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dnd 3.5e – How many epic spell seeds can you know?

It does not count as a spell

Seeds are used only during the development part of creating an epic spell and have no effect on how many epic spells you may prepare or cast, though they are fundamental part of creating an epic spell or spells.

As far as I can tell (checking here and more specifically here) there’s no actual ‘seeds known’; seeds are not learned, simply used. With that in mind there may be a contradicting source from outside of the SRD, and certain epic prestige classes interact with specific seeds (for example, the Netherese Arcanist from the Player’s Guide to Faerun)

blockchain – How to recover bitcoin wallet from messed up seeds

I have a ledger nano s wallet that is broken , when i tried to recover wallet from 24 recovery word i got error that says the recovery phrase is incorrect, i think the place of some words is incorrect and one weird thing is one of the words is duplicated in phrase, which i think is wrong.

So far i wrote a program in C# with nbitcoin library that checks all 2048 words of BIP39 wordlist in one place of 24 place and tried to generate its deposit address and compare it to lost wallet address like (i checked the code with new ledger wallet address and it worked) and i couldn’t the correct phrase.

Write now i want to generate every possible combinition of these word and check them, i think it’s around 24! Possibilities which is almost impossible to check, but i also know that every combinition of words in wordlist is not true and there is a checksum which i hope limit the possibilities.

Right now i need a code preferably in C# with nbitcoin library to generate every possible and true phrases of mnemonic and a suggestion for fast checking the phrase against the wallet.

unit – Adding seeds to perlin noise

I use very simple perlin noise to generate 2D grass / water terrain. However, I cannot figure out how to add a seed. Is there a way to add it here to randomize the noise a bit?

public static class Noise

    public static float(,) GenerateNoiseMap(int mapWidth, int mapHeight, float scale)
        float(,) noiseMap = new float(mapWidth, mapHeight);

        if (scale <= 0)
            scale = .0001f;

        for (int y = 0; y < mapHeight; y++)
            for (int x = 0; x < mapWidth; x++)
                float sampleX = x / scale;
                float sampleY = y / scale;

                float perlinValue = Mathf.PerlinNoise(sampleX, sampleY);
                noiseMap(x, y) = perlinValue;

        return noiseMap;

public class MapGenerator : MonoBehaviour
    public int mapWidth;
    public int mapHeight;
    public float noiseScale;

    public GameObject grassTile, waterTile;

    public void GenerateMap()
        float(,) noiseMap = Noise.GenerateNoiseMap(mapWidth, mapHeight, noiseScale);

        for (int x = 0; x < mapWidth; x++)
            for (int y = 0; y < mapHeight; y++)
                if (noiseMap(x,y) >= .3)
                    Instantiate(grassTile, new Vector3(x, 0, y), Quaternion.identity);
                    Instantiate(waterTile, new Vector3(x, -1, y), Quaternion.identity);

to import bitcoin seeds – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

First, you can edit your question instead of answering it to add details.

Second, what you provided is not a seed like in the BIP32 seed from which you get a master key and can then derive other keys from it.

This is a private key, as in the private key of a private-public key pair.

The answer to your question is that the basic Bitcoin implementation wallet allows you to import a single private key with command importprivkey:

bitcoin-cli importprivkey 5JtfaH........

Laravel Dusk: Migrate and test DB seeds once

Is it possible to perform migration and boot once without updating the test database between the test methods?

I have some test functions that depend on each other and I don't want to migrate and boot the database before and after each test in a test file.


artisan('db:seed', ('--class' => 'DatabaseSeeder'));

    public function testAdminCanLogin()

    /* Create New ticket */
    public function testAdminCreateTicket()

    /* View the first ticket */
    public function testAdminViewTicket()

    /* Edit the first ticket */
    public function testAdminEditTicket()

    /* Assign the first Ticket to an Agent */
    public function testAdminAssignTicketToAgent()

    /* Unassign the first Ticket from Agent */
    public function testAdminUnassignAgentFromTicket()

    /* Delete the first ticket */
    public function testAdminDeleteTicket()

    /* Restore the first ticket */
    public function testAdminRestoreTicket()


Variables cv.complex – Application of changes in analytical coordinates to seeds of singular functions

Suppose we are given a germ of function
begin {align}
f = sum a_ {ijk} x ^ iy ^ jz ^ k
end {align}

such as $ f in mathfrak {m} ^ 2 $, or $ mathfrak {m} $ is the ideal $ mathbb {C} {x, y, z } $ holomorphic functions disappearing at 0.
I am currently reading an explanatory text on the singularities of the surface of the Val in which the author sometimes simplifies a seed like this using changes in analytical coordinates. Stuff like: "If the 2-jet of $ f $ East $ x ^ 2 $, a change of analytical coordinates can be used to remove any other appearance of $ x $ in $ f $" or if $ J_2 (f) = x ^ 2 + y ^ 2 $ then the existence of a $ a_ {ijk} neq 0 $ with $ i + j <2 $ implies that at least one form term $ z ^ m $ or $ xz ^ m $ or $ yz ^ m $ appears in $ f $, then a change of analytical coordinates can be used to $ f = x ^ 2 + y ^ 2 + z ^ {n + 1} $. "

I don't really understand what coordinate changes are applied here. Anyone have a reference explaining techniques like this in more detail?

Get seeds from the wallet in registration mode

I am testing for an application that signs Bitcoin transactions. I have already downloaded binary files bitcoin-cli,bitcoind and bitcoin-wallet from I need to know that the wallet seed created by regtest. It is available when the bitcoin-wallet -regtest info The command returns:

Wallet info                                                                             │
===========                                                                             │
Encrypted: no                                                                           │
HD (hd seed available): yes                                                             │
Keypool Size: 1999                                                                      │
Transactions: 103                                                                       │
Address Book: 2

I need this seed for recovery of the execution of my application and I check if it correctly signs a Bitcoin transaction.

Thanks in advance

The LCC Electrum portfolio configured with Ledger Nano S can not find private keys, scan or generate seeds

I have a problem with Electrum LCC Wallet. I've set up the wallet with the help of Ledger NANO S and it seems that he has focused on Ledger's LTC portfolio. I receive this message whenever I want to send LCC from the Electrum wallet.

error: {& # 39; message: The transaction was rejected by the network rules. n n16: mandatory-script-verify-flag-failed (the signature must use SIGHASH_FORKID) n (… a very long body of hashed content …), & # 39; code: -1}

Since it was started with Ledger NANO S, I have no way to view private keys, scan or generate a seed. I'm stuck with a handful of LCCs that I want to move. I have tried to restore the wallet without success because the information I need is encrypted in Ledger. How can I find a private key or a seed to restore, thanks.

Exporting Secure Seeds Using Bitcoin Core

I'm trying to secure my own bitcoin.

I wish to generate a bunch of addresses from an HD seed, but I'm paranoid about the safety of any seed generated from a website and so I'm only trusting the Bitcoin Core client.

I have downloaded and compiled the bitcoin-core client, but I have trouble understanding how to export the seed and / or the seed + my password.

This feature is not available on bitcoin-core and if this is not the case, people are using to secure large amounts or bitcoin with the help of a name and password. HD user + a custom password.

My ultimate plan was to then get one of the addresses generated from this seed, as well as two other addresses from other seeds on other remote machines, then create a multi-sig address to secure my bitcoin.

Any help / contribution appreciated.