seo – Which pages should be present in the sitemap

All you need are posts and pages in the sitemap file to give Google a pathway to your entire site’s content.

You should only include category and tag archives if your site is reasonably active which will guarantee that the content there will rotate frequently enough to not be considered duplicate. If you are not an active site (defined as daily or near daily updates) then I would not include archive pages. If you do choose to include them, make sure they are set to show excerpts and not complete posts to help avoid duplicate content penalties.

sitemap in google search console showing "see index coverage" link disabled

In Google Search Console I observed that "See Index Coverage" is disabled.

also it is not indexing 2 post from last 20-30 days

what i have tried is

delete existing sitemap and added new with same name.

Check this image

Google tells me sitemap xml entry is invalid URL, however, Google bot is crawling the url and the url is valid

Google Sitemap tool tells me there are 2 errors at my sitemap:
“Invalid URL – 2 instances”
“This is not a valid URL. Correct the URL and submit the Sitemap again”

Row 1
Parent Tag:

enter image description here
No more info is provided.

I am 100% sure the URL is valid, I can reach it. Also, logs tell me that Googlebot itself is actually crawling that precise URL
Url testing tool in search console also sees no errors on that url.

This is my sitemap first rows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<urlset xmlns="">

What do I miss that I do not see?

sitemap – Github blog not indexed by Google

I created a blog via Github Pages and as I started writing articles I wanted to check if it was indexed by Google. The blog is:

After a few weeks I manually added it to Google Search Console. Then, in a day or two, it displayed only one page ( which is a repo page, but seemed to totally ignore the main blog pages.

I noticed my sitemap had not been fetched so I added it manually. Waited again a week or two and still no luck. Google still displays “Unable to fetch sitemap” (well, something like that, my Google is not in english) next to it.

My sitemap ( is generated by the jekyll plugin and looks good to me.
Robots.txt ( do not seem to be the problem either.

So, now my Google Search is still empty except for this repo page mentioned earlier.

Maybe I should wait longer, I did wait 1~2 months already though.

Have you had any similar experience or have any idea I could try ?

Thank you for your time !

Why the new Google Search Console does not read my sitemap?

You may not be doing anything wrong at all.

“General HTTP error” can mean many things.

The Internet/Web is not a guaranteed delivery protocol. Things will go wrong from time to time. This is not uncommon even for Google.

If you can access the sitemap yourself, then be patient. Many of us have experienced Google having trouble reaching our resources or pages periodically and it could take a few days before Google does have access.

As a side note, the tradition is that sitemaps are in the root of the website as sitemap.xml. I am familiar with creating one index sitemap and additional sitemap files for large sites but not familiar with providing sitemaps for different languages. I do get what you are doing. Google will try and find a site map in the sites root directory from time to time and why I mention this at all. Perhaps you can take advantage of this fact.

URLs in sitemap not allowed in Google search console

I have a new website for which I setup Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. These were setup last week Wednesday (5 days ago at time of writing).

I submitted the sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console. Bing works perfectly and is happy with the sitemap.

Google search console sais Sitemap can be read, but has errors and then goes on to say This url is not allowed for a Sitemap at this location. Here’s a screenshot:

enter image description here

My sitemap is at the root, ie: Here it is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<urlset xmlns="">

When setting up Google Search Console you can select Domain Verification or URL prefix. I selected Domain Verification. However since getting the above error I also tried URL prefix which results in the same issue.

I only have 4 urls on the website and so I went to URL inspection and requested indexing for each of them manually. The next day I came back to check and they are all now indexed correctly.

Please note that I do have a robots.txt in place as follows:

User-agent: *

So it appears as though my site and all urls are indexed correctly, it is just the sitemap that search console is complaining about. As mentioned, Bing webmaster tools is happy with the sitemap and I am confident it does not contain errors because it is generated automatically by my backend.

Do I need to be worried about this or can it be safely ignored? I’m not sure what else I can do since my domain verified correctly and the urls I submitted manually are now indexed?

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Sitemap after changing domain?

my client migrated to a new domain. I redirected all old URLs to the new ones.
My concern is about the old sitemap. What should I do with the old sitemap? Should I delete it from my search console?

seo – Sitemap last modification time vs caching policy, do crawlers search for fresh document?

I have a page with a caching policy (all time the same). But I change the content and update the sitemap with the latest update time. Do crawlers search for fresh content?

Not that the caching policy defines that the content will never ever changed.
While the sitemap defines the latest update time.

xml sitemap – Old Site URLS are marked as Duplicates after Site Migration

site migration gone wrong- >

3 weeks After a failed site migration and 95% of my traffic gone (see screenshot), I decided to remove the redirect from the old sitemap, so that google can discover the redirects for each old URL one by one.

I assume that, without removing the redirect for the old site map URL to the new sitemap without being able to discover the redirects appropriately. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Before I did this the old URLs all had the “Page with redirect” status. The day after i removed the redirect and resubmitted the old sitemap all my old URLs are now tagged with “Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical”-, while referencing the new domain url.

This can be good or bad. Why have all my old urls been taged as “duplicates”. What should i do now?