Create an online shop with Chinese goods

Create an online store with Chinese goods of popular marketplaces with OT Box from OT Commerce. This is a tool to start business with China.OT Box is a ready-to-use online store already filled with Taobao / 1688 products updated automatically. Site is installed on your domain and has all the necessary settings for online store success and profit.

OT Box includes:

– catalog / search on Taobao / Tmall or 1688 at your choice;
– ordering system and customer personal account;
– free connection of payment systems;
– delivery, price and currency settings;
– goods weight display;
SEO settings;
– modules for online store promotion;
– possibility to show website in several languages.

You can test website for free before purchase. You will be able to evaluate all its features and determine convenience of working for yourself, see both customer and admin panels, ordering system.

Contact operators on website otcommerce.


Woocommerce – exclude “Shop” from functions

Im relatively new to the WordPress/Woocommerce codex and Im learning php as I go.

This should be a simple fix, but I need some help.

I have 2 functions that changes css and adds some html to the site.

The first one I want executed only if it is a product that is in the category “Kvelertak”:

 if ( is_product && has_term( "Kvelertak", "product_cat" ) )

The second one I want executed if it is a product that is in the category “Kvelertak” or it is the “Kvelertak” main page.

 if ( has_term( "Kvelertak", "product_cat" ) || ( is_page( "Kvelertak" ) ))

So, my problem is that these functions also execute on the “Shop” page in Woocommerce.

Is this the right way to do it? and what should i add to exclude it from being executed on the “Shop” page?

Can I Get Some Honest Feedback On My Shop | Forum Promotion

Hi Everyone it’s been a while since I last posted on here so apologies for the lack of communication :(

Could I ask for the community to go through my shop as I’ve just opened it up worldwide and would love some feedback.

Any changes on wording or even a colour that would help attract the eye of the customer would be greatly appreciated.

My Site: Heavens Scents

Switch, PS4 and Xbox One: Best game consoles to shop in 2020 – HYIPs

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Web shop development

I am about to start a webshop.
My concept is about subscription / to be a customer with us before you can shop. See a sample of a webshop of the same type: luxplus . dk

The shop must have a payment system.
A system easy to find around? So i can easily add products myself?

Is it something you can do for $150?

ecommerce – Correct html5 Tags for a Shop Page

Hope you are doing well.
I’m struggling with a question and want to know your thoughts.
I have to design a shop and I’m wondering which way is the right one to use html5 tags on the product list page. Should I cover a product card with <section> or <article>?
Is a product card an independent topic of the page or a per section covered topic?
If I have to use <article> on the regular product list page, do I have to use on a category filtered product list page?

What sites do you know that uses shop pay? [closed]

I would like to know if there is web sites that you know that use shop pay, or how can I find them?

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