Magento 2 sitemap url does not work after we add any rewrite rule in root htaccess file

Our sitemap URL works fine at /sitemap/sitemap.xml but as soon as we add any rewrite rule in root .htaccess file then it gives status code 404 page not found.

RewriteRule ^abc/(.*)?$ /media/doc/files/abc/$1 (R=301,NC,L)

Magento version 2.2.5

seo – Optimize lastmod fields in sitemap index files for a large website that are expensive to compute

I am trying to create sitemaps for a very large multilingual website; means that every single URL is duplicated with as many languages there are; however the more pressing issue is that content is incredibly dynamic, the lastmod tag can be easily obtained.

The sitemap is composed as follows, each index contains and specifies every sitemap under it.


If I create each collection point based on creation, the point is added, and hence a lastmod tag cannot be added or otherwise known other than by fetching the resource via a HEAD request and reading the header.

If I create each collection point based on modification, the point is added if it was modified during the day, and as so there will be duplicates entries between points with different lastmod dates, any data that changes; since it’s impossible to modify already stored collection points as it will require intensive reads to modify data in older collection points.

Is it a good idea to submit sitemap?

hello everone.
i have porn sharing website…so i wanted to know that should i share sitemap to google as it’s the best way to generate organic traffic but only issue is google have verified my google account with my mobile number…will it be issue?

seo – Google Search Engine Sitemap submited, validated but something is wrong

I submitted a sitemap of my website to Google. (
The sitemap : (
The robots.txt :

Sitemap seems correct, Google validated 112 links in Google Search Console after only few hours.
However, if i look for my website with the following Google request : “” i see only 9 results. At this point i think it is not a question of time.

I should tell you that first time i sent the sitemap was 2 months ago and i deleted it 3 days ago and tried again. URL were validated twice but somehow never been reflected in search.

Also that i have a different website using the same architecture / sitemap and not having this issue.

What can i do to find the issue ? To me, sending the sitemap, receiving validation, would be enough to appears in Google Search, even with pretty bad ranking but appearing in “site:” search. Here something looks wrong, and i feel blocked.

Thank you for your help.

seo – Disallowing a handler in robots.txt while adding its dynamic URLs to the XML sitemap

I’m using ASP.NET webforms, and I have a page lets call it Subjects.aspx, I don’t want crawlers to crawl that page but I want them to crawl the dynamic URLs that are powered by it. For example /subjects/{id}/{title} which routes to subjects.aspx.

I used a crawling tool and the page /Subjects.aspx was found. Is it okay that i disallow that page in robots.txx like the following:

user-agent: *
disallow: /subjects.aspx/

while adding the dynamic URLs in sitemap?

seo – Disallowing a page while it adding it in the sitemap

I’m using ASP.NET webforms, and i have a page lets call it Subjects.aspx, i dont want crawlers to crawl that page but i want them to crawl its route map for example /subjects/{id}/{title} which routes to subjects.aspx.

i used a crawling tool and the page /Subjects.aspx was found. is it okay that i disallow that page in robots.txx like the following:

user-agent: *
disallow: /subjects.aspx/

while adding the dynamic routes in sitemap?

Any suggestions? Thank you!

Google is indexing URLs with parameters that are disallowed in robots.txt despite canonical URLs without parameters listed in the sitemap

All of my webpages are showing ?mode=grid & ?mode=list in the google coverage. But submitted sitemap shows normal URLs. For example:

  3. —> [url in sitemap]

And the robots.txt has a command Disallow: /*? which has led to blocking of all webpages from index. I don’t want to remove the disallow command. How can I get the webpages indexed, removing command will show ?mode=grid & ?mode=list in google searches. Also this is a WordPress website.

seo – Does Google index your sitemap?

I have submitted a sitemap for my domain but I have a concern. I don’t want my sitemap to appear in Google Search results, I only want Google to use my sitemap to index my actual site through the sitemap URLs.

I think Google should be smart enough not to do this, since a sitemap is clearly not intended for users but I can’t find any confirmation of this.

Do I need to do anything extra to prevent my sitemap being indexed ?


seo – Can I have separate url in internal navigation of website and Sitemap?

I have not so SEO friendly url structure in my internal navigation of website(some technical challenges) but marked each of the page with SEO friendly canonical(through CMS) and these canonicals are there in sitemap as well

To give an example, from

I go to –


which is marked as canonical of


and “www.example/friendliness/123” is there in sitemap as well.

So my question is, Is this sufficient or do I need change internal linking (www.example/123 in above example) as well?

Anyways I have seen people marking url’s as canonical to ignore query parameters so it should behave in the same way

How to create Sitemap for a wordpress site

I changed the domain name of my website and I want to index my new domain in google. When I trying to create a sitemap for my website with a new domain then I got a 404 error. Please help me to overcome from this problem.