the Shore to Shore Shipping case study for SQL

1 Find all manufacturers who have built fewer than 2 ships that have shipped Concrete Forms and have never shipped Toyota Camrys.

2.List out the total of each item carried by a shipment piloted by each captain/

3.For each month of 2016, show the total items shipped as well as the total number of items shipped in each month as well as the total number shipped in the prior month.

Lname ———– Fname ——- Description

Smith ———— John ——— Concrete Forms

Smith ————- John ———– Toyota Camry


magento2 – How to remove shipping from Cart (Magento 2.4)

I am trying to remove the Shipping & Coupon container from the /checkout/cart page. I tried to copy the XML file into layout/override/base and edit it, but then I get blank page on /cart.

A simpler way would be by hiding it via CSS, but I am trying to do it programatically and proper way.

Currently I have following container as shown in the image, which I want to disable from the cart page.

enter image description here

And the code to show this container exist in vendor/magento/module-checkout/view/frontend/layout/checkout_cart_index.xml , I also tried to comment out the block inside this file, but then everything gets messed up i.e. checkout process too.


I was able to do it by following this however, I had to edit the actual XML file, if I place the code in override/base/XML then it doesn’t work, and I get a blank page. Why is that?

magento2 – How can i hide specific shipping method for specific customer group in magento 2

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magento2 – Magento 2 – Change order shipping method

In magento 2, I try to change shipping method for orders programmatically.

I did this :


shipping_method attribute is changing as expected, but I also need to recalculate order shipping prices according to the new method.

Do you know how to do it ?


Update shipping price on checkout(payment) page

I want to update shipping price while user click on next button!!

Anyone have idea??

Thanks in advance!!!

I want change cart totals and estimate shipping

I want change to enter image description here

Plz help me. Thanks

shipping – If I were to ship a package betwen India and US which would be most efficient route?

Ever since the ‘Ever given’ epsiode happened, I found myself thinking that I know next to nothing about shipping. So I tried to find out how commercial shipping works between the two countries. Now what I got were websites of DHL and Fedex and while each of them have a quote it doesn’t necessarily tells you how things work. In both websites, many of the terms are pretty vague, for instance, it is anywhere between 8-15 days. I searched around a bit more and got to know that most such big ships do port-to-port rather than doing A-B as that is most profitable. I am sure there are probably some routes which would be more favorable than others. Does anybody have any idea of what possible routes and how much distance they would have cover. To take a concrete example, we have Ever given , now it seems that the ship moves at 22.8 knots or 42 kmph which is comparable to Indian Railways. It also shared that it carries something like 20k containers with probably bigger containers at the bottom and smaller containers at the top. It would be great if somebody shared some hypothetical or actual routes that they know that shipping companies take to travel to and fro. Here I am looking for only time and distance between ports. I do know in an actual scenario, one would also have to take into account inland transportation which actually adds its own complexity in both countries, I am discounting or removing that fully.

Looking forward to some sort of answer.

magento2 – How to the the shipping address by order ID?

How to get the correct shipping address for an order ID? I am using MagentoSalesApiOrderRepositoryInterface to get the order information by order ID, but there are no methods for getting the shipping address, despite a lot of people on the internet claiming otherwise.

I considered using MagentoSalesApiOrderAddressRepositoryInterface, and I am able to return a shipping address, but it is not the correct one.

It took me a long time to understand why the get() method from OrderAddressRepositoryInterface wasn’t returning the right data when passing the same $orderId parameter as in OrderRepositoryInterface, but then I found out that Magento inserts two entries in the sales_order_address table for each entry in the sales_order table – for some reason.
The address row from sales_order_address is then relationally matched with the right order in the sales_order table by the column shipping_address_id in the sales_order table, which corresponds to the entity_id in the sales_order_address table.

It would be easy to use OrderAddressRepositoryInterface if there was a getShippingAddressId() method declared in OrderRepositoryInterface, but there is none!

So how can I find/match the right shipping address with a particular order ID? I would love to hear suggestions for how to use the service layer to solve this, and not the persistence or domain layers.

log shipping restore job

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: This backup cannot be restored using WITH STANDBY because a database upgrade is needed. Reissue the RESTORE without WITH STANDBY. (Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoExtended)

8 – Shipping weight not calculated?

we are currently trying to get our drupal commerce 2 attaching a certain shipping method based on the weight of the order. It is pretty simple (at least I thought so): if the order is below 20kg, it is one rate, above a second rate.

Here is what I did:

  • enabled commerce shipping module and physical fields
  • added a custom physical weight field field_prod_gewicht to the default product type (the only one we have)
  • marked the default product variation as shippable
  • filled the individual products with their weights accordingly
  • created two shipping methods with different prices, only restricted by Shippment Weight

So far so good – on the shipping page I see indeed only the lower rate shipping method, but if i adde more weight to the order, the higher rate shipping method never appears.

My suspicion is, that the weight is not calculated at all, or that there is some kind of implicit convention I did not follow.

Anybody has an idea, how to solve or debug this?

Thx a lot!