gnome shell – Permanently disable Ubuntu 19.04 drawers folder

I'm trying to delete the folders in the Ubuntu 19.04 application drawer.

I tried with this command gsettings set children's folder [] but it only works temporarily until a reboot is done.

After restarting the folders are again.

I've added this command in the startup applications so that it runs once the system is powered on, but it only works for a few seconds because it seems that ubuntu resets the folders to the startup and my start command is executed before it runs and the effect is brief.

No suggestion?

Scanning – From the Linux shell, how do you batch out dust from images with the help of dust scanning?

I have a lot of scans done with the same scanner. After noticing that there were some traces of dust on the images, I scanned the dust in the hope of removing the dust from the images, but I could not understand it. Is there a way to use ImageMagick (or a similar script utility that runs under Linux) to use dust analysis to magically remove dust from the rest of the images?

terminal – How to perform an equivalent function of Instruments> "File Activity" of Xcode in a shell?

I need to be able to show and capture the same result as capture in (in the shell). is there dtrace function / script, or an equivalent, that can be executed to directly capture this data?

How to run a bash shell script from a html button click?

If I have a simple bash script

#! / bin / bash
tap ./test.txt

that I want to be activated at the push of a button on a simple html page, how to proceed?

html looking for something like this (but I know it's wrong)

Thank you for any help!

dnd 5th – When Antilife Shell is launched, does it hunt creatures on its territory? If no, how does it work?

Antilife Shell reads as follows:

A shimmering barrier extends within a 10-foot radius and moves with you, staying centered on you and protecting creatures other than undead and buildings.

So creatures outside this range can not approach you, which makes sense. But what about creatures already in this radius? If the casting druid is attacked by a humanoid within 5 feet of them, is this humanoid repulsed? Or, as the second part of the spell says, would it count as "forcing them to break the barrier?"

If you move so that an affected creature is forced to break through the barrier, the spell ends.

If you cast it near a creature, are they repulsed or does the spell end? What about if you throw it in a field? Does the grass stop it? Germs in a dungeon?

It seems like the spell could be very powerful – create a dome where there is absolutely no life – or immediately curl up.

terminal – Retrieves the folder name for the Automator shell script action

To concatenate video files, I've assembled pieces of code found online in a ffmpeg bash script on Automator. It works. However, I would like the output file to be named according to the folder where the videos are located.

I've found solutions online, but none are following a shell script workflow. My workflow is simply (with a "Get Specified Object Finder" required when tested in Automator):

current_path = $ (dirname "$ 1")
cd "$ current_path"

for f in "$ @"
/usr/local/Cellar/ffmpeg/4.1_1/bin/ffmpeg -i concat: "$ (pipeize ()} local OLDIFS =" $ IFS "; IFS = & # 39 ;; echo" $ * IFS = "$ OLDIFS";}; pipeize * .VOB) "-c copy -map" 0: v? " -map "0: a?" -map "0: s?" "THIS_SHOULD_BE_THE_DIRECTORY_NAME.VOB"

linux – Run a shell script even in sleep mode?

I want to create a script that records the battery level and processor load on a laptop, but I still want to save the battery level in sleep mode. Is it possible to do this under Linux?

Operating System: LM 18.04 LTS
DE: Xfce

EDIT: I have a working script to register the battery level that is already this command:

upower -i $ (upower -e | grep & # 39; BAT) grep -E "percentage" | awk -F: & # 39; {print $ 2} & # 39; | tr -d '% & # 39;

shell – How to handle file names in the required format

I am completely new to Unix .. Can someone help me with a requirement where I have the list of files in a directory,
I want to handle filenames in the required format, as mentioned below

< Filenames present in directory >


If the second string is 555A and the third string is ORANGE or the second string is 555A and the third string is Orange, the file name should be BB_Orange_555a_date + & # 39;% Y% m% d .txt
If the second string is 555B and the third string is ORANGE or the second string is 555A and the third string is Orange, the file name should be BB_Orange_555b_date + & # 39;% Y% m% d .txt
If the second string 555B and the third string is APPLE or the second string 555A and the third string is Apple, the file name should be BB_Apple_555b_date + & # 39;% Y% m% d .txt
If the 2nd channel 555A and the 3rd channel are MANGO or the 2nd channel 555A and the 3rd channel is Mango, the file name must be BB_Mango_555a_date + & # 39;% Y% m% d .txt    

Can any one help me with the shell script

On a shell bash Mac, how to move all the files that do not exist in a 2nd directory only (use first diff?)

I have two directories

  • dir1
  • dir2

I want to take all the files that exist in dir2 BUT do not exist in dir1 and move them to a new directory. dir1 and dir2 have a lot of identical files after running this build process (a bit disgusting, but I can not change this tool).

thank you,

adb shell busybox netstat – Ethiopia Android Pile Exchange

I'm trying to look at the marked processes to each individual TCP connection using busybox netstat -p as shown in their documentation. However, after rooting and checking my root with RootChecker, it looks like I have root access and SU access; but unable to run adb shell busybox netstat and it shows the error

Running the netstat busybox command

From the android terminal

I use NoxPlayer, running Android version 4.4.2. This shows an image of my attempt to do the same thing in the terminal emulator itself.


And that shows an image of rootChecker verifying that I have rooted the phone well.

I came across some articles saying that / proc / net is a symbolic link; thus providing only a "shortcut" to the file path and not to the actual file; thus, the netstat command could not be executed?

I hope to have some help to solve this problem.