Looking for quality cPanel reseller hosting – Iv'e got about 75 sites, mostly low usage, $25ish/mo?

Budget is not set in stone.

I’m coming from having my own server, but cPanel raised prices AGAIN and I’m just sick of it.

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Hosting that allow gambling sites

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Looking for Article Sites that works in 2020

I know that Article submission is no longer a good strategy for SEO but still they have a good value in generating traffic and link juices.

Anyone can provide your working list I will appreciate it much.


Don’t Use Evoload.io And a Scam Method of Video Streaming Sites | NewProxyLists

First, this is not a slander, it is an article that explains why you should not use this video host or like this hosts.. everything is clear and I don’t understand why the administrators don’t understand it. I am writing an indirect scamming method that such video streaming sites use.

Definitely don’t use this video host(evoload.io) especially for adult videos. Because visitors often access such adult sites via vpn.(security, privacy, accessibility and ton of reason) These smart gentlemen pay first for your business, and then they stop paying after when their site reaches enough traffic, because by now, you’ll have uploaded and shared hundreds of videos.

if even only a fraction of your site’s users enter to the site with a vpn, they will not pay you. yeah, even if there are some visitors use a vpn… and there’s nothing you can do about it.

As you can see in the picture, at first they pay( yes, they are idiots and they have given money to bot/fake traffic for months, you can believe this if you are 7 years old, maybe)

After making more than +one payment , they say: your traffic is bot and we don’t pay you anymore. I wonder what idiot they expect to believe that? because of the situation I’m talking about at the top, they’re stealing people’s time, labor and money and they still brazenly continue to do it, because there will be a lot of carp that will fall into the same eating unless someone writes them down.

and then they accused me (and hundreds of others like me)) of using not legit, bot etc. traffic on Here

alexa rank of the site I use evoload: 240k…

As a result, the indirect scam method is as follows.

the method goes like this,
1. Allow adult videos.
2. Pay a little, and their site will be recognized.
3. Stop paying for sites with some vpn traffic.
4. Gain popularity and gain hitherto uploaded videos clicks.

Maybe although the situation is normal for non-adult videos but these sites get the most traffic and popularity from adult videos. the event like a joke… Even the most popular porn sites have at least 50% vpn traffic.

be careful, don’t waste your time guys.

and there will always be buffoons who will praise these video streaming sites. I just saw a few people kiss their ass for an extra $ 20 on here…

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internet – How big threat if I’ll use Windows 7 these days, but visit only trusted sites?

Trusted sites very often include content from other places, like ad networks and other content providers. So you need to be protected from those sources, too.

And you are not just visiting sites. The Win7 machine is running on your network, which can get infected and seek out other nodes to infect. Other people with access to the machine can also exploit unpatched vulnerabilities (like the one announced this week)

Stores and banks will use out of date OS’s, but they also pay for extended support from Microsoft, and they typically don’t allow them access to the internet: they are most often on isolated and protected networks with a lot of monitoring.

css – How do you avoid CLS delays in responsive static sites?

On my site Google Webmaster Tools says that a bunch of pages have CLS errors. Otherwise known as jerky loading.

On my page images are always in a div with a class that sets it to a percentage of the content block.


<DIV class=picr>

<img src="/Images/trees/Betula/Birch_Late-Fall_Pond-edge.jpg"  alt="Birch by pond" id="birchbypond" />

<p>Birch along a pond. In the landscape birch look good in random small clumps.</p>

<hr />


I tried adding the actual dimensions of the image with width=900 height=1200. In this situation the page does scale the horizontal dimension, but not the vertical.

Google’s web dev page (https://web.dev/optimize-cls/ ) suggests putting the dimensions in. Both the text on this page, and the video seems to suggest that this would work, but it doesn’t. But this no longer leaves the page responsive. They also suggest using CSS aspect boxes. Alas, CanIUse.com says that this is not supported on ANY browser out of the box.

This article https://www.datadab.com/blog/fix-cumulative-layout-shift/ suggests the following:

img { aspect-ratio: attr(width) / attr(height);}

The W3C CSS checker responds with:

img Property aspect-ratio doesn't exist : attr(width) / attr(height)

I’m missing something here.

What is the best way to reserve space and reduce CLS on random size images on a static page?

I could settle on a small number of standard sizes. This would require that I manually resize/recrop every image I use. Then each size, or rather size ratio would have a custom css class defined. This is time consuming. (I currently have 2300 images on my site.)

passwords – How do sites detect credential sniffing, and what is the purpose of this attack?

We can’t know how Unsplash detected it unless they tell us. However, many large websites have some sort of abuse tooling to automatically detect patterns. For example, Unsplash may import compromised credentials from public databases and match logins on those accounts from certain shared IP addresses. Clearly they’ve seen this pattern before since they have a pre-canned email about it.

In general, any site of reasonable size that has a social aspect where there can be likes or ranking of items is subject to abuse from bots who sell paid likes. As for who would want this, consider being able to put on your resume that you’re one of the top ten most popular photographers on Unsplash. That would be very appealing indeed. It may also cause search engine rankings for your user ID or name to be better, especially if they show up on a favorites or top photos page.

As for why the attackers uploaded images, because it’s very easy to find empty accounts that only give out likes. If a user engages in a variety of types of activity, it makes it seem less suspicious, so the site is less likely to catch on to the pattern. They also may like unrelated accounts to make it less obvious who’s paying them if they do get detected. Most sites don’t permit gaming the system in this way (or using automated systems to do this) and the attackers’ service wouldn’t be very popular if many of their customers’ accounts got cancelled.