Trains – Etiquette when sharing a sleeping car room with a stranger in Europe

Traveling by night train in a sleeper car is an experience that is more rare these days. In most European night trains, it is possible to book a single bed in a shared room. This option is therefore welcome because it is much cheaper than booking the entire room.

One very nice thing that I like to do in the night trains is, before I fall asleep, turn off the lights of the room and leave the window open to admire the night landscape that runs. Very magical and relaxing. Then, after a while, I drop the shade and go to bed.

There are lucky times when no one else has reserved the other beds in the compartment. For other occasions, I often found my roommate (grumpy) eager to pull the curtain down when entering the room, even when the train had not left yet. Then he quickly turns off all the lights and goes to bed.

From that moment, I am very afraid to wake up a sleeping monster, to feel obliged to do all night my night preparations, without even using the personal reading lamp. There are usually amenities in a paper bag (on Nightjets for example); I do not use them because of the noisy chance of opening the bag …

The situation can be even more embarrassing if I take the train to the intermediate station and that someone already sleeps in the room.

What are the common rules of etiquette governing night trains in Europe? This could make the above situations less stressful for next time!


  • If one wants to sleep immediately and the other to stay awake, read a few pages of a book / finish a little work on the laptop / do things to fall asleep after a while , how to manage it?
  • Is it possible to use the sink to cool off a bit?
  • How to properly manage intimacy while dressing for the night? Is it acceptable to wear comfortable sleeping clothes or are passengers supposed to sleep in their daytime clothes?

This mainly concerns trips to Europe, where sleepers are in closed rooms. Russian trays and Indian railroad cars are excluded from the scope, for example.

macos – I can not see my Windows 10 computer from my MacBookPro, even with the sharing settings of

I have enabled the sharing of files and printers on my Windows 10 Pro computer.

enter the description of the image here

However, the PC does not appear on the network in the Finder

enter the description of the image here

Both connect to the same wifi network and I can connect to the PC with the help of the remote desktop. So why can not I see him in the network?

sharepoint enterprise – How to extract selective text from a downloaded word document on a sharing site as an attachment

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Facebook page policy for sharing the same URL and description with different infographics

My website is focused on one product. I usually create several infographics (images) relevant to my target audience and share them on my website. I also think about sharing these infographics on my Facebook page. Every day, I would share about 15 to 20 infographic photos. When uploading infographic, am I allowed to add a brief description and hyperlink to my product page (in the text / status input box)? I ask the question because the description and the hyperlink will not change with the computer graphics. They will be the same as my website is focused on a single product?

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secret sharing – "Family" applications use shared passwords for different user names. How is it bad?

There are several "family" apps available for mobile devices that can share family items: shopping lists, calendars, sometimes, device locations, that sort of thing. At least two of these applications (and if it's at least two, I'm afraid it's all), use the very interesting practice of asking users belonging to the same "family" group to use the same password (different user names, however).

The rationale provided by at least one of these applications is that the password is used to determine the group to which the user belongs, but I am a programmer and I am pretty sure that this explanation has been passed to the back of a male cow. What I am not, however, is a security expert, and although I'm pretty sure that enforcing shared passwords is a bad idea, I can not say. Why It's a bad idea.

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