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Is it possible to add an application from the SharePoint Online store to a site with PowerShell?

Is it possible to install an app, which is located on the SharePoint Online app store, on a SharePoint site using PowerShell?

If so, how is it done?

I took a look at the documentation and found that the only example given by Microsoft was by importing the application, not by deploying it from the store. You can find it here.

Battle Madness site?

Are we going to have the Battle Madness Site again this year in March?

I was just wondering because I always liked it, even if I don't have a site to enter the contest, it's always fun to see which site ends up being the champion.

recommend a warez site to download tv series? | NewProxyLists

can you all recommend me a warez website to download tv shows that

1, works
2, has a job search function
3, specializes in television shows and finished series, especially those that are finished. I don't care about the movies and I don't care about the last episode of XX tv show which aired last night.

every website i find has 1 or 2

and if their website works and the search function works. the website is mainly about movies or the latest episode of the XX TV series aired last night.

Years ago my website is warez-bb and tvfreeload and tehparadox.

warez-bb does not work
tvfreeload has disappeared
the paradox. their search function is spoiled for TV shows. couldn't even find 1 finished TV show. i can't search

3, I found the HD3D site a few days ago. i know it was a good uploader on WBB. his website is good but only good for movies.

it was so easy to find downloads of TV shows. What happened? why is it so difficult to find TV shows to download?

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php – The Boostrap 4 postcard looks different on my site

I found a bootstrap 4 map extract, but when I integrate it into my WordPress plugin, it looks different from the original form. I want to display the messages in 3 columns.

  • However, some messages do not have a picture – can someone explain why? Also
    the shape of the belt is not equal to the original shape.

Original extract:

My website:

My plugin codes:

(I haven't changed my style)

$ args = array (
& # 39; post_type & # 39; => $ settings (& # 39; post_type & # 39;),
& # 39; author__in & # 39; => $ settings (& # 39; author2 & # 39;),
& # 39; posts_per_page & # 39; => $ settings (& # 39; posts_per_page & # 39;),
& # 39; orderby & # 39; => $ settings (& # 39; orderby & # 39;),
& # 39; order & # 39; => $ settings (& # 39; order & # 39;),

Echo & # 39;
" Echo & # 39;
" $ query = new WP_Query ($ args); if ($ query-> have_posts ()) { while ($ query-> have_posts ()) { $ query-> the_post (); // echo "
"; // get_template_part (& # 39; template-parts / content & # 39 ;, & # 39; masonry & # 39;); // the title(); //the contents(); // ekleme ?> <! -
<! - <img class = "img" src => -> "Img")); ?>

Lorem Ipsum is simply a dummy text from the printing and typesetting industry.

10 minutes
<? php // ekleme sonu } } other { echo "
"; }

Office 365 – Find a Microsoft team link connected to a SharePoint site

The only way I found using the user interface in the SharePoint site was to click on the site title, then scroll through the pop-up that appears and under "Applications", click on "Teams" to get a link to navigate to the actual team.

I tinkered and bit and found that you can link using the F12 development tools which can get you the same link as above.

Use the console tab, paste it and hit enter. Copy the returned link into a new browser tab and you will find the link in the property called MicrosoftTeams.TeamHomeURL.

_spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl + "/_api/SP.Directory.DirectorySession/Group('" + _spPageContextInfo.groupId + "')?$select=teamsResources";

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multisite – Display menu locations in all sites of a multiple site and display the name of the menu attached to each location

I have a multi-site network configuration. I am trying to list all menu locations for all sites, so I have tried the following code:

global $wpdb;

$table_blogs = $wpdb->prefix . 'blogs';
$blogs_results = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM $table_blogs");

foreach ($blogs_results as $blog) {

    // Switch to a blog (or network site)

    // The following line of code is not working as expected ...
    // ... It only returns the list of menu locations for the first site in the network ...
    // ... and not for the active site
    $menu_locations = get_registered_nav_menus();

    // Retore current blog

I thought the above code would return the list of menu locations for each site on the network. However, as you can see in the comment above, the get_registered_nav_menus() The function only returns the list of menu locations for the first site registered in the network, and changing the blog does not change the perspective to allow the list of locations for other sites in the network. How can I return the list of locations for each of the sites on the network?

A second thing I like to do is see which menu is attached to each location. How can I do this? How can I see the name of a menu linked / attached to each location?

Thank you.