Web services – Management of third party OAuth2 tokens

After some extensive research, I still don't know how to properly implement the following case. I think this question answers something similar, but I'm not 100% sure (should the client have access to the third party API access token?).

Let's say that I have my resource server (my-api.com), my identity provider and my authorization server (my-idp.com) and that I have an application client (native or browser) (com.my-app).

The standard use case is implemented with the authorization grant flow.

I now have a new use case, where I have to request data from a third-party resource server (other-api.com). The third party also has an identity provider and offers OAuth 2.0 authorization and OpenID authentication workflows. Third party resource owners must give their consent to my request so that I can request their data and use it further in my request.

My questions are:

Is the name stream what I need? It seems to be for two APIs that I control, not for third-party APIs.

How to manage the third party access, update and identification token to make requests on behalf of the resource owner?

  1. Can I store third party tokens on my-api.com and add them to each request I make to request data for my user?
  2. Can I store third-party tokens on my-idp.com alongside my user information?
  3. I could send the third party tokens to com.my-app, which would give two tokens for each party. It seems annoying.

I would opt for option 2 and extend the functionality of my-idp.com. Is this a valid approach? My API my-api.com would then collect third party tokens before making requests on behalf of my user.

Thank you.

reverse engineering – Problem when debugging services with WinDBG using GFLAGS

Please, I have a little problem when I try to debug services using WinDBG and GFLAGS.
Here are some screenshots summarizing my problem, so here is what I did.
First of all, I configured GFLAGS like this:

enter description of image here
Then I ate the service and used the following command line:
enter description of image here

And finally, I got this error:
enter description of image here

If someone can help, it would be great,
Thank you very much !

web design services for small businesses

Our website architecture administrations are not one size fits all – there are no cutoff arrangements, at least not from the best organizations. A decent web architecture office will help you find the best type of site for your business. What is important is that your site is excellent, spread in an insightful way and focused on leads. You should also update it regularly to stay abreast of the desires of the peak customer. Most web architectures have only a 2-5 year future.

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Amazon Web Services – AWS Multiple SNS and Single Lambda Topic

I am creating several lambda messages on several SNS subjects and these messages will be received by another single lambda. Please clarify, is there a performance issue on this model.

The implementation can as below.

Lambda 1 -> SNS Subject 1

Lambda 2 -> SNS Subject 2


Lambda 3 -> SNS Subject N

SNS subject triggers (1 to N) -> Lambda DM

Lambda DM – separate messages according to subscription and send them to API Gateway.

Please give me advice, what are all the problems I might face.

microservices – The architecture of the project is a Micro Services architecture?

Is the architecture of my project a Micro Service architecture?

In my project, we start the day with a SOD script that does some early morning functionality. then it generates an event upon completion which triggers a few additional processes which begin loading the data. and such a chain process continues to run sometimes by generating events or sometimes by status updates in the database.

are all processes independent services developed in different languages? Is this type of architecture classified as micro-service architecture

I am from the Philippines, can I benefit from Azure Hybrid services?

I am from the Philippines, can I benefit from Azure Hybrid services? It is not listed in the region which is supported by the service or offer.

What are freight services?

Custom Clearance
Supplier consolidation
Bulk Freight Shipping
Dangerous Goods Shipping


amazon web services – How do I determine the cause of slow I / O speeds in Windows on my EBS provisioned io1 disks in AWS?

In AWS, I have a server running Windows Server 2016 Datacenter. There are two EBS io1 disks provisioned on this server. They are provisioned up to 9,600 IOPS. The E: drive is 2.24 TB wide and is the GPT partitioning style, while the D: drive is 1.99 TB wide and is the MBR partitioning style.

I'm trying to move around 1.7 TB of data (mostly a few large SQL Server database files) from drive D: to drive E: and the write speeds I see in the transfer of Windows files experienced a short burst of around 120MB / s but averaged 30MB / s. The IOPS I see writing to the E: drive was on average about 200 IOPS, but is now much lower.

How can I debug the bottleneck behind my local file transfer speeds between the two drives? (Note: I have never seen writing IOPS over 200 on drive E: even if it is provisioned for 9,600 IOPS.)

Get data from server using web services

I want to get the data from the server database using the editing library and save it in the sqlite database in Android. I can't find any tutorials regarding this problem. What method should I follow to resolve this problem

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Thank you.