WebPart – Calendar of the SharePoint home page

I have a SharePoint home page that leads to new modern team subsites, much like a hub or a subsite holder for subsites. The home page is on an older version. Department heads would like the home page to display a schedule of upcoming recurring trainings in a calendar view. The problem is that the calendar application that I created is compressed and does not display the following details: enter the description of the image here

It's useless. I've tried adding script editors to correct the height of the lines, but none of this works. I have modified the Web Part and set the height, but the size of the calendar does not increase. Is there a way to make this calendar stupid to post relevant details instead of unnecessary blue lines?

My editing page looks like this if it helps:

enter the description of the image here

WebPart – Constant Console Errors in SharePoint Online

I just finished building my first SharePoint Online page. A simple page with some standard Web Parts (image, news, document library, list, events, file integration). Everything seems to work well (except what seems to be a margin-right CSS problem on the web part of news), but I get a continuous stream of console errors the longer I stay on the page.

For example, I'm in Chrome and I've recently reloaded the page at the beginning of entering the question. In 2-3 minutes I went to 85 errors and 12 warnings. Errors are everywhere from

Warning! The use of this tool exposes you to potential security threats that may cause others to access your Office 365 personal data (documents, emails, conversations, etc.). Make sure you trust the person or organization that asked you to access this tool before proceeding.

warning security threat

to mixed content errors related to a browser.pipe.aria.microsoft.com:

Mixed Content: The page on & # 39; has been loaded via HTTPS, but has requested an unsecured XMLHttpRequest endpoint & # 39 ;. This request has been blocked. the content must be served on HTTPS.

to the errors that seem to be related to the PowerPoint integration that I've got:

Access to XMLHttpRequest at the address https://browser.pipe.aria.microsoft.com/ping' from the beginning https: //powerpoint.officeapps.live.com' was blocked by the CORS strategy: No-Access-Control-Allowed The -Origin header is present on the requested resource.

Given my level of experience with SharePoint (literally nonexistent), I would not be totally surprised if I do something wrong, but since I did not use any custom Web Parts nor did I do anything about it. Another theme, I am a bit puzzled. as to what it could be.

Is it normal to have all these console errors?

sharepoint online – HillbillyCascade Index as a list of modern style?

I have a HibillyCascade Index functions in standard list forms that allow users to search for values ​​on an entry (HTML selection) to search for values ​​on a selected filtered value on a previous entry.

That's what I read, that's what it's called HillbillyCascade Index.

My problem is that I can not add or link this code to a modern SharePoint experience. I've read that it's not implemented in the modern list.

Is it possible to implement this in a list of modern experiments? (like the JSON formatting column, etc.)

I can only work in client mode.

sharepoint online – Webpart Image Carousel SPFx with video as source

I want to link a video in the carousel to the source, which is a hypertext link in the carousel.

I am able to link images but not to link a video as a source. How to upload videos with images?

{ this.state.items.map((imageList, key) => { return (
{/* */ } < video src = { imageList.Image ? imageList.Image("Url") : '' } > {/* */ }

{ this._onClickItem(imageList.Title) } }> { imageList.Title } < /p> < /div>) })}

2010 – Calculated field SharePoint Unable to update the value of all items in the large list

So that's the problem:

I have a list with about 1 million records

I added a calculated column, with a very simple formula:

"0" + (textfield)

and return it as a number

The request returned an update conflict error, but when I looked at the list, I found that the items were updated from oldest to newest with the new calculated field value. . but some time later, it stopped leaving more than half of the elements without getting their calculated value, which returns them in the form -4XXXXXXX (I think it means a null number)

I checked the logs and discovered that for 3 hours every 20 seconds, the SUL continued to log the following error:

A large block of literal text has been sent to SQL. This can lead to SQL blocking and excessive memory usage on the front end. Verify that no binary parameter is passed as literal and consider splitting batches into smaller components. If this request is for a SharePoint list or list item, you may be able to resolve this issue by reducing the number of fields.

And then finally a query timeout error log having the same correlation ID as the previous error

Is there a sure way to add this calculated field?

Do I need to increase a timeout variable to give the calculated field enough time to calculate all the elements?

How can I recalculate the remaining fields without affecting the modification date and modification date of the elements?

