XML sitemap format [on hold]

Example of website URL: http://www.website.com

Subfolder URL: http://www.website.com/integration/

How to define an XML sitemap for this? (Respond urgently)

url – WWW version of the missing site in Sitemap

I went from blogger to WordPress 5 months ago and my URL structure has changed from https://example.com to https://www.example.com

The www has been added manually.

I currently have 94 articles on my site after removing over 400 while I was moving from a lifestyle to a book. But suddenly, Google indexes the URLs of 22k and Bling has it at 7k. With the help of a webmaster here, I found that many of these URLs are mixed www and non www versions of my site.

By checking my robot txt, however, I discovered that my sitemap URL is in the non-www version.

Apparently, there is a huge problem on this site that I do not see and that causes an uproar with Google and Bing Bots.

May I have help please!

seo – Master Sitemap containing child sitemaps in different fields

I have a main sitemap, index.xml on https://www.example.com/index.xml

This XML contains child cards pointing to the URL of my subdomain, as below:

  2019-02-04T11: 15: 02.000Z

  2019-02-04T11: 15: 02.000Z

And the current sitemap contains:

  2019-02-04T11: 15: 02.000Z


  1. Is there a problem to do above?
  2. Should i add a property on the webmaster of the google search console for sitemap.example.com to allow my property for the subdomain?
  3. Google has notified me with an error "General HTTP Error: 404 Not Found
    HTTP Error: 404 ", is it because # 2 is not in place?

PS: I have checked the access for the GoogleBot for all the URLs.

How to create a sitemap for an image used with tools without compensation

How to create a sitemap for an image used with tools without compensation

+ Answer the thread

  1. How to create a sitemap for an image used with tools without compensation

    As I had to improve my SEO rank so kindly suggest free tools for sitemap image

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sitemap xml – Obtenir l'erreur HTTP générale: erreur HTTP 403 (interdite) à partir des outils pour les webmasters de Google

Mon site Web est tombé de la carte de Google. J'ai utilisé les outils Google Webmasters pour soumettre mon plan du site et tester avec l'outil de récupération en tant qu'outil Google. Mais recevez les messages suivants:

Erreur HTTP générale: erreur HTTP 403 (interdit)
Erreur HTTP: 403

J'ai utilisé cet outil http://tools.seobook.com/server-header-checker/ pour vérifier mes en-têtes et je reçois HTTP / 1.1 200 OK sur la page de plan du site et la page d'accueil de mon site Web.

Je ne sais pas quoi faire pour résoudre ce problème.

How to create a sitemap in php ..?

Hello friends,

I want to know that creating a sitemap in php ..?

What is the importance of sitemap in SEO?


Please answer this.

What is the importance of sitemap in SEO?

terminology – What is a high level sitemap?

A sitemap hierarchy can involve multiple levels. It will not be unimaginable to find a 6-level sitemap (though not all of them are navigation levels).

A high-level sitemap usually involves the first level and possibly the second level.

Being at the highest level, these are the most critical levels – because it is imperative to map them to the needs of the users and to be well positioned for the lower level group.

The following items are considered top-level sitemap, with lower levels being reduced (+ buttons expand them).

enter the description of the image here

Does your Blogger Blog have a Sitemap?

Go to the link below and paste the URL of your blog Blogger / Blogspot.


Copy the generated Sitemap. Go to Blogger dashboard and under Settings -> Search Preferences, and add it as robots.txt file.

Google will index your blog automatically.

How does a sitemap work?

Hello friends,

How does a sitemap work?

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