SQL Show query result with existing values ​​and NULL values ​​if they do not exist

Good night to ask for your support when adapting a query in SQL in which I use the declaration "union" to join 2 queries in SQL but I need the result to display the 2 records, even if the one does not have the desired value.

the request I use:

SELECT pts_idparte, pts_desparte, pts_pcolista, ALM_EXISTEN
since par_almacen internal join par_parts on ALM_IDPARTE = PTS_IDPARTE and ALM_IDPARTE = & # 39; 4261102M50 & # 39; and ALM_IDALMA = & # 39; GEN & # 39;
SELECT pts_idparte, pts_desparte, pts_pcolista, ALM_EXISTEN
from par_almacen inner join par_partes on ALM_IDPARTE = PTS_IDPARTE and ALM_IDPARTE = & # 39; 4261102X & # 39; and ALM_IDALMA = & # 39; GEN & # 39;

The first selection shows a record where exists ALM_IDPARTE
however, in the selected selection, the result of the query does not display as the first record and it is necessary to specify the second as NULL if it does not exist.

current result:
pts_idparte pts_desparte pts_pcolista ALM_EXISTEN
4261102M50 DISC WHEEL 6608.05000 0.0000000

expected result:

pts_idparte pts_desparte pts_pcolista ALM_EXISTEN

4261102M50 DISC WHEEL 6608.05000 0.0000000

pts_idparte pts_desparte pts_pcolista ALM_EXISTEN


Thank you very much for your support.


Theory of complexity – How to show that the product of two binary numbers can not be determined in $ AC ^ {0} $?

Contribution $ x = x_ {0} … x_ {n-1} $. To determine the xor over $ n $-parts $ x_i $ he
is enough to multiply the next two $ n ^ 2 $Binary bits:
$$ a = 0 ^ {n-1} hspace {2mm} x_ {n-1} hspace {2mm} 0 ^ {n-1} hspace {2mm} x_ {n-2} hspace {2mm} 0 ^ {n-1} hspace {2mm} … hspace {2mm} 0 ^ {n-1} hspace {2mm} x_ {1} hspace {2mm} 0 ^ {n-1} hspace {2mm} x_ {0} $$

$$ b = 0 ^ {n-1} hspace {3mm} 1 hspace {5mm} 0 ^ {n-1} hspace {5mm} 1 hspace {5mm} 0 ^ {n-1} hspace { 2mm} … hspace {2mm} 0 ^ {n-1} hspace {5mm} 1 hspace {5mm} 0 ^ {n-1} hspace {5mm} 1 $$

The product of two binary numbers can be determined in $ AC ^ {1} $?

high sierra – How to remove an 802.1x profile in OS 10.13 when Profiles does not show up in System Preferences?

I'm trying to delete an eduroam 802.1X profile that appears in the network preferences of OS 10.13.

The solutions I found online indicate that this can be done in Profiles, System Preferences. However, there is no Profiles icon in my System Preferences. What should I do?

javascript – Why the file download does not show the file name?

Hello everyone, I hope you can help me solve this problem because I do not understand why it does not work in advance, thanks for your help and your time.

I have a modal and inside the modal I have a fileUpload with boostrap 4 to load files but by clicking on fileUpload it does not show the file name. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Here, I publish my code, hope you can help me, thank you.


My javaScript code is in a separate javascript file, this file is referenced to my master page.

$ ("# fuSubirExcel"). one (& # 39; change & # 39 ;, function () {
var filename = $ (this) .val (). split ("\"). pop ();
$ (this) .siblings (". custom-file-label"). addClass ("selected"). html (fileName);


I hope you can help me because I have not yet been able to get the name of the file to download.

Thank you

views – The custom facet processor does not show up in facet settings

We have a custom module,mymodule, where we create a custom facet processor for a facet we created (myfacet). When we activate the module and erase the cache, we do not see the new processor display.


  • How to get a custom faceted processor to display


  • Add articles Category (taxonomy term) to index for search
  • Created a view (My opinion) with display of the page.
  • Created facet where source facet = My opinion and field = Category >> Taxonomy term >> Name
  • Name = myfacet

What we tried:

  • When we navigate to / admin / config / search / facets / myfacet / edit, the processor does not show up.
  • Disabling the module, enabling and clearing the cache, but nothing.

