How to increase the thickness (size) of an aircraft in Unity

I'm doing a little game where you have to ride and not fall off a platform. I use an airplane to simulate the ground, but it is really thin. Is there a way to make it thicker by increasing a variable?

google sheets – How to sort data by size, not by ABC order

I'm new to Google Sheets and use only a little Excel. Google Sheets is a little different. I want to rank the uniforms of our group in order of size, from the smallest to the largest, but Google Sheets only sorts them in alphabetical order, so that my XS ends at the end. I would like to sort them from the smallest (2XS) to the largest (4XL)
After reading the answers to other questions on this site and trying what was suggested, here's what I've had so far:
I've created an extra column (on the page that I want to sort) with the jacket sizes in the order I want and a second column with the numerical order that I want to have. they sort.
JACKET Sort order
2XS-Short 1
2XS-Regular 2
XS-Short 3
XS-Regular 4
SM-short 5
SM-Regular 6
SM-Tall 7
MD-Short 8
MD-Regular 9
MD-Tall 10
LG-Short 11
LG-Regular 12
LG-Tall 13
XL-Short 14
XL-Regular 15
XL-Tall 16
2XL-Short 17
2XL-Regular 18
2XL-Tall 19
3XL-Short 20
3XL-Regular 21
4XL-Regular 22
4XL-Tall 23
DM XS-Short 24
DM SM-Short 25
DM SM-Regular 26
DM MD-Regular 27

This is a formula I have created so far from previous examples: = sort (A2: G201, match (B2: G201, {"2XS-Short", "2XS-Reg", "XS- Short "," XS-Regular ")", "SM-Short", "SM-Regular", "SM-Large", "MD-Short", "MD-Regular", "MD-Large", "LG- Short "," LG-Regular "," LG-Regular "," LG-Tall "," XL-Short "," XL-Regular "," XL-Top "," 2XL-Short "," 2XL-Regular " , "2XL-Large", "3XL-Short", "3XL-Regular", "4XL-Regular", "4XL-Tall", "DM XS-Short", "DM SM-Short", "DM SM-Regular" "," DM SM-Regular "},
I do not know what comes next. Is it even going to work? If so, where should I type the formula for Google Sheets to know I want to sort them in that order? Help me! Thank you so much! -mactoomey

iterm2: I maximize a pane and alt + tab on something else and when I come back the pane is restored to its previous size

I'm using iterm2 with integration tmux and I have two problems.

  1. I often have multiple panes in one tab with one of the maximized panes. For example, if I change my browser, when I return to iTerm, my maximized pane is automatically restored to its previous size. I find this behavior extremely annoying. How can I change it?

  2. If I create a new tmux session, disconnect it and then attach it from a larger view, the iterm2 window will refuse to fill the entire screen. I can zoom in, but I would like to resize the tmux session itself while maintaining the constant zoom level. How can I do this?

How to determine the size of an object on a photo?

I want to recreate food photography images, but I can not determine the size of the dishes used in the pictures. I suppose there are people here who can read the pictures better than me, so I would like to know if the table utensils used in the following pictures are plates or plates depending on the approximate size of the food, fork and spoon. find in the pictures.

image 1

image 2

finite element method – controls the size of the FEM grid for 1D regions

I have to manage the mesh size for the solution of the finite element method to a differential equation, where the properties change over two regions. This is for a dimension. I've created a three-point limit mesh to create two linear regions.

<< NDSolve`FEM`  

 bmesh = ToBoundaryMesh["Coordinates" -> {{0}, {2}, {4}},   
"BoundaryElements" -> {PointElement[{{1}, {2}, {3}}, {1, 1, 3}]},   
"PointElements" -> {PointElement[{{1}, {2}, {3}}, {1, 1, 3}]}]; 

 m3 = ToElementMesh[bmesh, "RegionMarker" -> {{{1}, 1, 0.2}, {{2}, 
 2, 0.05}}]



When I check the coordinates of the elements, the second region does not seem to have the spacing of the elements that I have requested. I should be 0.05, but it seems to stay at 0.2.

Table[{m3["Coordinates"][[i]], i}, {i,1,Length[m3["Coordinates"]]}]

m3["Wireframe"["MeshElementIDStyle" -> Red]]

Can someone help?

neural networks – Transfer learning with a different input size

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Join a big size to an email?

Join a big size to an email? | Talk Web Hosting

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;)
// ->

  1. Join a big size to an email?

    I know Dropbox, etc., but what are the other options for attaching large files to emails?

  2. You can use Google Drive for Gmail, OneDrive for Outlook, Firefox Send. Here are some of the options for attaching large files to e-mail.

  3. I would need to support Google Drive, it is very nice and easy to use.

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usability – reduce the size of a tab control system

Below you'll find the desktop user interface I'm currently working on and I need to make it a lot smaller. It has a width of 1266px and my task is to create something at most 390 cm wide. I've tried searching for UI designs to pick categories, but nothing is jumping out at me or they are moving designs.

current interface

My current thinking is to have a bubble system where you hover over the bubble and it expands from there, but I'm not sure it's a sleazy user interface because it could go to 3 levels and not be friendly.

Any reflection will be appreciated

Size of exchange | Talk Web Hosting

If you create a partition on a dedicated server, the swap size should be * 1.5 for 16gig ram?

In the above site, it has a different value for with or without hibernation.

for a dedicated server, should I look at the value of with or without hibration?

class feature – Increase the size of the focus area as a leafless or stormless druid


Take a multiclass dedication and choose multiclass exploits that grant additional focus points. The focus points of all exploits are combined to form a group of up to 3 points, even if they belong to different classes.

P. 302 "Multiple Source Focus Points":

It is possible, especially via archetypes, to obtain spells and focus points from several sources. If this happens, you only have one focus group, adding up all the focus points to determine the total size of your pool.

Focus points are not differentiated by source; you can use any of your focus points for any of your focus spells.

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