dnd 5e – Does multiclassing suddenly allow you to cast spells from Magic Initiate (or other similar features/feats) using more spell slots?

The following question already exists and explains that you can cast spells gained from the Magic Initiate feat if and only if the class you choose is the same as one of your own:

So let’s assume a Wizard take the Magic Initiate feat and learns the healing word spell with the Bard option of the feat. It is established already that they cannot cast this spell using their own spell slots, for some more supporting evidence classes received errata and the Wizard class now states the following under “Spellcasting” (the bolded word “Wizard” was added):

(…) The Wizard table shows how many spell slots you have to cast your wizard spells of 1st level and higher. (…)

With that established, I’m a bit confused what happens when this Wizard decides to multiclass into Bard; the multiclassing spellcasting rules state:

(…) You determine your available spell slots by adding together all your levels in the bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, and wizard classes, and half your levels (rounded down) in the paladin and ranger classes. Use this total to determine your spell slots by consulting the Multiclass Spellcaster table. (…)

There is not longer a way to distinguish between Wizard spell slots and Bard spell slots. To me this implies the following:

Before multiclassing the Wizard could not use any of their spell slots to cast healing word, but by gaining one level of Bard they can now use all of them. Is this truly the case or have I missed a rule somewhere?

dnd 5th – Do magic initiates need spell slots?

The key words here are:

  • "Once a day"
  • "You have to finish a long rest before you can start it again"

These abilities / exploits are accessible to everyone because you no need comes out of the slots to use them. It just means that because you are not a class that has spent years studying magic, you are limited to the number of times you can cast it.

So this means that these spells, obtained through racial traits and exploits, are treated separately from any other spells you may have, since they do not use spell locations. And if they required spell locations, it would rather indicate that, while being limited to classes that already have spell locations.

dnd 5th – Allow more spell slots at the expense of fatigue: will this house rule break the game?

I play D&D 5th. PHB (Chapter 10: Spellcasting) declares that (it is me who underlines):

No matter how many spells a caster knows or prepares, he or she
can only cast a limited number of spells before resting. Manipulate
the fabric of magic and channel its energy into a single spell
is physically and mentally challenging, and higher level spells are even
all the more.
Thus, the description of each class of caster (except that of
the warlock) includes a table showing the number of spell locations for each
spell level that a character can use at each character level.

I want to emphasize this aspect in my homebrew world so I found the following house rule:

Internal reserves: A caster can exceed the number of spells
slots that are normally assigned to him at the expense of fatigue. When a caster
has no more spell slots but deems it absolutely necessary to cast a
goes out, she can push herself to the limit and exhaust her interior
reserves to cast a spell. The level of the spell will result in a
equal level of exhaustion gained by the caster. For example, if the
the spell is level 2, then the caster will gain two levels of


I would like to use this house rule for several reasons:

  1. Fair trade: To me, it's a fair exchange. Gaining a level of fatigue probably won't make a difference in a battle, but it is also the case for a level 1 spell. On the contrary, when you gain two or more levels of fatigue, the PC becomes extremely vulnerable. So this is a high risk, high return scenario. If you're on the verge of exhaustion, make sure you win the fight.
  2. Dramatic effect: I think it goes without saying that such a mechanism can lead to very dramatic moments. I can imagine several scenarios where a caster runs out to heal the group or cast a last ball of fire which ultimately saves the day.

Potential issues

An immediate problem that I identify is that this rule allows all classes to cast 5 additional level 1 spells (or less at higher levels). This can break certain classes designed to cast very few spells per day (for example, Warlock, Paladin). On the other hand, I believe that this imbalance is mitigated by the serious consequences of a high level of exhaustion. That is to say, I do not think it is viable to abuse this mechanism.


  • Will this house rule completely break the game?
  • Which classes will be most affected?
  • Are there any other unintended consequences introduced by this rule? (i.e. unrelated to classes)

Finally, if this rule does not completely break the game, I would ideally like to read how you could improve it, but I think that can push rpg.stackexhange.comrules a bit, so feel free to omit this part.

dnd 5th – Are there cases where a character can cast a non-cantrip spell without having available spell slots and later suffer negative consequences?

Last night I organized a game with only two players, and none of them had any experience with D&D. Overall, it went very well, but towards the end they had serious problems and the druid seemed somewhat surprised by the fact that she had used all of her locations. spells. I didn't want to punish a too hard beginner and the only alternatives seemed to be an almost inevitable TPK or a deus ex machina, so I told her that she could try to launch Healing Word despite having used all her magic power to day. I let her do a CON backup to decide how she could handle the enormous stress of stretching her abilities to such an extent. She rolled high enough, but not extraordinarily high, so I decided that she could indeed succeed in casting the spell, but that it could turn around later in some way. ;another. I haven't decided on the details yet and in order to keep it interesting but balanced, I'm looking for something similar in any official source book.

