seo – How to make Google understand that is not self serving reviews?

I run a blog where I write reviews of restaurant and/or pubs, and also user can leave rating (aggregateRating)

For years, my reviewRating was indexed fine.

Some months ago, in serp reviewRating has been replaced in favor of aggregateRating, I think because of this google rule

Ratings must be sourced directly from users. (*)

Now, also aggregateRating was removed, I suppose because of this?

Pages using LocalBusiness or any other type of Organization structured data are ineligible for star review feature if the entity being reviewed controls the reviews about itself. For example, a review about entity A is placed on the website of entity A, either directly in their structured data or >through an embedded third-party widget. (*)

My blog has a lot of reviews of many different places.
How can I make google understand that these are not self serving reviews?

This is an example of my page markup:

 "@context": "",
 "@type": "LocalBusiness",
 "name": "Resturant Name",
 "description": "orem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc eu eros sed eros gravida fermentum non sed...",
 "image": {
   "@type": "ImageObject",
   "url": "",
   "width": 700,
   "height": 525
 "Review": {
   "@type": "Review",
   "name": "Resturant Name",
   "reviewBody": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc eu eros sed eros gravida fermentum non sed ante. Maecenas malesuada orci sapien, vitae hendrerit mauris eleifend in. Integer facilisis dignissim scelerisque. Nam quis dictum metus. .",    "author": {
     "@type": "Person",
     "name": "Jhon Doe"
   "datePublished": "2013-11-08T14:41:19+01:00",
   "dateModified": "2020-06-02T21:24:19+02:00",
   "reviewRating": {
     "@type": "Rating",
     "ratingValue": "4.3",
     "bestRating": 5,
     "worstRating": 1
 "aggregateRating": {
   "@type": "AggregateRating",
   "ratingValue": 3.4,
   "ratingCount": 32,
   "bestRating": 5,
   "worstRating": 1
 "address": "Street Address",
 "priceRange": "€€",
 "telephone": "12346789"

When tested with Structured Data Testing Tool I’ve no error and the previews shows aggregateRating indeed

What if I also add “publisher” property? Would be it helpful?

(*) from google technical guidelines

What are some famous Black Hat SEO techniques?

What are some famous Black Hat SEO techniques?

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seo – Google is still indexing a website that was taken down

Use Google’s Remove Outdated Content tool to notify Google of broken links in their search results. This works whether you own the website or not.

In my experience, Google will remove the broken link from their index within 24-48 hours. Of course, Google does check the link themselves to make sure you’re not trying to pull a sneaky.

Google eventually notices and culls broken links on their own, but this is a great way to expedite the process.

Best VPN for Netflix?

I want to watch American TV shows, but unfortunately I can’t do it because I’m not in the US right now. I wanted to use a free VPN, but unfortunately it didn’t help. I saw that one guy watched Netflix using a paid VPN. Can you help me with this? what do I need to do to be able to watch TV shows normally?


links – Repeated Anchor Text while internal linking for SEO

Having many interal links to any single page that has the same anchor text is fine. On this site, almost every link to a question will have anchor text of the title of the question. Repeated anchor text just indicates that the site is powered by a database. There is no penalty for having a database driven site. It is a very common case.

There are some cases where anchor text can get you into trouble internally. Repeating the same words in a list of links is really bad SEO these days. Consider the following list of links:

  • Lounge Bars Dubai
  • Lounge Bars Paris
  • Lounge Bars Copenhagen
  • Lounge Bars New York
  • Lounge Bars Taiwan

That looks really spammy. Users are not going to appreciate that. Something like this looks much better:

Lounge bars in other cities

  • Dubai
  • Paris
  • Copenhagen
  • New York
  • Taiwan

A few years ago, internal anchor text was very important. It was best when it matched the pages that it was pointing to. To rank well you had to use “Lounge Bars Dubai” as your anchor text on links to those pages.

That is no longer the case. Internal anchor text doesn’t count for much of anything these days as far as I can tell. Only anchor text from external links seems to have any keyword weight.

In fact, Google has started to penalize spammy repetition more. You are much more likely to penalized for keyword stuffing than get a boost for exact match anchor text if your list of links looks like the first one.

I would also recommend putting no more than 10 items in any list of links. Users almost never use more links than that in a list. Long lists of links are another sign of spam.

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What is link roundup in SEO..?

Hello friends,

What is link roundup in SEO..?

What is a click-bait in terms of SEO?

Hello friends,


What is a click-bait in terms of SEO?