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Standards also help, as we fight to make sure the cost of sharing doesn't outweigh the benefits

A cartoon from the New Yorker long ago made it clear: "No one on the Internet knows you are a dog." If this cartoon had been written today, the caption could have read: "On the Internet, no one knows that you are a fraud."

Scammers, snake oil sellers, sock puppets, robot armies and bullies – every time we look up, it seems we are discovering another form of dishonesty, spreading globally via the magnificent and terrifying combination of internet and smartphone.

None of this should surprise us. The people are wonderful and horrible. The network we have built for ourselves serves both the honest and the liar. But we have no infrastructure to manage a planet of thieves.

Navigating through these things goes far beyond the “whistleblower”, into the darkest secrets of phishing and social engineering. No longer is an African prince offering you a hundred million dollars for your aid; She is a customer who has carefully recorded all of her transactions and registration numbers on a Word document which she has attached to a very useful email.

Security has been stretched to the breaking point. If things continue the way they do, the costs of connectivity may start to outweigh the benefits, and at this point, the post-web civilization of sharing and knowledge, already in the process of sinking. erode, would take place in a global way, while people and companies withdraw behind defensible perimeters and call one day.

All of this served as a subtext – never spoken, but always in mind – at the 26th International Conference on the World Wide Web. In a broader sense, this is all the fault of the Web – the shadow of its sharing culture – so could it be a problem that the Web can solve?

This question obsessed the hundreds of doctoral students in research who presented articles and posters at the conference. To the extent that articles presented by the main web research community are a reliable indicator of the future direction of the web, this future focuses on learning how to detect lies.

Detecting fake ads, bullies and bots – all of this can be done with machine learning. It can even be applied to tweets from a politician – to find out if they fumbled where they were, and when.

This wave of research brings us back to one of the oldest computer problems – the Turing test. Can you detect if someone at the other end of a text connection is a person or a computer? What questions do you ask? How do you analyze their responses? Take these same ideas and apply them to a supplier on Alibaba or to a Twitter account – ask the questions, analyze and survey – then decide: truth or lies.

While Sir Tim Berners-Lee won the ACM A.M. Turing Award last week, the timing of this next development on his web couldn't be more appropriate. The web needs to develop a meta-layer for verifying errors and truth. This will likely slow things down a bit, although it does help us feel more confident that the fake can be removed.

This will never be as true as we would like. As soon as a lie detection system rolls out on a large scale, the less honest and the more intelligent will get to work to undermine this algorithmic determination of truth, find its weaknesses and exploit them. It has always been so; in the long run, the search for the will to truth has always been an act of perseverance and dedication.

Machines can help us in this battle – but machines will be used on both sides, deceiving and revealing deception. Still, there is hope: there is too much money on the table to allow the forces of darkness to take over. Chaos is bad for business.

Any alignment of trade with the greater good is a rare and powerful combination, which means that the resources to wage this battle will be available for the foreseeable future. These graduate students with their fraud and robot detection algorithms will be captured by these giant companies whose profits depend on a web that is sufficiently truthful for commerce. As far as the truth is concerned, what is good for Google and Facebook is good for the rest of us.



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security – How can I prevent MITM https identity theft by the employer?

The company I work for is rolling out a tool that intercepts HTTPS traffic to detect file downloads and make sure no one is selling business secrets by uploading them to the cloud. They claim that they will not intercept sensitive data like health or banking services, but they will not publish a list of sites that are or are not intercepted.

I usually avoid most security issues by using Apache Guacamole to log into my home office, so that I can access banking websites, etc., from my personal browser with a word manager. pass and do not pass the password over the corporate network. However, it occurred to me that they could potentially sniff the Guacamole connection and get my connection to the home domain. Although it is https, they do have a CA root business certificate installed on each machine (which I need to access intranet websites without tons of annoying warnings), so they could potentially replace my certificate with theirs.

How can I prevent this from happening? Or at least notice when it is? In addition to checking the certificate every time I connect …

I found this: but it seems that browser support is not recommended as it could potentially brick websites.

proof of work – security of litecoin vs bitcoin data mining algorithms – scrypt vs sha256?

how is the current state of cryptanalysis on both sha256 and litecoin scrypt?

is litecoin scrypt at a security level like sha256?

by security, I simply mean means of "breaking" "deciphering" the hash functions in any way.

Thank you

attacks – 2Des is DES double security?

I read this question in my book (which has no answer).

2DES is doubly more secure than DES?

I know 2DES can be attacked from the encounter in the middle attack.

In fact, from Wikipedia Meet in the middle, say:

The MITM attack is one of the reasons why Data Encryption Standard (DES) has been replaced by Triple DES and not Double DES. An attacker can use a MITM attack to strengthen brutally Double DES with 2 ^ 57 operations and 2 ^ 56 d & # 39; space, which represents only & # 39; a small improvement on DES. (5) Triple DES uses a key "triple length" (168 bit) and is also vulnerable to a meeting to attack in the middle in 2 ^ 56 spaces and 2 ^ 112 operations, but is considered safe because of the size of its key space. (1) (2)

But DES uses the key of 2 ^ 56. 2DES with encounter in the middle have 2 ^ 57 operation (this is exactly a double of 2 ^ 56)
I do not know if the question requires a "doubly secure" to type the & # 39; space, so I want a big key as 2 ^ 112 (c & # 39; is double 56 in the DES Previuos).

I think DES is double safe from this other sentence on Wikipedia which says:

Diffie and Hellman first proposed the dating attack in the middle on a hypothetical expansion of block cipher in 1977. (3) Their attack used a space-time compromise to break the double encryption scheme in just twice the time required to break the single encryption scheme.

So if 2 times Diffie / Hellman uses twice the time to break the & # 39; algorithm, also 2DES we can use double time to break this algorithm DES.

Can anyone confirm my hypothesis?

Report: Patch Tuesday to correct a serious security vulnerability in Windows

Microsoft's first patch, Tuesday 2020, will correct a serious vulnerability that exists in all versions of Windows.

reports of an extremely serious security issue affecting windows

reports of an extremely serious security issue affecting windows

There have been some reports of an extremely serious security issue affecting the windows. If the reports prove to be correct, a fix should be released today.

I hope all Windows users and Windows hosts are ready to apply the patch immediately after it is released, if the reports are in fact true.

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security – How to display the page only if the private secure key in the body of the request?

I have a paid content download page on my WordPress site.

I want to secure it by sending a predetermined private secret key in the body of the request.
If this key exists in the incoming request, display only the page, otherwise give a 404 error or redirect it to another page.

I am very new to WordPress.
Can someone help me, how can I do it?

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