The automatic playback of Youtube videos does not work in the mobile, I use the selected video to add videos to pages / messages.

I use the featured video feature as well as the plugin to add videos to pages and publications.

enter the description of the image here

And it works well. But I found a problem. For mobile devices and tablets, the autoplay feature does not work, but only for youtube videos. In the case of vimeo or dailymotion videos, the automatic playback works.

In mobile videos on youtube, not only is the autoplay not running, but the play option does not work either.

Here are the media options:
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Youtube options:
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Replace the selected image when the shortcode is present

For my portfolio page, I want some items to display a video instead of a still image for its selected image. I've used a plugin to play the rollover video called by a shortcode. I insert it on each message with the help of the AFC.

The custom field calls video_link and below, I tried to replace the selected image by the video by calling it via AFC if it is populated. I can not make it work.

<li id ​​= "post-" >
<? php if (get_field (& # 39; video_link & # 39;)) {
get_field (& # 39; video_link & # 39;)
} other {
if (has_post_thumbnail (get_the_ID () {
                 & # 39; portfolio-thumb & # 39; width & # 39; => 600, & # 39; height & # 39; => 400, & # 39; before & # 39; => & # 39;
& # 39; & # 39; after & # 39; => & # 39;
& # 39;)); ?> } }

<a href = ""title =""rel =" bookmark ">

Any idea of ​​what's wrong. Any help is very appreciated.

You will find below the website on which I try to make this work:

SQL Server – keyboard shortcut to automatically wrap selected text in IsNull ([text], 0) in SSMS

Is there a way to have a shortcut in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) that, when the text is selected, covers it in an IsNull () statement?

For example, I emphasize the text below:


and when I click on the keyboard shortcut, what is highlighted becomes:

IsNull (My_column_name, 0)

I type an IsNull after writing the column name probably a dozen times a day, and when I'm writing it would be so convenient!

Same question published in StackOverflow:

I am using SSMS v17.4

tables – Can a filter always be selected by default?

No problem as long as it is clearly communicated!

There is nothing wrong with having a filter selected by default as long as you make it very clear to users that this filter is selected by default:

1- This should be clearly emphasized.

2- I would make the first option on the left. Neither the second nor the last before the first. The location helps users to recognize it faster by assuming we are talking about left-to-right languages ​​(LTR), and it also mimics a drop-down filter with the first option selected.

vba – Get the result with multiple selected elements by performing F4

I want to access the list of selected items entered via F4.

Public Function ListArts () As String
Dim strSql As StdBEStringBuilder
Dim strResultado As String

Set strSql = New StdBEStringBuilder

strSql.Append ("SELECT Article, Description FROM Article")
strResultado = PSO.Listas.GetF4SQL ("Articles", strSql.Value, "Article")

I want the list of articles here
ListArticles = strResult
End function

thank you so much

xcode – The "Xcode_11_Beta.xip" archive can not be expanded because the selected volume does not have enough free space.

I'm downloading the new beta version of Xcode 11.

Once the file downloaded when I double-click to open it, I get this error.

The archive "Xcode_11_Beta.xip" can not be expanded because the selected volume does not have enough free space.

The Xcode 11 Beta occupies 7.66 GB, and 18.27 GB are available on my disk.
I've tried to download it twice and I get the same problem. I use MacOS Mojave 10.14.5 on a MacBook Air (13 inches, early 2015).

How to display the selected items from the multiple drop-down list in the second view?

I have a multi dropdown in view1 and I need to view the selected items in view2. Is this possible with the data link? If so, help me with the example / code.

How to get the selected row cell values ​​from RepositorySearchLookUpEdit

I want to get the selected cell line values ​​using RepositorySearchLookUpEdit, but I do not know how to get it.

php – Multiple databases selected – but credentials are printed separately

Selecting multiple databases – but print identifiers separately

$ sql = "SELECT * FROM peron, peronmedia WHERE peronmedia.PID = 5" and peron.ID = 5 "; $ xc = mysqli_query ($ baglanti, $ sql); $ rs = mysqli_fetch_array ($ xc);

echo $ rs[“peron.PID”];
echo $ rs[“peronmedia.ID”];

but the codes do not work
How can I do it?

Thank you.