sharepoint online – How to change the combo box selected value on button click in power apps

I am customizing the SharePoint list form using PowerApps. I have a requirement to change the selected value of the combo box control on the click event of another button.

Actually I tried multiple ways as below to change the selected value in combo box from On click of button. but no success.
Tried ways is as below.


Please help me on this.

Thanks in advance !

macOS MS Powerpoint 2019 – Insert shape but keep that tool selected

MS Word 2007 – Insert shape but keep that tool selected

Is there a version of this for the Mac a way to keep it selected in powerpoint so that I can draw many arrows without having to reselect it? You know, like hold down ctrl while drawing or something. It isnt shift either.

Does the number of columns been selected affect query speed?

I know some sql but don’t quite understand the things behind the scene. And this question came to me the other day while I am taking shower…

If we compare these two queries below:

a. select * from table_abc;

b. select id, name, timestamp from table_abc;

which query is (theoretically) faster? My guess is a because in query b it takes time to pick out the 3 columns I want. But that’s counterintuitive at the same time because that means getting less information takes longer. All comments/answers are highly appreciated!

How to open lightning network channel to a selected node in Electrum?

Electrum (version 4.1.2) Open Channel dialog only contains a dropdown "Trampoline" with predefined entries. How a new channel can be opened to a specific node?

Electrum Open Channel Dialog

sharepoint online – SPO: Using JSON to Show/Hide Modern Form Field Based on Value Selected in Lookup Column

I am trying to modify the new-entry form of a modern list in SharePoint Online by hiding or showing a field based on the value selected in a preceding field on the same form. Microsoft offers straightforward guidance on how to do this using a JSON snippet.

While they don’t list a lookup column as an unsupported field type to use for this purpose, they don’t provide guidance on how to use one in this way, either. And from my testing, you can’t simply grab the value of a lookup field in the described way:

=if(($LookupField)=='Hourly', 'true', 'false')

If I use a choice field instead of a lookup field, this works fine. But doing some digging, in other contexts it looks like the value may be captured in a .lookupValue property, so I tried it this way:

=if(($LookupField.lookupValue)=='Hourly', 'true', 'false')

Still no luck. Does anyone know if it is possible to use the value from a lookup field in this way? And if so, what do I need to do to make the magic happen?

admin – 2FA preference not saving when multiple 2FA providers selected

I have recently enabled U2F for admin users. Previously, Authy was the only enabled provider. When U2F was enabled, all admin users were forced to re-configure their Two-Factor Authorization.

If the user has access to a U2F key, there is no problem. If the user does not have one, they are asked prompted to configure their Two-Factor Authorization every time they log in. After re-configuring, they are directed to the admin dashboard as expected. Once they log out and need to log in again, they are once again prompted to configure 2FA.

Has any one else experienced this issue? Some users would prefer to use their U2F keys but not everyone has access to one, so I can’t expect them to re-configure every time they need to login.

This is on Magento 2.4.2

unity – The tile cursor is not on the same tile I selected


Here is the image, when I select the tile I want to paint, it paints in the correct box where I want it to be but the white cursor should also be in the same box but it is 2 units to the left? This really makes it difficult to paint the tiles. I’m a beginner in unity and can’t seem to fix this problem 🙁

Thank you for your help!

php – I want to set multiple selected option( taxonomy terms ) values to database of a custom post type – taxonomy. It is only saving one value

My current php code is as below

   //Select Paper Colour
   $paperColours = get_terms( array( 'taxonomy' => 'papercolour', 'order_by' => 'slug', 'hide_empty' => 0) );
 if( !empty( $paperColours ) && !is_wp_error( $paperColours ) ) {
     echo "<select class='papercolour' name='papercolour' required='required' multiple>";
         foreach ( $paperColours as $paperColour ) {
         echo "<option value='".$paperColour->term_id."'>". $paperColour->name ."</option>";
     echo "</select><!--projecttype-->";

    if (isset( $_POST('papercolour')) {
    $papCol = $_POST('papercolour');
    $papCol_ids = array($papCol);
    $papCol_ids = array_map( 'intval', $papCol_ids );
    $papCol_ids = array_unique( $papCol_ids );
    $papCols = wp_set_object_terms( $post_id, $papCol_ids, 'papercolour', $append = true );


css – How can I make the wordpress editor apply the selected template?

I wrote a WordPress theme for a non-profit where I use templates to style individual pages. I select the template for an individual page in the editor on the right:

Template selection in editor

For styling of a template page, I simply add a css class to the outer most element in the template and style the rest based on the presence of this class – in this example layout-krankenbett-gruen:


<?php /* Template Name: Krankenbett grün */ ?>

<?php get_header(); ?>
    <main class="layout-krankenbett-gruen">
        <?php if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();
            get_template_part( 'content', get_post_format() );
        endwhile; endif; ?>
<?php get_footer(); ?>

I can style the page similar to the display in the editor using this code in functions.php

// enable style sheet for normal page display also in editor

such that all styles that get applied to the page get also applied in the editor.

I want to have the editor also show the templates as they look on the page later.
But somehow the css tag which I add for the template is not present in the editor and therefor the display of the template in the editor is not correct.

How can I recognize a template in the editor such that I can display it in the editor in the same style as on the page?

monads – Haskell – saving content of HTTP request in selected file

As a Haskell beginner I’m currently playing around the IO monad and prepared simple program which gets from the user two information:

  • URL (http)
  • Output file path

Then it performs GET request to the provided URL and stores the result in the selected file. HTTP status code of the response is displayed on the standard output

Could you please suggest how such code could be improved? Maybe some places when point-free style can be used? I also feel that the part with confirmation of file overwriting is not very elegant.

import System.IO
import Network.HTTP
import System.Directory

getUrl :: IO String
getUrl = putStr "URL: " >> hFlush stdout >> getLine

confirmOverideOrGetNewPath :: String -> IO String
confirmOverideOrGetNewPath filepath = do
    putStr $ "File " ++ filepath ++ " exists. Override? (y/n) "
    hFlush stdout
    decision <- getLine
    let shouldOverride = (if decision == "y" then True else False)
    case shouldOverride of True -> return filepath
                           False -> putStrLn "nProvide other path" >> getOutputFilepath

getOutputFilepath :: IO String
getOutputFilepath = do
    putStr "Output file path: "
    hFlush stdout
    filepath <- getLine
    file_exists <- doesFileExist filepath
    case file_exists of True -> confirmOverideOrGetNewPath filepath
                        False -> return filepath

performGetRequest :: String -> IO (String, Int)
performGetRequest url = do
        rsp <- Network.HTTP.simpleHTTP (getRequest url)
        content <- getResponseBody rsp
        responseCode <- getResponseCode rsp
        return (content, responseCodeToInt responseCode)
        responseCodeToInt :: ResponseCode -> Int
        responseCodeToInt code = let (x,y,z) = code in read (mconcat $ show <$> (x,y,z)) :: Int

saveContentToFile :: String -> String -> IO ()
saveContentToFile content filepath = writeFile filepath content

printHttpStatusCode :: Int -> IO ()
printHttpStatusCode statusCode = putStrLn ("nStatus code: " ++ show statusCode)
                                 >> putStrLn "Content saved into file"

main :: IO ()
main = do
    url <- getUrl
    filepath <- getOutputFilepath
    (content, statusCode) <- performGetRequest url
    saveContentToFile content filepath
    printHttpStatusCode statusCode