15,000 subdomains removed from hacked sites

Hackers are believed to have used phishing attacks of misfeeding information to access accounts.

Android Accessibility: Click When the Pointer Stops on Web Sites

I have a disability that requires me to use the Interaction and dexterity: click when the pointer stops accessibility setting on my Samsung Galaxy S9 +. Unfortunately, this setting (in combination with the Assistant menu) does not allow me to click on hyperlinks. Although you can use Wizard menu: Cursor To move a second pointer that clicks on links, it is almost impossible to do so accurately.

Is it possible to use the same cursor to navigate the user interface and to navigate web pages? I tried to use the Samsung Internet and Google Chrome unsuccessful applications.

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Recent customer reviews

Quote Originally posted by Paradise eHost
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SkyNetHosting. Their prices are incredible and their support is excellent

Quote Originally posted by Calvynlee
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It's been a year since I was at SNH and at that time, I'm still a happy customer.

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I have been with them for about a month now and until now I am very happy. They have powerful non-overloaded servers and decent support times. I have not had any significant downtime yet, but it is still early.

Quote Originally posted by Calvynlee
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It's been a year since I was at SNH and at that time, I'm still a happy customer.

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I've recently posted a thread titled "Novice Hosting Needs Advice" and I've subsequently chosen a reseller account for extra bandwidth and disk space – not to have it. resell.

After reviewing the many hosting offers on this site, I finally decided to use SkyNetHosting and I'm delighted.

Although my site is still under construction and it has not been uploaded to my SkyNetHosting server yet, the support I have received so far is first class. .

I had some trouble changing my DNS and Jessica even made it for me. Since then, they have answered many questions that I had and have always dealt with them quickly. I hope that the excellent service will continue once my site will be up and running.

In the meantime, congratulations Jessica and SkyNetHosting. It's good to see a company deliver on its service promise.

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Yesterday you have offered me one of the best DL speeds. Any chance you are considering having a promotion in the coming weeks

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By using SNH almost all year long and everything works properly, keep in mind that not all cheap providers are good, but some cheap providers are really good.

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Good service provided by skynethosting ,, their server is very reliable..thank you

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skynet has an excellent response to any problem that may occur with its customers. So far, they have always wanted everyone to be satisfied with their commitment.

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: I do

BlackHatKings: cryptographic speculation and investment
Posted by: MervinROX
Post time: June 20, 2019 at 11:09.

Search for multiple servers in these US sites

I am looking for a dedicated server in the following exact locations:

[LIST][*]Cleveland [*]Denver[*]Philadelphia cream[*]Saint Louis
… | Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1769350&goto=newpost

Search for multiple servers in these US sites

I am looking for a dedicated server in the following exact locations:

  • Cleveland
  • Denver
  • Philadelphia cream
  • Saint Louis
  • Honolulu
  • Jackson, MS
  • Louisville
  • Milwaukee
  • New Orleans
  • The City of Oklahoma
  • Omaha
  • Richmond

Baseball Stadium Specifications:

  • e3-xxxx v3 or higher
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Any disc
  • 1 Gbit Port
  • 100 TB of outgoing bandwidth that can be used (200 TB if you also charge incoming bandwidth)
  • / 28 IPv4 range
  • Ubuntu 14.04 x64 standard installation
  • Purpose: VPN server.

Can any one suggest decent providers serving these areas?

What are the best social networking sites in 2019

I know that Twitter and Facebook are the best social networking site. Besides that, please share other top social networking sites.

Hello, The program does not submit to sites that I have already posted. What are the parameters

Hello, The program does not submit to the sites that I have already published. What settings can you help? Thank you so much.

How to use the question and answer sites for backlinking

answer a question relevant to your business / products / services with links to your business website explaining how your business / products / services can help effectively meet needs.