How to Crearte a Sitemap for a single website?

Is there a way to create a sitemap for a single-page website.

If any suggestion please help me.

Should I organize the links under XML Sitemap?

We use Yoast on the WordPress website and it generates an, database organized on the last modification date.

Do we need to have it organized based on our navigation menu?

Google Search Console does not find all sitemaps in the sitemap index. How to fix?

I have created a valid sitemap index (/sitemap-dec2019/sitemap_index.xml) for a site as follows:


Each child Sitemap is a simple list of 49,999 URLs and their size is less than 10 MB.

I have uploaded the Sitemap index and all the Sitemap children to the server. I double checked to make sure the Sitemap index and all Sitemap children are all accessible on the server, and they are.

However, when I submit the sitemap index to Google via the Google Search Console, I receive a success message saying "Sitemap index processed successfully", no error is reported anywhere, and yet it lists only 9 of the 106 Sitemap children (and they all start with & # 39; sitemap1 & # 39;):

Sitemap                         Status  Discovered URLs
/sitemap-dec2019/sitemap1.txt   Success 49,999
/sitemap-dec2019/sitemap10.txt  Success 49,999
/sitemap-dec2019/sitemap100.txt Success 49,999
/sitemap-dec2019/sitemap101.txt Success 49,999
/sitemap-dec2019/sitemap102.txt Success 49,999
/sitemap-dec2019/sitemap103.txt Success 49,999
/sitemap-dec2019/sitemap104.txt Success 49,999
/sitemap-dec2019/sitemap105.txt Success 49,999
/sitemap-dec2019/sitemap106.txt Success 49,999
1-9 of 9

There is nothing different in the sitemap index that would require Google to select only these 9 children of specific sitemaps.

Under the total number of URLs discovered, it is shown 449,991 which happens to be 49,999 x 9.

When I delete the sitemap and add the sitemap index, the even 9 Sitemap Children are listed and none of the others appear anywhere.

Since there are more than 100 Sitemap children, this means that over 90% are completely ignored.

How can I fix this so that all 100% of the Sitemap children (and their respective URLs) are discovered?

seo – How do I create a video sitemap for my website when the video is hosted on vimeo and integrated using it?

I would like to know what should be done when creating a video sitemap when the integrated player is from Vimeo?

I am very new to the SEO world and I learn by doing and reading official documentation.

For example, the video page on my website is

This has 1 video on a page. If you look at the source of the page, the relevant part follows

Now I have read the Google Video sitemap documentation at and the appropriate tag is see is

However, I don't know how to use this tag, would it work when creating the index?

I'm not sure if it's correct since the description of the

A URL pointing to a player for a specific video. Usually, this is the information in the src element of an  tag. Must not be the same as the  URL. For YouTube video, this value is used rather than video:content_loc. This is the equivalent of VideoObject.embedUrl in structured data.
Must not be the same as the  URL.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

custom – Magento 2.3.4 Sitemap Plugin does not work

I had a plugin running on version 2.2.2 but it doesn't work on 2.3.4. It seems like collectSitemapItems() the method does not trigger even in the native magento WHEN I print_r('Die');die;

public function collectSitemapItems()
        print_r('Not firing');die;
        /** @var $helper MagentoSitemapHelperData */

But it prints under a protected method _initSitemapItems()

     * Initialize sitemap
     * @return void
    protected function _initSitemapItems()
     print_r('Working Here');die; 

My plugin has afterCollectSitemapItems() Method:

public function afterCollectSitemapItems(
        Sitemap $subject
        print_r('Not firing here either');die;

My di.xml plugin:


Any ideas why it no longer works?

My XML sitemap contains unwanted content, unlike the HTML sitemap. What can I do?

My website has just recovered from an attack. I see that my XML sitemap still contains spam content:****

However, my HTML sitemap is clean.

I am using the Google Sitemap Generator (XML) for WordPress, but there is no "refresh" or "reindex" button.

Is there a way to handle this? And why can the attacker modify my sitemap? Assuming they don't have my FTP password.

Where should I place the sitemap for the fourth level domain?

Where should I place the sitemap.xml file for a fourth-level domain (for example


All URLs listed in the site map must reside on the same host as the
Sitemap. For example, if the sitemap is at the address, it cannot include the URLs of If the sitemap is located at, it cannot include URL

Does this mean that I should place a different sitemap.xml file in the root directory of each subdomain? For example: - for links ~ - for links ~ - for links ~ - for links ~ - for links ~

Currently, I have a sitemap.xml file at the root of, which includes all of the links for all of the subdomains.

Is it ok to explore adding the generated tag sitemap file to Google Web Master?

I usually add a new tag with the same publication title name before publishing a new publication as follows:


Is this considered a duplicate content issue?

Additionally, I am using a plugin that generates sitemap tags, I have added this sitemap to Google Webmaster what is the effect of that? is it better to remove it from Google Webmaster.

Thank you

How to create an XML sitemap in Magento for several stores? [duplicate]

I created the site map for several stores in the format below Because there are several stores was created from an administrator and there is no Option to create multiple files by filename sitemap.xml for each country, so I need to follow the following, please check.

Will it work?