My husband earns more money than me and he has no real education. Is society sexist?

"My husband earns more money than I do and he doesn't really have an education. Is society sexist?"

Then go into the trades. In other words, do what men do. "Man up" with the same choices as men and you will earn the same salary as men. It’s so simple.

Here's a hint. The economy doesn't care about your college education. And most men go where the money is, rather than expecting the money to reach them based on their choices.

No wonder there is a gender pay gap. Meanwhile, feminists feel justified in trying to socially reorganize all of society so that their chosen fields magically pay more. They don't realize that even if they could do it, MORE MEN would go there too. Suddenly, more women would compete with more men for jobs in the field of their choice. Because men follow money. That's the clue.


[ Politics ] Open question: Why did the Republicans refuse to vote for Sarah Palin slightly delayed when they voted for Donald Trump completely delayed? Are Republicans Sexist?

[Politics] Open question: Why did the Republicans refuse to vote for the slightly delayed Sarah Palin when they voted for the completely delayed Donald Trump? Are Republicans Sexist?

Why do white, sexist men find lean and skinny women so attractive?

Why do some men find slim women attractive?

First, well Nancy says: the heart wants what it wants and there is not much to do about it.

Biologically, that is, from the point of view of evolution, men are predisposed to be attracted to women with whom they can produce children. Therefore, pronounced secondary sexual characteristics and, therefore, higher fat levels should be primary attractors. However, culture plays a vital role in shaping our desires and all that culture tells us is that thinness is part of reality. It changes and has always changed, often from generation to generation. We went from Marilyn Monroe to Kate Moss to Beyonce and to the Kardashians in the space of half a century. Short answer: that too will pass.

[ Politics ] Open question: Is it sexist that some states do not exempt stamps from their sales tax?

[Politics] Open question: Is it sexist that some states do not exempt stamps from their sales tax?

rpg theory – Research on the effects of sexist role-plays or other role-plays

There are several studies that reveal sexist, racist, racist and other tropes. in this or that role play. (See the bottom of the article for some references.)

How do these games affect participants? Since everyone has an opinion and all are not pretty, answers should be based on rigorous studies.

Some common opinions on the subject:

  • Playing games is fun and therefore the question is deviated.
  • Only stupid and worthless people are affected by the media that they consume.
  • Playing a game with orcs does not cause a change in behavior towards minorities.
  • Playing a game with killer whales reinforces racist stereotypes and thinking.
  • Playing a game with sexist stereotypes strengthens patriarchy and so has all kinds of unwanted consequences.

To distinguish what is true or not, we need experimental studies. A study of other media might be useful, if the answer also rigorously indicates how and to what extent it generalizes to role plays.

Possible answers

The link between violent video games and aggression has been studied from several angles. As far as I know, the state of the art is that if playing violent games has an effect, it is positive but very small. There could also be no effect.

There are certainly methods of quantifying prejudices and stereotypes, so that similar studies on this subject would be possible; the question is whether some of them have been done and what they tell about role plays.

I have read a number of studies such as those mentioned below, but I do not remember that they have addressed this issue. I've talked to someone who was writing a masters thesis on the tropes of drows and sexists, and they did not know about such studies, even though they had not yet done it. leaned on the question. This does not seem to be a frequently asked question for some reason.

I am the international journal of role play, studies on analog games and, more recently, games and culture, but I do not remember articles about it, but I could forget something and not have read their archives in detail.

I have not studied literature on gambling studies at large nor read most of Solmukohta's books.

An introduction:

Research articles, some of which unfortunately behind a paywall:

  • Garcia, A. (2017). Privilege, Power and Dungeons and Dragons: How Systems Shape Racial and Gender Identities in Tabletop Role Playing. Spirit, Culture and Activity, 24, 232-246.

  • JONES, Shelly. Blinded by the Roll: The Critical Failure of Disability in D & D. Analog Game Studies, 2018. the-critical-fail-of-disability-in-dd /

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[ Gender Studies ] Open question: What are the most ridiculous things that feminists claim to be sexist?

[ Gender Studies ] Open question: What are the most ridiculous things that feminists claim to be sexist? .

Is the women's area in the gym a little sexist?

Yes I think so
I'm a woman. I go to a gym with a space reserved for women and a mixed space.
Under no circumstances have I ever, never seen men be disrespectful or inconsiderate towards a woman. Yes, if you are beautiful, they can take a look – as we do with men! –
At the same time, I noticed that when you go to the women's section, this area is usually used by self-taught puppies, which are far worse in terms of judgment or simple meanness.
I think it is a waste of space and resources.
We must understand that men are also part of our society. How are we going to transform the country? Saudi Arabia?