google search console – SiteMap intersite submission property

I'm trying to move a group of site plan files from my website to a separate site that contains only static assets. However, I can not understand the cross-site submissions mentioned here.

My sitemap has a lot of URLs, so I have about 10 pages. To prove the property, do I need my Robots.txt file to include all pages of the SiteMap.xml site? Or can he just include the index page? The way to check the property with robots.txt is still one thing or does Google simply consider the property as what has been verified in the Google search console? The documentation around this does not seem clear.

Another thing I do not understand is the folder and subdomain rules mentioned on Do these rules disappear during an intersite submission because the folder / subdomain is no longer relevant? For example. if my sitemaps are on and this site map has URLs for is it still valid or does the sitemap have to live to to follow the file conventions?

Google simply gives me a generic "unauthorized URL" error without explaining much more.

What I have now is it. For example., My sitemap files are now as follows.

I then with an entry.

Site Map:

The Google Search Console indicates that an XML sitemap can not be retrieved, but the sitemap passes the test and is visible in the browser.

I sent some sitemaps in the search console, but these are stuck on the status of "impossible search" and have been for weeks.

If I go to the URL, I see that the sitemap is OK and if I look at the old style search console and test the sitemap, they all succeed without error. So I guess Google can visualize them correctly.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to validate them?

Here is a link to one of my sitemaps:

seo – Sitemap "Unable to recover" in Google Search Console

The search console probably can not get your sitemap because it's under "www."domain, while the console is looking for a sitemap under the domain" non-www. ".

Try to set a 301 redirect on one of the domains and to the domain version you prefer, or ask Google to pick it up.www."domain making a new property under this domain and not the"non-www."

How to use yoast to add a custom publishing URL to the sitemap file?

I used add_rewrite_endpoint add a string at the end of the URL.

wpseo331941_reader_endpoint () {function
add_rewrite_endpoint (& # 39; readers & # 39 ;, EP_PERMALINK | EP_PAGES);
add_action (& # 39; init & # 39; wpseo331941_reader_endpoint & # 39 ;, 10, 0);

So now, my articles have two urls ( and

I use the yoast plugin to add my custom message links to the sitemap file.
How can I tell a specific type of custom message that you want to add to the new URL format? in addition to the original already added a

Problem with the sitemap

Hi guys

My sitemap has not been indexed recently by Google. When I try to go get my sitemap, I get the following error:

"Noindex detected i … | read the rest of

What is Sitemap? | NewProxyLists

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    What is Sitemap? What makes the difference by adding a sitemap to a website? If it's a website, what kind of site map should we use?

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google – Something is wrong with my XML sitemap, how to fix it

My question is related to my previous question. How to effectively remove indexed pages from Google where it was advised to create an XML Sitemap and submit it to Google. The board seemed solid so I created one.

Now, when I created my custom sitemap and submitted it to Google, he did not choose a URL and each URL contains errors. I've replaced the characters &, "," (space) and other characters to correctly encode all URL links but I still get the error. I've checked my third-party sitemap (xml-sitemap) and no errors were reported I want to know what I'm doing wrong

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

Here is the sitemap extract




Here is the sitemap that contains 34k links and takes a long time to download. Could it be the size of the XML that is causing the problem? (Very unlikely though)

Google Search Console does not accept XML Sitemap

I sent a sitemap to the new Google Search Console.

The site map is accessible on my site, regardless of the state of the search console: "Impossible to recover" and this, since the last days.

I do not have a robot.txt that could interfere.

What could be the problem?

XML Sitemap – Problem of Including a Subfolder in a Sitemap File?

What is the procedure for including a subfolder in the sitemap file?