Short video ad for your product or business. for $ 8

Short video ad for your product or business.

I will create a video ad for you to advertise. It will not be long but it will have all the necessary for a good publicity. This can affect almost any topic and I will create a video that will be very suitable for your product or business.


Write short answers to questions

One of my clients is looking for someone to help him in his academic work.
The mission has more than 100 questions. As
Describe as much detail as possible:
1. roles and functions of supervisors and managers:
a. decision making
b. delegation of tasks
c. supervisory staff
re. planning and organization
e. provide information:
I. performance of the organization
ii. changes in organizational policies
iii. marketing information and objectives
iv. global organizational goals
v. plans for new equipment
vi. justification of management decisions
vii. technological updates
viii. training developments

To answer the first question, google "role of the manager in decision making". Paste the answer.
To answer the second question, google role manager in task delegation, paste the answer.

Post your offer / question and the time you will take to answer more than 100 questions.

You do not have to PM me. Reply to your message here and I will share it with the customer.


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Where to post short links?

I think the title says it all!
Where can I post my short links knowing that I do not have a website and that Facebook forbids shoertlinks, considering that they are spam?

Recover password from 7zip file via eSoftTools 7-z Password Unlocker

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Read more: – google eSoftTools 7z password recovery research


UV + VIS light detection cameras / optical filters with short bandwidth, clean cut

Are there any DSLR conversion services or cameras available with sensors that allow the simultaneous detection of UV (~ <330-395 nm) and visible light ~ 395-700 nm? Maybe with a lower sensitivity of 1,000 times at the VIS range to mimic sunlight on the surface of the Earth?
As a related question, where can one create a "short" short-circuit in the short run? [<~720 nm (<700-750 nm)] filter be obtained? I thought Hoya was making such an optical glass, but all I can find from there and apparently most of the other sites are high-cut filters. Any help would be appreciated!

Can a contact form be too short?

So, we all know how much users do not like filling out forms … even when it's about doing something valuable. We are told that, in general, the shorter the form, the better the chances of getting quotes. Name, e-mail / phone and message appear to be common references for forms where all you want is to get contact information so your salesperson can call and use his magic from there.

I'm building a landing page for a catering company. It will be used for a holiday-oriented PPC ad campaign. Their goal is pretty much what I've described above … they're looking for all possible leads for people looking to get their party to supply a team to let their sales team get lost.

Although the simple fact of collecting a name and a phone number will meet this objective, I feel that it seems a little bland and does not communicate any sense of skills on the part of the catering company. Or that if I fill out this form, I do not feel that the person who contacts me does not treat me as one more face in the crowd. I feel that adding additional optional questions to better qualify the potential prospect gives the user a better idea of ​​the fact that the person who contacts him knows something about himself and his situation. . These additional questions could include the party calendar, the number of guests, the type of venue. Although optional, their inclusion definitely extends the form and becomes an obstacle, but I say that anyone organizing a party is most likely to know the answers to these additional questions by heart and would not be phased. I am inclined to go so far as to say that "asking the right questions" creates a better perception of the catering society than using the more generic name / phone / email / message form and that this perception may be the factor that determines whether or not they complete the form.

Does anyone agree with me or is it better that I continue to ask for the bare minimum if the main objective is the simple number of submissions?

Short field – Alexa Alexa Rank 257K
da11 pa30
Alexa United States: 257,178
dynadot, exp 12/2019

See attachment 242543

I use rtMedia and Youzer. Can short codes be used to display a video gallery?

Please be patient if it does not make sense.

I use Youzer which adds advanced social networking features to BuddyPress. I've also added rtmedia to allow users to download videos. How do I use short codes to display a video album of the users page I click?

Example – Bob goes to the site to search for Bill. Once it appears in the profile of the bills, I would like the videos that Bill has uploaded appear in a new tab.

Can I create my own channel to get the user ID or do I have to manually add the album to each new member?enter the description of the image here

This image is the tab I want to tell WordPress to display users videos.

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