google sheets – How to increase the formula in increments of 10

I have a spreadsheet with a value per year. I would like to take the average of decades (with, obviously, 10 cells per decade), so I put in place a formula inspired by = AVERAGE (A (1 + 10) :( A (10 + 10), in the hope of being able to drag it so that each cell is populated with A11: A20, A21: 30, etc. How can I do this? I'm not particularly savvy with Google Sheets formulas.

google sheets – Sort by column while keeping the information in a row

I had a previous question with a lot of support and this solved my problem. Then, the next problem is sorting the data, while bringing the information into the corresponding row. A link to the previous question I asked, linked here. Here's what I have to do:

I have to take any information here, the promotions sheet:
enter the description of the image here

and organize everything in here, the Enlisted sheet:

enter the description of the image here
This is the code I have up to now that organizes the ranks, but not the corresponding data:

= ARRAYFORMULA (INDEX (SORRY ({Promotions! A2: A, IF (Promotions! A2: A = "", VLOOKUP (Promotions! A2: A !, A2 !, L! ROW)),}:, 2, 0) )}, 2, 1) ,, 1))

Any help is appreciated, thank you very much!

How to copy (relative) cells and paste them into an absolute cell slot in Google Sheets

Try to create a function in which I can copy an entire block of cells according to the location of the button where the script is activated (get them to select works correctly):

worksheet.getCurrentCell (). offset (-25, -3, 26, 4) .activate ();
spreadsheet.setCurrentCell (currentCell);

And stick in Q54.

I can only seem to achieve this by using absolute values, that is to say;

spreadsheet.getRange (B2: E27). copyTo (spreadsheet.getActiveRange (), SpreadsheetApp.CopyPasteType.PASTE_VALUES, false);
spreadsheet.getRange (# 54). activate ();

But B2: E27 will move according to the location of the script, hence my problem. Must copy the parent from where it is enabled: (-25, -3, 26, 4)

Thanks in advance

Google Slides with Google Sheets data

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google sheets – Search function for columns and count data

I'm wondering if I can write a function to search for a specific name in a column of my worksheet, and then return x number of values โ€‹โ€‹in the row (s) that contain the name. For example…

enter the description of the image here

M4 holds the position. The function looks for columns D, G, and J to find a match of the name in L4 (Owen). Owen's name may appear several times in the following lines. The function returns a cell value, for example B4, in M4.

google sheets – vlookup sum to calculate the total number of hours allocated next to dates

I'm trying to calculate a total number of hours based on entering 2 different dates. Each day between dates has assigned "hours worked".

I'm trying to use SUMPRODUCT or Table Formula and sumif, do not have a chance with either for the moment … Any help appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

sum of the consultation table


As far as I'm concerned, select 2 dates and add them together. Not everything in between

google sheets – How to use GOOGLEFINANCE to return the price of an action in a given currency?

I have stocks in different currencies that I want to follow in one currency. I currently have a cell that returns the currency and another that returns the price, then I multiply them. However, I try to make the sheet fully automated so I was wondering if it was possible to have something like

= googlefinance ("RIO", "price", "CAD")?

posts – Removing unwanted style sheets and scripts with the help of a plug-in to improvze page performance

I have already installed the resource cleanup plug-in for deleting CSS files and unwanted scripts. The plug-in does not contain the option of bulk unloading without certain pages and types of specific publications.

I am discharge the particular css file on all over The css file is unloaded on all pages, but I want the css file on the entire documentation pages. I have a lot of child pages of documentation. My problem is that I'm added on load this page only – option on each documentation page.

1. It takes too much time. Because I have a lot of children's pages.

2 Any better plugin is there with the option mentioned above.

3 Does this type of option already exist in the Asset Cleanup plugin?

google sheets – URL concatenation with a value to create a link, but links only work partially

enter the description of the image here
I have a column of cells in the Google spreadsheet with values โ€‹โ€‹such as:


I would like to associate each value with a URL, for example:  

From cell A2, I automatically filled all the way up to cell A6. The problem is that every time I try to click on the links, only the first cell (A2) works, unlike the rest (cells A3 to A6) that were filled automatically. Links that do not lead to me point to a website saying: "No such record", which is wrong because when I try to manually insert the formula combining the URL and the alphanumeric value instead of automatic filling, it leads me to the appropriate link. . (I really do not want to do each cell manually …)

Why does it only work for the first cell and not for the others that have been filled automatically? I've tried someone's suggestion to "find and replace" to possibly refresh the links, but that does not work.

google sheets – The height of the lines will no longer adjust automatically

I've selected the entire sheet and resized the height of all the lines at a certain height. Then I entered text in a cell and the text did not match. I formatted the cell for text wrapping, but that did not fit anyway. I was expecting the row to automatically increase in height, but that did not happen. How to reset the default mode so that the lines grow so as to automatically adapt to the content?