provide an SEO service to get the best ranking on google for $ 15

provide an SEO service to get the best ranking on google

j & # 39; I 10 years of experience in search engine optimization on various platforms. I'll do FULL WHITE HAT SEO for your website

Why it is important to have SEO:

⫸ "New Age" marketing technique
⫸ Builds confidence and credibility ⫸ Influences the purchasing cycle
⫸ Long-term strategy

Why me:

⫸ Fast response time and friendly support
Delivery 100% fast and active delivery
⫸ Detailed reports
⫸ 100% satisfaction guarantee

SEO service (applicable depending on the package):
1. Keyword research on the website 2. Optimization of meta tags (title, title tags and description)
3. Optimization of website content
4. Internal liaison structure
5. Accelerated website identification errors (2019 update)
6. Configuration of Yoast
7. Optimization of Alt Tags8 images. Accelerated charging time
9. Configuration of Google Webmaster and Analytics
10. SEO friendly URL
11. Configuration of the diagram, the robots and the sitemap
12. Submissions to the directory13. Social referencing
14. Blog posts
15. Relevant blog comments

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I will do a complete supreme SEO campaign for your blog to rank $ 125

I'll do a complete supreme SEO campaign to get your blog ranked


★ I will give monthly SEO services, Website optimization for Top Google Rankings ★

If you are stressed by Google ranking and need to support your business to generate more leads. You have arrived at the right concert!

It is a competent SEO administration that incorporates all the essentials of off-page rationalization and a solid legitimate third party DA90 + Drip-Feed SEO.

I will make your site a solid rival in the search engines.

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100% white hat and safe, off-page work
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full SEO analysis
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What are the most important SEO ranking factors?

What are the most important SEO ranking factors?

50 high quality SEO White Hat backlinks to improve Google ranking for $ 40

50 high quality SEO White Hat backlinks to improve Google ranking

I prefer quality over quantity.
A ranking factor depends on the search volume and the competition of a keyword, I will provide the best solution to rank on Google with quality links.

This concert is not intended for people looking for low quality links.

Notable points:

  • Backlinks who also drive traffic to your website is always a good backlink. I will provide high quality backlinks which also generate traffic.
  • I used the White Hat SEO Technique only to build an authoritative link.
  • Provide unique and quality 1000 word article for article submission sites.
  • The content is without plagiarism with quality image.
  • i used Quality images for image submission (design with a graphic designer)
  • First focus on content marketing (includes participation in Quora, submission of documents, PPT and articles)
  • Niche blog commenting (real and unique)
  • All links are with the Live URL.
  • 100% done manually.
  • Relevant anchor text.
  • All subject websites are indexed by Google.
  • Detail Link creation report.

Why hired me:

  • 5 years of experience in search engine optimization.
  • Proven result.
  • Classification of the articles on position n ° 1.
  • Appropriate tips for making the website SEO friendly.

I do not accept adult websites.

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I will make 150 dofollow high da pa indexed blog comments for $ 5

I'll make 150 blog comments indexed dofollow high da pa

Dear buyers,

Do you need to get your site ranked on the search engines and get the bulk of the traffic with your targeted keywords?

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  • I run an experienced blog commentator.
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  • I make comments on very high domain and page authority sites.

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Thank you,


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Most popular sports in India …?

Hello friends,

Tell me, what are the most popular sports in India …?


seo – How can I legally, effectively and morally publicize my URL?

Let's say I just paid with Bitcoin for a site on this anonymous host. I now have a small SFTP space where I upload an index.html file and then I can access it via:

Awesome. It loads in my browser and displays some sort of information that I want the world to see.

Now what?

If I just sit there on my hands and wait while looking at the screen, I will be lucky if even a robot crawls to scrape my content. There will certainly be no human visitors.

Here is what I have tried in the past, often repeatedly:

  1. SEO. Years and years of reading and experimenting. There was never any talk of traffic, even in the days when it was a million times easier than it is now. Tons of time and energy wasted.
  2. Paid ads (Google AdWords and others). No traffic whatever the strategy. Tons of money wasted.
  3. Bot spam. No traffic and attracted DDoS attacks.
  4. Trying to get people to help spread the word. No one did, even if they liked the service in question.
  5. Sent via email to various established websites and blogs. No one even answered.
  6. Prayed to God for a supernatural intervention. Nothing happened.
  7. I have tried to register "social media" accounts. They don't allow new accounts without "phone verification", and even if you get one, you're back to square one. (Instead of SEO, you start having to get people to "follow" or "subscribe" to your group / page / feed / other.)

At this point, I am convinced that there is simply no way to distribute an URL, even with illegal and immoral methods (which I really never want to use again). Those who are still capable of it must already succeed and have a huge audience, or are marketing geniuses. I am neither.

I really feel like this is a digital "post-apocalypse". The days when things were possible for non-mega corporations seem to be long gone, and I find it incredibly difficult to reach just one other human being on this so-called "fantastic communications network. ". It seems to me that this was no longer the case in the early 2000s.

Do not hesitate to prove me wrong.

seo – Should I deactivate tags and categories on my blog to avoid light and duplicate content?

As with most tips, it depends.

If the categories or tags are good landing pages for your visitors – they group the posts together to make them easier to find – don't deactivate them just because you're nervous about SEO. You can work to make the content on these pages more unique by doing things like adding introductory text and images, and / or viewing the snippets in different ways. You can also tag articles with a diagram to make sure that those particular pages (categories or tags) are as optimal as possible. If your visitors are using pages, don't delete or index them – just think of optimizing them one by one.

Generally, it's best not to have many different types of archives, so if you tend to use more tags and group a lot of content with each tag, you can keep the tag archives on and off the categories. Conversely, if you are using categories and these are the best user archives, consider not using tags. From my experience with categories and tags, categories have tended to perform better for SEO and have become the most dominant landing pages because they are linked to much more content. The tags I encountered on the sites tend to isolate the content to such a small level that there were too many tag archives and these were in competition with the categories, so my recommendation was to stop using tags altogether (delete all tags themselves so there are no more tag archives at all) and rely on categories.

You can always use an SEO service to see if some URLs appear as duplicates of others. It would be a good diagnosis to identify if there is even a problem on your site and, if so, which pages conflict with which. From there, you can use an analysis tool to find out which pages generate more inbound traffic or more goals, and use it to decide which one to disable or not to index.

seo – Do Google's rich maps support webp video thumbnails?

I added a few tags for VideoObject from, I use the same tags that similar websites use. I also tested it on, it said my page is eligible for rich results, but google does not display the maps in them search results.

in the thumbnailUrl I put a webp image, is it supported?

These are the tags I use:

How to...