mysql – PHP memory size exhausted in drupal

FastCGI sent in stderr: “PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 137612647 bytes)

Already I increase 2 times in php.ini file. But again memory size exhausted happening. And also I got following error /app/source_code_shop/shop/sites/all/modules/contrib/memcache/ on line 64″ while reading response header from upstream.

We can’t fixed this solution. Is it memcache error or memcache module error or php coding problem. Please give me proper solution how can solve php memory exhaust problem in drupal.

ultrafilters – Transforming large size kernel into equivalent small size kernels

I have a problem where I want to convert kernel of large size,i.e, 64×64 into the number of 3×3 size kernels such that convolving them with the same image results in the equivalent output. (It does not imply splitting of the large kernel into small kernels)

sql server – How to use msdb.dbo.backupset and dbatools to gather all of the historical backup size information for all instances in an environment

I have too many servers to manage to want to do this manually on each server so I’d like to somehow automate this using the dbatools module and the below query for gathering the backupset information.

  WITH BackupsSize AS(
         rn = ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY DATEPART(year,(backup_start_date)) ASC, DATEPART(month,(backup_start_date)) ASC)
    , (Year)  = DATEPART(year,(backup_start_date))
    , (Month) = DATEPART(month,(backup_start_date))
    , (Backup Size GB) = CONVERT(DECIMAL(10,2),ROUND(AVG((backup_size)/1024/1024/1024),4))
    , (Compressed Backup Size GB) = CONVERT(DECIMAL(10,2),ROUND(AVG((compressed_backup_size)/1024/1024/1024),4))
    (database_name) = N'A1000370D1'
AND (type) = 'D'
AND backup_start_date BETWEEN DATEADD(mm, - 13, GETDATE()) AND GETDATE()
    , DATEPART(yyyy,(backup_start_date))
    , DATEPART(mm, (backup_start_date))
ORDER BY (Year),(Month)) 
   b.(Backup Size GB),
   0 AS deltaNormal,
   b.(Compressed Backup Size GB),
   0 AS deltaCompressed
FROM BackupsSize b
WHERE b.rn = 1
   b.(Backup Size GB),
   b.(Backup Size GB) - d.(Backup Size GB) AS deltaNormal,
   b.(Compressed Backup Size GB),
   b.(Compressed Backup Size GB) - d.(Compressed Backup Size GB) AS deltaCompressed
FROM BackupsSize b
   SELECT bs.(Backup Size GB),bs.(Compressed Backup Size GB)
   FROM BackupsSize bs
   WHERE bs.rn = b.rn - 1
) AS d

I have a list of servers sitting in table on a db and plan to load a $sqlinstance variable with my list of instances using invoke-dbaquery.

What I’m not sure about and need help with is how to use the above SQL script to gather the historical backup data for all databases on all servers in one go. How can I loop through each database while also looping through my list of instances?

assetbundle – Unity – Adressable – Build size is bigger than expected

After fixing all duplicates using Analyze tool, the apk file still bigger than before i start using Addressable.

All my bundle is local and use LZ4 compression.

Here what i have done:

  • Fix all duplicates found in “Check Duplicate Bundle Dependencies” by moving duplicate assets to appropriate groups.
  • Fix all duplicates found in “Check Scene to Addressable Duplicate Dependencies”.
  • Fix all “Implicit” found in “Bundle Group Preview”.

I use this Build Report Tool and see that non-addressable assets, scripts, dll is about 32MB and aa folder is around 110MB (i have nothing else in StreamingAssets folder) => the apk size should be around 140 – 150 MB but the apk size is 40MB bigger (188MB) 😮

I suspect there’re problem with compression. But have no idea how to fix this.
I extracted the apk and the total size is around 300MB. The non-addressable apk (~150MB)’s extracted size is ~500MB.

Any help is appreciated.

Decrease the screen size (not resolution) on android 11 (wm overscan depricated)

I recently bought a Pixel 4a and being used to a way smaller phones before (4.7 inches) it’s gigantic for me. I’m trying to find a way to decrease the usable space of the screen (from the top) and hide the camera cutout. I found out this but the option is only available on samsung (and other brands). then I found out this thread and the “wm overscan” adb command and just as it looked like I found a solution, it turned out Google depricated the overscan command in Android 11. I tried also natcho notch and other “notch-hiding” software but they only “blacken” the notification bar and don’t actually reduce the screen size. Any ideas what I can do to actually achieve this on Android 11?

partition – VMware esxi host partedUtil sector bit and block size?

Alright, things i did are: studying and , and also googled some other information about the “partedUtil” in ESXi.

I encountered doubts when utilizing partedUtil commandlines to configure partitions in ESXi 7.0 host but I failed to find proper answer for my own doubts.

According to figure below,

enter image description here

can anyone please tell me what is the measuring unit(is it kb?) of 16987000 and 17092000? (i know they are the “sector start” and “sector end”, respectively.)

additionally, how do i know the measuring unit(mb?) of block size for specific partition(such as VMFS Datastore or Linux Swap, for example) when configuring with partedUtil in ESXi??

The last question is: do I need to multiply “block size” by “space I need” as the space(between start sector and end sector) for the partition I need? or maybe the space between start and end sector is quite simple to calculate which does not need to take “block size” into consideration?

thanks in advance!!

sql server – log send queue size and redo queue size in AG

I am trying to figure out the way to monitor these 2 events

  1. log send queue size – I can see this in perfmon

  2. Redo queue size – I can see in dmv but not in perfmon counter

Is there a way using perfmon i can calculate the redo queue size if not there in perfmon. Also i see these events are logged in windows event when these are part of database mirroring. But now in AG how is it possible to log these 2 values in windows event viewer for a certain range exceeding ?


apache 2.4 – How to adjust TCP Window Size?

I asked a similar question before, but I believe I was not clear with the details.

I’m basically having some problems with my server related to high latency between the server and the clients due to the geographical distance. And making a research, it turned out that I can solve this issue by increasing the TCP Window Size.

The problem is I don’t really know how to do it, and following the instructions I found on the web didn’t help at all.

So I’m hoping that someone can share some documentation / commands / instructions or anything that can further improve this question.

Here is some info:

  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64
  • Server: Apache/2.4.41
  • Application Type: Python – Flask
  • Hosting Company: Digital Ocean

graphics – Keynote Mac, delete cropped image to reduce file size without losing image resolution quality

I have lots of high-resolution images inserted into the Keynote which makes the file very large. Image masking in Keynote is very convenient for me. But I only want a small corner of the images shown in the slides, and I don’t need the cropped part anymore. Reducing file size under the File menu loses image quality and the cropped images are still there. Is there any way to delete the cropped part to reduce file size without losing image resolution/quality?