Sheet G How to obtain an average duration?

I have a duration series which is also the result of a formula in a column formatted in duration

Duration :

I would like to get the MIN, MAX and AVERAGE values. For the average I tried this formula


I have this error:

#VALUE! ERROR TIMEVALUE parameter '' cannot be parsed to date/time

How to exclude the cell with no value inside?

setUnprotectedRanges () – Google Sheet – Script

I have a problem with the .setUnprotectedRanges script
I want the next tracks to be added in the loop. If the cell is not empty, another unlocked range must be added, which is in column 3. For example: in column 3, lines 5, 8 and 10 are not empty
the code below works but is not flexible

protection.setUnprotectedRanges (
                 spreadsheet.getRange ("A5: F5")
                 spreadsheet.getRange ("A8: F8")
                 spreadsheet.getRange ("A8: F8")

Here is my code:

function xx(){
var app = SpreadsheetApp;
var as = app.getActiveSpreadsheet().getActiveSheet()
var sr = 6
var lr = as.getRange(4,2).getValue()
var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
var aa = ''

  for (var i=sr;i

How can I have different ranges added after a certain condition?

protection.setUnprotectedRanges (
                 spreadsheet.getRange ("A" + i + ": B" + i)

excel – Error retrieving name of immediately preceding sheet

I am trying to retrieve the value that is in a leaf cell just before the sheet I'm on, that is, from which I want to launch the code. Because the name of the sheet just above may be different, depending on the Excel book I'm in to run this code.
It gives me an error that the qualifier must be a collection, as if the variable which was to retrieve the name of the previous page did not recognize me. The error marks me in the exclamation mark.

Under Macro1 ()

Dim nombrehojaanterior As String
nombrehojaanterior = Workbook.Worksheets.Previous.Name
Range("B1").Value = nombrehojaanterior!H2

End Sub

In a Google spreadsheet, I want a cell in sheet c to enter a value in sheet b without entering the formula

You can use a table to extract data from one sheet to another.

= {b! A1: A} this will bring the entire column from sheet B.

For value only, you will need to copy and paste with values โ€‹โ€‹only. This can be done with a recorded macro if the data is updated in sheet B.

Using {} to create tables is a great way to import entire columns of data between sheets.

How to copy data from multiple Google sheets and paste them into the main Google sheet while keeping the format?

Every day, I paste the employee assignments in the respective sheet of each employee. These assignments have hyperlinks in parts of the data. At the end of each day, I copy their homework for that day and paste it at the bottom of a master sheet to get a record of what each employee did daily.

I have tried to automate a few different scripts, but each only performs part of this task. The first one worked perfectly, but only the copied values. Once I resolve this, my updated script would no longer be pasted at the bottom, but rather pasted over the data already in the main sheet.

My goal is to copy the data from all the sheets while keeping their correct format and pasting them at the bottom of a main sheet with a few lines between them so that I can distinguish each assignment of employees every day.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Import, modification from the sheet which is also imported

I'm currently using importrange to get timesheets in a main sheet. I then download this sheet every week and update my KPIs

Since all the information is on the main sheet where all the data is import range data, I would also like to delete / update the timesheets.

For now, I have to go to each other's timesheet to wipe with a button that I did. However, I would like to clear them all using a button in the main sheet, since they are all import range data from many other sheets, this will not allow me to delete data for everything refresh from a single page.

Basically I want to modify the data of the import range from the main sheet, but currently this only works in one direction, is there any way to allow me to modify the import sheet Origin of the import range? Or even a different type of import?

I hope it makes sense and I hope you can help me.

sprite sheet – Roguelike character sheet skeleton animation

I am trying to set up a small 2D roguelike project like "Sword of Ditto" or "Children of Morta" for fun.
I'm stuck on a question about sprites. Is it possible to make a skeletal animation for the whole movement (up, down, left, right)? With a complex animator that calls for a different skeletal animation based on real movement.
Or should I do it like a classic sprite sheet?

I want to try with a skeletal animation, but I want an expert opinion on this ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you!

Sheet table with 5 data ranges – graphs are not aligned with X axis

I have two PivotTables.
PivotTable 1 is the number of registrations by date for 2019
PivotTable Two is the number of registrations by date for 2020

Second, there is a cumulative cumulative total of registrations, per year.

I tried to group the pivot tables by year-month-day and by day-month

I am trying to plot the 4 datasets on a graph to show from year to year.

Each of the graphs is correct on the graph. But they do not align correctly with the dates on the X axis.

I tried to introduce another dataset of all the dates on the X axis from October 1 to August 15 to see if I could plot the points of each day to align things. But it didn't seem to work.

The data


automatic sort sheet when data is changed

I'm looking to automatically sort a google sheet wherever the column is changed, it sorts the data and moves this entire line to line 2 (line 1 is a header)

So basically there are 20 different columns, if column data is changed, it moves that row to row 2. Is it possible?

Thank you

Amazon Linux 2 Apache: resource interpreted as style sheet but transferred with MIME / html text

An Amazon Linux 2 Apache web server, I installed WordPress.

In the WordPress dashboard, the content section does not display correctly and the Chrome console displays 14 x Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/html.

In addition, the front end also has no CSS formatting.

I checked this answer and modified httpd.conf to add it

AddType text/css .css
AddType text/javascript .js

to the and restarted Apache, but the problem persists.

I see in httpd.conf under , there is a line:

TypeConfig /etc/mime.types and in this file css & js are listed.

I also added

AddType text/css .css
AddType text/javascript .js

at /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf, restarted Apache, but the problem persists.

Help appreciated.