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Does anyone use Skynethosting? How are they?

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Is the skynethosting support chat still unavailable?

@SkyNetHosting – You speak a good game but your services are not up to your hype.

No tickets, not one, have ever been answered in less than an hour. Most tickets go for a few hours and some go longer.
I marked a ticket as critical because I was not receiving any email AFTER the phoenixnap crash was corrected. First answer? 3 hours 20 minutes later. THREE HOURS !! For a ticket marked CRITICAL.

My list is long and I only ordered your service last Friday. Had finished. I've already decided yesterday to end my job and I will run it as soon as all my services will be restored in Hostgator.

Host Gator !!

WTF must be sure that I prefer to stay there then with you? Hostgator support may be nil, but it's rare that I needed it. At least the servers work. In 4 days, I treated more of your support than HG in 10 years.

You play a good game here on the forums but your service is a totally different experience.