theming – Show result of current selected value in drupal 8 better expose filter used multiple filter

I want to pass only the current selected value/ want result of current selected value even if there previous selected value in Better expose filter.

I have taxonomy term with multiple term that I using in the view.

Say A B c D E having terms A – A1, A2, A3 B- B1, B2, B3 and so on

If user select A2 then he select B3 the data should shown on B3

Means previous selected terms value should not be shown only the current selected term related value should be shown

enter image description here

complexity theory – How can I simulate nested WHILE loops in a theoretical programming language to show Turing completeness?

PRE-WORK-POST is a theoretical programming language with the following structure, where P,Q and R are LOOP program:

$$text{PRE} P text{WORK} Q text{POST} R text{END}$$

First $P$ is executed. Then $Q$ is executed until $x_0 neq 0$. Finally $R$ is executed. I have to prove that PRE-WORK-POST is Turing complete and I have chosen to prove that I can simulate any WHILE program through a PRE-WORK-POST program. I’m stuck on one of the tasks. Given that $P1$ and $P2$ are both WHILE program, then $P1;P2$ is also a WHILE program (by definition). How can I simulate this using PRE-WORK-POST? I’m not really sure how I can do this since LOOP programs don’t allow for nested loops.

magento2 – Table in MySQL to show product data in Magento 2 after reindexing process

I want to know about those MYSQL tables which is used to fetch data for Front-end Products in Magento 2 after re-indexing process.

Like which table will be used after re-indexing process to show products on store.
And i want also know which table will be responsible for particular reindex process.

And if any post that is explain about reindexing process it will be very helpfull.

Any help is appriciated.

accessibility – windows 10: force all windows to show up on taskbar

Taskbar seems to be selective to which windows it will show on the taskbar, for example, if you open a device property from device manager, it will not show the window on the taskbar at all.

Is there any setting to force all windows to appear on the taskbar?

group theory – Show that $R_{n}=left{z in mathbb{C} mid z^{n}=1right}$ is a subgroup of $S={z in mathbb{C} : |z|=1}$.

Show that for each $n in mathbb{N}, n geq 2$ the set of roots $n$ n-th of the unity: $R_{n}=left{z in mathbb{C} mid z^{n}=1right}$ is a subgroup of $S={z in mathbb{C} : |z|=1}$.

I try:

$1 in R_n $ because $1^n=1$ and $1*z^n=1*1=1$ for all $z in R_n$

If $z,x in R_n$ then $z^n*x^n=(z*x)^n=1*1=1 $ then $z^n*x^n in R_n$

and if $zin R_n$ then $z^{-1} in R_n$ because $z^{-1}=frac{1}{z^n}=frac{1}{1}=1=z*z^{-1}$

is right?

How do I show a running total from the previous records?

I wonder if someone can please assist.

I have the following code which basically inserts 10 records into a table. From this table I’m trying to show a running total for the amount of sales against the seller. I’ve tried using the LAG function but that does not appear to work.

Here is the code.

    OrderId Int NOT NULL,
    Seller  varchar(10) NULL,
    Amount  money NULL

    (1, 'Alex', 10.00),
    (2, 'Sarah', 15.00),
    (3, 'Tracy', 10.25),
    (4, 'Pete', 10.25),
    (5, 'Tracy', 11.00),
    (6, 'Tracy', 10.25),
    (7, 'Alex', 10.25),
    (8, 'Jane', 10.25),
    (9, 'Alex', 20.55)

SELECT Seller, Amount, LAG(Amount,1) OVER (PARTITION BY Seller ORDER BY Seller) AS RunningTotal FROM Sales

Essentially in this example I would expect the following output

Seller|Amount|Running Total

Hope someone can help and thanks in advance.

algebraic topology – How can I show that $X_l$ and $X_{f circ l}$are homotopy equivalent?

Let $(X, mathcal{T}_X)$ be a topological space.

Let $l$ be a loop so that $p in X$ is the base point and $f: X to X$ a continuous function, where $f simeq id_X$ ($f$ and the identity function is homotopic).

Furthermore, let $X_l = {x | x = l(t) ( 0 leq t leq 1) }, X_{f circ l} = { x | x = f circ l(t) (0 leq t leq 1) }$, and their topology defined by reative topology.

Are $X_l$ and $X_{f circ l}$ homotopy equivalent?

error while im trying to show sharepoint list in external website as an embedded web content

When I try to access some sharepoint list as embedded website from external website I’m getting this error:
“This content cannot be displayed in a frame”.
To help protect the security of information you enter into this website, the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame.

Does any one have any idea what can I do?
Thank you all.

decision problem – show that NP is a subset of decidable languages

More specifically the problem says: “Let us call the set of decidable languages D. Show that NP ⊆ D”

My problem is that I always assumed that NP is decidable, but to prove it, I never thought it
Somebody have any idea about how do it? or start resolving it?

I think I can prove it saying something like the NP problems effectively end in a polynomial time (although not deterministic) so there must be a MT-ND that accepts it and always ends, I suposse

Best representation to show when we need users to pick only Sundays of every week as date?

I have effective date input field and it only should display Every Sunday for next one year for user selection
.how effectively can we design this?