stock photography – Noise reduction, upload to shutterstock declined

would you be able to help please with any feedback on the photo I’ve taken.

I’ve tried to submit it to the Shutterstock but it was rejected with the following comment: Noise / Film Grain: Content contains chrominance noise, luminance noise, sharpening noise, or film grain that detracts from the main subject.

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banks – How does Shutterstock keep getting my latest debit card number?

I’ve made a single photo purchase from Shutterstock back in 2012. I created an account and gave them my debit card #. I haven’t made a single purchase from them since.

Silently in 2018, they activated auto-renew without my consent, without notifying me via e-mail and without sending a receipt. They just started charging my new debit card. One that I hadn’t even given them. This went on for 3 years without me noticing.

Then in July 2020 I lost my wallet, so I requested a new card. Somehow, Shutterstock had my updated debit card number and was able to withdraw from my checking account again in 2021, without me giving them my new debit card info.

I’ve never given them any of the newer card numbers since 2012. How is it possible for them to always have it? Is my banking information available somewhere for them to look up?

enter image description here

canon – Image rejected by Shutterstock because the main subject is out of focus and it contains noise

Here are a few suggestions that will help you for future submissions.

Image Caption / Image Title

The correct description plays a huge role in the image being accepted or not.
An image such as this, needs a caption such as the following, or something to this effect

“A single in focus strand of purple lavender against a sea of blurry and out of focus purple flowers”

Because the depth of field in your image is so shallow, a caption such as this ensures that the image is reviewed correctly.


When taking images handheld, most images suffer from Motion blur.
Images such as flowers in a field, suffer additionally from wind!
So, even if you were using a tripod, there is no guarantee that the shutter speed was sufficient enough to capture a pin sharp image.

In the case of this image, the main subject it is not sharp and suffers from motion blur of about -70-75 degrees(going upwards towards 11oclock) at a radius of about 8-10 pixels.
This needs correcting.

In addition to this, the main subject also lacks contrast and definition and that also increases the possibility of the main subject being viewed as out of focus.

Chromatic Aberration

The motion blur around the main subject along with the back/side light, has created a Blue/Magenta tint that needs to be taken out.

Camera limitations

Finally, your camera plays a big part on the quality of the image.
What may look good on the back of the camera or great on a monitor, may not transpire to look so great when its viewed at 200%.

You have to remember, it is the Stock agencies reputation at stake and therefore your image will be scrutinised at not just a maximum of 100% resolution, but possibly a lot higher.

Along with all these technical issues, your image also needs to highlight the main subject so that it’s the brightest part of the image and where your eyes settles first.
Other brighter areas need to have the highlights reduced.

Perhaps, for this type of image, you need a lens that can provide a more “creamier” background blur so that there is a clear definition between the subject and background with the right amount of contrast.

Due to the image being backlit, or slightly to the side, I can only presume you have lifted the shadows or the camera automation has lifted the shadows and this has introduced noise.

Hope this helps

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Help me! Shutterstock and Photos5 have sent notices of copyright infringement.

About a year ago, I received an email from and another one from with a request to ban and drop the rules of the website. litigation for violation of copyright.

I've used photos I've found on Google and on some free wallpapers websites on my professional website. These images are protected by copyright (which I did not know at the time, and I had the impression that all images on Google are free to take), Shutterstock asked for $ 273, and Photos5 m proposed a settlement of $ 150 to resolve the copyright infringement within 10 days prior to the lawsuit.

I ignored both emails and I immediately deleted the pictures and I never wrote them. They have sent me many emails during this period, asking me to resolve the case before bringing in lawyers, but I have ignored the emails because I've already deleted the images of my websites and their last e-mail have informed me that, as I was not paying their settlement offer, they will sue me and that their images are protected by the author's right and registered at the copyright office, etc., and I did not hear from them after that.

Two weeks ago, Shutterstock sent me an e-mail informing me that he was going to process my case in front of a contractual agency charged with the enforcement of copyright, that I also ignored.

BUT now, I have received a registered letter from an IP lawyer's office in my area, representing photos5, and I have no idea of ​​how they have found my address or my real name (my domain was protected by whois) informing me that they have already started the legal procedure. actions to recover statutory damages, Apparently, the copyright infringement involving images registered with the US Copyright Office allows for statutory damages of up to $ 30,000, or 150,000 dollars it can be shown that it was a voluntary act. !!! This is only an image !!!

I contacted them and I offered to buy the image and pay the previous settlement fee of $ 150 and close the case. I am sorry, but they replied "we are contractually obliged not to talk to you", and I should discuss this issue only with their lawyers !!

What should I do, should I hire an intellectual property lawyer because it costs too much, or should I negotiate directly with their lawyer, I need help please !! any advice is very appreciated.