I come from Ruby, so any feedback regarding best practices in JavaScript is also welcome.

Here is the code:

class BinarySearchSt {
  constructor() {
    this.n = 0;
    this.keys = ();
    this.vals = ();

  isEmpty() {
    return this.n === 0;

  get(key) {
    if(this.isEmpty() === true) {
      return null;

    let i = this.rank(key);

    if (i < this.n && this.keys(i) === key) {
      return this.vals(i);
    } else {
      return null;

  put(key, val) {
    let i = this.rank(key);
    if(i < this.n && this.keys(i) === key) {
      return this.vals(i) = val;

    for(let j = this.n; j > i; j--) {
      this.keys(j) = this.keys(j - 1);
      this.vals(j) = this.vals(j - 1);
    this.keys(i) = key;
    this.vals(i) = val;

  rank(key) {
    let lo = 0;
    let hi = this.n - 1;

    while(lo <= hi) {
      let mid = lo + Math.floor((hi - lo) / 2);
      let cmp = this.compareTo(key, this.keys(mid));
      if(cmp < 0) {
        hi = mid - 1;
      } else if(cmp > 0) {
        lo = mid + 1;
      } else {
        return mid;
    return lo;

  compareTo(val1, val2) {
    if((val1 === null || val2 === null) || (typeof val1 !== typeof val2)) {
      return null;
    if (typeof val1 === 'string') {
      return (val1).localeCompare(val2);
    } else {
      if(val1 > val2){
        return 1;
      } else if (val1 < val2) {
        return -1;
      return 0;

  min() {
    return this.keys(0);

  max() {
    return this.keys(-1)

  select(index) {
    return this.keys(index);

  ceiling(key) {
    let i = this.rank(key);
    return this.keys(i);

  floor(key) {
    if(this.n === 0) {
      throw 'noSuchElementException';
    if(key === null) {
      throw 'ilegalArgumentException';
    let i = this.rank(key);
    if(this.keys(i) === key || i === 0){
      return this.keys(i);
    else {
      return this.keys(i - 1);

  delete(key) {
    if(key === null) { throw 'ilegalArgumentException' };
    let i = this.rank(key);
    this.keys.splice(i, 1);
    this.vals.splice(i, 1);

const bst = new BinarySearchSt();

bst.put('s', 0)
bst.put('e', 1)
bst.put('a', 2)
bst.put('r', 3)
bst.put('c', 4)
bst.put('h', 5)
bst.put('e', 6)
bst.put('x', 7)
bst.put('a', 8)
bst.put('m', 9)
bst.put('p', 10)
bst.put('l', 11)
bst.put('e', 12)


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On Amazon’s website, what types of search strategies do you use to find the best product?

Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO makes sure to keep a good image of himself, a person of high moral character but he isn’t. His search engine does not find us the best products. It finds the best product that Amazon wants to sell to you and makes you believe it. Jeff Bezos is not the nice guy that he appears to be. He’s crafty.

Amazon Search Engine is Not Neutral. For example, you may think that his search engine is objective and products are listed according to their reviews and other objective traits. However, it appears that the search engine will steer you to certain products that lead to higher margins for them. I’ve noticed that I would look for certain products but it won’t appear on the list of highly rated items even if it’s highly rated. I was surprised it wouldn’t pop up unless you specifically searched for it. This is extremely shady.

Search Operators Work Arbitrarily. Sometimes adding a minus will subtract products with that term from the title but sometimes it won’t. It seems to only do this with certain items. Designated favored items do not seem to be excluded by using a minus.

Be Careful When You Use the Left Search Settings. You think when you select New, you will now see all the new items available but that’s not the case. Amazon sometimes will exclude many new items that they don’t want to sell. That’s because it appears the seller didn’t designate their product as new or old. So, Amazon simply doesn’t include it at all. That’s very misleading. You are not seeing everything that is available – every item is not included in the groups shown at the left. Amazon does this especially with other categories in which it’ll be difficult to notice that they are manipulating what you are seeing. If you count the items of each set in a category, the total doesn’t add up. And, it just so happens that the ones that don’t appear are ones that are better deals that Amazon doesn’t want to sell.

Many Reviews are Fake. It’s clear that many reviews are faked and Amazon have stated that they are trying to deal with it. They are only trying to deal with the ones that affect their bottom line. If it’s making them money, they will let clear fake reviews to be posted. I’ve actually stated times when reviews are clearly fake and my review is taken down.

So, are there any search strategies or shady Amazon tactics that you can let us know about?

How to Compare Airfare Deals on Travel Search Engines? – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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seo – Affecting text content of list items in Google’s search results preview

First time asking this kind of question, I hope it is the right place.

One of my pages is showing like this on Google search results:

enter image description here

Which is great. But it has redundant text (SaveRemove from List. Save)

What is the best way of removing it and leaving only the hobby name?

facebook – How to automatically search my entire site for any content embedded using oEmbed?

How can I carry out an automatic search of all pages/posts on my site for any content embedded using oEmbed (preferably Facebook/Instagram content)?

The reason I ask is because this WPBeginner post says that on October 24th, all Facebook or Instagram content embedded on a site using oEmbed will be deprecated, and such content will be (slightly) broken. I’d like to first determine how much oEmbed content I have on my site. My site is has a relatively large amount of pages/posts (content added by others), so manually searching each will be a bit tedious.

Would I perhaps need to carry out a database search? Or a text search through all the files?

FYI my site uses Classic Editor throughought–not Gutenberg.


How google offers questions and answers in search for specific sites [closed]

How does google offers questions and answers for specific sites like this?

enter image description here