seo – What are the most important things I need to do to encourage Google site links?

You will need to have some traffic on your site to get them. Keep creating good content. Google will not give them easily.

Make sure your navigation is tagged with semantic HTML and include a login identifier nav or navigation on your menu. This will help Google know which links are your navigation. (as opposed to a list of links).

Plus, once you've found them, Google will give you the ability to control the links you want in your sitelinks via Google Webmaster Tools.

There is no simple way or algorithm known publicly to give you sitelinks. And I'm sure this algorithm changes all the time.


  • Do not use JavaScript for links and menus.
  • Do not think too much about it and give it time, site links are rare.

How to optimize the SEO of the php site?

How to optimize the SEO of the php site?

seo – Change one of the route with the same number of parameters

I have the following two routes:

get: / products / {id} / {slug}
get: / products / {category} / {subcategory}

Of course they stick together. What would you do? I do not want to change neither one nor the other.

I first thought to use

    get: / products / {id} / {slug} / {product_code}

But the product code is id, so it would be redundant.

Later I thought about

get: / products / {category} / {subcategory} / c

Using a "c" without any purpose, only to differentiate the two roads so that my life can continue.

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seo – Metric calculation formula LTV (value for life)?

We know about google documentation:

How are the metrics calculated?

This report presents the data as a cumulative average value per user.
in increments of time you use (day, week, month). For example,
If you evaluate every day the number of sessions per user, the
the report shows you a value per day that represents the average number
sessions per user.

The lifetime value is calculated using the cumulative sum of the metric.
value divided by the total number of users acquired during the
date range of acquisition. For example, if you acquired 100 users during
the acquisition date range, the number of sessions per user is calculated as follows:

enter the description of the image here

My question:

1) On day zero, we have 100 sessions, and the first day, we have 100 other sessions, and on the second day, we have 100 sessions, so the total number of sessions is 300? am I right? (This is not a single session?)

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Hi all, still no question here.
after trying the index checking in "Show Urls – Verified", a little confused as to the tab and the color. which means indexed or not?
(There is a lot of failure for checking the index, about 6k urls with 1k checked because of my proxies)

Database Error in Web Forums, Internet Marketing and SEO

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seo – Where can I find a list of all DMCA removal notices from Google search?

We received emails from Google regarding the removal of DMCA from Google search results reviews.

Google has been notified, according to the terms of the digital contract
Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that some of your documents would have been
infringe on the rights of the author of others. The URLs of the alleged
Counterfeit materials can be found at the end of this message.

We removed some of these messages a long time ago before we started deleting copyright protected images from our website. We are therefore not sure if we have managed all emails.

Is there any way to access the list of all DMCA removal notices? How can we see unresolved DMCA reviews?