Different maximum server memory on availability replicas

I have a scenario in SQL Server 2014 AlwaysOn High Availability where other services run in one of the secondary read-only replicas.

These services obviously require additional memory. Is there a good practice or a specific reason why SQL Server should have the same memory configuration on different replicas?

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DNS help and mail server!

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DNS help and mail server! | Talk Web Hosting

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  1. DNS help and mail server!

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. Our Web developer is on paternity leave and I only have to try to solve the issues that really concern me. I have many websites hosted on an LCN cloud server. LCN has made an update and the websites have been disconnected. (Only those who have their domain name with another registrar) I asked them to update their DNS settings and A records on ours and the websites were reactivated, but they now have problems with their emails. We do not host their emails as the domain registrar does. So, looking at who.is, the only one that works properly uses our name servers and all the DNS settings are us and A is our IP address, but its mail servers do not concern us, which makes sense. One of the others does not have us as a name server and the only reference is A / IP registration. Apologies if it makes no sense, but I'm not a developer and LCN did not help. Any advice is very appreciated. TIA

  2. It seems that the MX record in the DNS records has been lost in one way or another, either by changing nameserver or that the name server has just "forget them" "during this update. You would need to check what the MX records should be, check if the domains return the MX record on nslookup or via mxtoolbox.com and, if not, enter the records on the naemservers. Post your answer if you have questions about it.

    -Steven | u2-web @ Cooini, LLC – Shared Enterprise Hosting | Isolate sites with Web Spaces | Site builder | PHP-FPM | MariaDB
    WHMCS Modules: Staff Knowledge Base | Custom modules and hooks
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SQL Server – The filtered index is not used when the variable is in the WHERE condition

Why does MS SQL Server refuse to use a filtered index supported in this scenario?

-- demo data
    ,Col2 NVARCHAR(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT N''  -- !!

    L0   AS(SELECT 1 AS C UNION ALL SELECT 1 AS O), -- 2 rows
    L1   AS(SELECT 1 AS C FROM L0 AS A CROSS JOIN L0 AS B), -- 4 rows
    L2   AS(SELECT 1 AS C FROM L1 AS A CROSS JOIN L1 AS B), -- 16 rows
    L3   AS(SELECT 1 AS C FROM L2 AS A CROSS JOIN L2 AS B), -- 256 rows
    L4   AS(SELECT 1 AS C FROM L3 AS A CROSS JOIN L3 AS B), -- 65,536 rows
    L5   AS(SELECT 1 AS C FROM L4 AS A CROSS JOIN L4 AS B), -- 4,294,967,296 rows
SELECT TOP 100000 N''
FROM Nums;


-- FILTERED index to support filter predicate of a query
CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX IX_Test_Col2_filtered ON #Test (Col2 ASC) WHERE Col2 <> N'';

-- just checking statistics
DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS('#Test', 'IX_Test_Col2_filtered')

-- condition on variable = index scan :-(

FROM #Test
WHERE Col2 = @Filter
    AND Col2 <> N'';

enter the description of the image here

Everything goes as expected when you use literals.

-- condition on literal value - index seek + key lookup :-)
FROM #Test
WHERE Col2 = N'ABC';

enter the description of the image here

Hawkbit Performance – Server Error

I am looking for information on the performance of Hawkbit (processor, memory usage). I did not find anything in the documentation or on the project site.

How many nodes can a Hawkbit server support?

For example, if I have 10,000 nodes that check on a 2 hour period using the REST interface, what kind of system specifications should I look at? Ditto for scaling: what about nodes of 100,000? Should I use the clustering option and how many nodes will I need?

Ideally, the answers include real user data.

network – social network cache server for wireless LAN

I've set up a HotSpot for a college and I'd like to install a cache server, especially for social networks.
Since geographically close people are likely to become "friends" on SN and share or view the same multimedia content multiple times (status, memes, videos, etc.)
I've thought of setting up a cache server to optimize the use of bandwidth.

I target:

I was wondering if a simple HTTP cache would suffice, because when searching, I found that encryption could mess up the cache system. J & # 39; therefore would seek advice from experienced guys.

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