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url shorteners – How do I prevent our content editors from posting short URLs

Is there a general regex or regularly updated list of short URL domains I can use to validate that links our content editors post on our website aren’t using URL-shortener services? We want people to post the original link; since we’re also not wanting editors to post visible URLs, there’s no need for short URLs. And where there is a legitimate need for a short URL, such as for print or giving over the phone, we want it to have our domain on it for branding (we have a way to produce internal short URLs).

It would be easy to blacklist known .com URL-shortening domains such as tinyurl and digg. But with two-letter top-level domains, it seems like it would likely be a game of whack-a-mole, with new URL-shortening services likely to pop up all the time. Perhaps we could only permit two-letter top-level domains by whitelist, at the risk of slowing the ability of editors to post some legitimate links.

Are there any open solutions that are out there for this? I tried searching on “block url shorteners” (without the quotes) but only got results for URL shortening services or which mention that this site or that block posting such links, without saying how they do it.

A Drupal 7 or CKEditor solution would be ideal, but a generic code solution would work as well.

Short buffs and long actions

How do buffs with short durations (guidance for 1 minute lets say) work when used to buff rolls for long actions? (such as a heal check for treat disease)

Does the buff work at all? Does it have to be cast right at the end before the check?

woocommerce – How to add (and change the font of) the short description of the product to the order page and to the new customer order email

I would like to add the brief description of the product to the email sent to the customer when a new order is confirmed.

I added the following via a code snippet plug-in:

add_filter (& # 39; woocommerce_order_item_name & # 39 ;, & # 39; add_single_excerpt_to_order_item & # 39 ;, 10, 3);
add_single_excerpt_to_order_item function ($ item_name, $ item, $ is_visible) {
$ product_id = $ item-> get_product_id (); // Get the product ID
$ extract = get_the_excerpt ($ product_id); // Get the short description
returns $ item_name. "
& # 39 ;. $ extract; "


It works fine by adding the short description but now i would like to change the font type and size to match the rest of the email.

Can you help me, please?

How to get the full URL from a list of short URLs?

Good morning all. Anyone know of an online site or something I can use to get the full URL from a list of shortened URLs?

I don't want to visit them all one by one, it would take too long.

I'm talking about a list of shortened URLs of around 500 URLs.

So it would take too long to get the full URL for them this way.

I need to know an online site / tool where I can paste the URLs and hit Submit and that just gives me the full URL for them.

Does anyone know something like this?

Thanks guys!


Short term technical analysis by WindsorBrokers.com – Forex News & Analysis


The corrective decline from today's high of 0.9593 was contained by the SMA 4H 20 days at 0.9489. New gains above 0.9500, look for a new test of 0.9593, the release of which is necessary to resume a larger uptrend and then expose 0.9700. Otherwise, further consolidation would be likely, with bulls at play while 0.9400 remains down.

Res: 0.9543, 0.9564, 0.9577, 0.9593

Sup: 0.9485, 0.9468, 0.9413, 0.9400

usdchf_20120109150908.gif "src =" https://mediaserver.fxstreet.com/Reports/325f5b3f-7a7d-4768-8193-afec3573778f/usdchf_20120109150908.gif "/></p>
<p>Posted today, 1:50 a.m.</p>
<p>(IP: </p>
<p><strong>EUR / USD</strong></p>
<p>Remains in a short term corrective mode after leaving a low at 1.2720, with a break above yesterday's high at 1.2784, now approaching the initial barrier at 1 , 2811/20, Friday's highest / Fib 38.2% of 1.3071 / 1.2665 descending. Hourly studies remain favorable for a new higher extension and a possible new test of strong resistance in the 1.2870 area which should limit gains, because longer delays remain in negative territory. However, a recovery in levels above 1.2900 would ease the downward pressure and seek a test of key short-term resistances at 1.3072 / 1.3100. On the downside, move below 1.2665 to resume a broader downtrend and open the key supports at 1.2600 / 1.2586.</p>
<p>Res: 1.2795, 1.2811, 1.2820, 1.2857</p>
<p>Sup: 1.2760, 1.2720, 1.2700, 1.2684</p>
<p><img alt=


The pair is approaching the barrier of 1.5500, resistance / Fib figure 38.2% of 1.5668 / 1.5374, on a third day of corrective actions from 1.5374, last Friday's lowest. To confirm the basic short-term attempt, a recovery in 1.5520 zone, Friday high / Fib 50%, is necessary. This would confirm a wider image range at 1.5360, an open, intact path for stronger recovery around 1.5600 / 40. Dynamic support at 1.5455, 20 day hourly SMA, keeps bulls short term, with further decreases to contain above 1.5420, to maintain a positive structure in the short term.

