Anonymity – Can a USB dongle with an active 3 / 4G SIM card be tracked?

Suppose I buy a USB dongle on occasion and I put a prepaid and unregistered SIM card. At the time of purchase of the two items, my face was covered, paid in cash and I lived 500 km from the place of purchase.

I stick the dongle in my laptop that runs a live Linux operating system. From time to time, I visit a certain website where my IP is revealed and where the opponent is a government agency endowed with huge resources. How accurate can they locate me?

As far as I know, the IMEI number of the device and the information on the simulation will be broadcast to the Internet provider. Also with cell triangulation, they will be able to locate a point. I understand that I can be localized to some extent, but to what extent? How close can they be? In 1 mile? within 100 meters? within 10 meters?

cell phones – Can you buy a SIM card at Bagan Nyaung-U (NYU) airport?

Can I buy a SIM card at the Bagan Nyaung-U (NYU) airport?

What I have found so far:

I have not found any official website on the Bagan Nyaung-U (NYU) airport.

I have not found any information on airport sim googling bagan nyaung-u map outside opens-at-bagan-airport.html (mirror) (published on 2016-10-16):

A mobile phone rental service for tourists has been extended to Bagan's Nyaung-U airport, a spokesman for the Yatanarpon Mobile Rental Service said.
Yatanarpon opened an ATM at the airport on October 10, next to the information desk, he said. (…) SIM cards cost $ 2 a day, ordinary handsets pay $ 2 a day, and smartphones charge $ 4 a day. Customers must also pay a deposit of $ 50 for a SIM card, $ 50 for a regular handset and $ 150 for a smartphone handset.

But this is the only place where I found this information and I do not know if 1) it is still available 2) I can use their SIM card without having to rent their phone.

What is the SIM Toolbox and how to prevent it from automatically adding to the home screen every time I restart my phone

Every time I restart my phone, an application called SIM Toolkit appears and is added to the home screen (in the upper right corner of the image below).
How to stop it?
Android 8.1, Sony Xperia XA1 plus, Microsoft launcher

Is it better to get a SIM card in Argentina before or during my trip?

I go to Argentina and only have one phone at work. Is it better to get a Sim Card here or in Argentina, knowing that I do not speak much Spanish?

How can I remove the SIM toolkit app on my phone?

I've read about it and it says that it (SIM Toolkit) is a disguised spy application (Mobile Spy). If anyone could help, that would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

MSC Sim Factory Forming 16.0 (x64) – NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 3.1 GB

Simufact Forming is a simulation tool for professionals working with forming technology. Our goal is to focus the software on the practical needs of users. Our customers confirm that we have done a lot in this area. The operation of a simulation software very often requires a lot of expert knowledge to build and program complex models. This is not the case with Simufact Forming: the user can focus on the details of the forming process related to engineering. It does not have to deal with the physics of the forming process, nor the details specific to the simulation. Simufact Forming is application-oriented, but also easy and quick to master.
A flawless stay

The standard user interface of Simufact Forming allows the software to be easily used and thus to become an engineering tool for die or process developers whose day-to-day work is supported and simplified. In just a few clicks, all standard-setting processes can be simulated and evaluated.

Simufact Forming is distinguished by its easy-to-use design and the fact that it only takes a short time to get familiar with the product. The main benefits of the user-friendly, user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) are:
Simple and intuitive Windows style user interface (for example, drag and drop)
Very easy and fast to learn
Train technological terminology
Clear structure according to the object area (dies, machines, materials, etc.), the processing area (forming operations) and the graphic model / result area
All objects can be provided by databases
AFS technology (application feature sets) simplifies the use
Model technology assists the user during simulation setup and makes process-specific expert adjustments in the background. The user can fully focus on the process to simulate. Knowledge of digital experts is useless
Contextual help system for all user input with links to additional information and sample templates
All simulation results can be displayed and evaluated graphically with the help of graphics, animations and diagrams during the course of a simulation.
Pre-processing and post-processing are combined in a single graphical interface. This reduces the need for training and simplifies multi-step process simulation
Extremely easy to generate model variants.

What's up


Download from UploadGig

Download from RapidgatorDownload from Nitroflare
A flawless stay

sim card – firmware for samsung s7 edge dous

I have a Samsung s7 edge duo (Middle East – UAE), I installed a new firmware on it 3 weeks ago and, after this installation, the second sim has stopped to work.

Is it possible that the version I installed is for s7 edge (single sim)?

If so, could you add a link to a firmware for the duos version?

monitoring – Does the telecommunications provider need physical access to the SIM card to clone it?

In many dictatorships, the police (in collaboration with the telephone company) use the cloning of SIM cards to spy on dissidents, journalists, etc. Some people say that you need the SIM card authentication key to clone it so that physical access to the card is real. a prerequisite for cloning. However, if we assume that the phone company is working for the political police, can it design the SIM card so that it can work without an authentication key? This would make the SIM card cloning process much easier and therefore dangerous for civil society.

Telx launches the crypto-encrypted sim card portfolio! Bitcoin bot that also trades on Bitmex with a large margin trading strategy. – Advertising, offers

Know the value of the Facebook account and how can I reset the Facebook password?

Since we started chatting on Messenger, we know the value of the Facebook account. And not only that's why we started doing it, but also when you need to share some helpful videos, pictures and thoughts to someone on his calendar, you can easily use your account Facebook.

How to change the Facebook password and how can I reset the Facebook password?

You can change the password after resets in case you can not remember the password you changed recently. To do this, you must first reset the password, then you can easily select the change password.

Here are ways to reset the Facebook password:

· To reset the password, you must click on the forgotten password button and enter the correct mobile phone number.

· Enter the email address, then click the password reset link that will provide you with instant help smoothly.

· Then you can enter the new password in the new fields and confirm the password at the end of the task.

Here are ways to change the Facebook password:

· First, go to the Facebook account settings and enter the correct e-mail address and password.

· Now select the password change button, enter the old password, then press the next one.

· Now click on the code sent to your mobile phone, enter it in the field and go to the next one.

· Enter the new (easy-to-learn) password in the New and Confirm password fields at the end of the task.

For more help and information on the Facebook account and for all the details, I will show you why change the Facebook password, you can contact our support team at any time.

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5.0 lollipop – How to find a location for sim based on the phone number entered?

In my application, the user enters his phone number. The user wishes to trigger an automatic answer with the same number each time he receives an incoming or missed call or makes an outgoing call. What I'm trying to do is get the location index of the SIM card, that is, each time the user enters their mobile number, the corresponding location index, in an integer variable that will be used in place of the code parameter below (sim id).


 public static boolean sendSMS(Context ctx, int Sim_Id, String toNum, String centerNum, String smsText,
   PendingIntent sentIntent, PendingIntent deliveryIntent) {


Method method = Class.forName("android.telephony.SubscriptionManager").getDeclaredMethod("getSubId", int.class);

            Method method = Class.forName("android.telephony.SubscriptionManager").getDeclaredMethod("getSubId", String.class);

            int simID = 1;
             while simID is the slot number of your second simCard

            String inst = (String) method.invoke(null, centerNum);
           SmsManager smsMan = SmsManager.getSmsManagerForSubscriptionId(Integer.valueOf (inst));
           smsMan.sendTextMessage(toNum, null, smsText, null, null);

            int() param = (int()) method.invoke(null, new Integer (Sim_Id));
            int inst =  param(0);

SmsManager smsMan = SmsManager.getSmsManagerForSubscriptionId(inst);
            smsMan.sendTextMessage(toNum, null, smsText, null, null);