Searching External Content in SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019

You can set this up in SPO via Microsoft Search Graph connectors. This is the modern method to implement this versus the classic SharePoint Search-based method of doing so in SharePoint Server.

Microsoft Graph connector results will not be available via Hybrid Search, if that is an important consideration.

algorithms – Searching for similar character traits form different texts (Searching for similar gods in different mythologies) NLP Text classification

I am looking for some help with finding methods to implement finding similar gods in different mythologies. For example, I need to find someone like Zeus in Ancient Roman mythology. I start with analyzing Greek myths text, finding most common attributes(words) in paragraphs where Zeus is mentioned. Then I need to analyze Ancient Roman myths and find there a person, very similar by his attributes to Zeus (it should be Jupiter). Currently I am looking towards LSA, but maybe you can give some ideas of how to implement this thing? Any algorithms you could recommend?

php – Searching for best practice – Long calculating method

I’m working on a Laravel project for engineers. The software calculates the stability and pressure for specific wooden connections.
As you can imagine, depending on the connection, there are many calculations with many values to be done.

First, there was the approach make one calculation function / method for one connection type (inside the connection type class), where all neccessary fields are calculated.
Then it came up to my mind, to create a method to calculate each value seperately:

public function calculateConnection($connectionValues) {
   $connection->a = $this->getAValue($connectionValues);
   $connection->b = $this->getBValue($connectionValues);

public function getAValue($connectionValues) {
   return ...

public function getBValue($connectionValues) {
   return ...

I have a much better overview about the specific values, when creating a function for each value instead of calculating everything in one method, but the issue is, that the values are depending on each other. So value a is needed to calculate b.

So all methods need to be called in the correct order. Of course, I can do a check, if a is already been calculated, before doing the calculation of b, but this will blow up the code so much.

I’m interested, what is best-practice in this kind of situation.

Why can I not find my Youtube channel when searching by it’s new name?

I had a youtube channel called Alhaitham Corp with Alhaitham as first name and Corp as last name. Yesterday, I changed the name to an Arabic name الهيثم للبرمجيات with الهيثم as first name and للبرمجيات as the last name. The name was changed successfully and anyone can see the new name. When I search for it on Youtube with the old name, I find it as the first one in the result set. But when searching with the new name, I do not find it at all. So, what I am saying is that the name changing process took effect in all places but users can not use the new name to search for the channel.
The page with the new name displayed

The page in search results with the old name

Searching Multiple Columns From Single Source Sheet in Google Sheets

I have a Sheet where I have all of my data entered. I have been able to filter the information to other sheets no issues when only searching in one column. I am having issues when trying to search 2 columns at the same time.

On the Source Page, I have my date listed under the following headers: Player Name (A), OVR (B), Series (C), Primary (D), Secondary (E), Bats (F), Throws (G), How To Acquire (H), Team of Card (I) & Teams Played For (J).

For most sheets, I have been able to use the following formulae:

My issue comes from when I try to search both Primary and Secondary at the same time. I was able to use a query that searched both columns but am unable to do using SEARCH.

asymptotics – Searching in sorted array with $O(log n)$

Recently been practicing some recent exams, there was a problem I could not comprehend the given answer, the question is as follows:

Suppose array $A(1..n)$ consist of $n$ distinct integers that is
sorted in ascending order, then How many of below problems could be
solved in $O(log n)$?

and there were three statements;

  • Find an $i$ index so that $A(i)= i $
  • Find an $i$ index so that $A left lfloor{i}right rfloor = 3i +2$
  • Find an $i$ index so that $A(i)= 4i^{2} + 3i + 5$

The answer sheet stated as one statement is true, Also there was no clue on which statement is true.

What is my issue?

So I think the first and second statements could be true, since the array is sorted then we can use Binary search with $O(log n)$ to find the element with index $i$, also the first two statements are linear, thus I think that’s what the question wants, If it’s not then I don’t know what the question exactly wants, any explanation would be handful.

Is there a search engine that supports searching using regex or wildcards?

I have a part of email address. I need to find a full one.
Part of email address example: amazon***
I want to find all emails on web where characters instead of *.
As far as I know, Google doesn’t support it. (Or no?)
So, is there a search engine that can help me?
Hope for your help!
Thanks in advance!

Sharepoint 365 Document Library Calculated Column Searching for Text

I am trying to search in the files names for HC, so I can have a Yes / No output to be able to filter on it, since MS does not have a does not contain option in filter.

Names of the File:

SLS802 2021 Price Increase Stick Report by Cust Location – Prod Family – HC – Canada_03162021.xlsx
SLS802 2021 Price Increase Stick Report by Cust Location – Prod Family – HC – Canada_03162021.pdf

When I try to use the formula:
=ISNUMBER(FIND(“HC”,Name)) it gives me error messages of the column does not exist.

If I use the formula:

it gives me the output of No

I have also tried:

=IF(ISNUMBER(FIND(“HC”,(Title))), “OK”, “Not OK”)

it gives me the output of Not OK, so its saying that everything is false

I am not sure how to have it search and be true

Picture of the document library below

enter image description here

Also picture of the document library:

enter image description here

sharepoint enterprise – Searching for anything besides ‘This Site’ returns error

We have SharePoint 2013 on-prem and I recently applied Windows security patches from October 2020. Since then, whenever we search on SharePoint for anything other than ‘this site’, this error is returned:

The base type ‘Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Internal.UI.SearchResultsLayoutPage’ is not allowed for this page. The type Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Internal.UI.SearchResultsLayoutPage, Microsoft.Office.Server.Search, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c could not be found or it is not registered as safe.

I’ve found posts about others with this issue and tried their attempted fixes, notably updating the web.config file on all SharePoint servers to include the above, however it still is not working.

Does anybody have a successful resolution of this?

cache – What is the solution to caching vs using a CSP nonce? I’ve been searching for a while, and haven’t found it

I’ve never seen a good answer to this dilemma, and I’ve been searching high and low. It seems it is a choice between using a nonce and caching, you can’t have both. Really bad choice!

We’re told ‘unsafe-inline’ is a really bad choice in CSP, and yet there seems to be no solution to the cache/nonce problem, that I’ve found.

Is there any solution on the horizon? Or one available now which is simply a well-kept secret?