Finally, $ 1k a day on Shopify! Let's share all the tactics, tricks, and so on …


I have been hiding for a while, but I have never posted anything (I never counted). The advice here is good, there is a good relationship between technical advice and mental counseling.

I thought of opening a discussion where we could all share some tips / tricks (what to avoid, what works / does not work, technical tips, etc.) to help each other in our trip.

I'm going to start. This is the biggest lesson I learned and I would really like to know when I played the game 9 months ago.

MAKE YOUR COMPETITIVE RESEARCH! One of the fastest ways to success in my opinion; yet, many people neglect it because it's too tedious / takes too much time.

Conducting public and competitor studies before starting your store is probably one of the most effective and efficient ways to get you off to a good start, especially if funding is a problem. The problem most new hires face in dropshipping or product selection is that they lack a solid foundation in their new business and the market in which they decided to locate.

From time to time, some people might find this magical niche untapped and make a profit. They win, and then lose, because other vultures will undermine or steal them. Then everything is repeated again and again. It's a long work to earn enough to survive, until they find luck with an undiscovered niche. That does not want to run a business, it's only the game.

Let's start the discussion!

What are the 2 things you would like to know at the very beginning of your career? What types of problems do you face daily at this time? How do you solve them? What are your biggest obstacles right now?



dnd 5th – What happens when two creatures share the same turn?

Short answer: Since it's your turn that these conditions occur, you, as a player-owner, must dictate how these affected objects work. The initiative is not necessary to be considered.

In true polymorph, the bold text confirms that the polymorphic creature is your turn. The sentence just after says:

You decide what action he takes and how he moves

Although the DM resolves these actions, you can also specify how these actions perform relative to your own actions. For example, you can say that you move and launch an attack against the polymorphic creature, then you can tell him that his action is to move and how you want him to move.

travesty works much the same way.

He obeys your orders, moves and acts in accordance with
your wishes

Since you decide how this happens, you can make these wishes come true with the rest of your personal actions. For example, you have to choose whether you want your player to attack first, then simulacrum or vice versa. Or you can choose to perform all your player's actions first on your turn, then actions for the simulacrum.

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On Facebook, I can not share the message of my page on my personal page. Is it correct?

Sharing Facebook from my own page worked like this article. However, I do not have the option "On your own schedule" anymore. I can only share my pages, an event or a group, as shown in the following image.

enter the description of the image here

Is it possible to work around this change? Or is it a bug?

Does the action text near the social share buttons increase sharing?

Are there studies that prove that an action text such as "share this" near social sharing buttons increases sharing?

For example, would the action text "share this" in the header encourage users to share more?

screen capture header

autofocus – Could any one share the AF calibration settings for 18-35mm Sigma lenses on the Nikon D3300?

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Programming languages ​​- In the normative evaluation, is there a distinction between call by value, call by reference, call by share, etc.?

Consider different ways to evaluate a procedure call and its arguments.
The basics of programming languages said

All the parameter passing mechanisms (natural parameter passing, call by value, call by reference) which we have discussed up to now are eager:
they always find a value for each operand. We are now moving to a very different
form of parameter passing, called lazy evaluation.

What I understand is that:

  • In the evaluation of ordering applications (rapid evaluation), we distinguish call by value, call by reference, call by share, etc.

  • In the normal order evaluation (lazy evaluation), is there still a similar distinction between call by value, call by reference, call by share, etc.?

What is the frequency of keywords?

Thank you for sharing your suggestions

is it important to use in SEO.

Thank you