CenterContainer makes my button too small

I get the ideal width for my buttons, but CenterContainer replaces their value so that the button is as wide as the largest text length of the buttons when I put the buttons inside the container.

for example

godot 3.1

legal – We are on WHV, my boyfriend was in a small collision, we leave in 2 weeks what happens if we do not pay the damage?

Some countries work together if you broke the law. Leaving may not help you avoid it, but could even make things worse for you. You could also have trouble if you wanted to come back to Australia. They may also share the black mark against you with other countries, as well as require you to declare whether Australia is banning such activity.

Some of them can happen, and none can happen. But you should pay for it. First, it's the right thing to do, and secondly, you never know what you might want to do in the future and who might be affected by the unexpected consequences / problems you might cause yourself. – even jumping the country. And as the world becomes an increasingly connected place, the risk you run is only increasing.

[ Politics ] Open question: Why do Trump supporters need to carry a firearm in public, all I wear is a small flashlight with a rifle bezel?

[Politics] Open Question: Why do Trump supporters need to carry a firearm in public, all I am wearing is a small flashlight with a tapping bezel?

[ Politics ] Open Question: Why are unsafe Conservative men with small penises like to use AR-15 as penile supplements?

[Politics] Open question: Why are insecure conservative men with a small penis like to use AR-15s as penis complements?

google search console – Get the following errors Text too small to read, clickable elements too close together, content wider than the screen

I receive the following errors in CGCs in the mobile friendly zone.
1. Text too small to read
2. Clickable elements too close together
3. Content wider than the screen

I've had the same error over the last month (for another page) and this has been corrected automatically. Have we ever encountered a similar problem?

gps – Is it possible to track the location only during a small predefined time window?

I am looking for a way for an Android phone to record (preferably locally on the device) its GPS position (accuracy of 10 to 20 m) with a fairly high frequency (eg every 30 minutes or every 30 minutes) seconds), but ONLY during predefined periods. , for example weekdays from 19:30 to 20:00 and from 13:15 to 13:45. The rest of the time, I want nothing done and I do not use any resources.

[ Politics ] Open question: Why did the Republicans voluntarily agree to withdraw our freedoms after September 11, but did not want to make a small sacrifice to stop the shooting?

[Politics] Open question: Why did the Republicans voluntarily agree to abolish our freedoms after September 11, but did not want to make a small sacrifice to stop the shootings?

Tips and tricks for editing photos on a small screen

It often happens that I exaggerate excessively the sharpness or other slider during mobile changes, the result being visible only on a large screen.

Do you have any tips to make sure that photos retouched on a small screen will look great on a big screen?

Thank you

lens – small lenses Canon New FD – good way to adjust the focus to infinity?

The intention was to readjust the end of the focus ring to a new FD 28mm f2.8 so that it would extend a few millimeters beyond infinity, as it makes sense to use it with different adapters.

The plan of action was as follows: find the adjustable stop tab as in an original FD lens.

What happened is the following: Helicoid disengaged by accident seeking in the objective. Recessed helicoids with external helicoid screwed reasonably far.

Result: accidentally as desired, although a little drastic (focus reduced by 2 cm, overflow possible, acceptable)

Is there an official / correct way to adjust infinity?

Does the workshop or factory have the means to adjust this according to how much you pre-loosen the external helicoid?

I'm not just talking about calibrating the scale, which consists of (normally) simply repositioning the focus ring after loosening three screws (which actually moves a part that prevents you from actually disengaging the helicoid, but the counterpart is on the external helicoid, so these appear to balance …

Also strange is a copper wedge in front of of the element before, no idea of ​​its purpose (this does not mean appear affect the focus trip)?

Agile – Azure DevOps for several small projects

1] I would suggest delivery plans, which allow you to review multiple projects / organizations, but work well if you define iterations.

It's free for Azure DevOps.

2] You can define a different capacity based on planned deliveries and allocate more resources to certain projects when you need them.