seo – Change the names of the images or create a sitemap for the images? Or both?

The environment is a classified ad site, where there are products with their description, title and photos. With the exception of images, all data is stored in a MySQL database.

Although there are user-friendly titles for classifieds and it's relatively easy to link them, all images are saved with a randomly generated name (something like d6as897d6ad67a5s7da8d56sa7d.jpg).

The question here is, for SEO, PAGE RANKING and SERP pages, what is the best thing to do and why?

  • Change the names of random character images to classified titles;
  • Create a site map image;
  • Both.

What are the disadvantages and advantages? And why not choose the other options? Are there any other alternatives that I have not mentioned here?

seo – How can I index the sitemap of my website?

I want to optimize the site link on my website through the search console / site administrator.

I want when searching on Google that some menus appear. for example menus, a, menu b and menu c

I am looking for references. that we can set through the Search Console, only a sitemap.xml file needs to be parsed first

I have therefore accessed this I enter my domain and click on the start button. once the process is complete, I downloaded the sitemap xml file

My question is, do I download the XML file directly to my hosting? or do I have to modify it first to define the menus to display when entering keywords on google?

Update :

My xml like this:



there are 2000 lines of code, but here I only get a few

How to find a rss or sitemap link?

I have a site based on shopify. now, how to find RSS and Sitemap links? My site is

seo – Google can not retrieve a large sitemap containing 50,000 URLs, or browsers generating it

My sitemap contains 50,000 URLs / 7.8 MB and the following URL syntax:, maquiagem,   2019-10-03T17:12:01-03:00 

The problems are:

• The search console indicates that "The site map could not be read".

• Loading the Sitemap takes 1 hour and Chrome stops working.

enter the description of the image here

• In Firefox, the Sitemap downloaded in 1483ms and fully loaded after 5 minutes);

Things I did without success:

• disable GZip compression;

• Delete my .htaccess file;

• Create a Test Sitemap with 1 KB URLs and the same syntax that you sent to the Search Console. It worked, but the Sitemap of 50,000 URLs still indicates "" the inability to retrieve the Sitemap ";

enter the description of the image here

• I tried to inspect the URL directly, but this gave an error and asked to try again later while the 1K URL was working;

• I tried to validate the Sitemap on five different sites (YANDEX, ETC) and all worked without error or warning.

A light?

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How to create a 32-page XML sitemap with an HTML website [on hold]

I have created an HTML website with 32 pages of crore. This is a flight booking site. Now, I want to create an XML sitemap for this and implement

Sitemap in Bing waiting for two weeks

I've built a new website a month ago. Two weeks ago, I sent the site map to the Bing search console.

At this point, he is still waiting. What should I do for Bing to move?

seo – Google could not retrieve the sitemap

Sitemaps are an integral part of our Web work. And we need them to get more love from Google. But for about a month, I can not send sitemaps to the Google Search Console.

I've used to check and I go through it successfully. I used the sitemap validator and that too showed no errors. It seems that something is wrong with the search console.

Yesterday, I started another site and used the same wordpress plugin to generate a site map, then the same gmail login to connect to the search console. I have tried to add a property.

If I submit a new sitemap, it can not fetch, and if I try to resubmit an existing plan, it succeeds, but the date of the last reading is 6 months. So I guess it does not work.

What are the possible solutions. Live tests indicate that it is impossible to extract because it is a noindex. I think there's nothing wrong with keeping sitemaps without indexes because sitemaps should not show up in searches. Infact my second domain also had sitemaps submitted with noindex

I use WordPress php 7.3 and HTTP / 2

My sitemap url is

My HTTP headers are:

HTTP/2 200 
server: nginx
date: Thu, 22 Aug 2019 12:23:21 GMT
content-type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8
vary: Accept-Encoding
x-robots-tag: noindex, follow
link: ; rel=""
last-modified: Wed, 21 Aug 2019 14:03:48 GMT
etag: W/"59184deaadc3de11f553f5a8fbaac7f0"
x-httpd: 1
x-robots-tag: index, follow
host-header: 192fc2e7e50945beb8231a492d6a8024
x-proxy-cache: MISS
content-encoding: gzip

Should my sitemap and robots.txt have HTTP or https URLs for the given scenario?

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seo – How to change the structure of my URLs with the sitemap for an active website?

I change the URL of my website to improve SEO. The current sitemap contains the following URLs:

mysite/browse/1    /* 1 is the ID for fashion */
mysite/browse/2    /* 2 is the ID for real estate */

Now I have changed the URLs to the following format:


The code is ready to be published with the new site map. If I publish the new code, the old URLs would no longer be valid, namely: mysite/browse/2 would return "404 – page not found".

I think I need to release the code and send the new site map to Google Search Console. But I think it would take some time for Google to analyze the new sitemap. Therefore, during this time, all my old URLs that appear in the search result would return the error "404 – page not found".

How can I mitigate this situation?