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I feel you on that. I do think you have a lot of potential to win the SEO game with this plugin, and I may have just found a lead for you.

When I searched “dark mode wordpress” I got this WPBeginner article:

In their tutorial they recommend this “dark mode” plugin:

…which, according to the most recent reviews, the authors just pulled a fake-out on their users and hijacked the plugin to be something else. So, WPBeginner’s article is technically outdated, and as an authority—they hate to be out of date. Your move here is to contact them, fill them in on this situation and request they change the links out with a link to your Dark Mode 2 plugin.

Maybe get an affiliate program setup too. It’s hard to get promotion for premium products from large WP outlets and you’ll need everything you can to convince these guys.

Next, and here’s where you can go bold—WP Tavern recently posted a series of articles about a similar controversy where another company acquired a popular plugin and did the same kind of fake-out on their users. You have an opportunity here to ride that wave of controversy—which got a lot of attention from the WP Tavern readers—and bring this story to their attention. Submit it as a tip and mention that you have your own Dark Mode plugin and any link back to your plugin would really help you as an independent plugin developer.

Strike while it’s hot my friend. :cool:

ssas – Server side tracing for SQL Server Analysis Services

We are looking to continuously run server side trace on Analysis Services and record its output in a table in database in the Database Services.

There are tons of articles showing server side trace for Database Services but I have yet to find one for Analysis Services.

Any suggestions on where to start recording and automating server-side traces for Analysis Services to run always?

sharepoint enterprise – How to get rid of Missing server side dependencies for Chart WebPart class

Missing server side dependencies – [MissingWebPart] WebPart class [Microsoft.Office.Server.WebControls.ChartWebPart].

Have enabled this web part for SP2016. I am able to use Add-SPSolution, Install-SPSolution, for .wsp solutions, Enable-SPFeature but not .webpart solutions.

How do I resolve this issue or convert this web part to a .wsp solution?

Which side of the Equator? | Forum Promotion

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How to add a new section in the create order page in the admin side and save it on submitting the order in magento 2.3

I am trying to add a custom section under Address information in the create order page in the Magento admin section and save it on submitting the order.

enter image description here

Anybody help me to solve this?

algorithm – Find the farthest smaller number in the right side of an array

Given an array of size N. For every element in the array, the task is to find the index of the farthest element in the array to the right which is smaller than the current element. If no such number exists then print -1

This question is taken from here

I came up with the following approach,

  1. Create a binary search tree from the right side of the array
  2. Each node stores the following info – the value, the index of the current element and the index of the smallest element which is farthest away from it’s right side
  3. While inserting, check if the current element being inserted (while moving to the right subtree) satisfies the condition and update the farthestDst accordingly

I tried to submit this, but I got Wrong Answer (failing test case not shown). I have attached my code in C++ below

class TreeNode{
    // farthestDst is the index of the smallest element which is farthest away from it's right side
    int val,idx,farthestDst;
    TreeNode* left;
    TreeNode* right;
    TreeNode(int value, int index, int dst){
        val = value;
        idx = index;
        farthestDst = dst;
        left = right = NULL; 

class Solution{   
    TreeNode* root = NULL;
    unordered_map <int,TreeNode*> mp; // store address of each node just to speed up search
    TreeNode* insertBST(TreeNode* root, int val, int idx, int dst){
        if(root == NULL){
            TreeNode* node = new TreeNode(val,idx,dst);
            mp(val) = node;
            return node;
        else if(val >= root->val){ // checking the condition
            if((root->idx)-idx > dst){
                dst = root->idx;
            root->right = insertBST(root->right,val,idx,dst);
            root->left = insertBST(root->left,val,idx,dst);
        return root;
    // actual function to complete where N is the size of the vector and nums contains the values
    vector<int> farNumber(int N,vector<int> nums){
        vector<int> res;
        if(nums.size() == 0){ // base case check if nums is empty
            return res;
        for(int i = nums.size()-1; i >= 0; i--){
            root = insertBST(root,nums(i),i,-1);
        for(int i = 0; i < nums.size(); i++){
            TreeNode* node = mp(nums(i)); 
        return res;

While I did understand the solution mentioned in the post, I would really like to know why the above approach fails.
Just a note, if anyone wants to test their solution, they can do so at this link

Please do let me know if further clarification about the code is needed

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

platformer – position locking and smooth lerping side scroller camera follows the player with jittering delay

I’ve seen this question:

How to smoothly move camera when the player is climbing a diagonal staircase in 2D tile-based side-scroller?

And here’s my code:

export default class Camera {

  target: Point;
  frustum: Rect;

  update() {
    this.frustum.x += (this.target.x - this.frustum.x) * 0.1;
    this.frustum.y += (this.target.y - this.frustum.y) * 0.1;

// usage

export class User {

  camera: Camera

  update() {
    if (this.camera.target.distanceBetween(this.player.position) > 8 * TileSize) {
      this.camera.target = this.player.position;

  render() {


So basically, camera has a frustum that smoothly approaches to target position. If the player position is greater than some distance, the camera target position is set to player position.

This results in something like this:

camera jitter

As you can see camera stops for a second, then follows then stops again, if I decrease the distance threshold to follow the camera, the jitter happens on the player.

Why is this happening to me, just why?

css – How can i border radius and fill the color with the side div?

css – How can i border radius and fill the color with the side div? – Stack Overflow em PortuguĂŞs

3d – Calculate how many degrees each side of the device is up or down

There is a physical device (sensor) which I can rotate. The device sends its X Y Z coordinates and a calculated acceleration vector in mg (mill mg). I can read this data from this device by using BLE. The device should lie flat while transportation, so I need to calculate how many degrees each side of the device is up or down.

Let me illustrate:

enter image description here

So, what I need to find out is how many degrees the device’s central vector (I guess?) is off the X Y Z axis?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Please, let me know if I should update my answer or give more details.

grid – Overlapping div in left side when turning off the collapse on the left sidebar

I built a dashboard that contains sidebar with collapse. When I try to put chartjs and make it display:grid, it turns out it is overlapping the right side when turning of the collapse.

Here is my html code:

<div style="grid-template-rows: auto;">
    <div class="line">
        <canvas id="myChart"></canvas>
    <div class="line">
        <canvas id="myChart"></canvas>
<div class="pie">   
    <canvas id="pieChart"></canvas>

css code:

    .line {
        margin-top: 3rem;
        background: #fff;
        width: 100%;
        height: 23.9vh;
        box-shadow: 2px 2px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);

    .pie {
        margin-top: 3rem;
        background: #fff;
        width: 100%;
        height: 50vh;
        box-shadow: 2px 2px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);

I have same code with my cards but I don’t know why my charts becomes like this.

enter image description here

enter image description here

UPDATE: I put `position:fixed in my canvas of pie chart and it works but the pie chart gets smaller when turning off the collapse.

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