5th dnd – If I sleep trying to attach to something, is it easy to steal this object?

If the bard is trying to steal something from you in your sleep, generally as I would do as a DM, it would first have to make a stealthy throwing challenged by your passive perception to see it. he can approach your character without waking up. their. This would then be followed by a sleight of hand for the actual flight. Sleight of hand is listed on page 177 of the player's manual as a check used to

"Lift someone's wallet or slip something from his

by doing the skill that best fits the situation you describe. The difficulty depends on your DM, but usually the thresholds defined by the player's manual page 174 is:

  • Very easy – DC 5
  • Easy – DC 10
  • Average – DC 15
  • Hard – DC 20
  • Very difficult – DC 25
  • Almost impossible – DC 30

Factors that affect your DM's decisions must include the size, weight and noise of the object when moved.

However, I would like to know what you think as a player that your property is stolen by another player. This is a general convention (at least at my table and many of the questions I see on this site and others about my guy's syndrome, for example, this speech is a little long, but it summarizes some of the problems that the parties can resolve (cause) that stealing from other players can create an uncomfortable feeling within the party. It may be interesting to talk to the player or your DM about how this will affect the dynamics at the table before this happens.

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Pathfinder 1st – Rules as they are written, does an attempt to tie a creature affected by sleep awaken it?

When I played PFS, I used Sleep on a group of thugs and I disabled them all. When I said to tie one of them, our general manager told us that the thug had awakened and that he was now trying to fight. That left us no choice but to finish the thugs, which was rather unpleasant: I do not like to make my characters deadly morons, and I try to spare all the insane enemies that I can and report them to the local authorities.

The situation happened a long time ago.

However, just now, when re-reading the description of sleep, I remembered this situation and I looked at the list of things that can wake up an affected target:

  • Injury: I understand that this is doing damage to HP
  • Slapping: "Awakening a creature is a standard action (an application to help another action)"

It is also explicitly noted that "normal noise" is not enough.

  1. Is it RAW to decide that to tie up someone wakes them up?
  2. Is it reasonable (beneficial for the game) to make such a decision?

I want to remind everyone that the first question is about rules as they are written (RAW) and should be based on rules only. No interpretation is allowed. The second question is subjective and requires the respondent to explain his or her experience with the sleep spell with respect to taking prisoners, or about prisoners in general.

Can I run an exe file when the computer goes out of sleep mode?

I want to run an exe file when the computer goes out of sleep mode,
How can I do this in Windows 10?

Is it legal to sleep in a park in Germany with a hammock?

I plan to go to Germany with a flight of € 15 this summer and I hope to spend as little as possible. I was wondering if it was legal to sleep in a park or on the street and maybe some tips for sleeping outside in public?

c # – Sleep problem with Quartz.NET

I'm having a problem using Quartz.NET for creating jobs on a system.
Quartz sleeps 23:50 and gets up at 7:26.
Since it is necessary to operate in this range.

System information:
1 – .NET application
2 – IIS server

Application log:
insert the description of the image here

[ Politics ] Open Question: Trump sent $ 50 billion to Israel while Americans sleep on the street. Thoughts?

[ Politics ] Open Question: Trump sent $ 50 billion to Israel while Americans sleep on the street. Thoughts? .

Macbook Pro 2018 dead after waking up sleep mode with Catalina

Uses Catalina since its release, which tries to use the screen mode of the shared tablet when it is available. The last time I used the machine, she was in sleep mode (MacBook Pro 2018) and when I tried to restart it, she instantly broke down and did not respond anymore to 100%, not light, no screen, no sound.

It is under repair, but are you wondering if other people have had this problem?

xubuntu – Dell XPS 13 9380 stops after waking up in sleep mode

I have a Dell XPS 13 9380 under Xubuntu 18.04. Xubuntu is the only machine operating system. The version of my kernel is 4.18.0. I managed to flash the latest BIOS update from the Dell site. I've also implemented the first comment solution on this post. Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem.

My current problem is that the machine will seem to hang, but when I press the power button to make it appear, the screen will blink once and then darken. I press again on the power button. The Xubuntu logo appears, but the machine stops. This happens every time I try to get it out of suspension.

Are there any parameters that I should know to solve this problem?

Networking – Unplugged Ethernet cable to get out of sleep laptop

I have this strange problem every time I wake up from my laptop, the ethernet connection could not be detected. I managed to make it work by removing the network module and adding it again.

rmmod r8169
modprobe r8169

However, I want these alarm clocks to be transparent, I do not want to execute these commands manually on awakening in order to have an Ethernet connection.

uname -a
Computer Name Linux 4.16.0-041600-generic # 201804012230 SMP Sun Apr 1 22:31:39 UTC 2018 x86 x64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU / Linux

ifconfig -a
enp2s0: flags = 4163  1500 mtu
inet network mask broadcast
inet6 fe80 :: 7020: d2e9: 225b: 9004 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x20
        ether 54: 48: 10: e3: a3: 56 txqueuelen 1000 (Ethernet)
Packages RX 5919 bytes 3436132 (3.4 MB)
RX Errors 0 Aborted 0 exceed 0 image 0
TX packets 5752 bytes 667433 (667.4 KB)
TX errors 0 missed 0 exceedances 0 carrier 0 collisions 0

lo: flags = 73  mtu 65536
inet network mask
inet6 :: 1 prefixlen 128 scopeid 0x10
        loop txqueuelen 1000 (local loop)
RX packages 8101 bytes 610092 (610.0 KB)
RX Errors 0 Aborted 0 exceed 0 image 0
TX packets 8101 bytes 610092 (610.0 KB)
TX errors 0 missed 0 exceedances 0 carrier 0 collisions 0

wlp3s0: flags = 4163  1500 mtu
inet network mask broadcast
inet6 fe80 :: 392d: 4fdb: 372f: 3381 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x20
        ether 34: e1: 2d: f8: 1d: f3 txqueuelen 1000 (Ethernet)
Packets RX 9592 bytes 4262963 (4.2 MB)
RX Errors 0 Aborted 0 exceed 0 image 0
TX packets 6766 bytes 1125519 (1.1 MB)
TX errors 0 missed 0 exceedances 0 carrier 0 collisions 0

Please, let me share additional information that is helpful to solve the problem, I do not know which one.

Thank you