automation – Is there software similar to Anjian Mobile?

Is there a macro / automation with pixel finder similar to the Anjian Mobile script?

Anjian Mobile is in Chinese but can not find anything similar in English.

Sample video in Chinese:

The scripting software allows you to create a macro with pixel finder on PC and export to APK format.

python – I need to modify the interface of this Rubick cube or create a very similar one from 0

This is the cube in question that I only need to modify the interface, not the operation, I want to remove the buttons below and move the buttons to solve the cube and return to the initial view to the top, what is the cube itself leave it as it is, some one can help me with that?

dnd 5th – Should we simply grant Wishes objects of similar potency to Wish's listed effects?

The Wish spell allows you to do one of three things:

(1) The basic use of this spell is to duplicate any other spell level 8 or lower.


(2) You can also create one of the following effects of your choice.

  • You create an item of up to 25,000 gp that is not a magic item. The object can not exceed 300 feet in any size and it appears in an unoccupied space visible on the ground.


(3) You may be able to achieve something that goes beyond the examples above. Express your wish to the SM as precisely as possible. The SM has a lot of room to decide what happens in such a case. The bigger the wish, the more likely something will go wrong. This spell can simply fail, the effect you desire may only be partially achieved or you may suffer unforeseen consequences due to the wording of the wish.

The difference between No. 2 and No. 3 is that the examples provided by No. 2 are entirely reliable: they will not fail / will not succeed in part / will be only monkey's leg, which could happen to a wish n ° 3.

So: how can a wish for something that is not among the examples 2, but that the DM thinks to have a similar or less power, be judged here? For example, the wish to constantly summon five (normal) horses. Not one of the examples, but clearly not a more powerful effect than the ones they provide. Would it be granted automatically (that is, as examples # 2) or unreliable at 100% (that is, it falls in # 3) ?

It looks like it depends exactly on what "goes beyond the scope of the examples above".

open source – stack similar to the Cnet dotnetcore Web API, without Microsoft

ASP.NET is open source, the .NET Core runtime is Open Source, the standard .NET Core library is open source, the C # compiler (roslyn) is Open Source, the Visual Studio code is Open Source. ASP.NET and Roslyn are under Apache License 2.0, the others under MIT.

They all work under Linux. If you do not trust the Microsoft distribution, go ahead and build it yourself.

I do not know MariaDB, but you can get official MySQL connectors for .NET.

It is possible to host ASP.NET Core on Linux with Nginx and to host ASP.NET Core on Linux with Apache.

the Open Source version of Visual Studio Code can not debug dotnetcore projects

This feature is provided by an extension: omnisharp-vscode (Microsoft Marketplace) (MIT license). Do you have any problems with that?

Here is an alternative: use Atom (MIT license) and omnisharp-atom (MIT license). Debugging should work.

Yes, Atom comes from Github and Microsoft acquired Github, so technically it belongs to the same company … Well, there is MonoDevelop, oh, Ximian is a subsidiary of Microsoft now.

Well, let's say that for whatever reason, Microsoft decides to give up some of the components mentioned above … the latest versions already available will continue to work. Including the .NET Core for Linux.

Microsoft decides to go back to a model in which dotnet networks only work on their expensive and closed platforms (such as Windows Server and Azure).

The latest version of Mono at the time would continue to work.

And if that poses a problem, someone else will take care of the job, if only to keep them in the new versions of the operating systems and fix the bugs.

No, Microsoft will not make your code stop working.

Well, let's say you can only trust Mono and MonoDevelop (you can be as paranoid as you like) to keep working … Why not use Mongrel2 with Mono and m2net? (No .NET kernel or ASP.NET).

Finally, if you can not use any Microsoft product. I will remind you that the creators of any other free and open source software can decide to make the next source version closed. What would happen? Someone forks and continues to work on it as free and open source software. It's the same with Microsoft.

Look, MariaDB was created from MySQL because "corporate means bad", as with LibreOffice of OpenOffice. Ok, it's not exactly the same, but the solution is the same: fork.

Addendum: Oh, but Microsoft controls Github. And if they decided to remove it and that Nodoby had forked it? Get a copy today.

"Microsoft is Evil":

  • Microsoft owns the author rights on the runtime API or the standard library API. So, Microsoft could sue (something similar to Oracle vs Google on Android)
  • Microsoft holds a patent on the .NET runtime code and standard library. Because of this, if someone else is trying to implement the runtime, they can continue.

NO! These APIs are standard under ECMA and ISO (although standardization is lagging behind). In addition, Microsoft only restricts the use of their code for anything that is not related to .NET, see Microsoft's Promise for .NET Libraries and Runtime Components. So, no matter who is free to implement them. For example, there was a DotGNU project to implement them under GPL.

backend – How do payments work in Kickstarter (or similar)?

In Kickstarter, payment is only made if the project is successful. I would like to know interns about this regarding the payment system:

  • Is the payment system affected when submitting the offer?

  • Is there anything in the payment system that ensures that when the project is successful, I will pay?

I am aware that it depends on the companies and payment providers. Just curious to know if there is a general concept of "promise of payment" used in this context and how it works.

verystream and similar popup agency | NewProxyLists

I have recently created my video player by selecting verystream as the second alternative drive on my site.

With Verystream, I earned $ 150 / day, but lately, Verystream is much slower and the evening is going to be fun. So I decided to create my video hosting service that ultimately solved my problems.

The number of users has increased since the use of my drive, but I have a problem.

I've tried pops and popcash but the result is still the same: I earn little.

With Verystream, I earned 150USD / day, while that with Popad or Popcash, I only got 50 USD a day.

It's strange, because I think it would bring me a lot more, because it also absorbs server costs, bandwidth, and so on.

So my question is: how Verystream etc. does it get advertising agencies that pay so much?

Is there anything that escapes me? Why do I earn less instead of winning more?

How to find similar records using a multidimensional array?

I have a painting that describes a movie release. This table is composed of columns:

  • movie_id int
  • release day int
  • showtime_count int
  • ticket_sold_count int

for example. (1, 1, 100, 200) The tuple describes the movie ID 1; on the first day of its release, the film counted 100 sessions and sold 200 tickets.

I have a movie 5 days after launch (for example (2,1,100,200), (2,2,150,300), (2,3,100,250), (2,4,150,300), (2,5,100,250)) and I want to find previous versions that have worked similarly so far in the version.

I know that I can somehow calculate a distance between two points using <->. But how to index and search throughout the database a movie whose distance for days 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 is the lowest?

2nd Pathfinder is it more or less similar to D & D 5th Pathfinder 1e?

Pathfinder 2nd came out more recently than D & D 5th and there may be some similarities or influences that 5th has had on Pathfinder.

Is the new edition of Pathfinder more similar or less similar to the previous edition of Pathfinder to D & D 5th?

javascript – Create a digital robot similar to the stock market

I ask your help to know where I can learn to create digital robots.
I have a system and I want to automate it with this robot because I know the number of inputs and outputs.

I have no idea what language to start.

Thanks for your advices.

layout – Slack or similar application: length of the message line?

I was just wondering why Slack did not limit the length of the message text on the desktop one way or the other, as if we were going full screen and no side window was available. open text message being difficult to read?

Do they know that many users resize the Slack window and that they do not want to embarrass it or that they just say if you want, you can, because why not :]? ?

I took Slack as an example of messaging application, but – Messenger has a different approach – limits and a conversational presentation.

What you think?