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Restrict CA to issue certficates for one domain or to be able to sign just one server certificate

I have a server and I want my iPhone to connect to it securely. However, I cannot just install the self-signed server certificate on my iPhone. When I install the profile (that’s what they call the certificate), it says “Not verified”.

Normally, you would go to CA Trust settings and enable full trust for the certificate. BUT I deliberately made the certificate with critical,CA:false constraint. That’s the reason it does not show in the CA Trust settings.

Why did I do it — I just need to install the single certificate and I don’t want to totally compromise my iPhone security, if my CA credentials got stolen.

Do this have a solution? iOS probably requires a CA to trust a certificate, but I don’t want a possibility to create certificates at all (beside the one), or at least for another domains.

One potential “solution” might be to create the CA, sign the server certificate and then delete the CA key, as it would not be needed and would live for a shorter time (lower chance to get stolen).

However, people except me wouldn’t be stoked to install it. (I don’t want to buy a certificate as its a home project and I don’t even have a domain name, just the IP address.)

The certificate complies with apple’s current requirements for server certificates. (

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Is the low turnout at Trump’s Tulsa rally another sign that Americans have had enough?

The entire concept of having that rally at this time in that place was idiotic.  The American people have had enough of this clown show. 

The Fox News poll released last week shows Biden’s lead over Trump widening to a 12-point lead, up from an 8-point lead last month.   

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usability – On a website should you highlight the Sign In or the Sign Up button?

Like so many things in UX, the answer is “it depends”.

Does your site have tons of visitors but relatively few authenticated users who probably stay signed in forever? Highlight the Register button and see if it entices more people to sign up.

Or is your site one with dedicated users that can’t stay signed in for technical reasons (security, device switching, etc.)? Put the Sign In button front and center so those people can get back to doing what they need.

When an average person lands on your home page, what is the single most important thing they will want to do? Build the UI to support that flow.

The risk here is also super low. If a user wants to sign in or register and you have a button for that which is clearly labeled and not hidden, they will probably click it no matter what visual styling it has. Try some things out. Pick some metrics, do an A/B test and see what happens!

usability – Auto-completing sign up forms using email enrichment API

I am building a professional network and I am considering whether I should pre-fill sign-up form with the data that we obtain from the email enrichment API.

The current sign-up flow is:

  1. User gives their email.
  2. We send an email, which is used to authenticate user.
  3. Once they are authenticated, they are brought to the onboarding flow.
  4. The onboarding flow asks them questions such as: “What is your name?” “What is your Twitter?”, etc.

This question is regarding the last step.

In theory, we don’t need to ask the user to enter most of this data because we can pull it from email enrichment APIs. Just by having user’s email (90% of the time) we can already pull their full name, their social profiles, and most of the other typical information about user’s public presence. Therefore, should we just pre-fill this information for the user?

enter image description here

If we were to follow this pattern, the first thing that the user would see after clicking on the link we’ve sent to their email would be this form with their first name and last name pre-filled and advising about the source of the information.

Has anyone done it before?

How was this perceived?

What are the possible downsides?