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my own pictures – comas or newlines? -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

If you add a new line for each image, I think everything is fine.

The "" character is what SER uses to separate images once you have added them to a project. But I think you can add them each time on a new line.

I do not know why this character is displayed. I can not see what you posted. Your link has expired.

I thought the user was seeing the images on a separate line, but in the .prj file of a project, GSA-SER was recording it with, and the user was not seeing it.

I would like to know too, looking more closely in .prj files …

Md Masum Billah | Freelance SEO expert, SMM and Youtube | bangladesh

Mr. Masum Billah is a professional freelancer in the fields of SEO, marketing services and Internet marketing. A skilled blogger and SEO specialist in Bangladesh

: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

Hello @Sven J is trying to publish only to https: // URL, I noticed that many of the ones sent were http with security warning. How can I publish on https only?

I've tried "Ignore sites with the following words in the URL / Domain"> "http: //" (without quotes)> then type the filter: Access path, but do not does not seem to work.

Permanent move from a domain to a subdirectory without affecting SEO, Google Analytics

I have a wordpress website that has nearly 22,000 articles under SEO with Google Analytics for 6 years. All content is scattered in almost all social media and sent back to many websites.

The problem is that I plan to start a new news aggregator site with the same old web address. I want to move the old blog content into the i.e subdirectory. /blog and I want to launch the same old blogging without affecting SEO. also want to run the new startup aggregation site on the base domain.

I have tried with 301 redirects by updating the .htaccess file and I have failed in getting the desired result.

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seo – Google showing pages for old obsolete events rather than pages for the news of our site

I run a website for a company that offers classroom training on a niche topic. Our training page is well optimized and ranks on page 1. This page lists our upcoming sessions. We have the json-ld script for the "Race" and "Event" types. Our course enrollments and payment processing are managed by Eventbrite, which ranks equally well. We publish ads in a professional online journal, which are linked to our page, which in turn refers to the Eventbrite page. All this ranks well.

What I've noticed for some time is that Google's results often list outdated / outdated versions of our ads and Eventbrite events. For example, our current range includes offers on 12/3/19, 12/5/19, 4/7/20, 8/11/20 and 12/1/20.

However, performing a search (for example, "api 580 race") gives the results of the add events of Inspectioneering and Eventbrite, both of which refer to the 8/13/19 session which has been completed for a long time. We have an Event widget that appears on the right, but it lists only the 12/3/19 session, which is now out of print. By browsing additional results, there are links to competitor events that have occurred in the past (until 2015, in some cases) are no longer relevant today.

The question is therefore why Google is not up to date on its SERPs. We would expect it to display the most relevant offers – the Eventbrite links for the two upcoming offers in 12/2019, the Inspectionerring ad for the 12/2019 session, and possibly the list of all sessions to come in the Event widget – or at least both. the offers of 12/3/19 and 12/5/19.

I read all the time that Google is constantly trying to improve the relevance of its search results. I would think that the news posting would be part of that and should not be so difficult.

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seo – Can a JS redirect to a not found page instead of a real 404?

It is always best to have 404 appropriate responses. However, search engines can handle both JS redirects to 404 pages and blank pages. They must treat them as an appropriate 404 error.

There is a long history of web servers pointing to error pages rather than directly displaying the appropriate error status. The search engine robots must be programmed to handle this case, otherwise they will misclassify the pages on a large number of sites. The search engines are even pretty good on JavaScript redirects these days. For the most part, they treat them in the same way as 3xx state redirects.

Google calls 200 pages of "soft 404" state error. It displays them in a special report in the Google search console, but treats them differently as it's true pages 404. In other words, Google does not index them, but Googlebot can optionally periodically parse them to see if they have changed.

Even though search engines can process a blank page, it's not good for users. This gives a very broken site to get a blank page. Users prefer by far the most useful error messages.

As to whether the server can be configured to return a 404 – Yes, it could. I have never worked with a site for which I could not get an appropriate status. Whether it is worth doing or not, it is mainly:

  • If someone understands the basic code well enough to make the changes.
  • How much effort (and cost) would be involved to make the changes.
  • What would be the probability of breaking something else by making the changes?

Comments on the blog – name of the author and format -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

I wonder if I create custom blog comments, is it possible to add line breaks to comments?

And secondly, is there a way to refer to the first name or the name of the author of the message? EG% First_name% or something?

It would be nice to do both for blog comments.

Here's an example of a comment we could make if they were enabled / possible: