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amazon web services – AWS IoT Mobile App

Novice IoT here … I am looking to create a mobile app to communicate with any of my devices with the help of AWS IoT. Before I started creating the application, I thought I would ask experts for advice. Does AWS IoT have an integrated mobile app that I can reuse or should I create an app from scratch? I would really appreciate if anyone could share the whole process (not the AWS IoT communication but the steps to create a mobile app for AWS IoT)

Amazon Web Services – HTTPS only works with the Load Balancer DNS – AWS

I have a problem with HTTPS configuration on AWS, I hope you can help.

What I already have:

  1. EC2 – with elastic IP, open port capture with security group.
  2. Load Balancer attached to EC2 (with the same security group as EC2).
  3. SSL Certificate of AWS (ACM)
  4. Field – "Transferred", from another service (not Amazon) using only Elastic IP for DNS configurations. (Can this be the problem?)
  5. Route53 – configured for Field with AWS (SSL) and for the IPV4 address, I use an alias for Load Balancer.

How it works:

  • EC2: Elastic IP and Public DNS (only work for http) as it should work, I suppose.
  • LOAD BALANCER: Works and gives HTTPS and HTTP just access from the DNS name.
  • Route53 (Domain) – Works only for HTTP. Each HTTPS request returns ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

How do i explain this problem for myself (if there is a problem, thank you for telling me this)
So if Field is redirected from the DNS settings to Elastic IP which is attached to EC2, there can not be an SSL connection because I use ACM for the SSL certificate, then LOAD BALANCER comes to get help for log on Field and SSLbut as in Areas DNS, there is no connection with LBS, AWS can not give SSL only Route53 configurations?

Will this solve the problem if I change the elastic IP address of EC2 in Domain DNS with the public DNS name of Load Balancer?

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To integrate



Link of the image:

Amazon Web Services – A way to recover EC2 if no snapshot is taken?

I've inherited an application with an AWS backend. I had not had the time to update and ensure that best practices were used on the AWS backend before it was compromised.

Each server is listed as having experienced DDOS attacks from the Web (port 80).

PREFERABLY I would just create a new instance of servers and that would be the case, but apparently no instance lifecycle had been configured by the previous developers.

Is there a limited time frame in which Amazon had a previous instance, or am I / my client completely fucked up?

Otherwise, I will probably have to clean up the server manually (or literally create the exact configuration or a similar configuration), and of course, this is far from ideal.

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Error installing Microsoft SQL Server 2017 database engine services and uninstalling multiple instances

I am trying to install Microsoft SQL Server 2017 with the SQL Server 2017 Support installation tool, but the following error occurs during the installation:

PerfLib 2.0 counter removal failed with exit code 2. Command line:
C: WINDOWS system32 unlodctr.exe /m:hkengperfctr.xml from the directory
C: Program Files Microsoft SQL Server 140 Shared.

In addition, I have read many topics of the same subject and tried to find solutions, but as in these topics, nothing seems to work.

Now, when I have tried the installation several times, I have several instances like MSSQLSERVER, MSSQLSERVER2 etc., but when I try to uninstall some instances (from Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features), Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (64-bit) does not allow further uninstallation.

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A mobile phone is more simply a phone for making and receiving calls. Today 's smartphone is a true versatile gadget: it can serve as a camera, media player, voice recorder, fitness tracker, diary and more. etc. This is precisely the reason behind the multitude of problems that arise when a phone stops working properly. Whenever this happens, the first question that arises is: is it serviceable?

Most of the time, the damage is not important and it is better to repair the phone by buying a repair kit or by entrusting it to a qualified professional. If your phone is under warranty, you can take it to the authorized service center. However, their services are expensive and can burn you a hole, especially if the warranty is expired.

Most licensed service centers do not handle water damaged phones. Private service centers have technicians who can back up your phone. They check the phone's hardware for any corrosion or other damage caused by the liquid. They evaluate the status of your phone and indicate a price if it can be repaired.

Mobile Professional Repair Centers repair your phone at a fraction of the price charged by the manufacturer's authorized service centers. They also have skilled technicians capable of handling all major types of hardware damage or phone software.

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google play services – Can not scroll through the content RecyclerView, all tried yet scroll does not work



and my other code is this