sitemap xml – Obtenir l'erreur HTTP générale: erreur HTTP 403 (interdite) à partir des outils pour les webmasters de Google

Mon site Web est tombé de la carte de Google. J'ai utilisé les outils Google Webmasters pour soumettre mon plan du site et tester avec l'outil de récupération en tant qu'outil Google. Mais recevez les messages suivants:

Erreur HTTP générale: erreur HTTP 403 (interdit)
Erreur HTTP: 403

J'ai utilisé cet outil pour vérifier mes en-têtes et je reçois HTTP / 1.1 200 OK sur la page de plan du site et la page d'accueil de mon site Web.

Je ne sais pas quoi faire pour résoudre ce problème.

How to create a sitemap in php ..?

Hello friends,

I want to know that creating a sitemap in php ..?

What is the importance of sitemap in SEO?


Please answer this.

What is the importance of sitemap in SEO?

terminology – What is a high level sitemap?

A sitemap hierarchy can involve multiple levels. It will not be unimaginable to find a 6-level sitemap (though not all of them are navigation levels).

A high-level sitemap usually involves the first level and possibly the second level.

Being at the highest level, these are the most critical levels – because it is imperative to map them to the needs of the users and to be well positioned for the lower level group.

The following items are considered top-level sitemap, with lower levels being reduced (+ buttons expand them).

enter the description of the image here

Does your Blogger Blog have a Sitemap?

Go to the link below and paste the URL of your blog Blogger / Blogspot.

Copy the generated Sitemap. Go to Blogger dashboard and under Settings -> Search Preferences, and add it as robots.txt file.

Google will index your blog automatically.

How does a sitemap work?

Hello friends,

How does a sitemap work?

magento2 – Magento 2.2.5 can not find the sitemap when it is generated

I am struggling with a strange problem. I can not create any custom file / folder at the root of magento. I want to create a custom folder with some images, solving 404 errors when I try to reach the path of these images.

In addition, the generated XML sitemap generates a 404 error. The sitemap path is /sitemaps/sitemap.xml. Magento does not find this way. Is there a decoration that I overlook? Because first it worked well.

I hope someone can help me with that!

Generate SITEMAP with Angular App in the Amazon S3 Routing Provider (SEO)

I have an application developed in Angular 5 and I have to implement SEO. I used this tutorial with Puppeter to make the pages pre-render and the HTML code was generated based on the routes. And after that, I downloaded the dist folder on S3. With this, when tested by the site, he recognizes the pages of the item "Scanned", but in the end, he only finds the root folder and indicates that the rest was like broken links. An idea to help me? I've used this tutorial to create the application and generate the dist file

Site plan analysis

Broken links after the sitemap generator

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seo – Do I have to submit a sitemap to the Google Search Console (webmaster tools)?

If you want Google to report on your XML Sitemap and notify you of any errors and status of Sitemap pages, you must submit it to Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). One of the points mentioned in the Search Console help document under "Why my Sitemap is not listed" clarifies the situation:

Only Sitemaps submitted with this report are listed. Sitemaps sent with the help of or robots.txt are not included in the report, although Google can find and use them.

However, you do not necessarily need to send your sitemap to GSC for Google to retrieve and use it. You could include a Sitemap directive in your robots.txt file. For example:


This will also inform other search engines, not just Google. However, it may not be as immediate as submitting your sitemap in GSC because it depends on your robots.txt file being crawled. And, as mentioned, unless you actually submit to GSC, it will not be recognized by GSC and you will not benefit from Google sitemap reports.

Search engines will probably not accept the sitemap if it simply downloads it to the root of your document. XML sitemap files can be called just about anything, so without them being told, search engines do not necessarily know what to look for. If you called him sitemap.xml then you could expect search engines to retrieve it, however, I do not see any request for sitemap.xml in my access logs (for sites that do not contain an XML sitemap), this strongly suggests that they do not.

When your sitemap changes, you will have to resubmit (or notify Google) that your sitemap has been modified. This can be done automatically by whip Google (a GET request), without having to resubmit the sitemap manually. For more information, check out Google's help page on sitemap submission.