transactions – Minimum for sending BTC from BTC wallet

Is there a particular minimal amount of Bitcoin one is allowed to send?

0.00005460 BTC.

According to Paxful

Before making any transactions or depositing Bitcoin to your Paxful wallet, it is important for you to know the minimum BTC amount allowed by the blockchain network for a transaction.

Currently, the smallest amount of Bitcoin you can send or receive in a transaction is 5460 Satoshis, which is equivalent to 0.0000546 BTC.

One of the reasons behind this limit is to prevent spamming transactions.

Although Paxfull isn’t Saint Bitts LLC (owner of they are talking about Bitcoin network limits, not proprietary company limits. So it applies. See also What’s the minimum transaction with bitcoin?

To send smaller amounts you’d have to use something like the Lightning Network (LN).

Currently 0.0000546 Bitcoin equals approximately 2.71 EUR

Your 0.001707 BTC is larger than this limit. So this is not the cause of your problem.

I keep on receiving the error at confirm “Insufficient funds for fee”

Take the transaction fee into account

“Insufficient funds” is an entirely different problem. When you send x amount of money, for the recipient to receive x you also have to send a transaction fee y. So the amount needed in your wallet at the start is x+y.


The size of y depends on

  • The complexity of your transaction (especially amount of small change rustled up to make the amount)
  • How busy the network is
  • How long you are prepared to wait for the transaction to go through. Minutes? Hours? Days? Weeks?

Many wallet programs help you to choose an appropriate fee. You can also use a search engine to find sites that report on current fee-rates.

Mailman Not Sending Emails – Webmasters Stack Exchange

We use a mailman moderated list four our church group. We have around 200 or so users.

Recently, we have experienced an issue with messages not being sent to the list when they contain links to web pages. We receive an acknowledgement that the list has received the message and it appears in the archive, but it is not received by anyone.

If we remove the link, the messages go out with no problems.

I’m afraid that my shared hosting account won’t let me view log files, so I can’t see if an error is being generated.

I am unaware of any option that validates or checks web links within a message.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

sharepoint online – Approval Workflow SP2013 Not Sending Approval Email

So I have created the following workflow.

When a person creates a new list item, the variable Approval Status is by default Pending. So once the list item is created, it send an email to who created the request letting them know that it has been submitted for approval.

Next, the workflow will create a Task to send to HR to either approve or reject the employees leave request. If accepted, I have it showing on a calendar view, and if not it doesn’t show up on the Calendar.

Everything up to that works just fine.

For some reason, when it is changed to approved or rejected from Pending, it will not send either of the emails I have created to notify the employee of his/her approval rejection. Why is this

enter image description here

Sending emails to different addresses using contact form 7

I have set it up that the email from contact form is sent to a different recipient based on a drop-down menu. However i am going to need to use many different emails and based on multiple different selection options. Is there a way to choose a certain list of emails based on a drop-down choice or must I just manually set all the email addresses

Is it okay that a payment app is sending my payment details via a GET request?

Is it okay that a payment app is sending my payment details via a GET request? – Information Security Stack Exchange

development – Difference between sending a transaction on bitcoin and bitcoin cash

I am making a script that connect to a node and do a transaction, everything from scratch, what would be the difference if I wanted to use the same script for bitcoin and bitcoin cash.

I have already changed the seed discovery peers and the magic number related to each protocol, but is there more things I need to change so that I can communicate properly for each kind of protocol ?

cPanel lsapi Error on sending request ReceiveAckHdr: timeout 300 is exceeded


I have a WHM/cPanel server with root access, but there’s an issue that I explain with this example:

I use WHMCS, client submits a t… | Read the rest of

Google Analytics sending wrong monthly snapshot

I set up a Google Analytics monthly snapshot, but I was sent the month of October when it’s currently April. Why was I emailed the wrong month statistics?

iphone – What i need to do to backup and secure my mobile data before sending it to repair

I have iPhone 11 and its screen was broken, so I will send it to an authorized reseller for Apple. but before doing so I will remove all the data I have these data include; photos, videos, apps (mail app, WhatsApp, and other apps).

so I have these 2 questions:-

  1. Is there a way to backup all my data and apps and to be able to restore them after getting my mobile fixed?

  2. How I can securely remove the data inside my phone, so it can not be recovered when I send it to the technician?


In Google Analytics, when sending an event, do I need to send “page_path” or does it automatically get it from the last “page_view”?

When I send an even through Google Analytics, more specifically GA4, is that event automatically “linked” to a page_path?

I mean, if I send 2 events on /page-a and 4 events from /page-b, I need to be able to separate them by page_path in my Analytics reports.

gtag("event", "my_event", {
  custom_parameter: "custom_value",
  page_path: "/page-a" OR "/page-b"     // DO I NEED TO PASS THE PAGE_PATH PARAMETER ???

Do I need to pass the page_path parameter in order to be able to relate them to the pages that they were fired from?

Or do they automatically infer the page_path from the last gtag("config") command that sent a page_view hit?

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