google – Is a URL required when creating an image sitemap?

The reason I ask is that I'm doing a script that looks for images in a folder. So I do not necessarily know where they are used or the exact page. Example of google


Is it possible to do it and Google / the other search engines would read it correctly?




google search console – Unable to retrieve sitemap

I'm trying to submit my sitemap on my Google console, but every time I add it, it keeps saying that I can not recover, I downloaded my sitemap.xml in the directory root of my domain, but Google still does not see it. Please, how can I solve this problem, it has been two days since I am and it is as if I put myself in a circle.

Below my full URL

My sitemap is in the public_html folder with the name sitemap.xml

sitemap – In case of page 404 should the URL be 404 or we can change the content to 404 and the URL remains the same

I have a confusion regarding 404 Page

Suppose I have a landing page

The page does not exist anymore so what should I do with it?

Case 1: Should I redirect the URL to

Case 2: Should I simply replace the contents with a 404 page?
The URL remains the same

Which case should be used

Which Vimeo URLs can I include in a video sitemap that is not redirected or banned?

I'm not quite sure which Vimeo URLs I can use for video sitemaps, because they seem to be "redirect" or "forbidden" – both solutions would not be really acceptable in XML sitemaps for Google videos.

How do you create video sitemaps / which URLs do you use for videos hosted on Vimeo?

Said in another way all my:

  • … redirects to the bottom
  • … gives not found
  • … forbidden

VIMEO Sitemap and video

I'm not quite sure which VIMEO URLs I can use for video sitemaps because they seem to be "redirect" or "forbidden" – both solutions would not be really acceptable in XML sitemaps for Google videos.

How do you create video sitemaps / which URLs do you use for videos hosted on Vimeo?

seo – Is a different sitemap by language OK? How can I tell Google?

You can have multiple sitemaps per website, which is a great example of when it makes sense.

Make sure you have a sitemap index that lists each of your sitemaps. It will probably look something like:


Do not forget to link this index to your robots.txt file, for example:


There is also the option to specify alternative language pages in your sitemap itself. It is slightly more complicated to configure and does not inherently respond to the original question about the configuration suggested by the user.

seo – Is it dangerous to have irrelevant xmlns attributes in a sitemap element urlset?

For example, if a site contains absolutely no video and is not a news site, is there a negative (or positive) impact on using an urlset sitemap item like this:

[all site page URLS here]

enter the code here

Is there an authoritative source that could help clarify this?

sitemap errors

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How to hide my XML sitemap from competitors but not from search engines

The smart solution is to generate two Sitemaps. The first is for the benefit of your competitors, the second for the benefit of your favorite search engines. In military language, this first plan of the site is a sham.

The & # 39; feint & # 39; contains the basic structure of your website, your home page, contact us, about us, the main categories. This looks like the real deal and will work fine in obscure search engines that you do not care about. It will also be of no use to your competitors. Let him be indexed so that he finds it, give him an obvious name such as sitemap.xml.

Now create your real sitemap with code. Give it a name such as "product-information-sitemap.xml" for that it's a reasonable name, but not easier to guess than your password.

In your Apache configuration for the Sitemap folder, put something in place so that search engines can access this second sitemap, but not the index:

        X-Robots-Tag Header Set "noindex"

Now, create the code to keep it up to date, consider a third sitemap for the images. Dowwgrade it if necessary to create the "feint". Also pay attention to timestamps, Google pays attention. This is important if your sitemap is large.

Now create a cron job to regularly submit your product plan to Google. In your crontab entry, add something like this to submit your true sitemap every week:

0 0 * * 0 wget

Note that the URL is an encoded URL.

You can also gzip your sitemap if size is a problem, but your web server should serve it if gzipped is enabled.

Your robots.txt file does not have to be special, but it should not stop you from entering your sitemaps. There is really no need to send different robots.txt files based on user agent strings or any other complex element. Simply extract your valuable content into an unannounced extra file and send it to Google on a cron job (rather than waiting for the bot). Simple.

indexation – How many times do we have to update a sitemap a day?

How many times should we update a sitemap a day.

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