How to 2 separate pages have 2 separate default sort options

My site is currently using a custom default sort with WooCommerce. I need one page to have a different default sort without changing the other. I want this solo page sorted by average rating. How can I do this?

Travel in the short term / visit the Schengen visa with separate tickets

I travel from Mumbai to Prague on a short-term visa, which requires a return ticket. It's fine if I buy 2 different tickets from 2 different airlines, one to go out and another to come back.

Repeat the items in the list, but the number of repetitions of each item is provided by a separate list

I'm trying to repeat each element of a list x number of times, where x is the corresponding element of the same position in another list.

For example, I have the list A = {1,2,3,4} and another list B = {3,1,4,2} and I try to get C = { 1,1,1,2,3,3,3,3,4,4}.

How can I get C from A and B?

Thank you.

bitcoind – How to separate a wallet from a bitcoin node

I'm running the complete bitcoin node in a centralized server. I have many web applications running at various locations. I want to connect this web application with a centralized full bitcoin node. How to install a wallet in this web application server that will be connected to a centralized full bitcoin node. I want to generate addresses, perform transactions and sign transactions independently in these web application servers with the help of a wallet, then send them to the application server. The application server must communicate with the wallet with the help of resting apis. Finally, this transaction must be sent to a centralized bitcoin complete node. How to do that?

How many tags can I use to separate a section of text?

How many tags can be used to separate a section of text?

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How many tags can I use to separate a section of text?

bugs – GeoListPlot – Workaround for separate coloring categories – improvement?

GeoListPlot supports multiple placement lists but once the number of lists exceeds 3, the category coloring function starts to recycle colors. For example, adding a list to the example of the documentation produced the map below.

data= {{Entity("Country", "Bulgaria"), Entity("Country", "Greece")}, {Entity("Country", "Albania"), Entity("Country", "Romania")},{Entity("Country", "Turkey"), Entity("Country", "Lebanon")}, {Entity("Country", "Israel"), Entity("Country", "Syria")}}; 


GeoListPlot with 4 categories

This was reported some time ago in Wolfram (CASE: 41535576), but the problem persists in version 12.

My current job is to define a color list and use the directive function. An example:

colors = Table(
   ColorData("SunsetColors")(i), {i, 0, 1, 1/((Length@data - 1))}); 
plotStylesDef = Directive(#, Opacity(0.6)) & /@ colors; 
GeoListPlot(data, GeoLabels -> None, PlotLegends -> Automatic, 
 PlotStyle -> plotStylesDef)

enter the description of the image here

My question is: how to improve this workaround? (More robust, overload the original function, better selection of ColorData ..)

Entry to Jordan from Israel: separate paper visa instead of passport stamp?

Last week I did a guided tour of Israel to Jordan (Jerach, Petra). I received a Jordan stamp on my passport, as usual.

As you may know, when your passport indicates that you have visited Israel, you can no longer enter some Islamic countries. Israel solves this problem by giving you a piece of paper instead of a passport stamp. However, since the Jordan stamp mentions the name of the border post and it indicates that I went to Israel, I can not use my passport to enter those countries. .

I like passport stamps, so I do not mind having an extra stamp in my passport. However, I am also interested in a visit to Iran for which I must now obtain a new passport.

In the hostel where I was staying, other people did exactly the same tour, but a few days earlier. They used the same border post and one of those people came from the same country as me and therefore had the same passport. The strange thing here: they received no passport stamp, but did it on a separate piece of paper.

I asked our guide in Jordan about this and he replied that it was impossible and that Jordan still stamps the passports. However, I saw the piece of paper with my own eyes.

Does anybody know about the current policy? When do you get a passport stamp and when do you get a piece of paper?

Travel by plane – 4 hours of rest are enough for two separate bookings in LHR (and some more)?

If you have only hand luggage, it should be fine. If you are a NON-EAA citizen, the immigration should last 45 minutes, for example 1 hour 15 minutes, during the disembarkation of the aircraft.

To transfer from terminal 5 to terminal 3:

Free shuttles are available for travel between Terminal 5 Station and Heathrow Central Station (Terminals 2 and 3). Please note that from May 20, 2018, to travel on the shuttle trains, you can get a free inter-terminal transfer ticket from the machines located in the station. You can also use an Oyster Transport for London card or a contactless payment card that will not be charged when you travel between terminals.

Average journey time: 20 minutes

London subway trains also run between the terminals. The transfer is free only if you are using an Oyster Transport for London card or a contactless payment card.

Average journey time: 16 minutes

(Source: Heathrow website)

If it takes you two hours to reach the terminal, you have more than two hours, which is more than enough.

To qualify for EC 261 compensation, it must be placed under the same ticket:

Under EC 261, your tickets must be reserved under the same booking reference. This means that even if your trip includes several steps, they must all be included under one ticket.

(Source: Air Help)

From comments:

Would not I get compensation for the STR-LHR flight if the Stuttgart-London flight was delayed by more than 3 hours? Just for the simple flight? In addition, I am a German citizen, which means that I do not need to go through customs, right? In addition, will I have to get out of the airport and go back there?

You will get compensation for a single flight, your wait at customs will be 25 minutes and you will have to leave the airport for the transfer.

So, the only bet I make is that the BA flight from STR to LHR is not delayed by more than 3 hours or canceled? There is a Eurowings flight at 13h arriving at 13:35 at LHR. Do you think I should book a ticket (about 35 €) to be on the safe side?

It should be okay.

macos – How to change ctrl and click to be interpreted as a separate function and not as a right click?

Karabiner has the ability to completely disable Ctrl-click and save it as a normal click, but that's not what I want. In many video games, Ctrl and Click are buttons that you use simultaneously and all the time, and I wanted to know if it was possible to save them without right-clicking.

What I want to do when we click on:
Ctrl + click, no right click input

What is really happening:
Right click

What does Karabiner do:
Click on

select separate lists from a list of lists

I have a list of lists, some of which are duplicates. I would like to delete duplicates to have a list of unique lists, but I'm not sure how to do it! In addition, I have a list of lists of lists and I would like to delete duplicate lists and create a unique list of unique lists.