Chronicles of Darkness 2nd – Have we already mentioned these small ministries?

On page 122 of the Mage Reference Book: The Awakening 2nd Edition Signs of Rorcery, there is a box showing the prelude bonuses for members of the Order of the Mages of the Small Ministers of the Witnesses of the Throne.

It contains the following information:

The raptor (sycorian) grants the crown of instinct. The character can ignore capitulations without spending Will, is immune to the penalties inflicted and inflicted by defeat, and increases his own doors in social maneuvering his hit points.

The prophet (Kyrian and Horologian) grants the crown of agency. When she or another character uses temporal sympathy on a spell with her as a subject, the character counts as having a strong temporal sympathy at all times of her or his own past. If a supernatural effect (including time spells) changes the story so that the character's past is changed, it does not change immediately, but only after its time succeeds, allowing it to do something .

The only other place in the book where these ministries are mentioned is in the description of the ten iron seals (the main exarchs that represent the Arcana), which each have a final sentence to the effect of "It is served by the X and Y Ministries ", without further description.

I have consulted Mage the Awakening Second Edition's corebook and Seers of the Throne's source book for Mage the Awakening First Edition, and I can find no mention of Sycorians, Kyrians or Horologians, and I do not not find anything on them on Google, either. Is this the first time that these small ministries are mentioned in a Mage book or in other collections of sources (first edition) or official news that I have not checked?

menus – Adds a secondary nav that does not dose the molecule on small devices

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Media library and small dimensions

I use the Media Library module to allow users to select images that they have already uploaded to other pages. Is it possible to set size and size restrictions for the image? They do not appear to be present in the field settings added to a content type.

Urgent British Visa with small problems

I am a PhD student. I will attend a conference at the University of Warwick, UK.

The conference will begin July 22, I have just returned all the documents to the British Council. As you see, I need to get my visa as soon as possible. I have two main problems:

  • First, I do not know what I need to do to get the visa quickly,
  • Secondly, I have made mistakes that I explain below.

I took a letter of invitation from the organizer mentioning the cover of my accommodation, a letter from my university mentioning the cover of my trip, a statement from my account. In addition, I took a letter that showed that I was a PhD student, but it was not A4, so the secretary did not accept it. Although I made a copy of my study, then I gave it (after she gave me a checklist) and she accepted it. She has given me a checklist that relies on evidence of employment and evidence of studies. However, the letter of support from the university mentioned that I am a PhD student.

Does anyone know how lucky I am to get a visa?

Unfortunately, I did not notice that I had to apply on, not visa4uk. I asked the lady who was the secretary there, she told me, it was better to apply not visa4uk.

My question: Is this a big problem with Visa4Uk? [here] (Visa4Uk or AccessUk) said, I had to apply for Do you have an idea of ​​what I can do now?

I have to get a visa, otherwise I lose 177 euros.

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Is overheating a typical problem with mirrorless cameras because of their small size?

Yes, overheating is a problem.

For Canon EOS RP, 4K mode was limited to 24 fps to avoid overheating.

Cameras with a mirror have a heavier weight, so the addition of a small heat sink does not increase the weight as much (relatively) (400g -> 450g is more important than 800g -> 850g), so it's probably not surprising that the Canon EOS 5D mark IV 4K 30 frames per second instead of 24 frames per second, even though the EOS 5D mark IV is older that the EOS RP.

The problem is not related to the camera. all new cameras have the same generation of technology and so the heat dissipation is similar. Mirrorless cameras designed to be small and lightweight do not have as many options to dissipate heat and are therefore more prone to overheating.

[ Politics ] Open question: Why are Joe Biden rallies so small?

[ Politics ] Open question: Why are Joe Biden rallies so small? .

performance – Postgresql using hash join with a small table

I have a view (B) that returns ~ 20 million records and a table (A) containing ~ 50 million records. If I do An inner join B ON = B.idit performs a hash join, as expected. If I do B WHERE B.ID IN ('value', 'value', 'value & # 39;) it performs a nested loop with index scan on B, as expected. But if I do it B WHERE B.ID IN (CHOOSE THE IDENTIFIER OF A LIMIT 3) it performs a hash join, degrading performance dramatically. Why is that? I've tried disabling the hash joins, but it's even worse: it still uses seqscans on both sides.

How to get loans to small businesses?

Hello friends,

I am looking for small business loans for my business. This is the first time I make small business loans. So, I want to know how to get commercial loans quickly. What to remember before applying for small business loans

Reply to help me.

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