untagged – What can we do against fake pages that usurp our site?

There is a malicious agent that creates fake raw versions of my employer's website. The real page is this one and the copy is this one. Even though they have made a very bad copy, there are always people who fall in love with it and nothing prevents them from creating different and better versions.

What we are doing now is:

Can we do something to reduce the risk?

sohbet and chat site why not search on google?





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    I like receipts:

    hello friends my problem my site has gone googly at once and if you do not get penalty in the searches should you help.
    I would give the name of my site that I would appreciate if you return my site which serves as discussion areas and sohbet.
    şimdiden teşekkurler arkadaşlar. Thank you

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    March 3, 2016
    I like receipts:

    Does it mean your websites or are there examples of discussion sites?

    What keywords did you target? Have you made connections?

advertising site in where?

The advertisement

you do not do it?

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https: // problem on site

https://freemusicstudy.com/index.php This link does not show any green sign with https: //

However. other links such as https://freemusicstudy.com/index.php?threads/6/#post-64 indicate that everything is perfect.
What is the problem? Could it be the image?

7 – The Drupal site hacked, links added to all content with weird javascript

My Drupal site (version 7.66) has been hacked and I'm looking for advice if anyone can identify this hack to indicate a possible vulnerability because I can not find one for the moment .

The way this has been hacked is that all articles on my site have something like this added to the bottom of the content: html code and (more importantly) javascript code – I do not know what it does .





Does everyone know what this hack could be and what modules might have been compromised?

If I understood correctly, they probably had access to the database with the help of one of the compromised modules and changed all the content by adding the data above.

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sharepoint online – "Document Sets" missing in site collection features

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sharepoint enterprise – Site refused to connect when reading PDF documents in Embed Mark another website

I am using SharePoint 2013 and I am facing the problem of displaying the PDF document in an embedded tag.

Display error:

  1. The SharePoint site has refused to connect to integrate.

  2. Refuses to display & quot; http: //SITE/HR/EmployeeDoc/Passport.pdf & # 39; in a frame as it defined multiple headers – X-Frame-Options & # 39; with conflicting values ​​(& # 39; SAMEORIGIN, Allow-From & # 39;). Back down to "deny". IN console log.

Note :

he worked continuously for 3 years perfectly and I receive this error only 3 days.

I have not changed the last 5 months in the process, in the SharePoint master page or with any authorization.

Only the PDF document does not display, the images are displayed perfectly. and if I access the Direct URL PDF address in the address bar, there is no problem.

Can a buddy suggest to me why he refuses and please provide the solution.

Please, help me solve this problem.

Thank you.

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