Here is the code we tried for mymodule, but it does not display. He followed Facetapi-processor-blogpost, but that does not appear as an option.

mymodule / src / plugin / facets / processor / MyModuleProcessor.php

getProcessors ();
$ config = isset ($ processors[$this->getPluginId()])? $ processors[$this->getPluginId()] : no;
to build['character'] =[
& # 39; # title & # 39; => $ this-> t (& # 39; Character to hide),
& # 39; # type & # 39; => & # 39; textfield & # 39 ;,
& # 39; # default_value & # 39; =>! is_null ($ config)? $ config-> getConfiguration ()['character'] : & # 39;
& # 39; # description & # 39; => $ this-> t ("All results starting with this character will be hidden."),
return $ build;
/ **
* {@inheritdoc}
* /
building the public function (FacetInterface $ facet, array $ results) {
$ processors = $ facet-> getProcessors ();
$ config = $ processors[$this->getPluginId()];
$ char = $ config-> getConfiguration ()['character'];
/ ** @var  Drupal  facets  Result  ResultInterface $ result * /
foreach ($ results as $ id => $ result) {
if (strpos (strtolower ($ result-> getDisplayValue ()), $ char) === 0) {
unset ($ results[$id])
returns $ results

mymodule / config / schema / mymodule.schema.yml

type: cartography
label: Settings for the processor hide-starts-with & # 39;
type: string
label: character

sql – MYSQL Show all values ​​of a query in a single line by identifier

I made the following request:

SELECT v. *, It. *, P.description, c.name, c.name, f.name, f.name of server FROM sales v INNER JOIN itemvend it ON it.addends = v.endings INNER JOIN client c ON c. idclient = v.idclient INNER JOIN a product p ON p.product = it.product INNER JOIN an official f ON functional id = v.idfunctional COMMANDER BY v.end sales

And I got the following answer:
I could not put it decently here

My question is:
Is it possible to put idend values ​​on a single line?

For example, I would like IDVD 10 to appear, in this case, on a single line but with the three descriptions appearing, the value and qtd also appearing on the same line.

Have I been clear on what I intend to do? Someone can help me?

london – Why does not Google show trains from Luton?

I'm trying to plan a trip to London and I can fly to Gatwick or Luton. Going from Gatwick to the city seems simple with the "Gatwick Express" or "Thameslink" train tracks. However, it seems that Google does not recognize any trains from Luton, suggesting instead a bus ("National Express")?

enter the description of the image here

The Luton website says that there are frequent trains from the Luton Airport Drive with an average commute time of 40 minutes. What do I miss?
My arrival and departure would be at night if I arrived in Luton, should I worry?

MacBook Pro: The demo video of trackpad preferences does not show up

I've bought a second-hand MacBook Pro running MacOS Mojave 10.14.3. I have tried to change the Trackpad preferences according to my needs, but it seems that by changing the left option, the video demo displayed on the right is not being played. Usually, this is the case in other systems.

enter the description of the image here

How can I activate it?

Do I have to show the breadcrumbs on the application form?

If your form has a page and is quite simple (<3-5 fields, such as a contact form), you could.

If you are talking about a funnel or a process, you should preferably not display Ariane thread. Most websites opt for a dedicated "environment" where you guide users through a process, form, or application. This requires the attention of the user. You want users to complete the application form, without being distracted by any link. It is usually best to optimize the links, whether they come from navigation, footer, breadcrumb or anything else. Only post links or buttons with a specific purpose, to prevent people from leaving the page by filling out the form. You should, however, show a stepper if you have multiple pages.

Why do Google Search Console coverage reports show that excluded pages do not exist at all?

My new website is about a month old and only has 27 different web pages. I've submitted sitemap.xml to the Google Search Console, which indexed all my pages successfully. However, in the Cover page, in addition to my valid URLs, I can also see 9,000 others Excluded urls and 21 Problems. When I open the details, I see thousands of URLs that do not exist at all on my site!
enter the description of the image here

Here are some examples of links that do not exist on my site but are reported:
enter the description of the image here
Now comes the strangest part, if I search some of these URLs on Google, for example "/ телото-на-ленин-ќе-се-освежи-и-ќе-добие" I can clearly see that it is a URL hosted by another site. By searching these URLs, I discovered that all these URLs were actually older links from other famous Macedonian media sites. And it's not just a website, but several different existing websites. It's very confusing for me.