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My company Have service to solve extremely fast and accurate captcha

Processing speed less than 1 s / 1 captcha 99% accuracy.

Process all types of captcha images containing numbers or letters, but can not handle recaptcha

The price is only 10,000 VND / 1k captcha

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Link of the image:

Stolen Photos Deleting amazon vendor service for $ 1

Stolen Images Deleting the Service of the Seller of Amazon

if a seller is using your amazon product images and you wish to remove these images, purchase this service.
I'm removing 1 ASINS in 1USD.
you simply need to provide an original image (your property).
an order a asins
if you have ten donkeys then buy this service ten times
duration 20 to 45 days.


Playlist launch service for your $ 99 song

Playlist Pitching Service for your song


Add your song to 50 playlists

** Please read carefully **

C & # 39; no payola service. If you buy this service, I will simply send your music to a list of playlist preservatives.
They will choose regardless of whether to add your song to their playlist or not.
If you want to know if you have been added to your playlists with my service, simply check your "sptify for artist account" account, your "discovered" widget, or check your track stats on

I only guarantee that your song will be sent to my list of curators.
One of my last campaigns was:…49#tab-playlists

I have worked with freelance labels, majors and artists in the making.

This service is going give momentum to your music, make you notice by the algorithm and do you get added to the playlists & discover weekly, & # 39; your daily mix & # 39;. In addition, some artists have accessed official playlists through the launch campaign promotion campaign.

I've put together a list of 700 independent commissioners.
I send them songs via my private network for over 2 years now.
I am convinced that I can send them your track and that you will be added in some playlists.

I will not reveal my reading list. I worked very hard to bring these contacts together.
If you want to buy my list, contact me by DM.


Dating Service Blog PBNs, 10 PBN Backlinks on Different IP Class C for $ 50

Meeting Guest Blog PBNs Service, 10 PBN backlinks on different IP class c

We place backlinks on our Dating niche, pbn, which has more than 200 sites,

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PBN example message

Frequently asked questions

How long before seeing the effects?
Within 1-2 weeks of indexation.

Do you accept the non-english site?

How many URLs and keywords accepted per order?

1 keywords for 1 PBN
Adult Niche Accepted


Customer Service Tax Refund Nc Status – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

North Carolina is the ninth largest city in the country and is growing steadily. The main reason behind this is the taxpayers. the government uses their money to keep pace with different states. it's one of the best states to travel with beaches and mountains. If you are subject to the NC state and pay your taxes as a law-abiding citizen, you must also claim the tax refund if you belong to the category. And if you need help, contact the customer service tax refund nc. As they can help you with the problems or questions you encounter easily.

Refund of VAT Customer service
Claiming the tax refund can be a difficult undertaking and even when you are new to this field. but when you do, you will still need the help of the tax refund telephone number nc. As people can guide you with every action you face when submitting the application. Like this document, you must submit it and you will easily get the refund.

Even after submitting the application, you may have some degree of curiosity for the procedure. So, for this state tax refund, customer service will help you. they will provide you with the information for the application you submitted. this will help you keep a constant eye on the means and follow when your request is at what stage.

The relationship in the state tax department and the refunded customer service
Having good relations or contacts between departments is one of the most important points. This will help a lot of users. we then examine the relationship between the state tax department and the state tax refund service nc. you will find it rather satisfactory. As they provide the customer service of the refund of the state tax nc all the necessary data. And the best part is that the information they will share with you is always up to date. you will always have confidence in the information you get.

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Need someone to create a web hosting service

I need someone to create a fully functional web hosting service. including front end and whmcs.

need to use something from Themeforest.
we will provide them. just select which one and we will buy a license.

need someone who has experience.
PM me with the cost and time. titled your PM project "web hosting project"
Thank you.

javascript – Complexity of a service method to extract the results of the search of an API

I've tried the CodeMetrics plug-in for Visual Studio Code with some of my current angular projects and I've been a little surprised at the result.

I have a A service in Angular that retrieves the search results from an API. This method is about the same as the angular code. It looks like this:

getSearchResult (searchValue: string): Subscription {
const path = / api / getSearchResult & # 39 ;;

const params = new URLSearchParams ();
params.set (& # 39; searchValue & # 39 ;, searchValue);

return this.http.get(
this.apiService.getUrl () + path + & # 39;? + params.toString ()
map ((response: any) => response.result),
catchError (error => {
this.apiService.handleError (error);
return from (SearchResultFactory.createEmptyResult ());
) .subscribe (result => this.searchResult $ .next (result));

I do not find this method particularly difficult to read or understand. And yes, you must be used to "The Angular Way" and rxjs or of course.

But CodeMetrics says:

The complexity is 7 It's time to do something …

Is the metric correct? Could this be simply checked? I mean it looks almost like an example of a text book. I could think is to build the URL parameters in a separate function, but is it worth it?

CPANEL SPF error when using the external anti-spam service


I have reseller hosting with Eleven2
Because they do not have a useful antispam solution, I use an external service for that.

Now, I encounter the following problem:

I want to use external MX (with antispam) for my users.
So I changed the Primary MX to AntiSpamMX

Originator -> cPanel Server = SPF OK
Originator -> AntiSpamMX -> Server cPanel = Error SPF

Cpanel rejects emails with:
"5.0.0 SPF: is not allowed to send an email from"

So, I have to tell CPANEL that there is a legal IP address that should bypass SPF (and all other filtering)


load balancing – Why use ingress to expose a service when you have a LoadBalancer?

I've studied the way Kubernetes exposes its services to the outside world and I've found many articles explaining the differences between the use of NodePort, LoadBalancer and Ingress.

However, none seems to answer a very basic question: what are the use cases for which want to to use an input controller? The articles describe the three equivalent methods of exposure of services, but this is not the case. NP and LB are types of services. An Ingress controller is a service that you can use to balance traffic on other services, but it's still a service, which means you have to configure a load balancer (Nodeport is deprecated, I therefore ignore it for this discussion). l & # 39; exhibit.

So now we have an external load balancer, pointing to an internal service, which finally indicates the actual services we want to expose.

We have duplicate features for the worse of benefits because you are now paying for an external load balancer AND your cluster is wasting redundant load balancing service cycles.

The external load balancers provided by different cloud providers already include features such as path routing, etc., so why bother with entries?

The only situations I can think of where it makes sense to use one are:

  • trying to balance the load of services versus intra-cluster traffic
  • you want to route external traffic directed to multiple host names (as opposed to paths), but you do not want to have a separate external LB for each host name. (for example: use an AWS NLB to accept all traffic, which passes it to an input controller for it to sort)
  • you are trying to simulate a complex environment with multiple levels and you can not afford to run multiple real load balancers (for example, using minikube on your laptop)

Am I entitled or missing something?