Selling – Ethereum Token Cryptocurrency Project

I started this project in March of this year while I was learning about blockchain programming. Good Luck Token is an Ethereum-based (ERC20) token that has a simple idea behind it – to bring investors good luck and prosperity. My goal was to create a token and website that wouldn’t require an entire team of people to manage, then promote it and have people be able to purchase tokens directly through the website. I have other projects as well, and this was a little more than I could handle with the time I could put in, and that’s why I’ve decided to sell.

As I already mentioned, Good Luck Token has a very plain and simple concept behind it. Many other cryptocurrency tokens have large teams working together to create new cryptocurrency technology which is why people want to invest (buy) their tokens. Good Luck Token isn’t like that. There is no major technology or inventions behind it. It’s simply a token people can own to bring themselves good luck and karma – kind of like any other lucky “charm” or “gadget” (only this one is virtual like everything else in today’s age). Token creators will often launch their token, get investors, and then list their token on exchanges to make them more readily available to a larger audience of people. I never got that far with this project, although it’s a path the new owner could take. I started this project with the idea of simply just offering tokens through the website. Then, I started looking more into listing it on different exchanges which would increase exposure and thought that was something I’d look at doing in the future. However, I was never able to really get the project off the ground from a promotional standpoint and at this point I’ve decided to move onto other things. This project is ready to go, it just needs someone who’s ready to start promoting it more and find investors.

Token Information
When you think of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you think of buying something like $100 worth which converts into 0.0027 BTC. Other tokens are coded to do things like automatically mint new tokens or allow people to mine for tokens. Good Luck Token isn’t like that. I wanted it to be simple and straightforward. There are no decimals with this token, so nobody can buy 0.0027 of it. Good Luck Token uses zero decimals which means you either own an entire token or none. There is a set amount of tokens available (888,888,888) and that’s all there will ever be. No new tokens will ever be “minted” and tokens are not “mine-able.”

When I initially came up with this project the idea was simple – someone visits the website, purchases tokens (I had a minimum amount of purchase set to 88) and then the tokens are automatically distributed to their wallet. I found a WooCommerce plugin for the website which does just that. However, the plugin comes with a $15 monthly fee OR a one-time payment of around $250. I eventually let this expire because I wasn’t selling any tokens, so this is something the new owner will want to plan on enabling again.

Most people don’t want to invest in a token that doesn’t stand a chance of increasing in value over time. This is why the website (and plugin) were setup to only make a specific number of tokens available at any given time. My idea was to offer tokens in “rounds” of 10 million where the first 10 million would be available for the price of $0.10/each. After that, the price of a token would increase by $0.01 after each round had been fulfilled.

Right now there have been no investors/sales. When someone wants to get tokens through the website, they pay (or swap) using Ethereum tokens and receive LUCK tokens in return. The owner can also accept other forms of payment (such as other tokens) if they want. That means there are still all 888,888,888 tokens available and the new owner can choose what to sell them for and how they want to sell them (only through the website, only through exchanges, or both).

Although promotion has been limited, I have done some link building for this project and at one time I setup a giveaway with the intention of handing out 1000 LUCK tokens to 10 lucky winners (at $0.10/each that is a $100 value). The idea was to use this as a way to get some free promotion via retweets, upvotes on reddit..etc. I stated that the giveaway needed at least 1000 participants for it to go through – and by the end of the giveaway (after running it for about 2-3 months) I had roughly 700 participants. Aside from that and some small link building, there isn’t much other traffic coming in.

What You Get
As the new owner of Good Luck Token you will get everything associated with it: Website, Tokens (and the two wallets they are stored in), Domain, Social Media Profiles, and everything else. I’m also available to help with any questions or issues you might have.

I’m selling this project for what I have invested in it – $350. I accept PayPal, Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Selling – 1 year rapidgator premium | NewProxyLists

Hi i want to sell my 1 year rapidgator premium account for $50 in ethereum. you can download a 1000 gig this month now

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Selling – Software Freeware Download Portal

Why are you selling this site?
Need money and no longer have time for this.

How is it monetized?
– Monetize by Google adsense
– Introducing paid software and receiving commissions
– Sell text and banner ads
– And …

Does this site come with any social media accounts?
Sorry, no.

How much time does this site take to run?
No need any more time. Site is Ready.

