macos – Videos will not play on any browser after going out of sleep mode (MacBook Pro)

Videos are not played after sleep. The video loads, I can go to different parts of the video, but this does not read and does not give me the loading loop. This applies to almost all video sites. The only way to get it working again is to restart the computer.

That's about the mistakes below:

Windows 10:

15-inch MacBook Pro under macOS Mojave awakened with blue screen of sleep

So recently, I went home after a few hours on my MacBook Pro (plugged in all day) and saw this:

MacBook Pro screen

What would cause that exactly?

More information about my system:

  • Hardware: Intel Core i7 2.2GHz, 16GB DDR4 to 2400MHz, Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536MB, Radeon Pro 555X

  • Software: Xcode is installed on my computer and the applications that run in the background are Settings, Spotify, Atom (the text editor, with enough plugs -ins) and Chrome.

Update: Under Wilfred's suggestion, I made a diagnosis. Nothing has been picked up; it seems that there are no problems as a result.

Send the Android box to sleep when HDMI is disconnected

I use this code to send the Android box in standby mode when HDMI is disconnected:

public int onStartCommand (Intention Intent, int flags, int startId)

                new Thread (new Runnable () {
public void run () {

while (true) {
try {
String status = loadFileAsString ("/ sys / devices / virtual / switch / hdmi / state"); // detect if HDMI is connected
if (status.contains ("1")) {

// HDMI is connected - do not do anything
Log.v ("LOG", "HDMI_ON");

} other {
Log.v ("LOG", "HDMI_OFF");
// HDMI is disconnected then send an order to send a box in standby mode
Runtime.getRuntime (). Exec (new channel[]{"su", "-c", "input keyevent POWER"});

} catch (IOException e) {
e.printStackTrace ();

try {
Thread.sleep (60000);
} catch (InterruptedException e) {
e.printStackTrace ();

}) Start ().


// Log.v ("BBBBBB", "BBBBBBBBB");


I need to check the status of the Andorid box and if it is powered on, then send the command to send in standby mode, otherwise do nothing

backup – What is the best approach to eject a disk in sleep mode, scheduled?

I therefore have an external hard drive used for Time Machine.

Back at home, I usually connect my MacBook to a hard drive via a hub and put it into sleep mode. Since I sometimes come home late at night, the Time Machine backup can take place at midnight. However, in the morning, I need to wake up my Mac to safely eject the hard drive and put the MacBook back into sleep mode for taking out my MacBook.

I have therefore tried to create a scheduled disk eject job that can be run during standby. I've looked for solutions like crond, launched, but even launched unable to run a script in sleep mode if I understood the documentation well, even if I set up a job with StartCalendarInterval it will not be called until the MacBook is woken up.

Is there a commercial application or another approach that can be used in my case?

My OSX is the latest version of Mojave.

dnd 5th – How does the attack of a target affected by the sleep spell?

If the circumstances give a result an advantage and a disadvantage, it is considered that you have none and you get a d20. This is true even if several circumstances impose a disadvantage and only one grants a benefit or vice versa. In such a situation, you have neither advantage nor disadvantage. (Basic rules)

A creature that is affected by to sleep is both unconscious and inclined.

As you say, attacking a creature on the ground at a distance of more than 5 feet is disadvantageous. However, all attack rolls also benefit from their unconsciousness.

Since you can not have both on the same role, they cancel each other out and you have neither.

Of course, if you can get within 5 feet of the unconscious creature, you make have a benefit (twice) that reduces to a simple advantage on the roll.

sleep wake – How to charge the iPhone from MacBook Pro at night?

I wish the iPhone to be charged connected to the MacBook Pro while I sleep.

When I connect the iPhone, the computer charges the cell phone's battery. But when I wake up, the cell phone is not fully charged.

I think this may happen because the computer goes into sleep mode.

Is there a way for the iPhone to continue charging even if the computer goes into sleep mode? or what would be the best way to solve this problem?

iPhone 7 Pro
2017 MacBook Pro
OSX 10.14.4

How to manage the DM that constantly steals all that is hidden in the characters in sleep

In previous campaigns, the DM used to steal our characters while they slept impulsively for no reason in history. And not only by flying regularly, they manage to remove all our items, including worn clothes and armor. All are based on our listening test minus 10 in a roll. The party finds all this completely silly because we can lose everything for no reason and we have very few ways to recover it.

We have just started a new 3.5 campaign, all Level 1 basic races, and the DM has made it clear that we are following the rules to the letter. Our characters are however completely trampled because it makes all the meetings 3 levels higher than our party would be able to handle. After 2 unsuccessful encounters, we arrived in a village with about 20 people, all level 1, and decided to go to sleep there. After waking up, two of us woke up without armor, without clothes, without starting gear. The other 2, who went to sleep outside the village, woke up with all their items missing and carried away by animals.

We were not addicted, and nothing in NPCs allowed them to do it. Are there rules, or anything we can show the DM to prove that these actions are impossible and totally unfair?

linux – Run a shell script even in sleep mode?

I want to create a script that records the battery level and processor load on a laptop, but I still want to save the battery level in sleep mode. Is it possible to do this under Linux?

Operating System: LM 18.04 LTS
DE: Xfce

EDIT: I have a working script to register the battery level that is already this command:

upower -i $ (upower -e | grep & # 39; BAT) grep -E "percentage" | awk -F: & # 39; {print $ 2} & # 39; | tr -d '% & # 39;

Why does iOS on iPhone and iPad automatically close an app (ie Youtube) after a period of inactivity? Is there a way to prevent iOS from ending applications in sleep mode?

It's terribly frustrating to have watched some parts of a Youtube video, and then iOS left it. If I did not write the timestamp, I would have no idea where I left off. Is there a way to prevent iOS from ending applications in sleep mode? Thank you!

[ Politics ] Open Question: So who does Kamala Harris sleep with to get the nomination?

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