keyboard shortcuts – Replace the MacOS terminal menu with an embedded hyphen

I see a menu item in the MacOS terminal that looks like "New tab with profile – Homebrew". I would like to replace the Cmd-T shortcut that the terminal has usefully assigned to it, because the last tab I opened was a Homebrew tab.

For most keyboard shortcuts, I would usefully follow the process defined at–appen-profile-in- terminal

I can replace a shortcut to most terminal menus (for example, "Close tab" or "Close window"), but when I try to replace "New tab with profile – Homebrew", it does not work.

The obvious answer is that the "-" must not be an old hyphen. I've tried dash, em dash, a minus typographic sign and several other dash-like characters, but none worked.

  1. How to replace "New tab with Profile – Homebrew"?
  2. Is there a way to discover for myself the exact text in a dynamically generated menu (like this one)?

windows – Remove Drive shortcuts D or Add C: from File Explorer

Shortcuts reflect connected drives.

You can right-click Computer, select Manage, then Disk Management, and see which letters have been applied to which internal drives.

Then, Explorer will use these letters and others for all USB drives or network devices connected.

So let Explorer use what he needs and there is normally no need to change the letters.

When you disconnect USB keys or network keys, these letters disappear from the explorer session.

php – Add shortcuts for WordPress buttons

I'm also trying to add this button to "Quicktags" in WordPress. The button appears in "Visual" but not in the toolbar "text" can help someone with this problem?
Thank you 🙂

function wdm_add_mce_button () {
                if ( !current_user_can( 'edit_posts' ) &&  !current_user_can( 'edit_pages' ) ) {
               if ( 'true' == get_user_option( 'rich_editing' ) ) {
                   add_filter( 'mce_external_plugins', 'wdm_add_tinymce_plugin' );
                   add_filter( 'mce_buttons', 'wdm_register_mce_button' );

    add_action('admin_head', 'wdm_add_mce_button');

    function wdm_register_mce_button( $buttons ) {
                array_push( $buttons, 'wdm_mce_button' );
                return $buttons;

    function wdm_add_tinymce_plugin( $plugin_array ) {
              $plugin_array('wdm_mce_button') = plugin_dir_url() .'js/costumlinkembed.js';
              return $plugin_array;

What are the best keyboard shortcuts to save time and improve productivity?

Other than cut, copy, paste, etc. Which keyboard shortcuts do you use frequently to save time and improve productivity?

visual studio – Shortcuts when the application loses focus C #

(It is developed in C #, visual studio)

Hello what happens is next I have a sign in WindowsForms and with a shortcut anyone who says (CTR + A), assigned an element of a MenuStrip, the command executes the following:

private void ocultarToolStripMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

            if (this.WindowState==FormWindowState.Minimized)
                this.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized;
                this.WindowState = FormWindowState.Minimized;  


In short, this minimizes the size of the panel.

What I want to do is that by undir the same command turn to maximize but it's not because projector the application no longer appears (whether the browser, windows, another application, etc.).

I guess I should record a shortcut In Windows, this is related to the action I want to perform, but the truth is that I do not have a clue how to do it if there is another method.

I appreciate your help (⌐ ■ _ ■)

How to run shortcuts via Siri?

I've been using Shortcuts for a while and I know how to use Shortcuts with Siri, but since iOS 13, I did not find this option. Any help is appreciated!

keyboard – shortcuts to a dictation button

So, for starters, I'm ridiculously disabled. Can only use one hand (among many other things). You have started experimenting with the accessibility feature of dictation. Until now, it mainly consists of using keyboard shortcuts.

I've created my own shortcuts for applications that allow your own shortcut configuration files. For example, the IINA media player. It worked perfectly.

However, many applications, most of them, do not allow it. They use simple buttons such as D or ESCAPE for which it seems you can not create voice commands. So, I was wondering if anyone knew of a workaround for that? Or maybe another voice recognition app (preferably not in the Dragon Speech price range)?

I am relatively experienced with the command line if it helps open some options.

Thank you!

Missing Keyboard Shortcuts Preferences Full Access Keyboard & # 39;

what should it look like


my system preference ..

I do not know why I do not see this option. I want to see this option because I have been looking for shortcut keys for a long time to allow navigation in the search results without a mouse click.

This seems to be the only option possible without using a plug-in, unless I'm mistaken.

It was quite difficult to find tracks (to switch between search results !!!), the link that explained the relevant information of what I wanted, for example.

ios 13 – Application of shortcuts (iOS 13.1.2): How to avoid that the interface of the application of shortcuts does not open when you start a shortcut from the screen of 39; home?

I have created a very simple shortcut.

Flashlight on / off.

Then I added this shortcut to the home screen.

Now I start the shortcut from the home screen.

The administration interface of the application of the shortcuts opens (you see the list of all the shortcuts).

How can I prevent the application of shortcuts from opening?

Thank you for your help.

keyboard shortcuts – AutoHotKey: How to add special character chips with a string of letters?

I'm trying to add special characters (different types of points as seen on the last line.

Special characters in the Windows character map

It works but I would like to use a chain of letters

#+d::Send {U+25CF} ; dot solid

I've tried using this – but it does not work

:R*?:dot1::Send {U+25CF} ; dot solid

Does anyone know how to make it work?