Modify the device settings (Android tablet) with the help of javascript from chrome

I am developing a web application using Reaction to run using only Google Chrome on Android tablets for private use on a local network (not connected to the Internet). Thus, there are no privacy issues. Is it possible to change the settings of the device from the web application itself? For example, having a page that displays available wifi signals and you can enter a password and login. Or a system that can adjust the brightness of the device (not the browser) or disable some applications programmatically. Is there one or more APIs capable of doing such things?

When to display a toast message in the Settings page

In a Settings page, what would be an acceptable practice for showing toast messages to the user to inform him of changes made?

  1. Output after changing the parameters in a particular section
  2. Output of the complete parameter page after the changes

unit – Game navigation turned off after changing the quality settings

Just install Unity 2019.11.f1 (Personal) (Window10 / 64bit-Dx11 on Dx10) and run the example "Light rendering pipeline" Building project.

At first, the game navigation keys (W-A-S-D) worked but the navigation was slow.
So, change the quality parameters (Edit-ProjectSettings-Quality) default "High" to "Low", the game navigation keys are disabled and the console throws the following error

Converting invalid MinMaxAABB  

Returning to the working parameters "High" quality, the navigation controls no longer work.
How to solve this problem?
enter the description of the image here

How to configure Hangouts call settings before calling?

How to configure Hangouts call settings before calling? For example, if I want to select a given microphone, how can I do it before calling someone?

view.js – View does not display child view switch settings

Hello, I have 2 simple views I want to pass the properties of the parent to the child but I have a blank display (just the logo and no first name, lastname and param)

a parent App.View:

and a

I double check the syntax, it seems to me, I do not know why it only displays texts

Windows 10 – What settings automatically change permissions for registry keys?

I have launched the following registry hack to change my default Microsoft Edge .pdf drive to Acrobat Reader DC:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



What I expected was that the hacking of the registry runs and changes the default PDF reader in Acrobat Reader, but I found that my account does not have the necessary permissions to change the register with a script.

image of the permissions for the registry key

image of advanced security settings

I am currently using an administrator account on the computer. Although I can manually change the permissions and run the script once, they automatically return to what is displayed a few moments later. What local settings automatically change permissions for registry keys of this type?

What happens after resetting the router / modem factory settings?

I plan to reset my CBN wireless gateway to factory settings for security reasons, but I'm worried that it will be connected to the Internet after the reset, before I can change any of the settings. settings that might not be safe. Currently, it is necessary to log in with the help of the username and password of the provider, but I am afraid this is no longer the case after the reset and that someone can log in using the default router user name and password. This remote sharing will be activated. and he will be able to take control … Could this be the case? Or is the modem automatically deactivated until it is reactivated after the connection from the network?

User Expectations – Does my application only need to respect the "Dark Mode" settings of the operating system?

I play with the idea of ​​a dark mode for my application.

I would just like to respect the operating system settings, but I know that in some situations, I personally have been very pleased that some applications allow for the replacement of the application level. My situation is that I do not have room for settings in my application and that build it because it sounds silly.

Any research done on this topic and what do users expect?

magento2 – Adding custom settings to the ajax URL, from the problem of the admin grid lines

I am on the editing page with the following URL:


where I loaded a custom grid. When I want to edit the price column and press the save button, I would like to pass to the URL ajax an additional parameter, from the component of the XML user interface.

enter the description of the image here

That's what I tried:

                custom name
                        {i would like here to include the shippingmethod_id value from my edit page url}

in the I can include static values ​​(and it works), but I would like to include the value of the shippingmethod_id from the URL of the editing page. Is it possible ? 🙂


Android – System settings related to the accessibility font size are not applied if you use androidx

We're trying to make our applications more accessible, and one of the things we're looking at right now is the support for larger font sizes when it's set up from the system settings.

We noticed that on Android 7.0 (and probably earlier versions too), the font sizes of the system are not correctly applied in our application. We also noticed that some other apps, such as Gmail, were handling the font size change correctly. So it was "something" that our application was hurting. After some time of investigation, we discovered that the use of the androidx library seems to be causing it.

For example, when creating a new "hello world" project on Android Studio, a check box "use androix artifacts" displays:

New Studio Project window

Then, if you set the accessibility font size to the highest value:
Accessibility font settings

This will be the result for your application if you checked the checkbox "androidx" (does not work):
unchanged text size

This will be the result for your application if you did not check checkbox "androidx" (works fine):
size of the modified text

If you check this box, the generated application binary will not correctly apply the system accessibility font size changes on Android 7.0, otherwise it will work properly.

Migrating to androidx was a little tedious and as it is the future (the support library is gradually becoming obsolete), going back is not really an option: /

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?
Could this be a bug with the Android library?

If anyone finds a way to keep the Android library and not having this bug, I'd really like to know it, thanks in advance!