Photoshop creates an absolute selection from "Select Color Range"

I've selected a range of colors with the help of the "Color Range" tool from Photoshops, but the selection is a bit transparent. I want to delete the selected color.

Is there a way to do everything or not at all selected?

Now, there are some things transparent:

database – Selection with IN operator in Postgres array column

Good evening guys!

I have a column (ids_autores) that is an array of integers in a postgres table. I'm trying to make a selection with the IN operator on this column, but that gives an error. To try the following query:

WHERE ids_authors IN (10,15)

Does anyone know how I can make such a request?

vlc media player – VLC playlist with random selection in folders

I would like to make a simple playlist in VLC where the first file is loaded randomly from the "A" folder, then the second randomly from the "B" folder, then looped from the beginning and load different files from folders. The problem is that VLC develops the folders and reads all the files they contain. How can I make such a playlist?

angular – Ionic 4 Reactive Forms – Ion Selection Not Showing Initial Values ​​During Editing

I've seen some articles about it for older versions of ionic but no answers for ionic forms 4 and reactive …

I have a select for my & # 39; gameForm & # 39 ;:

            {{team.year}} - {{}} ({{team.weeknight}})

When I create a new game, the selection shows the placeholder, I can select the team and create the object, sweetie! But when I'm going to edit this game object, the same form is displayed, but the selection has no value; I have to manually click on the drop down menu and re-select the team.

Old messages say to use [(ngModel)] but if i try to use [{ngModel}]= "team" not only does it still not show up, but I also get a warning in the console that says:

"You seem to be using ngModel on the same form field as formControlName.
Support for the use of the ngModel input property and the ngModelChange event with
Reactive form directives are deprecated in angular v6 and will be removed
in Angular v7. "

Not sure what I miss. All my other fields bind correctly using the formControlName. Is it an ionic bug?

Is it possible to display only the selection of images on google recaptcha?

My client wants to display only the selection of images on google recaptcha. He thinks that simply ticking a box is not secure.

windows os – Is it a good practice to remember the selection by the user of an option as a new default?

In the absence of data to choose a good default setting, would it make sense to memorize the last choice of the user in a dialog box and use it by default at the next opening the dialog?

The context

I have a dialog box with three different options, represented by radio buttons, indicating how the system should create a specific object.

Currently, the default option is the one I think is the most used. However, this is not based on real data, as these are unfortunately not available. And I've heard comments that indicate that different users prefer different options.

The suggestion that has been made is to simply remember the user's choice and use it by default when you next open the dialog box. This would apparently solve the problem of users preferring different options.

However, I'm not sure it's a good idea:

  • This would confuse users accustomed to default values ​​that do not change without active action by the user, both in the system in question and in Windows in general.
  • At a more general level, default values ​​should help users to choose the best, most common option, and changing defaults does not.

So, basically, I'm looking for arguments to confirm or challenge my initial feeling about it.

javascript – I have to make an automatic selection

Hello, I would like some help to execute an automatic selection command on this:

Because I'm doing a project that, when entering the page, appears the name of several people to select, which is very embarrassing because everyone on the list serves. .

Gimp – Average HSV values ​​of the selection

I want GIMP to calculate the hue, saturation, and average value of a selection.

I could color choose several pixels from the desired area and read the values ​​of the Color FG / BG tongue. It would be extremely inefficient. I have to do about 100 of them.

Preferably, this would be automagic – reading average RGB values ​​and converting them to HSV would be acceptable, although suboptimal.

Load into a selection the data of several input text

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Selection of items from a list according to the frequency

Suppose I have a list as follows:

l = {{"a", "b", "c"}, {"a", "b"}, {"a", "d", "b"}, {"a", "c", "e"}};

Now I'm going to flatten and count each element:

l // Flatten // Account

<|"a" -> 4, "b" -> 3, "c" -> 2, "d" -> 1, "e" -> 1 |>

Now I want to do the following things:
1. In the list, how can I remove and select items whose component frequency is greater than 1, that the output should look like this:

{{"a", "b", "c"}, {"a", "b"}}

like everything "a", "B" and "C" have a frequency greater than 1.
2. How can I remove the components that have the frequency 1 of l, ie the output should look like:

{{"a", "b", "c"}, {"a", "b"}, {"a", "b"}, {"a", "c"}}