unit – How to send a friend request using Play fab?

I'm doing a multiplayer game.

I create a Playfab account then I add a titleid in playfablogin.cs, then run my script and then the unit says: Congratulations, you made your first API call successful!

I want to send it to a friend Player1-> Player2 application using playfab. But I have no idea for the next step ??

How to send a friend request Player1-> Player2 ??

c # – How to send a list by AJAX to a controller in MVC 5?

I would like to know how I can get a list of objects in the ajax and send it to ActionResult from my controller. I appreciate the help in advance.

Ajax JQuery

$(document).ready(function () {
    var array=(
        {id: "1", nombre: "Darwin", edad: "26", fecha: "28-10-1992"},
        {id: "2", nombre: "Aldo", edad: "30", fecha: "19-11-1988"},
        {id: "3", nombre: "Alexis", edad: "34", fecha: "01-11-1984"});

        url: '/Prueba/ExportarExcel',
        type: 'POST',
        dataType: 'json',
        data: JSON.stringify(array),
        success: function (data) {

This is my controller that I want to store in a variable called result

public ActionResult ExportarExcel(List array)
 var resultado = array;
 return View(resultado.ToList());

The purpose of what I want is to store ajax data in a list of person-type objects, as shown in the controller, but I get an error like this.

The value can not be null. R n Parameter name: source

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javascript – How to send an action on the same page? other than with php

For example, I have an index.html page.


I want to click on the send button to access the "modal-body modal-body-step-2" section. Any suggestions on how to do it?

javascript – Send a form by email in NodeJS with Angular

I've watched tutorials on YouTube about a tool called "nodemailer", intended for sending emails, but all the tutorials I've seen are very confusing because a lot use javascript only and do not develop it in an angular structure. TypeScript, I would like to know if someone has already done so and if I can share his GIT with some details

The 2010 workflow to send an email to a field change keeps sending any field changes

I'm probably doing a fatal misstep here, but I think I've solved my own problem. Paulster, your question has brought me to the question.

I mentioned twice that I confirmed that the two comparison fields had the same value. I did it by adding both to a list view. They both displayed the same person, in Display Name format. But, for some reason, if I tried to compare the format of the display name, the workflow always saw the values ​​as not matching. Once I changed the format to String, the workflow started working properly.

I hope it helps somebody else who may have the same problem.

Send an error for the double C # connection

I'm implementing a login system, but I can not send an error message when the connection is duplicated.
I have declared the login as follows:

(Index("User_UserName_Index", IsUnique = true))
public string Login { get; set; }

But I can not go back wrong by saying that login already exists

I thought about using a tryBut I do not know how I could do that.

For verification of the connection, I proceeded as follows

public class LoginController : Controller

    Contexto db = new Contexto();
    // GET: Login
    public ActionResult Index()
        if (TempData("ViewData") != null) 
            ViewData = (ViewDataDictionary)TempData("ViewData");
        return View();

    public ActionResult Autenticar(string login, string senha)

            var usuario = db.Usuarios.FirstOrDefault(p => p.Login == login && p.Senha == senha);

            if (usuario.Admim == true)
                Session("admLogado") = usuario;
                return RedirectToAction("Index", "Usuarios");
                Session("usuarioLogado") = usuario;
                return RedirectToAction("Login", "Home");
        catch(Exception ex)
            ModelState.AddModelError(string.Empty, "Usuario ou senha invalidos");
            TempData("ViewData") = ViewData;
            return RedirectToAction("Index");


wallet recovery – btc exchange CEX.10 can not send my Bitcoins

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python – How can I access JSON data to send to Pandas?

I'm calling an API and I get a JSON response. For two days I have been trying to access the data and send it to a CSV file or transmit it to the Pandas without success. I have browsed page after page assistance, but something is not clicking.

Below, JSON data, all I need are the following singleLineAddress, isAgentsAdvice And date of contract

              "singleLineAddress":"Example St"

The ideal end result would be an export in csv format with the following column names

Address | AA | Contract date

Until now, I have tried to create a simple python data structure. However, she always seems to print on singular lines. So I went to an attempt to flatten the file for easier processing, but no data was extracted during these attempts.

I tried to follow some github recipes, but the general theme seemed to be to simply flatten the data, which, as above, did not seem to work well with my json file.

I've tried the normal route of the database but have not had much luck, my main goal has been both json_normalize and flatten_json, but if anyone wants to offer a best solution, I am all ears.

Any help is appreciated. I would appreciate any track on what might be "missing" in my knowledge base regarding JSON and Pandas, as this has been very handy in recent weeks.


gdpr – Can we assume that a user has chosen to receive emails in an application whose main purpose is to send notifications

I am working on a web application whose main purpose / feature is to warn users when changes have been made to the regulations in a particular area.

The application is subscription-based, meaning you have to pay for an account and use it is a choice. The email addresses of the accounts we hold are active users and we do not collect this data anywhere. Thus, all email addresses we have are intended for real users who actively use the software.

We are designing a configuration wizard that allows users to set preferences for the information they receive.

One of the parameters is Yes or no as to whether the application should send email notifications. This raised a debate about what the default setting should be.

The argument in favor of "no" was that users had to explicitly give their permission to receive automated e-mails. This was the correct default setting.

The argument in favor of "yes" was that the users had implied consent because they used an application whose sole purpose was to inform them about the changes, and the email transmission was the primary means of informing them about the changes. to achieve it.

The application is still usable if the user does not receive e-mails, because the data present in the e-mails are visible in a Web interface. The disadvantage of using the application in this way is that unless the user logs in, they will not necessarily be aware of the updates. Therefore, disabling e-mail is preferable.

The pre-sale marketing materials for the application clearly indicate that delivery by email is the primary method of transmitting information and that it is advantageous to receive it directly into your inbox, which is an advantage of using the system.

What do people think about this? We are based in the UK but deal with customers around the world. Is it covered or mentioned by the GDPR?