amazon web services – I can’t download file from S3 to EFS using Lambda

I connected the Lambda to EFS, and I want to download small file from S3 to the EFS using Lambda.

I connected the Lambda function to file system, and added access point with permissions 777.

I have this small python function in Lambda to download to the mount:

import json
import boto3
import time
import os

s3 = boto3.client('s3')

def lambda_handler(event, context):
    s3.download_file('my_bucket', 'img.jpg', '/mnt/my-efs/img.jpg')
        "statusCode": 200

And I get timeout after 1 min (this should take less than a second).

If I download for /tmp/img.jpg, this works. Even if I copy the file from /tmp/ to /mnt/my-efs/ this works.

I have this IAM for the Lambda user:


Why can’t I download file from S3 to EFS using Lambda?

Where can I find honest REVIEWS on hosting services?

Too many cheap hosts in the offer section and would have no idea who may be good.

Is there any rating site around these days that keeps u… | Read the rest of

tcp – Exposing different services on the same port

My current project contains multiple heterogeneous TCP servers, but our IT guys have clearly declared that they will give me only one 443 port, which is fair enough.

Two options are on the table now. One is VPN. We can set up a VPN server inside our cooperation and implement the access control. The other one is to implement some kind of software switch, which peeks the recognizable features of any (S) packet and then route the connection to responsible service. Our IT guys are neutral to both approaches for now before any evidence shows that one is superior than the other.

The pros of VPN are that it is a well-established technology and widely used in practice. In our scenario, it ensures sensitive information to be encrypted. The cons are the effort we will need to implement access control policies and mechanisms. The number of services will possibly grow, and the service will go multi-tenant, so it will become more complex.

The pros of the software switch are that it is simple to implement because the features/protocols of the sub-services are well known to us. The cons are that no such practices are heard before (I might be ignorant here), and we are not so confident if exposing such an in-house solution to the Internet is a good idea.

If you were me, what approach do you prefer? Why? Details can be clarified if needed and allowed.

I really appreciate any comments and answers.

Is the IP address of the client present in the email headers for webmail services and for desktop clients?

When I receive an email sent by someone using a webmail service (e.g. Gmail, etc.), I can find the IP address of the sender’s email server in the email headers.

But do the email headers also contain the IP address of the desktop (client) computer used by the person who sent the email?

Would it be the case if they use something like Thunderbird instead of webmail?


Will logging out of an Remote Desktop Session affect Windows Services that are running as that user?

The service will continue to work if it’s coded correctly. If it need to interact with the desktop you must click to allow it in the services.msc’s panel.

I mean correctly as if in exemple it depend on another process, that got a GUI attached to it to run, the process would fail.

huawei mobile services – Wireless kit- Weak signal prediction feature

I am trying to use weak signal prediction feature, and I cannot understand the common trigger scenarios for this feature.
How to confirm commuting routes? If commuting routes contian outdoor or indoor? If it can recognize high speed rail mode or airplane mode?

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google play services – What are the correct steps to add Admob to Unity?

The official documentation leaves out really important steps.
Adding ‘cocaopods’ and ‘Google Play Services’
They are just listed as prerequisites without even any links.

Another confusing thing is that, elsewhere I have seen that apparently I don’t also need the Unity Google Play Games Services SDK for Admob to work. But in that case then why is ‘Google Play Services’ listed as a prerequisite on the official docs?

enter image description here

Auto updating attack signature Firewall, WAF, IPS & IDS to secure Azure services?

We have the need to secure the Application Gateway and hundreds of API exposed to the Internet as part of our production environment, Using the existing builtin, Azure services, How to make it secure from Unknown Threat or 0-day attack exploit?

As per my understanding, we must manage or manually update the OWASP exploit Default protection policy in the Application Gateway-WAF settings.

Or if there is no automated Attack signature update or dynamic update heuristically solution from Azure that can update the Threat signature dynamically, is there any 3rd party vendor WAF+IPS&IDS or Firewall appliances/service that can do it automatically?

Why does google play services turn on my bluetooth for no reason

Why does google play services avtivate my bluetooth for no reason