Oral Shop Dropshipping with the AliDropShip plugin installed

Why are you selling this site?
I go back to school and I will not have time to advertise. The site offers more than 2,500 products on oral and personal care products. Each product has been carefully edited without grammar errors, each product having a unique and user-friendly description. Each product has real reviews at least 20.

How is it monetized?
This is a dropshipping store, created with the WordPress-Woocommerce platform. The site uses a paid alidropship plugin ($ 89 license fee), which facilitates the dropshipping process, because you can import Aliexpress products in a few clicks: photos, options, descriptions, etc. It also syncs stock and options with aliexpress automatically. Option to automatically execute orders, emailing, etc.

Is this site provided with social media accounts?

How long does this site take to run?
Not so much that you only need to focus your attention on creating social media accounts and site marketing. The site has an SEO plugin and other useful plugins to make you stand out. You are expanding the category of oral and personal care products to include clothing, other beauty products, electronics, shoes, etc.

The site comes with the Alidropship plugin. You can therefore be assured of continuous updates on product inventory levels and prices. Alidropship is an excellent support team. The site is sold with all the plugins installed.

What are the challenges of managing this site?
In my opinion, there is no challenge and I will show the basics. I could also carry the transfer process on the hosting server of the buyers.

The site is ready to generate revenue if you can only promote it through social media and google ads.

magento2 – Magento 2 – Accessories shop

Does anyone know an extension to display all the accessories of a given product, such as an online store …

I have an example here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1322801-REG/blackmagic_design_ursa_mini_pro_4_6k.html

You see all the accessories for this specific product, such as a shop with a menu on the left, etc.

I'm looking for an extension that does something similar, but I do not know the appropriate words to look for it.

I hope someone can help me 🙂


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Vital Keto France is a flagship product among the other weight loss supplements you can get today because it is manufactured by Wellbeing LLC in the United States. The creator of this organization is a call specialist and is engaged in the manufacture of some health and wellness supplements for people with difficulties to improve. He has the notoriety to give a characteristic source that is suitable for all adults and …

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the shop@ >> https://supplementfordiet.com/keto-tone-ca/

Keto Tone Canada

We use the fastest progression technique so that the article is delivered in 5 business days. The extremely powerful product can give you an amazing result with a positive weight reduction that will remain forever. The ability to extend digestion and a better dimension of the cell …

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Shop >> https://wellnesstrials.org/keto-ultra-new-zealand/

Keto Ultra New Zealand safe after human consumption. This formula will help improve the metabolic rate and will also focus on fats. It will certainly melt fat rather than carbohydrates.

The amounts of fat vary from one individual to another, as well as from the man or the woman. Ideally, if you plan to take green tea to lose weight, it is often advisable to take 2 to 3 cups of tea a day. So, if you want to count the …

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Funders Shop – Funders.shop

I am not an administrator

IPB image


Welcome to Funders Shop!

Investment plans:
170% after 10 minutes, 250% after 15 minutes, 330% after 20 minutes or more

Amount of investment:
– Minimum $ 8
– Maximum $ 5000

Accepted payment:
– Perfect money
– Payeer
– Bitcoin
– Ethereum

Reference commission: 5%, 2%, 1%


The amount of $ 0.25 has been deposited into your account. Accounts: U18482272-> U3789391. Memo: Payment API. Quit Funders Shop for HYIPIndo. Date: 09:33, 03.01.19. Lot: 241571080.

7 steps to set up your ecommerce shop via WordPress.

There are many ways to create ecommerce for your business, but the easiest way is to use wordpress because it does not require any code and you can do it in less than an hour without breaking the bank.

Below you will find the 7 steps to set up your e-commerce shop via wordpress.

Step 1.Gather all the necessary materials for your store, such as:

Company Name,

Product you want to sell

Price of the product

Domain name

Web hosting

WordPress Theme


Payment gateway

Step 2. Setting up your website

The next step is to set up your online store. You have registered the domain, otherwise here are the best places to register your domain as they are reliable.



After registering your domain, you must then direct it to your web hosting. You can host your website with Bluehost at www.bluehost.com or www.Hostgator.com. Both are reliable and have cpanel, which is very important for e-commerce design with wordpress.

Design and development

We do not create websites that look ugly in the presence of our visitors, your store must be attractive when visitors visit it, because it tells people how serious you are about your business.

