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It occurred to me that if anything happened to me no one would be able to get into my sites and let people know so I would just disappear. I don’t really want to give out passwords to anyone. If anything happened to you would your family or friends be able to tell people? If it was a long illness I guess you would be able to prepare others but not if it was a sudden accident.


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rooting – Block IP/Domain (, facebook) and other distracting sites connected via phone’s hotspot

Is there a way to block and other distracting site like when my Laptop is connected via android hotspot at my phone’s end i.e. blocking sites via android hosts file. After reading the following techrepublic article, makes me think it’s possible but not sure so asking this question.

To edit phones hosts file, android phone must be rooted so I want to be sure before rooting my phone,

If this is not the correct approach then what other options are available.


powershell – How can I speed-up list item migration between two Sharepoint sites?

I have two Sharepoint sites, let’s call them Business and Party for example.

The Business site has a list with 1000+ items. I want to copy the list items to the Party site.
I want to do this in a repeatable, automated way.

I found that I can use PnP Powershell in a Powershell script:

# Get credentials from the windows credentials manager
$creds = Get-StoredCredential -Target ''

# Define site and list name
$origin_url = ""
$origin_list = "Listname"
$destination_url = ""
$destination_list = "Listname"

# Connect to the origin site
$o = Connect-PnPOnline –Url $origin_url -Credentials $creds -ReturnConnection

# Connect to the destination site
$d = Connect-PnPOnline –Url $destination_url -Credentials $creds -ReturnConnection

# Get all items in the origin list
$all = Get-PnPListItem -List $origin_list -Connection $o

# Loop over all items in origin
# Get all required information for the associated ID
# Add it to the destination list
Write-Host "--- Copying items ---"
 foreach($id in $all) {
    $term = $id.FieldValues
    $itemValues = @{  
        "Columnname1" = $term("Columnname1");
        "Columnname2" = $term("Columnname2");
        "Columnname3" = $term("Columnname3");
        "Columnname4" = $term("Columnname4");
    Add-PnPListItem -List $destination_list -Values $itemValues -Connection $d

# Close connection to sites
Disconnect-PnPOnline -Connection $o
Disconnect-PnPOnline -Connection $d

All works, but the loop that copies list items one-by-one is rather slow (approximately 1 item per second). Is it possible to speed this up or parallelize it somehow?

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administration – Prevent some internal users from accessing sharepoint sites even if they are inside the “Everyone except external users”

We usually grant “Everyone except external user” read access to almost all SharePoint sites/.. and today we got a request from our customer that certain users which are defined inside the “Everyone except external user” should not access SharePoint, because they are actually external business consultants but defined as internal users.. so my question is that if we can prevent certain internal users from accessing SharePoint sites, even if we use the “Everyone Except external users” group to grant all internal users access to the site?