AVR C program to send value 00 – AA to port B

I want to write a basic AVR C program to send values 00 – AA to port B
Any hints on how to begin would be great
It should use the #include<avr/io.h>

how to send html as image to slack channel

I want to send html table generated from my text to slack as an image.I tried out sending basic table structure but its not able to add border and only few columns.

Greetings "anything" or "other menu".

keyboard – How to send app to end of App Switcher list?

When you use ⌘⇥ (Command+Tab) to change to another application in App Switcher, that app is moved to the front of the stack. Is there a way to send an app to the tail of the stack, other than the brute-force technique of switching to every running app except that one?

How to send email from oracle trigger, when our condition match on table?

Let’s say, we would like to be informed via email when more than 200 records exist in the specific table of the Schema in the database.

Whenever this situation occurs, automatically trigger will execute and send an alert to a registered email address with Message.

Postfix – Can Send / Receive Localy – Send External – Not receive from external

I just finish configuring my own mail server using this guide:
LinuxBabe Guide

At the start all was working but now I can not receive mail from external.
Here is my configuration file:

GSA FORUM POSTING (I can't send an article.)

I can’t send an article. Like the pictures below.My setting.

I just want to post a topic to the site I have an account. Where could I be wrong?

email – Mail Server allows users xxx@domain.ltd to send from [anything]@domain.ltd

Hello dear serverfault commnity,

I have not been a server admin for too long, so please excuse me if I don’t have knowledge of everything.
Every problem so far I was able to solve by asking others or simply googling.

I am currently managing a newly setup Plesk Server, which should act as a mail server (It uses a standard configuration, so Postfix, Dovecot, and Roundcube)

Well, now I have encountered an issue with the mail server, which nobody that I know how to fix, and google also couldn’t help me (maybe I had the wrong search parameters, but I also don’t know how to phrase the question for google).

My Problem is, that any User logged in their Webmail, can just send Mails from other adresses by adding new Identities (that’s what’s it called in Roundcube) where they can just set a new sending address.

Thank you for all of your help in advance

**Thank you

client – How does a node send a chain?

I apologize for the newbie question. I understand that in selfish mining a malicious node can “send its entire hidden chain”. Exactly how is this done? I know that usually a single block is broadcast-ed right after it is mined, but how does it relay an entire chain?

I am looking at the original bitcoin protocol https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Protocol_documentation#inv
It seems that inv can broadcast many objects. So would a malicious node send an entire chain via one call to inv or many?

sql server – log send queue size and redo queue size in AG

I am trying to figure out the way to monitor these 2 events

  1. log send queue size – I can see this in perfmon

  2. Redo queue size – I can see in dmv but not in perfmon counter

Is there a way using perfmon i can calculate the redo queue size if not there in perfmon. Also i see these events are logged in windows event when these are part of database mirroring. But now in AG how is it possible to log these 2 values in windows event viewer for a certain range exceeding ?


networking – Since UDP multi/broadcast over internet is not possible – how do games that uses UDP over internet send to thousands/millions unique clients?

I am asking from a programming point of view as I struggle to clearly understand the architecture ex online multiplayer games do when they communicate UDP packets over the internet to thousands/millions of players.

I understand that UDP broadcast and multicast is not easily available when its not internal network but across the internet.

The only other way I can see is that you then manually have to loop through each UDP connection and send the same data to each client ( just as you would if you had a lot of TCP clients ) ? is this true ? I have tried to loop through TCP connections this way and at a certain point things go slow and CPU go high.

if no 1 is the only way, then it would mean that client 1 will get things a lot faster than client number 10000 when it gets to this client in the loop ? are there techniques to get around this in any way ?

since we would have to send the same packet of data to each and every client that of course creates A LOT of network traffic but also it would i assume max out the CPU also if we all the time would have to loop through all clients for each little packet we have to send ?

Please note I am specifically talking about UDP in raw form – not interested in Web-socket versions or ‘use TCP instead’ as its the nature of UDP I am trying to understand here and have been reading all weekend here and while I have a fairly good understanding of the packet level of UDP etc. my network technical knowledge is really not good and it does not tend to stick when I try to read non-programming technical articles about networking/routers/switches/ISP support.

So hoping that someone out there could help me understand it with a programming mindset in mind how something like multiplayer games/VOIP/large IOT networks achieve the ‘real-time’ capabilities of UDP if it has to manually process and send packets onto each UDP sockets.