keyboard shortcuts – Gmail does not open more messages with the Enter key

Custom keyboard shortcuts are enabled in Gmail settings. Today, I manipulated them and I can not open a message with the Enter key. I can always do it with my custom keyboard shortcut for that, o. Using ENT as a value does not work, and even setting ENTER as the value bypassing the character limit does not work either.

How to reactivate the use of Enter to open a message from the list of threads?

9.0 Pie – Are there any shortcuts to adjust the brightness unintentionally on a Huawei Nova 3i (Android 9)

I try to help a visually impaired older person with his phone. She found that when the automatic brightness setting is turned on, the screen is too dark for her to see.

Without the automatic brightness enabled, it somehow manages to reduce the brightness by mistake. I wonder if there is a shortcut that reduces the brightness.

keyboard shortcuts – Determine if the user needs a cancel and restore button always visible on the user interface

Maybe this is not an answer and maybe it does not apply to your application, you also do not specify it 's about it. a desktop or mobile application. When there are shortcuts, I imagine that it is an office application.

I only tell about my experience of the existence or not of pimples.

QuarkXPress is a text editing program that in its early versions offered the most important options with keyboard shortcuts. Many of them had their corresponding option on the menu and others did not. I was wondering then what was the need to repeat the menu option when the keyboard shortcut already existed: more comfortable, more immediate, more user-friendly. Especially in the editorial design, whose speed of execution requires the use of both hands to speed up the process.

Until the day I had to learn how to use QuarkXPress for a large group of paraplegic students in a hospital training center. No keyboard shortcut makes sense, they are all totally useless.

The user with reduced mobility has a special mouse, a hemisphere that allows him to move on the screen and click options are done by pressing the sphere.

It was a nightmare for me to reinterpret a very complicated application with all its menu options and tool buttons. But nothing is comparable to these students and all those who need to activate an option with a motor impairment, especially when it does not exist.

In the analysis list, you should perhaps include people who can not use keyboard shortcuts, which is also a market and quite a lot, knowing that their life is rather sedentary.

How to vary the repetition time of the tmux key for specific shortcuts

I would like to have a high response time to change windows because sometimes I would like to see the windows. But to change the pane, I'd like to have a very low repetition time, because I've set the key on hjkl and I can already see the contents of each pane, which allows me to know exactly how much shutters I have to move.

Is it possible to set a unique key repetition time by keyboard shortcut?

How can I change the font of selected text in a cell of Google Sheets using keyboard shortcuts?

I'm trying to change the font of the selected text in a cell in Google's sheets.

enter the description of the image here

  • I've tried the steps for Google Docs here: How can I change the font in Google Docs simply with keyboard shortcuts?
    None of these steps worked for me in the cell.

  • I've also tried creating a macro (tools -> macro) that manually selects the desired font, but it does not work.

  • I have not been able to edit an active selection from a cell without using the mouse.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Keyboard shortcuts do not react as fast as I type

I am mainly a Windows user and I recently chose a Mac to work on development, but I have trouble using the computer because it is too slow to respond to keyboard shortcuts.

As I originally thought it was my IDE (MS Code), but later I discovered that in any application, the shortcuts were lazy. Therefore, when copying (cmd + c), the highlighted text often failed. and I'm just going to end up sticking the oldest copy. <- really annoying!

I've done some tests and if I'm really fast, it will be missed a lot, especially after several other important shots. For example, if you hold SHIFT and the arrows highlighted to highlight text, a quick CMD + C will fail if I do not go idle and leave a few hundred milliseconds between actions.

This is frankly more than frustrating and it makes the computer slower. What I really want is that this keyboard feels like a Windows keyboard and responds perfectly to all shortcuts and without delay.

design – I want to create a browser extension that creates shortcuts to Reddit

So, I'm a beginner programmer, and I had an idea of ​​something I'd like to try to do, which would capture "r /" with a subreddit type name (like r / nintendo, for example) for automatically fill in and take me to Reddit, via a browser extension.

How could I start doing a project like this? And is the right place to ask?

mojave – macOS: browsing between desktops using keyboard shortcuts

Go to the application System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts and you can assign keyboard shortcuts to move through spaces (offices).

enter the description of the image here

You can also use the F3 (Mission Control) on your Mac's keyboard to get a bird's eye view of all spaces (Mac desktop computers) and quickly and directly switch to the desired space. However, this will also involve the use of the mouse / trackpad.

If you are looking for a third-party tool to customize keyboard shortcuts with much finer grain control, Karabiner is a very popular application for macOS users.

File Transfer – How to Operate Shortcuts / Folder Links When Copying Content from a Template Folder to a New Folder

I have a lot of folders "templates", the content that I use to copy in the new folders that I create. My problem is to get shortcuts in the copied folders to indicate back that the folder is now copied to the new folder.
For a simplistic example:

"Folder Template" – folder structure as follows:

  1. Folder A
    a) File / shortcut to folder B
  2. Folder B

"New folder" (with the contents of the "template folder" copied into it) – folder structure as follows:

  1. Folder A
    a) File / shortcut to folder B
  2. Folder B

The problem is that when I click on a file (located in the "new folder") with a shortcut to folder B, Windows then returns to folder B of the ORIGINAL template folder and not folder B of the "new folder". folder".

Is it possible to configure the file shortcut in folder B (in the "template folder", once copied to a new folder (with other files and folders from "template folder"), it would have to while Windows opens the "B folder" in the newly created folder, as opposed to the original "template folder"?

I've tried doing research on "symbolic links" – but I do not quite understand if that's what is needed to achieve my goals. Thank you. -Cfguy100

google sheets – Navigate the menu with keyboard shortcuts

In the past, I opened a menu with a shortcut key (for example Alt + F) the menu itself would open.

Now the shortcut keys are displayed but the menu is not open, it makes it a lot harder to remember the right shortcuts and makes it impossible to learn new shortcut paths.

How to change this behavior?

enter the description of the image here