unit – Animation settings (to be used later as a prefab anywhere in the canvas)

I am using Unity3D 2019 and I am creating a 2D workflow system, so I have found that the solution to creating an animation of pipeline liquid is the use of two Image Objects first used as a mask for the second used to simulate fuel or air or liquid, but once i saved it as prefab or duplicate, the animation didn’t not work properly, because the animation will use the same value parameters as those used for the first object.
Can you suggest a new or simple method for this, or can I configure an animation to work as it was saved for any state / position / rotation (as a starting point and an end point but global).
Thank you.

unit – ClientWebSocket not respecting proxy settings in options

I am trying to define a proxy for a ClientWebSocket in Unity.
Everything works fine without a proxy, but the problem is that it also works when I set an invalid proxy and I can't see the traffic.

I tried to use Charles Proxy and also a fiddler to watch the traffic.
They don't show anything when I activate the proxy and start the player. But the connections in the game all work correctly without error.

I have tried to test local proxies with a browser manually configured to use them, and they show traffic when I browse https://websocket.org/echo.html

I have also tried using and the socks: // 8889 (with the socks enabled in Charles) without success.

I assume ClientWebSocket simply ignores the proxy.

    clientWebSocket = new ClientWebSocket();
    clientWebSocket.Options.Proxy = new WebProxy("");        

TypeError: settings. $ ElementF.fotorama is not a function of gallery.js in magento 2.2.2

I installed the port theme but I had an error in chrome.its working well in firefox. my requirement-config js is

var config = {
deps: [& # 39; jquery & # 39;],
& # 39; * & # 39 ;: {
& # 39; fotorama / fotorama & # 39;: & # 39; fotorama / fotorama & # 39;
wedge: {
jquery: {
exports: & # 39; $ & # 39;
"Smartwave_Megamenu / js / sw_megamenu":
deps: [& # 39; jquery & # 39;]
"Owl.carousel / owl.carousel.min":
deps: [& # 39; jquery & # 39;]
& # 39; js / jquery.stellar.min & # 39 ;:
deps: [& # 39; jquery & # 39;]
& # 39; js / jquery.parallax.min & # 39 ;:
deps: [& # 39; jquery & # 39;]
"fotorama / fotorama": {
deps: [& # 39; jquery & # 39;]
& # 39; mage / gallery / gallery & # 39 ;: {
deps: [& # 39; fotorama / fotorama & # 39;]

Task Scheduler Settings Grayed

When setting a repeat timer for a new task, the task scheduler settings panel is grayed out (Windows10 (Pro-64bit)).

How do I activate the settings panel?

enter description of image here

Ethernet not visible in settings

On my iPad 2017 (5th generation) on Ethernet section in settings (see image below) is not displayed.

Do I have to unlock it somehow (similar to development tools on Android) or is this feature just not available for my hardware?

enter description of image here

What is the difference between "Memory" in Task Manager and "Installed Memory (RAM)" in system settings?

In the task manager, it indicates that 80% (ish) of my memory is used, which represents approximately 2500 MB (ish). But in the settings in Control Panel / System, it indicates that only 0.16 GB of RAM was used. I don't know what "memory" refers to in task manager if not RAM, and why are these numbers different?

enter description of image here


enter description of image here

Change default values ​​for gallery blocking settings

How to change the Default settings from the Gutenberg gallery block
enter description of image here

When creating a new gallery block, I want the default values ​​to be Columns: 2 and Crop Images: false

Terminal command to display FileVault and firewall settings

You get FileVault status with:

fdesetup status

You get the status of the application firewall with:

/usr/libexec/ApplicationFirewall/socketfilterfw --getglobalstate

You obtain a verbose pf status with:

sudo pfctl -sa

Additional readings: man fdesetup|pfctl and /usr/libexec/ApplicationFirewall/socketfilterfw -h.

System firewall settings? – Stack Exchange for Android lovers

I travel and live with someone all the time. Broadcasting is enabled on the system and it's too easy to inadvertently broadcast something … embarrassing (just a click and it's on the TV). I found this design correct when I lived alone, but now it is an unwanted feature for me.

Android / Chrome developers have not set a setting that disables broadcasting (how could they). I blocked the mDNS port on my laptop, but I couldn't find a way to turn off streaming on my Android phone. I know there are firewall apps that require root access. I don't want to install any apps or root my phone. Is there a way to change the firewall settings on Android? An interface with the Netfilter module (if Android uses it, i.e.) as firewall-cmd or iptables? In a standard way preferably so that I can use this trick on all the Android phones that I buy throughout my life!

permissions – MS Windows 10 rights for Tablet PC settings?

I work for a company with strictly locked administrator permissions on our Win 10 laptops. Sometimes I need to change the Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Tablet PC Settings, but as a normal user, I am excluded.

Our Help Desk offers me a temporary local administrator, who would work – ONCE. After that, every time I need to modify or calibrate, I would again have the same SLA wait time of 4 hours for the Help Desk.

Is there a specific Win 10 user access right that I can request that would give me permanent access to these functions, as a non-administrator user, without opening permissions so widely that they would refuse it right away?