plotting – How to sketch non function graph


sol = n /. Solve(n (1/4 + (a - 6 n/10^3)^2) == 40 && n > 0, n, Reals);

There are three roots


(* 3 *)

To see the full curve you need to increase the function sampling (PlotPoints option) particularly at transitions between the solutions (MaxRecursions option)

Plot(Evaluate(sol), {a, -3, 3},
 PlotStyle -> {Green, Blue, Red},
 PlotPoints -> 100,
 MaxRecursion -> 10,
 AxesLabel -> (Style(#, 14, Bold) & /@ {a, n}),
 PlotLegends -> Placed(Automatic, {0.25, 0.6}))

enter image description here

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Not sure on best resolution of desktop/mobile to design to nowadays + trying to find decent Sketch Template/Grid

Not sure on best resolution of desktop/mobile to design to nowadays + trying to find decent Sketch Template/Grid that I can download.

Please help!


map – How can I create an interactive sketch in Android Studio from 0 without using Google resources?

I am trying to program an application in an Android studio. It consists of a sketch / map of a location with multiple buildings, I want it to be like buttons that click on an action. the problem is that i don't know where to start or what to use.
I tried to build it by nesting several layouts but it is something (quite) complicated, I was wondering if there would be a more suitable option
I clarify, do not i want to use google maps.
I want a sketch / card of 0.
If someone could lead me, it would be great.
Thanks in advance

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Sketch of the Max and Min functions

I am asked to draw the outline of the following function:

$ f (x, y) = max (5x + y, x + y) $

To be honest, I don't know how the max and min functions are defined. I hope you can help me understand this.

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I will make a pencil sketch or hand drawn art

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mistletoe design – Combination of Sketch with Adobe XD

Are there UI designers, combining Sketch and Adobe XD?
For me, Sketch is a fantastic tool. I love how it works. Unfortunately, to create prototypes, I rely on other software. I was hoping to be able to combine Sketch and Adobe XD (for prototyping), but importing sketch files causes a lot of problems. As soon as a sketch object is a little more complex symbol, the import completely fails.

Are there any tips to make Sketch and Adobe XD work together?

macbook pro – Search for files with certain extensions like * .svg, *. jpg, *. sketch and move to a specific folder structure. Using Mac Automator

I am new to mac automation. I'm just kidding to see if I can get the expected result for this problem I'm having:

"I am a designer and I have to download lots of files from the Internet for references and therefore my downloads folder gets messy and I wanted to organize it in a specific way. As I have files like jpg, svg, eps, sketch, etc. I have the following folder structure created, and I want some sort of automation to move the respective extension files to the respective folder in the folder structure as they are added to the downloads folder the first time, therefore I was looking for options and I found that the controller can be used for this . "

File structure as follows

  • Animations
    • Keynotes
    • Principle
    • Design files
    • Affinity files
    • Sketch files
    • Office
    • The documents
    • Fonts
    • Pictures
    • Icons
    • Raster
    • Vector
    • Other files
    • Software
    • Videos

I have tried to create folder actions in the controller for this. I added the following conditions

  • Find Finder Items
    • Entry = downloads folder Search = computer condition = all / all according to my need for the respective folder structure
      criteria = the file extension is jpg / png / svg / eps / etc depending on my needs.
  • Move Finder Item
    • À = specific folder based on the respective extension.

I tried to create a single script with all the conditions like the if-else / switch statement like:
If the extension is .jpg, move it to Image> Raster> Jpg folder
If the extension is .svg, move it to the Image> Vector> SVG folder
etc …

Single file with data:
enter description of image here

But it did not work properly. He was moving files randomly into random folders.

Next, I created separate rules for separate files, but they still behave the same way. Not sure why.

Could someone help me on this?

software – Sketch Bug – Layer Disabled – Too Large

While working in Bohemian Sketch, I have a file that we use as a toolbox. It contains around 1100 symbols, many of which are nested. As due to our company policy, we are stuck on Sketch 52.3, we use the Anima plugin in order to make stacking and filling with our symbols work.

The file worked fine, but I noticed that some symbols were starting to be empty, with the symbol name changed to LAYER DISABLED – TOO LARGE. The symbols have also changed in size to around one million pixels wide. We have fairly effective version tracking, so I was able to track it to a first symbol, then a dozen, and in two days, extended to around 500 symbols. And it's still there if the file is given to someone else to open it.

Anyone seen something like this?

Layer off - too large