Res: 1.5500, 1.5520, 1.5555, 1.5579

Sup: 1.5450, 1.5420, 1.5400, 1.5374

gbpusd_20120110074411.gif "src =" https://mediaserver.fxstreet.com/Reports/325f5b3f-7a7d-4768-8193-afec3573778f/gbpusd_20120110074411.gif "/></p>
<p><strong>USD / JPY</strong></p>
<p>The hourly structure remains negative despite the decreases contained in the 76.75 zone, the 20-day SMA capping price action in the short term. In addition, a 90-day daily chart SMA, which has limited recent upward attempts, now pointing downward, maintains downward pressure and a possible test of key support at 76.50 in play, with pause here to expose 76.00 and a low pre-intervention level at 75.55. only break above 77.20 / 32 to avoid immediate downside risk.</p>
<p>Res: 77.00, 77.32, 77.40, 77.60</p>
<p>Sup: 76.76, 76.59, 76.55, 76.10</p>
<p><img alt=


Short-term price action shows the pair back, after losing initial support at 0.9500 and additional pressure from the resignation of the SNB's head yesterday. The hourly structure remains negative, the 20-day SMA maintaining the last decline and offering initial resistance, currently at 0.9500. The next bearish target stands at 0.9448, Fib 50% of 0.9303 / 0.9593, the loss of which could eventually attract key short-term support in the 0.9400 area, daily SMA / Fib at 20 days 61 , 8%. On the upside, solid barriers are at 0.9500 and 0.9540, with the latter recovering necessary to put the bulls into play and pave the way for a new test from yesterday's high at 0.9593.

Res: 0.9500, 0.9540, 0.9577, 0.9593

Sup: 0.9463, 0.9448, 0.9413, 0.9400

usdchf_20120110074332.gif "src =" https://mediaserver.fxstreet.com/Reports/325f5b3f-7a7d-4768-8193-afec3573778f/usdchf_20120110074332.gif "/></p>
<p>Posted today at 8:20 a.m. (IP: </p>
<p><strong>EUR / USD</strong></p>
<p>The pair extended recovery from 1.2665 to probe levels above 1.2800, with 1.2817 high, near Fib 38.2% of 1.3071 / 1.2665, seen up to present. Hourly studies remain favorable, as the 20-day SMA maintains recent gains. Clear break above 1.2820 to open the next range of resistors at 1.2870, Fib 50% / 2011 low, with a rise above 1.2900 required to confirm the short term base. The current troughs at 1.2762 / 40 offer initial support and should contain troughs and keep the positive structure intact in the short term.</p>
<p>Res: 1.2817, 1.2820, 1.2857, 1.2870</p>
<p>Sup: 1.2762, 1.2740, 1.2720, 1.2700</p>
<p><img alt=


Gets congestion below the 1.5500 barrier because today's new force has failed to pass. The three-day correction phase off 1.5374, maintains a positive tone as long as the 1.5455 / 45 area, the uptrend line off 1.5374 / today’s low. 39; hui, is maintained. A break above the resistance of the triangle of 1.5500 and the release of the most important barrier of 1.5520, the highest of January 06 / Fib 50%, would signal a stronger recovery towards the next level of Fibonacci at 1.5555 and the resistance of the figure at 1.5600.

