sharepoint server – Site on https starts working only after refreshing page on http page

I have a SharePoint server with sp name which I can access by http://sp.


  1. added this server to some domain and could access it by http://sp.domain.local;
  2. created and added certificate to this server, so I could access it by https://sp.domain.local and by https://sp;
  3. allowed access to it from Internet by


When I try to access the server by http://sp.domain.local, https://sp.domain.local, after some time, for example, in a day, it allows me to be logged in, but does not display the Documents list content and search does not work.

When I refresh http://sp page, then Documents List content becomes visible and search starts to work here on http and https protocols and with sp.domain.local and names.


Which settings on SP or IIS side could be the cause of such behavior?

sharepoint online – Get to know which field/column got update/edit in a list

Using SharePoint online.

I have custom form (CSS + JS) that add/update/delete item from a SharePoint list. This form is linked with multiple master list to provide drop downs.

Now my customer need an email notification whenever any data get added or field get updated for any existing record. That email should carry the details about field in which data get added or updated, along with the previous data.

I am not sure how to build this solution, should I create a sub-transaction list which carry replica of existing records and on every update workflow will compare it with newly update record field by field.

Or there is any solution for using SharePoint version history to achieve this.. any suggestion on it !

azure ad – Access Denied error After migrate on-prem Local AD SP Database to Sharepoint Farm joined to AzureAD DS

I have migrated Sharepoint 2013 Farm which is joined to Local AD DS to Sharepoint 2016 Farm joined to AzureAD DS.

Client wants to take full use of AzureAD DS and want to migrate sharepoint farm to Azure VMs connected to AzureAD DS.

I created a Sharepoint 2016 farm. created normal webapp/Site collection and is able to access as expected.

When I attach sharepoint 2013 DB after upgrade it gives access denied to those upgrade web app.
Do I need to do any changes to existing usernames as they has been now talking to AzureAD DS instead of Local AD.

sharepoint on prem – Error when opening Office documents from library through native client

We have a strange error on a Sharepoint 2013 farm since a few days. Opening documents using any native Office 2016 client (e.g. Word) does not work anymore. It shows the error below and they do not open at all. The documents can be opened in Web App mode however.

“There are network issues stopping us from opening your document. Please try again later.”

enter image description here

Any idea ?

web part – SharePoint Online – Is it possible to provide custom formatting for Highlighted Content webpart List Layout

Out of the box Highlighted content web part does not support custom JSON formatting.

You can only Choose either of default layout: Grid, List, Filmstrip, or Carousel.

However there is a SPFx web part sample, developed by community members which supports custom HTML templates.

You can find it at: Content Query web part

learning – SharePoint Online Site for a Hospital Service

I have been tasked with developing a SharePoint Online site for my service at my hospital. I am an RN and in no way familiar with web and technological jargon.

Is there a location where I can find very basic and beginner information about how to create a SharePoint for my service?

Or do I need to already have a higher level working knowledge of information technology?

I have tried to read the beginner SPO information and do not understand the jargon.

Our IT department has not been mandated to support our individual service level needs related to SharePoint Online. However an SPO site for each service will still be created.

Thank you in advance for any information and/or direction you are able to provide.

security – How we can secure the ClientID & ClientSecret inside our remote event receivers (Inside SharePoint Provider hosted app)

I have developed many remote event receivers and host them inside azure web apps. now the web.config file inside those remote event receivers contain the ClientId & ClientSecret, as follow:-

 <appSettings file="custom.config">
    <add key="ClientId" value="e***7" />
    <add key="ClientSecret" value="h***g=" />

Now if a hacker or an end user found those values inside the project code, then the user can control all the sites, as when we register the remote event receivers we grant them full control on the site collection.. so any advice how we can secure those details? so if someone access the source code of the RER then she/he can not view those details?


How to dynamically list document library titles onto a custom SharePoint page

With SharePoint Online, if I have 7 document libraries within a site, titled like so:


…Is there a way I can dynamically list and link all my cars_x document library titles onto a custom SharePoint page, whenever a cars_x document library is created?


On that custom SharePoint page, can I create a dynamic navigation menu that picks up and displays what I am trying to query?

I am trying to avoid manually writing out links, every time a document library is created.

Azure Function – SharePoint CSOM call with currently signed in user

Can you please explain what functionality you are tyring to achieve? As per your question it is clear that azure function is using daemon app (Confidential App). It will always display SharePoint App.

You can use single sign on app in Azure Ad for your requirement.

development – Query sharepoint list data in sql server

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