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security – mask username and password in service file, or better approach

There are a couple of accepted practices.

  1. The old way. Use the OS to manage the user, run your program as an OS user. Let the OS manage the password safety ie windows service/IIS app pool/Linux… whatever

  2. The new way. Use a configuration/service mesh such as Consul/Nomad every service gets TLS and authentication pushed out to it and centrally managed + various dns and gateway trickery

  3. Various off the shelf products that essentially automate 1

  4. Lock down the boxes and deploy plain text user/pass via a deployment tool which securely stores the info. Here the security boundary is the box, so you don’t let anyone log onto it except the deployment system, on which you implement your security.

  5. Boxes get SSL keys that authenticate whatever is running on them. You can get the username/pass, but it will only work from that box. Limiting the problem.

Bad ways that people do anyway

  1. Two way “encrypt” the username/password. Bad because, if the attacker can read the config then they can presumably read the program files as well and hence decrypt the config.

  2. Have some central user repository that the box connects to to get the latest password. Obviously the box needs authentication in order to connect to the central location, so once an attacker has that they can retrieve any password they like.

Overall, you are trying to limit your risk and attack surface. A plain text password in config isn’t necessarily bad, as long as have other security layers in place.

For example your API has the database password. but

  1. The box is secured, no one can log on and read the file
  2. The firewall only allows database connections from the API boxes
  3. The db user is specific to the APIs database
  4. The database user only has permissions needed by the API
  5. The password changes often

Now if the password leaks, an attacker still has to breach the other security ontrols before any information leaks.

The main thing you are trying to protect yourself from with these service passwords is internal attackers, or more probably, internal breaches of various data protection legislation audits.

ie. sysadmin team have root access to box, box has plaintext db password, sysadmin can connect to db, password never changes.

You fill in the “who has access to personal information on the DB” question on your audit as “no-one”, but when you check the log you see the sysadmin logs in with the service user all the time to do maintenance because “everyone knows it”.

“That will never happen because we rot13 the password” will probably satisfy the auditor and your risk register, but it’s obfuscation rather than security.

Rodar programa Python via Windows Service

Boa noite amigos, venho aqui em busca de ajuda com um problema muito chato. Tenho um programa python rodando no computador normalmente, porem estou tentando faze-lo rodar no windows service para subir no servidor o sistema basicamente monitora algumas maquinas que possuímos aqui de hora em hora e envia um email aos responsáveis.

Estou tentando faze-lo rodar via srvstart porem quando vou iniciar o serviço aparece o erro 1067 o processo foi finalizado de forma inesperada.

utilizei o CX_Freeze para compilar o programa em executável e esta funcionando normalmente, porem ele depende de alguns arquivos externos como uma planilha csv e um arquivo de configuração.

Alguém poderia me ajudar com este problema que ja esta me deixando maluco?

cdn – Is cloudlayar a legit protection service?

I recently came across a very cheap protection service similar to Cloudflare called Cloudlayar:

It’s a bit weird because the prices are too good to be true, no PayPal (so refund at their mercy), and they use Cloudflare to protect their own website…

Does anyone know what this company is? how good is their service? is it a scam?

p.s: I’m not asking for an “opinion”, just trying to know if this service actually works and have customers

Thanks in advance

[] Service Socks5 Cheap – Check Socks5 | NewProxyLists

[] Service Socks5 Cheap

Check Socks5 Online
This really useful site that checks if SOCKS5 are LIVE or DIE

Another extremely useful thing is that it parses out SOCKS5 and ports if you copy paste a number of SOCKS5.
You can check unlimited SOCKS5 a day, but check Limit 50 SOCKS5 at a time.
Paste SOCKS5 into the box. You can click check Blacklist or no click Blacklist and click check

Here is the image check SOCKS5

Skype: Shopsocks5
ICQ: 727362912

Is it a bad idea to have a single event bus service for the whole organization?

Assumed that the whole organization is doing the related product,

Is it a bad idea to have a single event bus service for the whole organization?

Are we going to have any scaling issues for that?

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geolocation – location service – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

I need to reliably send my location to the cloud anytime cellular service becomes available. Ideally the cloud would alert a friend when I stop moving for several minutes or haven’t had cellular service (reported in) for 30 minutes so that search and rescue can be called to my last known location. I don’t know if such a location service is built into Android by Google, or would require an app, or cloud service??

This need is for a low-altitude, low-speed experimental aircraft. Cellular service is available intermittently. Any advice on where I can research or re-post this question is appreciated.