Res: 1.5500, 1.5520, 1.5555, 1.5579

Sup: 1.5455, 1.5445, 1.5420, 1.5400

gbpusd_20120110150657.gif "src =" https://mediaserver.fxstreet.com/Reports/325f5b3f-7a7d-4768-8193-afec3573778f/gbpusd_20120110150657.gif "/></p>
<p><strong>USD / JPY</strong></p>
<p>Continue to move within a narrow range, after finding temporary ground at 76.75. Hourly studies are in neutral mode, however, the 4H outlook maintains a bearish tone, while remaining under strong barriers at 77.00 and 77.32, peak on January 6, where earnings were capped by daily ADM 90 days. A break below 76.75 and solid support at 75.50 would mean the end of the corrective phase and a further bearish trend from the larger bearish trend of 78.21, December 23 high, with 76.00 to focus first.</p>
<p>Res: 77.00, 77.32, 77.40, 77.60</p>
<p>Sup: 76.76, 76.59, 76.55, 76.10</p>
<p><img alt=


Attempts to break above short-term congestion of 0.9463 / 0.9500, to signal a possible dip, with a recovery of 0.9540 required to confirm. Hourly studies are gaining ground, but the 4H outlook remains under pressure, while the 20-day SMA at 0.9420 caps. On the downside, the risk is observed in the event of a break below 0.9463, to open the way to a stronger inversion and expose a solid support at 0.9400, daily SMA / Fib at 20 days 61.8% of 0.9303 / 0.9593.

The short term price action shows the pair on the back of the foot, after losing the initial support at

Res: 0.9509, 0.9540, 0.9577, 0.9593

Sup: 0.9463, 0.9448, 0.9413, 0.9400

usdchf_20120110150533.gif "src =" https://mediaserver.fxstreet.com/Reports/325f5b3f-7a7d-4768-8193-afec3573778f/usdchf_20120110150533.gif "/></p>
<p>        . (tagsToTranslate) official</p>
<div data-id=

short connections – Combination of air tickets only available in branch

I would love to fly to Europe in these troubled days.
Air France has a good combination (with a short 50-minute connection on CDG, with change of terminal).
However, AF websites do not sell the combination. However, he sells the two stages of the trip separately.
The combination is only available via opodo and gotogate.

Should I trust the purchase through them?
I fear that I will not be covered by the short connection with the terminal transfer, in the event of complications (for example due to COVID): my final destination is not France, so this could be dangerous.

Opodo says "Connection covered by Air France": do you think it is reliable?

Any advice welcome.

I will do a search for uncompetitive keywords. for $ 20

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Uncompetitive long tail keywordsKeyword research is very important for online business because it helps to know how people are looking for the products you are selling. If you don't do keyword research and just optimize your website, you won't get sales and traffic. In the end, waste of money. Most research has been done with long tail words; therefore, it is essential to tackle long-tailed keywords with low competition. I will also provide competitor analysis and provide you with the words to stand out and differentiate yourself from your competitors.Characteristics of my words:

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Jobs – Get 40 BMF for Short Services (click on the tap) | NewProxyLists

Hello, I want to test the advertising spaces that I have placed on the taps site that I have just set up, I will pay 50 BMF per person for your help in this regard.

Faucet pays faucetpay.io automatically, claims can be made at 7 minute intervals, you will be rewarded with 50 BMF for 5 claims in total.

Proof of mission success:
-As shown in the image below, a total of 5 claims must be made from the tap site below and a screenshot of the faucetpay transaction history must be taken .

Tap location: http://freebtcwin.ml/

The site where payments will be made: http://faucetpay.io/

Screen capture of proof of payment:
See attachment 99859

The task is limited to 50 people.

dnd 5th – Do you add your skill bonus when attacking with the solar blade if you only master short swords?

Ignore the last statement on the competence of the long sword

It's a bit of a guess, but I'm pretty sure the last additional statement on mastering long swords is a side effect of how D&D Beyond works. When you create a magic weapon or armor, you to have to specify a type of weapon or armor on which your object is based.

An additional sentence is then automatically added to the description, indicating basic rules or appearance.

This is actually a problem for items that specifically specify special properties in the description that prevail over general skill rules or appearance – the sun blade is one example, where mastery of swords long or short swords allows you to be proficient in its use. (And I encountered the problem myself when creating homebrew articles!)

The same element in the Dungeon Master Guide book (page 205-206) does do not have this extra sentence, which proves that this last sentence is just a "D&D Beyond implementation problem".

@Someone_Evil provided this link to the Sun Blade in the DMG compendium for comparison. It does not include the second part that you quoted; which is copied directly from the entry for the regular long sword.