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amazon web services – Basic Understanding of Cloud Hosting (e.g. AWS EC2)

,Hi everybody. At the moment I am looking for a good way to host my MERN Stack application and found that Cloud Hosting via AWS would be a great solution. Before proceeding I wanted to clarify some questions of understanding how Cloud Hosting works.

What I have understood is that Cloud Hosting is based on instances that are running somewhere in the AWS System. In the case that I wanted to increase the performance of my hosted app I could add another instance so that there would be two instances running for my app.

  • When users open my website, how is the traffic split between my two instances? Normally my domain would link to the IP address of one instance, but wouldn’t the other instance be unreachable then?

  • My database would be running on each instance separately, right? How could I make one database used by all other instances?

Thanks in advance! I appreciate any help 😄

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iis 8 – Internet Information Services (IIS) pool reached Max size

Suddenly the website deployed in IIS given below :

System.InvalidOperationException: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max pool size was reached.

NOTE : Database connections were available.

So i want to know how can i find the cause for this issue i.e. why i am getting this error.

Please help.

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amazon web services – AWS billing for EC2 instance bandwidth

I have two AWS accounts. In the first Account, I have data in S3. And I have an application running on Ec2 instance in 2nd Account. Both are in the same region

I have mounted the s3 of the first account to Ec2 instance in the second account.

I’m able to witness the data transfer in glances if I create or duplicate(copy existing file) any file on mounted s3 which is pretty obvious.

My question is will AWS charge for the data transfer from Ec2 to S3 which are in same region but different accounts.

amazon web services – On and off requests take very long on my system

I have and issue in my AWS system. Every few requests takes almost exactly 1 minute and 30 seconds to answer. When I say a few I mean 5 to 25 or so. Normally if you cancel the slow request and send again it just answers fast. I also noticed this happens with ANY request, not only specific ones. The servers and back-end do not look overloaded. the system is as follows:

ALB with sticky sessions | 2 Web servers | DB on RDS

The system when using curl most times responds fine, but when it takes long, this is the response output:

    time_namelookup:  0.004136
       time_connect:  130.117558
    time_appconnect:  130.125254
   time_pretransfer:  130.125340
      time_redirect:  0.000000
 time_starttransfer:  130.172553
         time_total:  130.172615

Aside from the time_connect, the request is fine in the sense that the page loads after that. normal response time of the system is under 0.5 seconds.

I was reading about this and the docs indicate time_connect, is related to

“time_connect is the TCP three-way handshake from the client’s
perspective. It ends just after the client sends the ACK – it doesn’t
include the time taken for that ACK to reach the server. It should be
close to the round-trip time (RTT) to the server. In this example, RTT
looks to be about 200 ms.”

This was taken from here.

I can not find anything meaningful on AWS Cloudwatch, the app logs or the DB monitoring. Any ideas about what I should look into or how to troubleshoot this issue?

Provide Services to many Lightweigh Nodes (SPVs) and Save The Communication History

I am investigating on privacy violations of the current communication protocol between lightweight clients and full nodes in the Bitcoin network, which utilizes Bloom filters. I run a full node on my Machine.

First, I want to make sure that a sufficient number of lightweight wallets are connected to the node. Second I want to save the communication history of each session between the full node and an SPV node. Specifically, filterload, filteradd, transactions, merkleblock, etc. (According to bip-0037)

Many Thanks!

amazon web services – My AWS VPN setup results in no traffic working when connecting

I crossposted this to stackoverflow here in the hope of finding a solution…

I have created a VPN to our VPC but when I connect to it from my machine, nothing works – neither Internet, nor can I reach VPN-internal endpoints.

I added public dns-servers and split-tunnel=enabled to the configuration.

The VPN is set to

`Client IPv4 CIDR`

An association has been added (line from AWS console):

cvpn-assoc-<id>     subnet-<id>    cvpn-endpoint-<id>      Associated     sg-<id>

There are two authorization rules (one allowing everything until I get it working)

The route table looks like this (was automatically added via the assoc):

cvpn-endpoint-<id> subnet-<id>  Nat      associate     Active      Default Route

This RT is the only thing which looks odd. In the VPC, the subnet has a definition of – but the automatic association sets it to But there’s actually no way to set it to in the routing table, doing so results in an error about the range being invalid.

I also tried creating the VPC with a client IP CIDR of but then it errored saying it must at least be /22.