Thank you!

jsom – online action to add SharePoint online user to run javascript on all pages of a site collection

You can try the custom action of the user at the site collection level, where you can provide the link for the js file.

Please let me know, if you may need more information

Add a custom user action

Add a custom user action

To add the js file to the site, you can try the code below.

    Site site = clientContext.Site;

UserCustomAction customAction = site.UserCustomActions.Add();
customAction.Location = "ScriptLink";
customAction.ScriptSrc = String.Format("{0}://{1}/Scripts/HelloWorld.js", Request.Url.Scheme, Request.Url.Authority);
customAction.Sequence = 1000;


Src Script

The easiest way to add a script and mark your SharePoint and SharePoint Online

sharepoint online – Creates a computed column with the value yes IF ([due date]=[Today]-31, "yes", no) or custom view

I'm trying to set up a calculated column to look at another calculated date column and if its less than a month (that is, its renewal) than say yes.

if i can not do, can i create a custom view from a computed date column?

the greater than or equal to (today) -31 does not work on calculated columns?

My final goal is to use flow to look for the yes column, then create a new list item, but I can not use odata filters from calculated columns and (today) -31 does not work on calculated columns? A little stuck

sharepoint online – Call the Graphi API from classic JavaScript via msal.js

I'm trying to log in silently via msal.js and then try to call graph api but I still get 403 error. When I decrypt my access token via jwt.ms, I can see that the audience is correct but the staves show an error. I hope some people will help me.

My code

let config = {
    auth: {
      clientId: _spPageContextInfo.spfx3rdPartyServicePrincipalId,
      authority: `https://login.microsoftonline.com/${_spPageContextInfo.aadTenantId}`,
      redirectUri: 'https://xxx.sharepoint.com/sites/xxx-Dev/Pages/myportal.aspx',
      validateAuthority: false,
      postLogoutRedirectUri: window.origin,
    cache: {
      cacheLocation: 'localStorage',
      storeAuthStateInCookie: true

  let myMSALObj = new Msal.UserAgentApplication(config)
  let graphConfig = {
    graphGroupEndpoint: "https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/groups"

  let request = {
    scopes: ("https://graph.microsoft.com/.default")

  myMSALObj.handleRedirectCallback(response => { console.log(response) });
  //const idTokenScope = { scopes: (_spPageContextInfo.spfx3rdPartyServicePrincipalId) }

  const handleError = (error) => {
    if (error.errorCode === 'consent_required'
      || error.errorCode === 'interaction_required'
      || error.errorCode === 'login_required') {
    throw error;

  const getToken = () => {
    const date = new Date();
    const user = myMSALObj.getAccount();
    if (!user) {
    //myMSALObj.acquireTokenSilent(idTokenScope).then(response => {
    myMSALObj.acquireTokenSilent(request).then(response => {
      console.log(`${date.toLocaleTimeString()}`, response.accessToken);
      callMSGraph(graphConfig.graphGroupEndpoint, response.accessToken, graphAPICallback)

  function callMSGraph(theUrl, accessToken, callback) {
    var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest()
    xmlHttp.onreadystatechange = function () {
      if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200)
    xmlHttp.open("GET", theUrl, true)
    xmlHttp.setRequestHeader('Authorization', 'Bearer ' + accessToken)
  function graphAPICallback(data) {
    document.write(JSON.stringify(data, null, 2))

My decoded token
enter the description of the image here

The permission of my application
enter the description of the image here

sharepoint online – = IF (DATE (YEAR ([Compliance Date]),MONTH([Compliance Date]) + 11 DAYS ([Compliance Date])), "Due", "Not Due")

I'm trying to create an If statement that looks at a date column in sharepoint and if its 11 months after that date, the column shows yes.

no help on this as:

=IF(DATE(YEAR((Compliance Date)),MONTH((Compliance Date))+11,DAY((Compliance Date))), "Due", "Not Due")

does not work?

sharepoint online – Download blocking button on a modern site

I do not have access to SPFX, nor any development task, otherwise it would be a child's game. Has anyone managed to block the download button and the new button (not to be seen) and allow a user to edit the document, rename the document and delete it? It would be a miracle if anyone had managed to do it – I bang my head with Sharepoint permissions and I can not seem to be able to rename without the Add Document permission. And the addition of document permissions makes it possible to use download … any ideas, whatsoever?