How do I get set up on Signet?

I have heard about Signet here and here.

How do I get set up on Signet?

abstract algebra – Example 1.4.2. of Hartshorne’s Algebraic Geometry. $Z(f)$ for irreducible $f in k[x,y]$ is an irreducible algebraic set.

Example 1.4.2. Let $f$ be an irreducible polynomial $A = k(x,y)$. Then $f$ generates a prime ideal in $A$, since $A$ is a unique factorization domain, so the zero set $Y = Z(f)$ is irreducible. We call it the affine curve defined by the equation $f(x,y) = 0$. If $f$ has degree $d$ we say that $Y$ is a curve of degree $d$.

Let $f$ be irreducible. This means we cannot find two polynomials $g,h$ of degrees $geq 1$ such that $f = gh$. We know that $Z(gh) = Z(g) cup Z(h)$ is the union of two non-empty, proper algebraic sets, for any any such $g,h$ factoring $f$ as in the first sentence.

Thus if $Z(f) = Z(g) cup Z(h)$ is reducible, we have that $f = gh$, contradicting unique factorization of the irreducible $f$. What I’m having trouble seeing is that if $Z(f) = Z(g) cup Z(h)$ then we necessarily have $f = gh$. If I have that fact, then I can complete the proof.

How do i set my oreo phone to sd card [closed]

I have tried everything turning my phone off and back on. It still won’t show me a place to sink my card to my phone. Please help it’s a AT&T PHONE

Use powershell to set LDAP MaxConnIdleTime

I need a scripted solution (preferrably powershell) to modify the LDAP parameter called MaxConnIdleTime on Server 2016. I found that there is a command line executable called ntdsutil.exe, however, using ntdsutil to set the MaxConnIdleTime requires launching the program, and entering sub-menus to change the setting:

At the “ntdsutil:” prompt, enter “LDAP policies”, At the “ldap policy:” prompt, enter “connections”
, At the “server connections:” prompt, enter “connect to server (host-name)” (where (host-name) is the computer name of the domain controller), At the “server connections:” prompt, enter “q”, At the “ldap policy:” prompt, enter “Set MaxConnIdleTime to (new value)”, Enter “Commit Changes” to save

Is it possible to script passing multiple commands to ntdsutil in sequence, or skip ntdsutil and modify the setting another way with powershell? I couldn’t find any powershell cmdlets with this level of control over LDAP settings.

If a product of sets is countable then every set is contable?

I know that if a set $A_1,A_2,…,A_n$ is countable, then the set $prod_{i =1}^n A_i$ is countable. But it is also true that if $prod_{i =1}^n A_i$ is countable, then every single $A_i$ must also be countable?

testing – How do I set the value of a date and time field with Behat?

I am trying to test my site with Behat.

On my entity edit form, I have a Datetime field that uses the Date and time widget. I want to use the Date and time widget because I need to set the time in increments of seconds, which I cannot do with the Select list widget.

I want to set the value of this field with a step like this:

And I assign the date "yesterday" with timezone "Asia/Tokyo" for "edit-field-datetime-MYFIELD-0-value"

To do so, in FeatureContext.php, I wrote the following code.

   * @Then I assign the date :date with timezone :timezone for :field
   * Assign the specified date to the element with the given CSS.
  public function assertEnterDateForField($field, $timezone, $date_string) {
    $date_field = $field . '-date';
    $time_field = $field . '-time';
    // Drupal stores timezones as UTC so we need the base time in UTC.
    $datetime = new DateTime($date_string, timezone_open('UTC'));
    // We need to convert the UTC time to the user's timezone.
    // This is because when saving the entity,
    // Drupal will convert the value to UTC.
    $date_output_string = $datetime->format('mdY');
    $time_output_string = $datetime->format('hisA');
    $datetime_debug_string = $datetime->format('Y-m-dTH:i:sO');
    $this->fillfield($time_field, $time_output_string);
    $this->fillField($date_field, $date_output_string);
    echo "Datetime $datetime_debug_string
    Field set to
    date: $date_output_string
    time: $time_output_string";

On my local environment (lando, running the Standalone Chrome container), this code works as expected; the date/time is set correctly for the field.

However, on my test server (Pantheon/CircleCI, running the Behat Chrome Extension, it doesn’t work. The debug information is correct; for example:

  │ Datetime 2020-08-13T09:00:00+0900
  │     Field set to
  │     date: 08132020
  │     time: 090000AM

However, the date/time is not actually filled in, so when the entity is saved, the date/time has not been updated.

How can I set the value of a field that uses the Date and time widget with Behat/Mink/Drupal Extension?

search results – Provide icon set for customisable dashboard


We’re providing a dashboard to our users, where they can set up their most important features. It is possible to show certain metrics (business figures), have widgets for quick actions, queried list views and deep links to certain pages/functionality or – if needed – links to external websites.

Many of those things contain icons (in addition to text labels) to make them easily recognisable.

Links for example can appear as tiles, like so:

link tile example


Since the user has control over their dashboard, we figured it would only be reasonable to let them choose their own icons for their dashboard components.

Therefore we want to provide an icon set for the users to choose from.

  • If the icon set is too small, users will probably not be very happy with their options, and we will gradually have to add more and more icons (also because the system is still growing in width and depth).
  • If we provide a large icon set – say Material Icon Font for example – pretty much every use case will be covered for years to come. On the other hand, users will find it very tedious to scan through 1000+ icons to find what’s best for them.


How do we find a balance between too few options and overwhelming our users?
Is it sensible to provide a huge icon set if it is searchable? I’m not sure if this approach might work, since icons can be ambiguous and users might not find their desired icon because of a “false” search term.

Are there any best practices when it comes to customisation or icon sets?

Any input is greatly appreciated!

How to set a directory to download assetbundles from?

Hi I’m using unity and I’ve created an AssetBundle file containing two different sprites. I set it’s path to my desktop and I can load my assets. But how to download the AssetBundle from a directory on the web. How can I set a directory for everyone to be able to download the AssetBundle?

If I have 2 services sending email using my domain name, can I set up DKIM for one but not the other?

I develop WordPress websites and frequently create contact forms that send email with a From address using the domain name of the website. Typically the business that the website is for is already using their own email service, which may or may not be configured with DKIM.

Whether or not DKIM is already set up for the existing email service (let’s say it’s Office365) using the domain, I want to know whether I can negatively affect the deliverability of the email from the existing email service if I add a DKIM key for an additional mail server (used by the WordPress website) to send email, with a From address containing the domain name.

ie assuming I configure a DKIM record correctly for the WordPress website to send email using the mail server of the hosting service, can the Office365 email deliverability be affected?

Note: I do see it’s possible to have 2 DKIM records, for multiple services, but they must have different selectors:

SP 2013 List View Column Header Set CSS full-width background color with CSS

I need help to set the background of a list view column header but not just the ms-vh-div.
I need to set the entire column width background of the header. This code only sets the background around the text.