separate cookie – Can addresses other than segwit addresses still send bitcoins in 5 years or more?

My public address starts with 1 and I can currently use bitcoin. However, as more and more transactions become only based on the segwit, will the miners eventually give up simply checking the transactions sent from non-segwit addresses? Or am I safe to store my long-term bitcoin in an address other than segwit?

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how to separate the images of the paragraphs when importing into our drupal site 7 [on hold]

I want to import data into my custom content type and retrieve images attached to a paragraph field when importing data into a different field than my content type. how to do this? pls help me.

Cookies – Are the subdomains secured from each other if they are on separate servers?

I write an application ( that gives users their own subdomains to execute arbitrary user applications from (

Each user application will run on separate servers with separate domains, and my application will route at

Are my users able to compromise? Where is the parent domain?

Separate and combined database and web server

I've always had a separate database server and web server. However, it was recently recommended to merge the 2 servers on a faster machine with more RAM than the other 2 machines combined and with SSDs. The combination of 2 servers seems strange to me. I am a web developer and not a computer scientist. Also, I do not keep sensitive information on my websites: no credit card information, just the basic content and maybe a few user addresses (which the user is not obliged to enter).

– Would this configuration be faster than 2 separate servers?
– Do you have problems with the database and web servers together?
– Other advantages of the combination, no latency, etc.?

separate cookie – Find the public key of the sender in a SegWit transaction

The public key you mentioned is the key belonging to the sender and was used to derive the P2SH (P2PKH) address: 35yfMa3CRBiWny8DFdb4tUu9fn7fcdvVp9. The way a P2SH (P2PKH) address is derived is:

1. witness_script = hash160 (pub_key) #this is equal to & # 39; 4b9d2d3dd1174ad656754a0c664e7a79b131f3b & # 39;
2. witness_version = 0x00 # current version of SegWit
3. scriptSig = version_volume + OP_DATA (0x14) + script_witness
#Above is equal to & # 39; 00144b9d2d3dd1174ad656754a0c664e7a129b131f3b & # 39; and is the one you see in the scriptSig in the explorer.
# 0x14 tells the script to put the next 20 bytes into the stack
4. public_address = hash160 (scriptSig)
5. bitcoin_address = base58check (public_address) #with 0x05 prefix
result = 35yfMa3CRBiWny8DFdb4tUu9fn7fcdvVp9

SegWit works by locking an output with scriptPubKey: version + OP_DATA (bytes to push) + witness_script. For older customers, this looks like any transaction because no operation code checks anything. Thus, in order to take advantage of lower SegWit transaction costs, while being compatible with portfolio software that is not aware of SegWit, we use the scriptPubKey as a script and create a P2SH lock script outside of it. The lock script is: OP_HASH160 OP_EQUAL. (convention public_address is the same as the one I mentioned when calculating the address above). So a customer can send you bitcoins without upgrading his wallet software so that he knows about SegWit, but when they spend bitcoins, you can take advantage of SegWit's lower fees.

Now, in terms of checking when this output is spent in a transaction: Older customers who check the transaction will only look at that scriptSig, take his has160, check with the public address and consider that this transaction is valid. New customers will realize that the scriptSig is in itself a SegWit and will look for signatures in the control part of the transaction. There, the clients will check that the hash160 of the public key is equal to witness_script and the signature corresponds to the public key when it is signed with the transaction as a message. The summary of the signature message is described in BIP 143.

I have 2 domains on IIS 10 and have installed 2 separate ssls but I can not access the https version of either or the other domain

I went through and asked for the JRC, then added the SSL, entered the private key, and then reinstalled into IIS, then I added each SSL to also trust in the MMC.

What am I doing wrong?

information architecture – Are the tabs and / or steps of an assistant displayed as separate areas in a sitemap diagram?

I create a sitemap for a business application.

For a section of the application, there is a calendar editing feature. Once clicked, there are three sections / or different types of calendars to configure.

  1. Start / end dates for the entire project
  2. Blocked dates (public holidays, etc.)
  3. Start / end dates for specific tasks within the project

We are currently using a step-by-step wizard to modify the calendar. The user must therefore define the dates in this order.

In my sitemap, do I map each step as a separate area or would it be in a separate user flow diagram?


Number of separate schema structures on a set

Given a cardinal number $ | X | $, how many classes of isomorphism schemes with the cardinality of the set of points equal to $ | X | $ are there?

php – Should I use a separate droplet (DO) for the API?

I have a small application (PHP) that uses data from a third party. These data are continuously processed and stored in a database. And now, I want to create a RESTful API to allow access to this data.

Do I have to keep my app on the same droplet as the API or do I have to separate them?

The API will be mainly called by a Python application (also mine) that runs on Windows.

The PHP application is on a subdomain like this:[Droplet_1]

Remember to create the API on a second droplet with a subdomain like this:[Droplet_2]

P.S: I am currently working on DigitalOcean droplets.