python – How to implement a simple chat option for a server-client game

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gm techniques – What are the benefits of using the X Card security tool over a simple communication?

X Card and other resources in the toolbox come with rules, whereas when groups I had once played with "direct communication", that's what happened when the content of the game triggered the interaction is that the conversation has sometimes completely failed to improve safety and sometimes aggravated the situation.

Just to quote the rule, according to the John Stavropoulos X Card documentation, when you

"Lift this card or just tap it, you do not have to explain why, no matter why."

This created an expectation in two of my gaming groups: by agreeing to use the X Card, this concept was introduced and applied by a conscientious, cooperative and responsive group.

On the other hand, the simple fact of relying on "simple communication" encouraged people to … wait … to communicate. As in, be free to bring what they want to the conversation. This included questioning the triggered person and unedited reactions, which had just created additional triggers and the badness of uninformed judgments. Not too safe. By do not do anything proactive to actively promote a safe space, some people were absolutely not prepared to show empathy and attention when a triggered person requested accommodation, which resulted in not give her what she needed and asked, because of lack of understanding or disagreement.

Now, I imagine (I'm only saying rhetorically. I did not try that.) It's certainly possible to have a conversation before the game starts on the fact that the way you are going to ensure security is to do something very similar to what the X Card protocol describes, but, now, you are no longer in the territory of "simple communication".

Given my personal experience with the two options presented in the question, X Card or nothing special, the main benefit is the X Card. comes with trainingthe more he ensures that everyone is on the same page before the game starts, to the extent that willingness to participate in a safe space at all go.

Web Crawlers – Simple Scripting Using a Browser to Record Dynamic Web Pages

I want to explore some web pages, reading plain HTML is an easy quote, but when it comes to reading dynamic web pages, you need a full browser.

Is there a simple way to let a dynamic web page load completely, then analyze its DOM?

How much does it cost to create a simple mobile app?

How much does it cost to create a simple mobile app?

Why are Bell-LaPadula's simple, flagship properties so named?

In the Bell LaPadula model, there are 2 properties:

  • * (star) Properties: No writing
  • Simple properties: No reading

I can understand not to write and no readingwhich is very descriptive.

However, why are these properties also named "*" and Simple? The conversion of names does not make sense to me …

SQL Server – How to improve a simple update statement that causes blocking issues, unnecessary index analysis in the query plan

Please, consider me – I'm on the development side but I was tasked with finding the cause of several blocking issues after upgrading from SQL Server 2008 to 2016. Blocking is intermittent everything goes well for a few weeks, then maybe once. or twice a month, the application becomes unusable. Here is one of the recurrent queries incriminated when this happens:

UPDATE campaign_log
SET date_modified = No 2019-06-18 14:28:19 & # 39;
, mail_disposition_status = & # 39; 1 & # 39;
, status_date = N / 06 / 17/2019 & # 39;
, activity_date = N / 05 / 22/2019 & # 39;
O id = N 03938240-0112-437C-AF97-ECCF2EF78E77 & # 39;

It seems that this query plan tells me that the index scan [SUGARCRM].[dbo].[campaign_log].[idx_mail_disposition_status] is really inefficient.

I do not know why the column Mail_disposition_status is indexed or why this index is chosen to execute this query. Looks like he should maybe use an index on id? There are 2,622,020 rows in the campaign_log table.

Can any one indicate in the right direction what I should look for to solve this problem? Honestly, I'm pretty lost on what I'm looking for.

Reduce or solve a simple linear equation problem

I have the following equations

Index[NE, t] == Index[X, t]/ ([Gamma]* [Sigma]^ 2)

Index[NF, t] == (index[D, t] - (T - t - 1) * [Gamma]* [Sigma]^ 2 * Q - Index[P,t]) / ([Gamma]* [Sigma]^ 2)

uf == 1 - ue

Q == ue * Index[NE, t] + uf * index[NF, t]

I would like to solve for Index[P,t]

When I use the reduction function, I get the following result:

ue + uf == 1 &&
Q == an index[NE, t] +
uf index[NF, 
    t] && (([Gamma] [Sigma] ! = 0 && Index[NE, t] == 0 &&
Index[X, t] ==
0) || ([Sigma] Index[NE, t] Index[X, t] ! =
0 && [Gamma] == Index[X, 
      t]/ ([Sigma]^ 2 Index[NE, t]))) &&
Index[P, t] ==
   t] + [Gamma] [Sigma]^ 2 (Q (1 + t - T) - Index[NF, t])

Which is not the right solution.

When I try to use the Solve function, the result is empty. What am I doing wrong? Reduce and solve is not it ok to use here?

unit – Simple networking, now that UNet is not recommended

I prototype a two-player typing game in Unity. I have no experience of creating multiplayer games, so I do not know how to best approach the netcode.

For this game, all I think I need is an API to send messages to and from a server – both clients only care about what the other is typing, and there is no game that is even related to physics. Looking in UNet, it seems that games-based gameplay games are doing more than my game needs, but HLAPI's email information seems to work well. That said, this is a real-time game, so low latency is more important than API style considerations.

The key, however, is that Unity does not recommend UNet without sending replacements. I would start working with HLAPI, but I do not want to have to replace all the network code all along the line or even stop the game when Unity's servers go down, if that's what's going on will pass after the use of HLAPI.

So, as a beginner in multiplayer development, with relatively low API requirements, where can I go when Unity Multiplayer is changing? Should I learn the DOTS-Netcode mentioned in this recent blog post? Should I use a third-party solution such as Photon? Or will the HLAPI be sufficient even after depreciation?

linux – Simple buffer overflow trying to flee the system () address

The code is:


void vuln (char * arg) {
tank buffer[10];
strcpy (buffer, arg);

int main (int argc, char ** argv) {
vuln (argv[1])
returns 0;

I determined that I could enter a 26-character buffer in total to overwrite EIP. In gdb the address of

system (): 0xb7e41b40
$ SHELL's "/ bin / bash" part: 0xbffffdac 

if I run

run $ (python -c "print (& # 39; * 22) + & # 39;  x40  x1b  xe4  xb7 + FAKE & # 39; + & # 39;  xac  xfd  xff  xbf & # 39; ")

in gdb he will drop me in a shell. Unfortunately, this does not work in the shell because of ASLR. GDB tells me that strcpy is at 0xb7e7c750 with an offset of 0x3AC10 compared to system (). What I think is that if I can somehow store the strcpy address at run time and use the offset (and the offset of the string), I can do it work with the system ("/ bin / bash"), which is basically what i do in gdb without the ASLR.

Any advice … or direction regarding the applicable documentation would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to successfully exploit the bug without disabling any security measures.

Currently, there are ASLR, PIE, ASCII Armor, NX (I suppose) and SSP (this is also assumed). I am on Debian 9. Thank you!

abstract algebra – Intersection of a Galois finite extension with simple extensions

$ f $ is an irreducible polynomial in $ mathbb Q[x]$, $ Q subset E $ is a finished extension of Glaois. $ alpha, beta $ are roots of $ f $. Show that if $ E $ is the $ n $the cyclotomic domain then $ mathbb Q ( alpha) cap E = mathbb Q ( beta) cap E $.

First of all, note that $ alpha in E $ Yes Yes $ beta in E $ because Galois extensions are normal. Then we can assume $ alpha $ and $ beta $ are both in $ E $. If I can show that, given $ sigma in Aut _ { mathbb Q ( beta)} (E) $, $ sigma $ must repair $ alpha $, so I can show that they are equal by Galois's correspondence, but it's not obvious.