How can I improve my micro skills in League of Legends? [closed]

How can I improve my micro-skills in League of Legends?

skills – When to use deception vs report in Fate Core

Let's look at the rules


Trick is the skill lie and misdirect people.


The Reporting skill is about building positive relationships with people and arousing positive emotions. It’s the skill of being loved and of confidence.

People don't trust liars. If you lie, you are mistaken;

However, people who are truthful without tact all the time are not friendly and everyone knows that there are questions that nobody expects to be answered honestly and that it is disconcerting if you get one. For example, how are you? Presumably, you are not demanding verification for these routine deceptions and I guess the question of the Duchess is not one of them, although she is one.

Now, fate has mechanisms to push the limits: aspects and stunts.

For your example, call a deception check, but if the player wants to use the report, he has to accept a constraint on a new aspect – unfaithful flatterer and if they fail, the duchess gets complimented hollow. The player gets what he wants at a price.

In the long run, they can do it Flexible with the truth: Twice per session, you can use Report instead of Cheating.

java – What design model would best suit RPG skills?

I am developing a small Java digital card game project. In my game, players can perform skills when using cards. Each skill does different things, such as dealing damage, healing, etc. I'm looking for a way to program these skills into the game.

I saw an answer to a similar question online mentioning "Strategy Design", so I discovered the world of Design Patterns.

Due to the amount of different design models, I was hoping that someone could recommend me an appropriate design model to achieve the above goals. Would Strategy Design suit my needs, or is there a better choice?

Thank you.

call of cthulhu 7th – Please help with the development phase of the investigators and the improvement of skills optional use of the luck point?

I just discovered this game and I would like to understand a little more how the EXP and PC improvements are made.

So far, I understand that the more you use a skill, the more you have the opportunity to improve that skill / skill or even learn new ones through multiple successful attempts. Now in the standard game, you mark the skills successfully used during the session once, no matter how often these skills are used and only at the end of a certain time of play, you are allowed to try to improve these skills used individually.

However, the goalkeeper uses the optional luck rules for his games. Now, the rules of the Chance option are that if you use luck to modify skill rolls, you don't have the opportunity to upgrade skills during the development phase of the skill roll. 39; investigator. I would now like clarification on this. If you use luck points to modify a skill or a number of skill rolls to pass the test, then during the next investigator development phase, you are not given the opportunity to ; improve successful skills or simply those modified by luck points?

EX: Game 3 – The investigator uses luck points to pass the Story and a Driving test, but succeeded with the Pistol, Jump and Natural Weapons checks .45. Once the game session is over and we are in the development phase of the investigator, do I have a 1d00 chance to try to improve the firearms .45 Pistol, Jump and Natural World and not with story, and Drive or I can't try to improve skills because I use luck points?

Have Discrete Math books improved my problem solving / creativity skills?

I am a student in a major in software engineering and I want to improve my problem solving and creativity skills to find creative solutions to problems such as Project Euler and Code Forces problems.
Will reading certain books in "Discrete Mathematics" achieve my goal?

skills – Can the Coerce action be used on a PC?

While this is a way to suppress the player agency, the second part of the Haughty Obstinacy exploit says: "If a creature fails in a test to coerce you into bullying, it gets a critical failure instead (so it cannot try to coerce you again for 1 week )"

Such a feat is not uncommon or available only for NPCs, and it has not been addressed in the Errata. Does this technically mean that a PC can be forced? I don't intend to use the Coerce action as GM on any player, but I'm curious as to whether this would technically be a rule of thumb .

IT – Need a suggestion based on College vs Real Life Skills?

I am studying computer science, I have six courses per semester which means 8 * 6 = 48 courses more than 30 courses are related to science, about 20 courses are major (OS, networking, Ai, and some have 2 parts ) and the others are minors (electricity and magnetism, electronics, simulation, operational research, etc.) and unrelated courses (accounting, GIS, etc.). now I consider myself if I want to become a computer scientist then I should perfect everything, now in the 6th semester I forget half of the courses because their concept does not use the subsequent courses, I am really disappointed with this mess. What should I do now?

I know many algorithms and even I code them in different languages ​​now a few weeks ago, I read job descriptions, where the requirements are quite opposite because I have learned in all my college life that They want an expert in these unknown technologies, Dockers, Kubernetes, Tensorflow, ReactJS, AngularJS and NodeJS, etc. why such a difference between job description and college learning?

The third concerns libraries, I know that today libraries are so powerful as self-coding, so why do we learn complicated algorithms that are already applied?

Skills required for SEO …?

Hello friends,

Tell me, what skills are required for SEO …?

dnd 5e – How many skills should I choose as a Triton bard?

There are two different concepts at play here. First, there are Skill. Your 5th edition character has a "skill bonus" depending on their level – +2 at level 1. If your character is trained in a particular skill, a saving throw or an attack type , you can add this bonus to the result of the throw. . You don't usually choose your skills outside of skills (see below), and as a bard, it means you're trained to:

  • Light Armor
  • Simple weapons, crossbows, long swords, rapiers and short swords
  • Three musical instruments (optional)
  • Dexterity and Charisma Saving Throws
  • 3 skills of your choice.

Second, there are the skills themselves (page 174, Player's Manual). While some classes limit themselves to choosing bonus skills from a sublist, bards have the choice between all the lots! Just an advantage of being a bard!

Your experience as a "popular hero" already allows you to master animal handling and survival, then choose from the list below, because your character has a total of Five skills (3 in class, 2 in the background), so choose three to complete your initial set of skills:

  • Acrobatics
  • Arcana
  • Athletics
  • Deception
  • History
  • Insight
  • Intimidation
  • Investigation
  • Drug
  • Nature
  • Perception
  • Performance
  • Persuasion
  • Religion
  • Sleight of hand
  • stealthy

Pathfinder 2nd: exploits, skills and clerical spells to create a strong combat medic

I have a hard time deciding my exploits, skills and spells. Everything else, I'm already sold.

I understand that warrior clerics are given armor skills to facilitate the creation of a 2nd Edition Combat Doctor, but I am trying to balance my character perfectly between doing damage with the weapon of my deity and heal my allies. I have a hard time judging the trade-offs to be able to strike harder while being a viable healer.

As a character, I chose Cleric, Warpriest, Dwarf, Medium Armror, Shelyn, Glaive and Pick.

Not that it should influence my decision a lot, but the allies of this group are: thug, sorcerer, barbarian, monk and fighter (longbow).
Here are some things that I try to be good at:

  • Sword
  • To choose
  • Healing
  • Arts and crafts

Someone may wonder why I try to be good in two melee weapons, and the reason is that I like to build my melee characters with range weapons and weapons relatives. That way I can sit behind the barbarian or defend myself when someone turns around. Another person may ask why the focus on crafts, which comes from the role-playing of the characters. I am a very healthy dwarf who really loves to worship Shelyn. It requires that I master a trade!

I'm struggling to achieve all the prerequisites for the exploits. It seems like I don't have enough to take what is needed to be a great healer and a great warrior.