PnP PowerShell – How to read default user group from SharePoint 2013

I want to export default owner, member & visitor group users and group name in CSV file using PnP PowerShell. could someone assist this?

list – SharePoint Hosted App – Error – Failed to install sharepoint add-in while deployment

I have created site columns then add them to Content type, till here everything work. but when i create list and generate the content type columns to the list i get the error below while deployment.

error occurred in deployment step ‘install sharepoint add-in’: failed to install sharepoint add-in. >please see the output window for details.

Report on sharing in SharePoint Online

I have a Sharing policy set on SharePoint admin center that’s set as Specific people(only the people the user specifies), View permission and The links must expire within 100 days under the File and folder links. I would like to get a report of all links/files/folders shared that are going to expire soon. Is there a way to check this on SharePoint Online? Or is it possible via a powershell script?

Get Created By(not Author) user display name from SharePoint Search REST API

I need to retrieve information about who added document to SharePoint.

I see that there is field Author. But this field may contains several users(information from file metadata will also be included).
enter image description here

How to retrieve information about who exactly added doc to SharePoint?

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sharepoint online – Locking out a file in Power Automate

I have a Power Automate that updates the properties of a Document

The problem that I am having is, if a user say User A has the document open in the browser for editing, and the Power Automate is started after that by some other user say user B, all the fields updated by the Power Automate are lost when user A makes some changes to the file and saves it, after the PowerAutomate is completed

Is there a way to handle this?

authentication – Unable to map SharePoint folder or access it via an Excel macro unless SharePoint is open in Internet Explorer

I posted a similar question on Stack Overflow a while ago, but didn’t get any responses so far so thought I’d try here.

Basically, I’m using an Excel macro to download a few files stored in a SharePoint folder. I’m one of the owners of this SharePoint site. If, the moment I run the macro, I have the Share Point site open in Internet Explorer – the macro will download the files OK. If I don’t have it open in IE, it won’t download. IE is NOT my default browser, never has been. SharePoint is in my trusted sites, always has been.

The same with mapping a SP folder – I need to open the SP site in IE before I can map it as a local drive, otherwise, I am getting an error saying I am not authenticated or don’t have it in my trusted sites.

Having the site open in any other browsers makes no difference.

Would really appreciate is someone could enlighten me on what is causing this and how can I fix this?

2013 – SharePoint 2010 run powershell as a different user

I am trying to start a workflow with Powershell and when I do that it fails on start since its starting the workflow as a System Account

Is there a way to execute the powershell and start workflow as a different user in SharePoint 2010?

I tried opening the SP Management Shell as different user, but it didn’t work, it still starts the workflow as system account

sharepoint online – Import RESX translation file trough PowerShell/PowerAutomate

Took a lot of effort to translate each field from Dutch to French.
When I uploaded the resx file all was nicely translated.

Right now I would like to enable this translation on each site existing and newly created.

Trough PowerShell/PowerAutomate. Doesn’t matter.
I uploaded the file already on

, no success.

any suggestions?

sharepoint on prem – Server Error in ‘/’ Application – Changed web.config files to see error but no result

On one of my Sharepoint on premise webpages I oftenly receive the following error:
`Server Error in “” Application.

At first the error wouldn’t give me any details however with some google searching I managed to find these web.config files – in here I was instructed to change some settings (such as custom errors, debug and call stack). This allowed me to ‘see the details’ of the error message however from this point I am having a hard time figuring out what the problem is.

(i have 2 WFE servers, 2 psp servers. I changed the settings in both the wwwrootwssVirtualDirectories<port> and Web Server Extensions14 locations and executed an IIS reset after changes)

I thought that after these changed i would be able to see the actual error however this is the error i am seeing now:

error message