What challenges are there with running this site?
No problem

This site is a software introduction site and specifically the introduction of free software. Monetization methods are different with such sites:
– Monetize by Google adsense
– Introducing paid software and receiving commissions
– Sell text and banner ads
And …

Show on the first page of Google search with these keywords

only freeware
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Domain Age: more than 16 years


Selling – 234playlist

Why are you selling this site? Have gotten a new job and can’t multi task myself

How is it monetized? Sponsored post, banners and music promotions

Does this site come with any social media accounts? No

How much time does this site take to run? Less than $10 per month

What challenges are there with running this site? None


Selling XenForo – Xenforo license + Resource manager




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Selling low cost items on facebook? | NewProxyLists

We don’t have ebay in our country anymore. So we are forced to look for alternatives like quikr and OLX. But those can be pretty frustrating in most cases. So I have been searching for some of the people who are selling items on twitter, facebook and pinterest. And trying to find out if I can do the same. Most of the people list the items on the social media page and take the inquiry through phone and ship the item or hand over locally after getting payment. Looks like a good model to me, but slow compared to ecommerce models.

Anyone you know or yourself have tried this social media selling business model?

Selling – Visa and MasterCard ( Vcc) | NewProxyLists

Welcome to Vcc
We provide every type of Virtual Credit card (VCC) solutions.
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Vccselling is a platform offering the cheap VCC services to give you an easy in online shopping.
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You can pay for most of goods and services on the Internet only by credit or debit card.
But what if you have no card or don’t want your credit card data get known to third parties? offers you to buy Visa prepaid virtual credit card, which makes the process of payment on the Internet easy and safe.
One of the most important advantages of our system is anonymous.

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Our prepaid virtual credit cards are accepted in any place, where it is possible to pay by Visa or MasterCard Logo.
How It Works

Buy Visa Virtual Credit Card on our website . Cards are delivered within 10 Mints to 12 Hours.
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You can buy virtual card (VCC) of any face value available below. Our VCCs are available in the following denominations on regular basis: 1$ $5, $10, 15$ , $20, $30, $40, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, $300 and $500. Please contact us for more information. We are doing our best to satisfy your needs. Feel free to contact our Support if you have any additional questions.
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We are also looking for cooperation and sales of our product sellers, we provide a good%
In profiles there are contacts of anyone interested write.
And one more request, if you are not sure about something, write to the manager to explain to you where the card fits and will answer all your questions (; better ask before buying, we are ready to answer all your questions.
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❓ASK – Selling ideas as a business, dumb thing or pure gold ? | NewProxyLists

If you are a lazy person, or just someone who doesn’t have the required things to start your own business, you’ll most likely have a lot of ideas that could generate gold for you, but you still can’t use them, do you think that there’s a chance to sell those ideas for a high amount of money ? especially when they are so unique

Selling – Adult SEO BackLinks

Hey all great DigitalPoint folks there, since you are looking at this thread for white hat Adult porn legitimate back links to boost your rankings on Google, I assume you understand what the difference is between editorial and PBN is and how these links work. All i can tell you that these websites are successful adult network sites that rank well on search engines, crafted out of adult related domains with great metrics editorial back-links such as just to name a few and gay/lesbian, adult category that will be perfect for any escort, soft core, hardcore, tube adult websites to boost their rankings! With 15 years of SEO experience and being in the adult industry i know what im doing and these are not some childish setups, you never can guarantee Rankings but i assure you that the needle will move with my White-Hat editorial links!
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Guys We Have Multiple Packages then what is just listed on DigitalPoint to directly buy, you can contact me via email or Skype as well!
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So, what will my awesome costumers be getting exactly? Every site gets a post/video with:
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related image with alt descriptions
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Here are the packages:

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Please remember, I accept not only adult websites i have regular websites as well like, TRAVEL, Entertainment etc…
Some of our costumers websites results:
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I will provide report with links to your posts.
Looking forward to reviews.

Refund policy: Once the order is placed, there are no refunds unless there is an error on my end. If I mess up with keywords, etc … I will do what I can to fix it. If I can’t, I’ll refund. However, this is not a kind of service where I can guarantee results because we all know how SEO and Google works, how ever i trust my skills and i can rank many many keywords, i currently have 150 SEO costumers that are happy.

Contact details
Website to show case services will be up shortly but prefer DigitalPoint for Trust!
USA, based with a good reputation
Payments: Business verified PayPal account rest assured safe, i can provide invoice if needed also open to other transactions
Skype: laz224


❓ASK – Business selling stationery? | NewProxyLists

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