I am aware that I am in homebrew territory with this decision, and that this is not the right site to ask for inspiration. This is why I specifically ask the following:

Is there a racial class, trait, or item that allows a character without a remaining spell slot to cast a level 1 or higher spell at the cost of a negative consequence (for example, taking a level of & Exhaustion)?

I am do not ask for general means to simply cast spells without expiring a spell slot. There must be immediate barter. Taking 18 assistant levels to gain spell control can of course be seen as a compromise, but I hope it is obvious that this is not what I am looking for.

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dnd 5th – How do I determine the number of spell slots I have during multiclassing?

You determine your available spell locations by adding all your levels in the bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer and sorcerer classes, half of your levels (rounded down) in the paladin and ranger classes, and one third of your combatant levels or rogue (rounded down) if you have the Eldritch Knight function or the Arcane Trickster function. Use this total to determine your spell locations by consulting the Multiclass Spellcaster table.

So in this case, your caster level is 8 and would have 4 first level spell locations, 3 second level locations, 3 third level locations and 2 fourth level locations.

But what about my Warlock levels?

The same section on multiclass orthographic dissemination also reads

If you have both the Spellcasting class functionality and the Pact Magic class functionality of the warlock class, you can use the spell slots you earn from the Pact Magic functionality to cast spells you know or have prepared from classes with the Spellcasting class feature, and you can use the spell locations you earn with the class spellcasting function to cast warlock spells you know.

This basically means that these niches are completely independent of the others. They are not affected by the rest of your levels. However, you can still cast your warlock spells with the locations of your Wizard, Fighter, Rogue, and Paladin classes, and you can use your warlock spell locations (which recover on a short break!) To cast your spells from these classes. They are separate but compatible.

So your total number of spell slots, after adding your 4 levels in Warlock, is 4 first level spell slots, 5 second level slots, 3 third level slots and 2 fourth level slots. And two of these second level slot machines recover on a short rest.

For more information on how many spells you know, check out this QA.

dnd 5e – What DC save spell do you use when casting with warlock slots?

So I found a few questions that are closely related, but I can't exactly find the answer I'm looking for. Say you are a warlock and a multi-class assistant. You can cast spells from any class through any spell location. But what statistic is used for DC spells? If you cast a warlock spell with a sorcerer spell slot, should the DC be calculated with Int or Cha? (or vice versa, if you cast a sorcerer spell with a warlock spell slot)

Essentially, is the ability used to calculate the DC based on the spell's original class or the location with which it is cast?

appointment – what is the reason for having time slots 30 minutes apart?

What are the advantages in terms of using 30-minute intervals for time slots, for example, making an appointment?

I can only think that it is because it is easier to remember but what if a client wants to make his appointment at 12:10 pm because he does not want not have to choose between 1pm and 12pm?

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dnd 3.5e – Can you use the Sublime Chord spell slots to cast known Bard spells of your Bard class (or vice versa)?


Sublime chord spell slots are used to cast sublime chord spells, of which there are a limited number of sublime chords as shown in the table. These spell slots cannot be used for spells of other classes, whether known or prepared.

However, this is not stated anywhere. The closest is

The character (multiclass) wins spells from all of his spellcasting classes and keeps a separate list of spells for each class. If the effect of a spell is based on the class level of the caster, the player must keep track of the list of spells of the class from which the character casts the spell.

(Classes> Multiclassed characters> Spells)

If you are a bard or a sorcerer, you can select any spell you know, as long as you are able to cast spells at that level or higher.

(…) If you are a bard or a sorcerer, casting a spell counts against your daily limit for spells of this level, but you can cast the same spell again if you have not reached your limit.

(Magic preview> Casting spells> Choose a spell)

It’s a synthesis of these two rules that says that to cast a spell, you need to know it and that counts against your daily limit, and that the spells you know and your daily limits for casting spells are specific to each class you have levels and are separate.

Certainly, the sublime accord is nothing special; Although the sublime chord has an unusual way of calculating its caster level which depends on the levels of the other Arcane caster classes, it does not otherwise "combine" the caster with a previous class.

Generally speaking, since the sublime chord requires 3rd level spells and then offers 4th level and higher spells, it is not supposed to be of much importance, as one doesn & # 39; Not expect that to have Level 4 Bard Spells Admittedly, the sublime chord requires 10 HD before it can meet its skill requirements, and a Level 10 bard barely has Level 4 spells, but the level sublime agreement is a very good reason to multiclass on two or three levels.

All that said, I would probably allow, for the hypothetical 10th level bard / $ x $sublime th level chord.