Graphical representation of two lines in Google Sheets based on the values ​​in the first column

I'm trying to create two lines on the same chart, one of them being the "Line A" based on the data titled "A" and the "Line B" on the base of B. .

The X axis would be the date and would grow over time, as more entries would be added. The weight would be the Y axis.

I can not convince Google's sheets to separate data based on the "Name" column into two lines. Any help would be appreciated. 🙂

An example of data that I'm trying to graph with two lines

google sheets – Importrange when copying to other cells automatically changes range

I am using importrange to extract data from my answer page on my worksheet. I have finished the first sheet, but I now have to move to the next sheet to indicate where sheet 1 is running out of space. The problem is that I've copied the impor-lingual script into all the cells in the column, but the range has not changed automatically. That is, I want the range, for example A2: A2, to go to A3: A3, and so on. Can this be done so that I do not have to change them manually?

here is an example = IMPORTRANGE ("", "Time! E18: e18") and I want when copied to the next cell to be = IMPORTRANGE ("", "Time! E19: e19") etc.

google sheets – Multiply a cell value when editing

I'm trying to create a feature that allows me to enter a value in one cell and automatically multiply it by another cell, replacing the original entry.

For example, if cell A2 contains 5 and I enter cell C2, I would like it to automatically multiply A2 by the value I just entered in C2 and overwrite the & # 39; 39; 10 & # 39; that I have just written in cell C2 by 50 which would be the answer to this calculation.

I am still very new to the script editor, so here is the best of what I have been able to do.

function onEdit (e) {
var Column1 = 1
var Column3 = 3;
if (e.range.getColumn () == Column3) {
e.range.setValue (Column1 * Column3)

I've also tried the script below without any luck.

function onEdit (e) {
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet ();
var dataRange = sheet.getRange ("A: C");
var data = dataRange.getValues ​​();
for (var i = 0; i <data.length; ++ i) {
var rowData = data[i];
var Column1 = rowData[0];
var Column3 = rowData[2];
if (e.range.getColumn () == Column3) {
e.range.setValue (Column1 * Column3)

I appreciate your comments.

google sheets – How to get the parent ID of the cell?

First of all thank you for helping me. I am in the construction industry and I have no idea how best to do it – it's not my forte!

I'm trying to mass-add a set of categories of building products to the MySQL database of my site. It's pretty easy, but there are about 650 entries and about 4 levels in the hierarchy. For this to work, each entry needs an identifier, then to enter the hierarchy, have the identifier of its parent in an additional column.

Please see my attached Google listing. There are two leaves: the first is what I'm trying to achieve, and the second is simply a visual representation of the hierarchy. In the first sheet, the hierarchy column indicates the desired hierarchies. I think it would be obvious if you opened it.

Google Sheet

Repeat the formula n number of times in Google Sheets

My apologies, I am very new to Google Sheets and spreadsheets in general. I'm trying to fill cells with repeated data and then analyze them. The data is extracted from another large worksheet and has a variable number of rows. Each cell has an associated date in another column, but sometimes that date is not filled in, I have to correct this as follows:


+ --- + --- + + --- + --- +
| 1 | a | | 1 | a |
+ --- + --- + + --- + --- +
| | b | | 1 | b |
+ --- + --- + + --- + --- +
| 2 | c | | 2 | c |
+ --- + --- + -> + --- + --- +
| | d | | 2 | d |
+ --- + --- + + --- + --- +
| | e | | 2 | e |
+ --- + --- + + --- + --- +
| 3 | f | | 3 | f |
+ --- + --- + + --- + --- +

j & # 39; uses calculation matrix Elsewhere, which works very well for repeating formulas, but I can not make it work. The number of repetitions is stored in a cell and referenced if necessary. Currently, my solution is to copy my formula in thousands of lines, but I would prefer that the formula be in a cell and the rest be automatic.

My formula:

= INDEX (C: C, MAX (FILTER (ROW (OFFSET, 1 $, 0, 0, ROW ()))),
ISNUMBER (OFFSET (1 $, 0, 0, ROW ())))), 1)

The formula is exactly the same for each cell. I have therefore tried to wrap it in one if the number of executions is correct, but the formula is only evaluated once.

= ARRAYFORMULA (IF (OFFSET (C2, 0, 0, A2)) + 1, INDEX (C: C,
MAX (FILTER (ROW (OFFSET (C $ 1, 0, 0, ROW))),
ISNUMBER (OFFSET (1 $, 0, 0, ROW ())))), 1), "error"))

Is it possible to do this with one formula per column?

google sheets – merging datasets

In a Google sheet, I have several tables containing a list of dates.
I want to create a single (sorted) list containing all the dates and the table from which they come.

Foo table:

Bar of the table:

1.1.19 foo
2.1.19 bar
3.1.19 foo
4.1.19 bar

Is it possible in one way or another with conventional formulas or do I have to go here to custom functions?

google sheets – How to turn a comma separated list of values ​​into a table?

If I have a formula:

= {1,2,3,4,5}

I get a set of 5 columns of numbers with 1 in the first, 2 in the next, and so on.

However, if I have a cell that contains the string 1,2,3,4,5 in cell E2
and i'm trying

= {E2} 

I get the same result as if I had done it = E2 – a single cell with values ​​separated by commas.

Is there a function in Google Sheets that says "treats the argument as if it were typed at this point?"

google sheets – Send non-empty cells by email as a table

I'm trying to trigger an email to send all the data of a sheet in the B: F columns. I found this tutorial very useful, but I do not understand it.

/ **
* Sends emails with data from the current spreadsheet.
* /
email function () {
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet (). getSheetByName ("Sheet1");

var startRow = 1; // First line of data to process
var numRows = 2; // Number of lines to process
// Get the range of cells A2: B3
var dataRange = sheet.getRange (startRow, 2, numRows, 6);
// Get the values ​​for each row in the range.
var data = dataRange.getValues ​​();
for (i in the data) {
var row = data[i];
var emailAddress = ""; // first column
var message = row[1]; // second column
var topic = Jobs in the next 5 days & # 39 ;;
MailApp.sendEmail (emailAddress, subject, message);

What would I need to change this in order to send all non-blank data in B: F on Sheets in one email while retaining the spreadsheet format?

Formatting – How can I remove custom currencies from Google sheets?

In Google Sheets, you can add custom currency items on the Formatting tab and Google Sheets by keeping them. I was playing with this feature and added a few to test it, but now I can understand how to make them disappear. Can someone help me remove them? You can see the currencies I want to delete at the bottom of the attached image. enter the description of the image here

google sheets – Filter and display duplicates in a table

FILTER ({B2: ​​B, OWN (C2: C), A2: A}, PAYTIF (B2: B, B2: B)> 1), ROWS (A2: A), 1)), {QUERY (
"selects Col2, count (Col2) where Col1 is not a null group by Col2 pivot Col1", 0),
COUNTIF (B2: B, B2: B)> 1)), ROWS (A2: A), 2),
"select count (Col2) where Col1 is not a null group by Col2 pivot Col1", 0),
COUNTIF (B2: B, B2: B)> 1)), ROWS (A2: A), 2),
"select count (Col2) where Col1 is not a null group according to Col2 pivot Col1", 0), 1,),),
"", "♦")) ,, 999 ^ 99))), "", ","), "♦", ")}, 2, 0))})