Google Search Console – Your sitemap or sitemap index file does not correctly declare the namespace!

Here is my site map, it starts like this:



But the Google search console insists that

Your sitemap or sitemap index file does not correctly declare the namespace

They just give an example on line 16:
Line 16
Parent tag: url
Tag: link

Line 16 corresponds to

What am i doing wrong?

sitemap – Is there an SEO or pagerank advantage in grouping (rel = "alternative") multilingual websites (using multiple domains) together?

I am building this website which will be multi-region / multi-language.

And for that, Google suggests the following:

enter description of image here

Since, my domain will have to change according to the language of the country, I will have to go there with Option 1.

A country-specific area.



Since they all have different domains, if I don't let Google know that this is the same website, they will all be treated as unique and unique websites.

Google suggests "grouping" them using one of these 3 options:

enter description of image here

If I do, I will use the Sitemap option.

But my question is:

What do I gain by letting Google know that all of these websites are identical, but in different languages? What will be different if I let Google think that these are unique and separate websites?

Do I need to gain SEO or pagerank by doing this?

I mean, what if I get a lot of traffic to my website in English Does it benefit my other languages ​​in other areas?

Google has successfully indexed my sitemap, but displays 0 discovered URLs. How can I fix it?

About two weeks ago, I submitted my sitemap to my site's webmaster Its indexing was successful, but no unique URL was found. It shows 0 now. Three weeks have passed, but nothing has changed. I manually indexed each message.

Google has successfully indexed my sitemap, but the URLs have been discovered.

I recently about two weeks ago submitted the sitemap in my site's webmaster and its success index but there is no single URL discovered about its shows 0 now 3 weeks ago but nothing changes i have indexed my each post manually please help.

seo – The results of the Google Sitemap tree view are displayed at 0

I created a Google Sitemap tree, that is, by linking the child xml files to the main xml. However, Google Search Console shows that 0 pages are discovered for the parent xml sitemap. Does Google Search Console not find URLs in child xml files or is this normal?

SITEMAP generator | Web Talk Hosting

Totally, here is one of the ones I use:***oftware/python-sitemap

You will just run it on your local ip / domain. Keep in mind that you will want to limit it a little to reduce the load, but probably less than you would with a remote system.

8 – How to completely export the configuration parameters of XML Sitemap?

I have the XML sitemap installed on a few sites, but due to SEO issues, I am now responsible for activating the module on all of the sites we support. I have an update hook ready, but I'm having a problem importing configurations.

When I export the xmlsitemap.settings.yml file, I simply get the following:

minimum_lifetime: 0
xsl: 1
prefetch_aliases: 1
chunk_size: auto
batch_limit: 100
path: xmlsitemap
frontpage_priority: !!float 1
frontpage_changefreq: 86400
lastmod_format: 'Y-m-dTH:iZ'
gz: false
clean_url: 0
disable_cron_regeneration: false
i18n_selection_mode: simple

I have set up rules for media and content, but as you can see, it only picks up Frontpage. The goal is to make all these parameters true for all the sites I manage.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you!

seo – Google Search Console is not retrieving the sitemap correctly?

The Search Console does not retrieve the sitemap when it is named "Sitemap.xml", after we renamed it to "Sitemapnew.xml", the sitemap has been successfully submitted.

4 630 URL "s discovered even after removing these URLs from the sitemap why ??

What will be the reason for these problems ?? Please provide some suggestions.

enter description of image here

What is the difference between the HTML sitemap and the XML sitemap?

What is the difference between the HTML sitemap and the XML sitemap?

seo – URL modified for a page indexed by Googlebot. Will redirect 301 from the old URL to the new one. But what to do with my sitemap?

I plan to change a URL for one of the pages of my site.




The point is, Google has already indexed the old URL:

And from these DOCs, we see that to avoid losing page ranking, we have to answer with a 301 - Moved permanently from the old URL pointing to the new URL.

enter description of image here


I get that I should redirect (301) from the old URL to the new one. So when Google re-explores, it will see this change. But what should appear on my site map? The old URL or the new one? Or both?

I tend to think that it would be better to keep only the new URL on my sitemap. But what if Google crawls the new URL before seeing the redirect from the old one? Wouldn't the new page URL start as a new page (from a Google index point of view) with zero ranking points? How does Googlebot handle this? What is the recommended practice?