If you're on a tight budget, you can use a script that you can use without spending money, like osecommerce, because it can do the job.

The Forest theme and the Wooecommerce theme are the best themes that can give you a perfect and beautiful ecommerce site without coding.

Step 3.Install your shopping cart system (osCommerce)

The next step is to install your acquisition card system. This can be done in your cpanel of your web hosting, which is why we chose the best web hosting that has cpanel for easy installation.

From your cpanel, look under the software / service and click on new installation. You only want to install the osEcommerce script, although the process is similar to other scripts. You will be able to enter the email address and the user name of the store owner and if possible the SSL.

When installing osecommerce, you will be able to configure the administrative user name and password, but if you use other cards, such as Zen card, your word of pass will be automatically generated.

Note: Osecommerce will configure the store database in MySQL for you and provide you with a link to your base store and administrative area.

Step 4. Configure your categories / products.

In this step, I will explain how to create a category / product for your ecommerce shop from a catalog listing the product and category. as you like.

The easiest way to do this is to use the online administration interface to add categories and products, which is quite simple. Just select a category / product image and enter the necessary details for the product, such as description, name, etc.

Step 5: Order Processing and Shipping

The aspect of shipping is very important in e-commerce since you sell online and everything will be automated. There are two shopping baskets that you can use to make the job easier, such as paypal on paypal.com and 2checkout.com. There are add-ons that you can install for a different gateway payment than those I've already mentioned in the add-ons directory.

Step 6: SEO Optimize the entire e-commerce website

SEO is very important for driving traffic on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo, but I found that many e-commerce site owners were failing to optimize their store, which was affecting the traffic from their website.

The most important is onpage referencing; pay more attention to onpage referencing, which means you need to link your ecommerce pages for easy navigation. When describing your product, be sure to check it to prevent Google from hitting your store, especially if you resell a product that may have the same description.

Step 7 – Maintenance of your online store

Creating an ecommerce website may not be difficult, but maintaining it may require more work, but here are simple ways to make everything easy to manage.

Check your store's reports regularly to see how it's progressing. Be sure to subscribe to news feeds from your shopping cart system to make sure you have the latest patches and information. Check out the osCommerce information site. If you use another cart, check for updates regularly.

The steps above will help you when creating your online store.

You need more information on creating an ecommerce site with wordpress, and then read the complete step-by-step tutorial with the video with oscommerce (free) and the woocommerce theme.

Thank you

Empire Display Service Shop ($) | Promotion Forum

Empire Display and Comment Services
The largest shopping center

I have to earn a small income to keep my community alive. Unfortunately, I'm not doing very well lately, unemployed or unable to make YouTube work. So I open my services :)

It is what I propose, no personalized request is aloud.


Messages for the forums:

  • 5 posts – $ 50c
  • 10 posts – $ 1
  • 15 messages – 1.50 USD
  • 20 posts – $ 2
  • And up to

Discussions for the forums:

  • 5 threads – $ 1
  • 10 sons – $ 2
  • 15 sons – $ 3
  • And up to

Comments for blogs ::

  • 2 comments – 0,20 €
  • 4 comments – 0,40 €
  • 6 comments – 0,60 €
  • And up to




So you know what to do next :) Think about what you want me to do, then fill out the template below and wait until I come back to you. :) Once finished, I will send you a message with payment details

Reply to post or PM me the form.


Name of the site / URL:
Number of messages / topics / comments (specify which one you want):
Total cost:
Extra say:



@Rinto KagamineStrongly recommend.
@Mr John Excellent publication and good communication! I will definitely order again soon.
@ Keranov Completed quickly without any problem.


Thank you!

Thank you for choosing my service and do not forget to come back whenever you can.
I will register as a Kindle on all forums. :awesome:

lens – Is it worthwhile to improve the one-stop shop for wildlife photography?

I just bought the following lens to accompany my Nikon D500:

AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f / 4G ED VR – £ 1,349 (see here)

However, after purchasing this lens a few hours ago, it was pointed out that the next goal would be better if I could cover the extra costs:

AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f / 2.8E FL ED VR – £ 2849 (see here)

How important is greater openness to wildlife photography? More specifically, African wildlife will be photographed from a vehicle (no tripod) at dusk and dawn.

The extra £ 1,500 is feasible, but I only want to spend this extra amount if it will make a big difference in terms of the sharpness and quality of the photos I take.