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miui – Share clipboard data between users on Android multi-user (secondary space)?

Leaving aside security concerns, is there a reliable way to communicate data via the clipboard between users on a single device without using network methods? For example, just copy a link to the main space, then access it later via the clipboard in the secondary space. Application suggestions are welcome.

NB: There is already an option to import / export files, photos, etc. (but not sharing the clipboard)

Running MIUI 9, Android 7

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Windows 10 networking issue with permission granted to other computers via IP or network share name

Windows 10 networking is so messed up, I tried all the remedies and watched all the tutorials, to give permission to access a specific computer … the only thing I did found found gives permission at drive c and user level for "everyone" and then by specifically typing the explorer bar with computer or IP name and drive c ( lenovoT530 c)

My question is how to give permission to access the computer by the name of the network, as shown under network without mapping drive c to the name of the computer.

If I click on NETWORK then on LENOVOT530 computer as it is sub-listed under network, it indicates that I do not have permission to access "LENOVOT530", contact the Network administrator.

macos – Share Checkpoint VPN with OS X Internet Sharing

I want to share my VPN connection via wifi using internet sharing, but something is not working.

My current configuration is as follows:

  • Macbook Pro: macOS Mojave 10.14.6
  • VPN Client: CheckPoint Endpoint Security for Mac

enter description of image here

I have tried the steps described here but something is not working.

Some of the NAT rules that I have tried:

nat on utun1 from bridge100:network to any -> (utun1)

nat on utun1 from to any -> (utun1)

nat on en6 from to any -> (en6)
nat on utun1 from to any -> (utun1)

#and many more...

My script looks like this:

sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding=1
sysctl -w net.inet.ip.fw.enable=1
sysctl -w net.inet6.ip6.forwarding=1

#disables pfctl
pfctl -d
sleep 1

#flushes all pfctl rules
pfctl -F all
sleep 1

#starts pfctl and loads the rules from the nat-rules file
pfctl -f ./nat-rules -e

Internet sharing works without VPN enabled, but after I activate it, I get Connected, no internet ….

Is something wrong with my NAT rule or is the VPN going through CheckPoint Endpoint Security?

united airlines – Who is responsible for the refund policy on a code share flight?

In July 2019, I booked flight UA7938 for March 30 via United Airlines for my honeymoon. With everything related to Covid-19, I'm trying to see if I can get a refund for the ticket or an extension on the ticket. My main problem is that I don't know who is responsible for a possible refund. United is the marketing airline and ANA is the operating airline.

United is waiving the change fees for flights booked before March, which I can apply to my ticket online, but I should be traveling before July 2020. I don't know what type of trip I can do before July and I don't want my money to waste. On the other hand, ANA has issued refunds for all international flights booked before March. Should I follow the policies of United or can I follow those of ANA? Has anyone been lucky in similar situations?

Thank you!

attributes – Magento2 Share a catalog with our privileged customers

I must first share the magento2 products with some of our valued customers rather than publishing them online.

They will buy items if they wish, but in magento2, how can we generate a special URL for the selected products and how can we view the products without activating them online.

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How to send a notification to the administrator after creating the list using the out of the box functionality in the share point list?

When am I creating a new list on the site, I need to send a notification to the administrator using only the out of the box functionality (without using the workflow).

Extract the data from the Excel file to the list of share points once downloaded to the library

We have a requirement that when an Excel file is uploaded to the SharePoint document library, all of its data must be captured and moved to separate lists accordingly.

for example: if we have two fields called "user" and "user access" in Excel, then after downloading the Excel file in the SharePoint library, the values ​​of the "users" field must be created in a "users" list and a Separate "user access" field values ​​must be created in the SharePoint access list. How to extract these details? Can the workflow do this or in another way?

Below is the sample entry of the Excel file to download: –

enter description of image here