Searching Multiple Columns From Single Source Sheet in Google Sheets

I have a Sheet where I have all of my data entered. I have been able to filter the information to other sheets no issues when only searching in one column. I am having issues when trying to search 2 columns at the same time.

On the Source Page, I have my date listed under the following headers: Player Name (A), OVR (B), Series (C), Primary (D), Secondary (E), Bats (F), Throws (G), How To Acquire (H), Team of Card (I) & Teams Played For (J).

For most sheets, I have been able to use the following formulae:

My issue comes from when I try to search both Primary and Secondary at the same time. I was able to use a query that searched both columns but am unable to do using SEARCH.

google sheets – Can i import external map data to regularly update output in cells?

google sheets – Can i import external map data to regularly update output in cells? – Web Applications Stack Exchange

vba – Compare Names and DOB in two Excel sheets and return the value in a third column

Valued programmers, I hope you can help me modify the VBA code below so it works properly.
I have an Excel workbook that consists of two worksheets.
Worksheet “Data” contains Names (Column A), DOB (Column B) and Numbers (Column C) and can go up to around 300k rows.
Worksheet “Search” contains Names(Column A) and DOB (Column B)
I want to compare sheet “Search” with sheet “Data” and return the value from Column “Number” to Column C of the “Search” tab if the DOB is completely identical and if at least part of the name is identical. One of the sheets can for instance have only capitals or an insertion or maiden name added to the name, while in the other sheet this information might be missing.
I tried to alter a code I found online, but am still a newbie at VBA and it already gives me an error at the title. Can’t seem to find out what I did wrong (placed it in a module).
Hope to get some usefull tips.

Option Explicit

    Sub Search()

        Dim i As Long, j As Long
        Dim LastrowS1 As Long, LastrowS2 As Long
        Dim NameS1 As String, DOBS1 As String, NameS2 As String, DOBS2 As String
        Dim NumberS1 As Number

        LastrowS1 = Data.Cells(Data.Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
        LastrowS2 = Search.Cells(Search.Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row

        For i = 2 To LastrowS1
            With ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Data")
                NameS1 = .Range("A" & i).Value
                DOBS1 = .Range("B" & i).Value
                NumberS1 = .Range("C" & i).Value
            End With
                For j = 2 To LastrowS2
                    With ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Search")
                        NameS2 = .Range("A" & j).Value
                        DOBS2 = .Range("B" & j).Value
                    End With

                    If NameS1 = NameS2 And DOBS1 = DOBS2 Then
                        Search.Range("C" & j).Value = NumberS1
                        Exit For
                    End If

                Next j

            Next i

    End Sub

How to show all formulas (Sum, Avg, count) in Google Sheets when you select multiple cells

Currently, when you select multiple cells, only 1 function is shown on the bottom right corner, either SUM or MIN or MAX or COUNT.

How can I make it so that I quickly see all functions at once?

Google sheets range of sheets?

I have multiple sheets in my Google Spreadsheet. Let’s suppose that they are named “1”, “2”, … “n”. I would like to sum the contents of the B4 cells in all of these sheets. Is it possible to specify a range of sheets, or do I need to meticulously include a reference to each sheet?

How to change IFS function to switch in Google sheets?

I have this formula =ifs(OR(A1="January",$A$1="March",$A$1="May"),$A10,OR($A$1="April",$A$1="June"),$B11,OR($A$1="February"),$C10) I would like to use switch instead of IFS without repeating A1=””:

so something like this switch(A1=("January" or "March" or "May"), A10, ("April"or"June"),B10, ("February"),C10)

I know its wrong. So A1 cell is Month name that user will enter A10 , B10, C10 are values to be shown according to criteria in the formula If I use Switch, I need to repeat lot of words as well: so I expect the formula will be like this: switch(OR(A1="January",A1="March",A1="May"), A10, OR(A1"April",A1="June"),B10, "February",C10)

Any thought how not to repeat the (A1=””)? if the value equals to the criteria then

formulas – Google sheets – edition inventory

I need help making a Google Sheets script to streamline our sales inventory. Right now we get a sale and it automatically updates a sheet, we then select that sale and manually copy it’s info in another tab into the row for that product and the first available edition (column). We sell edition art prints.

I was thinking a formula that selects a new sale (based on keyword Print lets say) and then moves that to the next tab and places it in the first available column within the row named after that print.

I haven’t been able to find any helpful examples.

Get the last three values of column in Google Sheets

I need to create a report that pulls the last 3 cell values in a column.

This will need to be in three separate cells.

Column C will contain data which will be added to daily.

  • D2 will contain the value of the last but 2 cell in column C.
  • D3 will contain the value of the last but 1 cell in column C.
  • D4 will contain the value of the last cell in column C.

Note : I’m using Google Sheets.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Differences between copy-pasting from Excel/Calc/Google Sheets to Whatsapp

When I copy an excel table (or libreoffice calc) and paste it on whatsapp web I have a photo but when I paste a Google Sheets table I get the plain text on whatsapp web, as well as the images below
However when I copy a Google Sheets table and paste it into excel I have all numbers formatted as text, including the masks, but when I copy an Excel number with a mask it pastes without a mask on the sheets.

The doubts are:

  1. Can I get the same excel result for whatsap with Sheets? (pasting in the form of an image)

  2. Why does the sheets when copied convert to text and include the mask? or why does excel interpret it that way when pasting?

Just to be clear, all the questions are related to the standard copy and paste command (CTRL + C and CTRL + V) so the answers should not contain auxiliary programs or other screen capture commands.

Link to image:

google sheets – GogleSheet Date and Time Calculation – Automation

I have a column that has 34 records of Week Day, Month/Day, and Times. I am looking for two formulas that I can use in a table that will give me the count of weekdays and the time duration per day. Eventually, I would like to just copy and past new dates into column A and have the table automatically calculate. Here is my google sheet example. Is there a way to do this without creating helper columns? If not, no big deal. Anything to help automate the process will be helpful.

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