Web crawlers – Should we insert coupon pages into a sitemap because their expiration rates are faster?

Is it a good practice to keep coupon / voucher pages in a site map? because they have a faster rate of expiration.


We update our site map every 24 hours. It will be a good practice to keep the coupon pages in the site map. Because they are expiring but the site map does not contain an update, will that be a problem?

Will their addition have an effect on the exploration budget due to the expiration of the page in 404.

What criteria should be used for the priority and frequency of change in an XML sitemap?

On what criteria can we set the priority and change the frequency in the sitemap.

Example if the website is a coupon / service website.

  • The welcome page must be a priority 1 updated daily
  • Category pages must be prioritized 1 Updated daily
  • Coupon pages must have priority 0.5 Updated weekly

Are the above settings correct?

seo – Should I provide Baidu with a custom sitemap containing only URLs containing Chinese content?

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Add custom URLs to your sitemap

I had a separate page for each user in WordPress like www.domain.com/user-profile/user/.

How can I add these links to the Yoast site map?

Can I put a pagination URL on a sitemap?

I read here https://blog.spotibo.com/sitemap-guide/ in the section "What URLs should be placed in a sitemap" to exclude pages, I have searched on Google and I do found no one? saying that I should not, I do not find a person who says I should, so I'm a little confused.

The content of my paginated pages is unique and can only be accessed with the url https://example.com/?p=some-item&page=2..3..4..etc, a single item in this page, and only the first item can be accessed with the URL https://example.com/?p=some-item

I want to know: Can I put these URLs on sitemap?



I want how to help the site map in SEO? And how can I create the site map of a particular website? What is his type?

Thanks in advance.


Why do we need to add a sitemap link to our robots.txt file?

In this article, I would like to try to explain the need to add a sitemap link to the robots.txt file. I am doing this in the hope that this might be helpful to readers of this article so that they do not waste too much time searching for useful reading.
What is the site map?

Sitemap is a file containing the list of URLs on our website. These URLs can be crawled and indexed by the search engine, namely Google Search. In most cases, it is designed to be used only by the search engines analyzed, so it does not have to be user-friendly; but just list of naked links. Usually, a sitemap file has an .xml extension, but it is also allowed to have another extension like .html or .txt from Google.
For optimization purposes, the sitemap file usually saved in the root directory, for example under hxxp: //www.example.com/sitemap.xml. This seems like an unimportant thing, but we could think of the fastest way in the scan sitemap file located in the root directory (for example, hxxp: //www.example.com/sitemap.xml) and in a specific folder (for example, hxxp: // www.example.com/folder/../sitemap.xml). It seems likely that the fastest way to explore is to save our sitemap file in the root directory of our website.
What is the robots.txt file?

Robots.txt is a text file, otherwise noted is present in the root directory of a website. In most cases, this is the first destination crawled by the search engine robot, namely googlebot. Robots.txt contains information about folders and / or files that are allowed and not allowed to be crawled by the search engine's crawler (for example, googlebot).
Benefits of adding a sitemap file link to the robots.text file

In common practice, submitting a sitemap to the search engine is a simple task. But under unusual circumstances, when we are unable to submit our sitemap to a search engine for particular reasons, the search engine's native language is different from ours and does not offer a translator or different language version. help the search robot find the sitemap file on our website by reading it in the robots.txt file. Another reason we need to add our sitemap file link to the robots.txt file is to tell our crawler (if any) the existence of our sitemap file so that 39, it can index itself without the need for manual submission of the site plan.
So, this is the end of this article, I hope that it will be helpful to increase the visibility of your website on the eyes of the potential visitor, and I do not forget to ask forgiveness if there are many errors in this article. made by me. Goodbye and good luck on your site!

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seo – Which sitemap format should be used for a video platform site like YouTube?

Based on YouTube's robots.txt file, the Sitemap used by YouTube is an XML Sitemap. This may not be the only sitemap they use, but the one they list in their robots.txt file.

Note that the sitemap points to the "yt" subdirectory. This subdirectory is a gateway to other YouTube sites such as "YouTube for Developers" and "YouTube Advert" (which has its own sitemap without style). They do not even bother to list the usual website that is so popular and so widely shared. Honestly, unless there is a larger strategy, the site plan seems a little random. Maybe they have not maintained it for a while.

An XML sitemap does not mean that everything it contains will be permanently indexed (it depends on the search engines). It does not mean that anything that is not there will not be indexed. It is suggested to search engines to pay special attention to certain folders and files.

Based on the above, if you create an XML Sitemap, place it at the root (or near the root, in an accessible folder), then list the most important pages (homepage). , category pages, etc.) followed by search engines. and index the contents of these folders (individual videos, publications, etc.). Just make sure that these contents are not unindexed / tracked elsewhere in your settings and that the XML Sitemap (or more, depending on your structure and strategy) should suffice.

Only the home page appearing in the sitemap

Just to illustrate what I mean, there is probably no legitimate reason for the code of this site to be much more than:


Why do you choose Purever

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Code (markup):

Apart from the broken idiocy of the "cadre" – edit – they are harassed by. 9.55k of tags where their load is 21k – and scripttardery generates more than 40k not counting the size of external scripts. The ONLY thing that even justifies the use of JavaScript is regular scrolling and slideshow, and any proper slideshow script should not require more HTML than what I just provided.

Again, I've been seriously thinking about eliminating the silly slide show that does not even fit the aspect of most screens, but rather content that reflects what the visitor might actually be about to do. – like learning about products and contacting you. (instead of hiding the contact behind nothingness or "under the fold")

If the site had been written this way, sitemap creators, search engines, and other nonvisual user agents (such as screen readers and braille readers) would have ZERO difficulty browse this page. This would also allow for faster loading and better use of caching templates on pages with similar styles, because we can move ALL presentation nonsense out of markup and into the style sheet to which it belongs.

… although since you've just published this is not your site, you want the kids' gloves to come off and tell you what I really think about the code base?

Erreur HTTP publique: erreur HTTP 403 (interdite) Sitemap – Console de recherche [on hold]

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Robot.txt clean .htacces clean. n'a pas pu trouver le problème. Le site fonctionne de manière saine. mais il ne peut pas ramper sur google.
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