busybox – Problem Initramfs. Alert! / dev / sda9 does not exist. Fall in a shell!

I have installed a new copy of Parrot OS and I am facing this problem.
After entering the output command. This is the result obtained.
I wiped all my disc and tried again. The same problem persisted.

I waited for the root device. Common problems:
– Start arguments (cat / proc / cmdline)
– Check rootdelay = (did the system wait long enough?)
– Check the root = (did the system wait for the correct device?)
– missing modules (cat / proc / modules; ls / dev)
ALERT! / dev / sda9 does not exist.
Fall in a shell!

BusyBox v.1.20.2 (Ubuntu 1: 1.20.2-1ubuntu1) built-in shell (ash)
Enter & # 39; help & # 39; for a list of built-in commands.


This is the first time this has happened and most of the other forums I have seen regarding this issue are proposing solutions that do not work. What can be the problem ?

Networking – How to get a DHCP IP address running on a WiFi point of access using an adb shell?

I connect to my WiFi network from the adb shell with the help of the following command:

iw dev wlan1 connect -w WiFi-AP

A DHCP server is also running on the point of access, but each time I try to get an IP address using the dhclient -v wlan1, I get the following error:

sh: dhclient: not found

Is there a way to install dhclient on Android 8.1 or is there another way to request an IP address from the DHCP server via a wlan interface?

Run a shell script and pass arguments from mathematica

Is it possible to run a shell script AND pass Mathematica arguments to it? I have searched thoroughly and have not found a way to do it.

I want to avoid having to write a .wls for this particular case, although I'm starting to worry about having to do it.

How to run multiple shell lines (cmd) from R in the same shell session?

I have a problem in that I can not seem to evaluate several cmd lines of R in the same cmd session.

Minimal example

Open cmd on windows and run

put a = 3
ECHO% a%

returns the value of a (3) as planned.

I can not get this result with the same code as R using shell() (or any other R function, e.g. system()

What I have tried until now

I've tried 3 obvious attempts

shell ("set a = 3")
shell ("ECHO% a%")
# %a%

shell ("set a = 3 & ECHO% a%")
# %a%

shell ("set a = 3 && ECHO% a%")
# %a%

The desired result is obviously to be able to execute cmd code from R (using shell() or otherwise), and have something like "set a = 3 && ECHO% a%" return 3 instead of %a%

bash – Help to replace an empty space with a backslash and empty space in a command variable Run Shell with Automator

I create a controller service that converts all files in a folder to a compressor preset by running the following shell script:

VAR = "/ Applications / Compressor.app / Content / MacOS / Compressor -batchname MyFirstBatch"
for d in "$ @"; make
filename = $ (base name "$ d")
fname = "$ (dirname" $ ​​d ")" / "$ {filename%. *}"
VAR + = "-jobpath" $ d "-settingpath /Applications/Compressor.app/Contents/Resources/Settings/ProRes/proResHQName.setting -locationpath" $ fname ".mov"
eval $ VAR

The problem is that the resulting paths in the chain have a empty space instead of backslash and empty spaceso I want to replace every "" in the re variable with a "".

In addition, is there a way to omit folders and only consider files?

Thank you.

Here is a screenshot of my workflow (Get Specified Finder Items and Get Folder Contents are only for testing purposes, I disable them when I use it as a service) :

Screen capture of the Automator service

powershell – How to run a .sh file in vbscript or how to execute a shell script in vbscript?

I'm trying to create a Windows 10 notification with the help of a shell script and I want to run it with vbscript, but that only seems to invite me to find a program for manage this in Microsoft Store.

I've tried running the .sh file using vbscript code, as WshShell.Run.

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject ("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.Run "Notification.sh"

I have a Microsoft Store dialog box that asks me how to run the .sh file, but I wanted to run it, but no system program could handle it, with the exception of Windows Shell Console.

in fact, I use an Android emulator, but I can not access the root, the su does not work for the root in the adb shell

enter the description of the image here

In this picture I gave the screenshot of my command prompt, everyone knows how to explain how root access in the Android emulator

metasploit – Meterpreter shell does not show results

After successfully executing a Metasploit exploit (Drupageddon), I try to execute commands via the meterpreter shell command. However, it displays prompts but not the results of other commands? I would have expected to get a leader MySQL> as well.

shell no command results

Why so much shell

here is ls exit from my /trash can directory:

[csh       ksh       zsh       bash      dash      tcsh      sh      ...]

Why are there so many shells? Before catalina, bash was the default and now zsh is the default. What is the use of others?

UTF-8 to ANSI python or shell

I have files that are downloaded on S3 and through a Job, they receive some validations. The problem I have is that users download txt files with UTF-8 encoding, but validation returns them if they do not arrive with ANSI validation. How can I use a Shell or Python command to change the encoding of a UTF-8 txt file into ANSI?
(I put Python and Sh because the two options serve me because the file starts to be validated from the execution of a .sh file and that same file from one part of it. sends to a Python file or that it would serve me in one or the other case.)